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How I Really Dressed this Week + NSale Outfits

July 14, 2023

Hi dear reader. Today I’m sharing my real life outfits from the week plus some outfits I’ve put together with purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I hope you enjoy it and get a little outfit inspiration. And I think it will be fun to see the new fashions for fall from the #NSale, too.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

What I Wore On Friday

Friday we prepped to shoot videos for this past Wednesday and next week, so I was mostly changing clothes a lot. But that morning and evening I wore my old faithful cobblestone linen lantern pants and this easy breezy linen top.

Pink Top // Linen Pants (Exact) (Grey) // Sandals // Necklace (Similar) // Earrings

I’m loving wearing my Naot Dorith Sandals, so they’re definitely going with me to London. And that button-front tie waist top has turned into a fast favorite. I like that the tie gives it that front tuck look without the hassle.

What I Wore On Saturday

Saturday we actually shot the videos, mostly in the morning. It was a fairly cool day, turning dark and rainy at one point. So when we finished shooting I just kept on the black jeans and tiger print shirt I had worn in one of the videos.

Wild Cat Print Button Up Blouse // Black Straight Leg Jeans (on sale!) // Bracelet // Earrings // Necklace // similar Shoes

That tiger print shirt is so soft and very comfortable. It’s in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and still available in a few sizes. Just Nordstrom cardholders are shopping right now, but it opens to everyone on Monday, July 17th. I’ll share a post on Monday with great buys that are still available. Also I just saw that my black straight leg jeans above (which I bought in last year’s #NSale) are still available in most sizes and marked way down at VB. Great jeans!

What I Wore On Sunday

Sunday we had a very casual morning at church, so I wore my black wide leg pants and this fun graphic tee. I pulled the look together with a black belt and my Dorith sandals.

White Graphic Tee // Black Pants // Belt // Earrings // Sandals // Purse

Those black wide leg pants were on sale over the weekend through the LTK app, but they’re back to regular price now. You’ll see I wore them again later in the week. They’re very lightweight and have such nice stretch, feel so very cool and comfortable.

What I Wore On Monday

Monday we had to get up early and shoot some more photos for Wednesday’s blog post. I had enjoyed wearing those black wide leg pants so much the day before that I put on the blue ones Monday. Unfortunately they’re almost sold out in the blue, but available in other colors. Again, so lightweight, cool and stretchy. Really great summer pants.

Blue Pants // Graphic Tee (Similar) // Unstructured Blazer (35% off now)// Earrings // On Cloud Running Shoes

I was hunting around for things to work with the blue pants besides the “hold your horses” tee and remembered I had this one from J.Crew (similar) in the spring. I thought it really worked nicely with just that little bit of blue. And I loved the way the ivory unstructured blazer pulled this “cool girl” look together. Oh, and the beige sneakers seal the deal for me. These are super comfortable and fun to wear for a very casual vibe.

What I Wore On Tuesday

Tuesday Abigail and I went to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We got there around nine for the the private shopping party they always host for Icon shoppers on that first day. It’s a lot of fun with bites and coffee and such. I wanted to wear something that looked nice, but also that would be easy to get on and off for trying on clothes.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
white linen pants // Cloth & Stone button-up shirt // shoes // handbag no longer available // earrings // necklace // bracelet

So I went with my white linen pants from Frank & Eileen and a Cloth & Stone button-up shirt with a tie waist. I just love wearing white and beige in the summer.

What I Wore On Wednesday

Wednesday Abby and I took my books over to the site of Thursday’s speaking engagement so they would already be there the morning of. We went out to lunch afterwards and then just came home for me to work a bit.

Eileen Fisher dress
Eileen Fisher dress (similar in the NSale) // Sandals // earrings // necklace // bracelet

I purchased my berry red Eileen Fisher dress in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale about three years ago, and they tend to have one like it almost every year. This year the Eileen Fisher dress comes in black and red, and the dress is a little looser fitting. I know because I ordered the black one and have tried it on. So it doesn’t fit quite the same, but it is a pretty dress. This one is really nice for travel. I sized down to a small as usual.

What I Wore On Thursday

Thursday I had the privilege and honor of speaking at an Outpost event hosted by the Northeast Women’s Bible Study groups. I chose to wear my black wide leg pants again, this time with my beige campshirt and my Ally cap toe pumps (use code KAYHEELS for savings at Ally).

Speaking Enggement
black wide leg pants // beige campshirt // Ally cap toe pumps (use code KAYHEELS for savings at Ally) // handbag // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I had considered wearing a dress, but a speaker knows that you frequently need to wear a mic attached to your waistband so dresses don’t generally work. As it turned out I used a stand mic, so I would have been fine in a dress. But this outfit felt appropriately understated but also a little elegant. It served me well. Ooh. And I just noticed my tricolor Michael Kors handbag has been deeply discounted. Yay!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-Ons

I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tuesday starting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time. And since I used expedited shipping on some of my items, I started getting things in Wednesday. So I put together a few outfits to share with you. I’m not sure I’ll keep all of these things, but they are some lovely pieces.

First up this Vince smocked waist skirt and a wool & alpaca blend sweater. This skirt is made just like my floral one I love wearing so much. That skirt is on sale, too, by the way (regular sale, not NSale). But the deep red smocked waist skirt fits the same (TTS) and has that same beautiful drape. Obviously I need to steam it, but I was just trying things on this day.

Wool Sweater // Skirt // Shoes // Earrings // Bracelet

The wool & alpaca blend sweater also fits true to size; I’m wearing a medium in both. Those nude slingbacks are from the Nordstrom brand and are a really great shoe. They also fit very comfortably true to size.

Next up, one of the great surprises in the sale, the Zella performance hoodie blazer. It’s currently sold out, but, since it’s a Nordstrom brand item, I look for it to be restocked. This jacket runs large, but fits so nicely once you find your size. I’m wearing a small very comfortably. It’s a sharp looking blazer, but feels so good. And it has a hood that zips on and off. So fun!

Wool Sweater // Performance Jacket // Jeans // Tote // Shoes // Earrings // Bracelet

I’m wearing the Performance Jacket over the Vince Wool Sweater and some really nice straight leg jeans from Paige. These are the Cindy in antique black, such a great color. I love the raw edge hemline and the straight leg silhouette. They fit very nicely if you size up one. I’m wearing a 31 with plenty of room. I also love the Allsaints tote and those Vince laceup lugsole booties are really nice: supple leather, fit TTS and so sharp.

Sweater // Jeans // Sneakers // Earrings // Necklace // Bracelet

Above I’m wearing the same jeans with a Nordstrom brand cashmere crewneck sweater in lavender. (TTS) Really nice for the price. They tend to be a little thin, but I often wear a cami with my sweaters in the winter anyhow. And this color is so pretty. I’m wearing the Allsaints sneakers, and they run a little small. Definitely size up at least a half size.

And that’s it for now. I’ll have more try-ons from the sale next week if not before. Remember, it opens to non-cardholders Monday!

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Blessed for My Day

Yesterday I shared one important message with the ladies, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.” Don’t feel much like a valiant warrior? Well, rise up. Gideon didn’t feel like a courageous, skilled warrior either. But as he slowly yielded to the Lord and began to trust Him, God indeed turned him into a man of conviction and action. He can do the same with me or you if we listen to Him and obey.

Ladies, we absolutely must rise up. Our culture is looking for women who will set the example, go first, if you will. Someone is watching you. And she needs to see you be brave and courageous. She needs to see you stay with the truths of God’s Word even as they become less and less popular. She needs to hear you speak truth even when others are sharing their opinions and feelings. And she needs to see you press forward with courage when others are focusing on the past and wishing for sweeter days. And you can do this…because “the Lord is with you.” 

And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, “The Lord is with you, valiant warrior.”

xoxo, Kay
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13 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed this Week + NSale Outfits

  1. Thank you for again sharing what the Lord gave you to share. My family is not doing well with the Lord-so feel it is more on my shoulders than even before-to be the one that
    is following. so what you shared was perfect for me today. Thank you. God bless you.

  2. Hi Kay- thanks so much for all your Nsale tips! I got *almost* all my faves and then added some others when I saw how fast things were selling out! The wish list strategy was a game changer. I planned carefully since we are currently traveling and have had uncertain internet on the road. I never knew the courtesy days opened the night before! So helpful, especially this year. I’m in a big transition year – weight loss and moving (big seasonal move from Seattle to Southern CA) plus a lot of travel, so I’m doubly thankful for you and your tips!

    1. That’s great Laurie. I’m so glad it was helpful. Yeah, they change the start time each year it seems. Some years it has been 10 a.m. Pacific time. But more often than not I think it’s around midnight ET. I hope you love your purchases.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the MK tri color purse is on sale ! I have had my eye on it for months but just wouldn’t pull the trigger at $400. But it’s half off now and I’m thrilled to have ordered it through your link ! Thanks !

  4. I find that I am very similar in size to you, so when looking at brands you wear or recommend I find it very helpful if you say what size you purchased, and how you find they run. In particular with this post the VB black jeans and the Anthropologie black pants. Could you please share with me what size you have in each of those.

  5. I love the pink top with the elastic waist. I find that many shirts are easier to keep neat and polished if I use a safety pin to run a strip of narrow elastic, or even some string, through the pocket created by the hem seam. The end result gives the same effect as the pink shirt. It’s super easy, only takes a few minutes, but makes the top easier to wear for its entire life 🙂

    1. Thank you Angie for that tip , I have a couple of tops that need tucking in but being petite there is a lot of material to tuck down into my skirt or trousers 😀♥️. And Thank you Kay for showing us that pretty and very practical pink top ♥️.

  6. I love Blessed for my day. You always speak the truth and don’t back down. I like the wide leg pants. That’s the only style I can tolerate in 100 plus weather. I’m in style rut of my choosing. I’m just wearing the same type of clothes that are cool every day. I only dress up to go to church or dinner. I’m wearing bermudas and sleeveless tops. My vanity about my veiny legs and crepy arms is gone. Lol. Just too hot.

  7. I love Blessed for my day. You always speak the truth and don’t back down. I like the wide leg pants. That’s the only style I can tolerate in 100 plus weather. I’m in style rut of my choosing. I’m just wearing the same type of clothes that are cool every day. I only dress up to go to church or dinner. I’m wearing bermudas and sleeveless tops. My vanity about my veiny legs and crepy arms is gone. Lol. Just too hot. Also love the Hold your horses t-shirt. I need that for when I pick up my grandkids.

  8. Hi Kay , You look AMAZING! in that Berry colour , both your dress and when you wore the sweater with your jeans . You also really really look so good in the Lavender colour too . All your outfits look so good from your ‘How I Really Dressed For My Day ‘ . Your Pink top with your Cobblestone linen pants looks so pretty too. And for your ‘Northeast Womens Bible’ Speaking Event , you look Super Chic , your outfit looks totally pulled together and elevated . You really suit your Wide Leg Trousers especially in the Cobalt Blue.Xx♥️

  9. Thanks Kay for your words of encouragement along with your style tips. I so appreciate that. As a Christian, we need to build each other up whenever we can because we all are in this messy, and evil world today. You are courageous to speak out for following Christian teachings. I too saw Sound of Freedom recently and encourage others to see it and take action in some way, be that of prayer or helping finance those in the trenches, or just speaking out against child trafficking. Bless you, Kay
    Kim Schafer