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13 Reasons You Need a Chambray Shirt in Your Wardrobe

November 5, 2019

This year I’ve committed to building a wardrobe that works for me, one that is simultaneously versatile and beautiful. It’s turned out that my chambray shirt or denim shirt has factored significantly into that working wardrobe. So today I thought I’d share all the reasons I’m loving my chambray shirt. And these are the # reasons you may need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe, too.

13 reasons you need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe

Don’t have a chambray shirt? Here are a few beautiful and functional selections to choose from. This one from J.Crew is significantly reduced right now! And I love the semi-tailored fit of this one I have from Talbots. I also own this one, and it works well, too. Finally, you won’t find this one or this one from Christopher and Banks in the shopping widget below, but they’re great shirts, too.

Let’s consider why you may need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe.

#1 – A Chambray Shirt is a versatile transition piece for between seasons.

My long sleeved chambray shirt stays in my closet and gets worn all year long. Because it’s not especially heavy, I can wear it easily on the cool days between winter and spring or summer and fall.

See the original post.

#2 – A Chambray Shirt suits up with plaid pants beautifully.

Did you buy a pair of plaid pants this season, but now you’re stumped on how to wear them beyond that one silk blouse? Top them with the chambray shirt in your wardrobe! You can still wear your heels or dress flats, or you could sport some sneakers for a fun look.

chambray with plaid pants
plaid pants // chambray shirt // suede pumps // camel cashmere cardigan no longer available

#3 – A Chambray Shirt “Purrs” Nicely with Leopard

You don’t have to wear your leopard or animal print skirt with only silky blouses and sweaters. You can top it with your chambray shirt for a more casual, laid back vibe. I forgot to add a necklace to this look, but I think something big and chunky would pull it together nicely.

chambray with leopard

#4 – A Chambray Shirt Tops Chinos Like a Sport

I love, love, love wearing my chambray shirt with my chinos of any shade. But I think it especially pairs nicely with these dark moss girlfriend chinos. Plus, they’re currently marked down.

girlfriend chinos and denim shirt
dark moss girlfriend chinos // chambray shirt // pointy toe flat in natural camo suede

#5 – A Chambray Shirt Loves a Black Blazer

Of course, I think every closet needs a classic black blazer, too. And these two wardrobe essentials pair nicely together. It’s just another reason you need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe.

Black Blazer with Chambray shirtBlack Blazer with Chambray shirt
1901 stretch cotton twill blazer || 1901 classic chambray button up shirt || Pumps (similar) || black jeans

#6 – A Chambray Shirt Works Great with a Skirt

Almost any kind of skirt can work well with a chambray shirt. The denim shirt creates a different vibe, so it’s a great piece to take on a trip when you want to wear the same skirt different ways.

Plaid Wool Skirt and Chambray Shirt
plaid wool faux wrap skirt // chambray/denim shirt // puffer vest (similar) // navy tights // leather riding boots // leather belt bag // bangle // gold hoop earrings (similar)

#7 – A Chambray Shirt can top a T-Shirt

Take your chambray shirt along with you on a day when you expect the temps to be cool and then warm and then cool again. You can throw it on over your t-shirt and look pulled together and casual.

chambray over a t-shirt
t-shirt // blue jeans // suede loafers // chambray shirt

#8 – A Chambray Shirt Layers Under a Sweater Sweetly

If you’re looking for a comfortable shirt to wear under your sweater for added warmth and style, look no further than the chambray shirt in your wardrobe. It ties the look together beautifully. Roll up the cuffs over the sweater sleeves and leave the shirt tail exposed for extra style points.

chambray under sweater
similar cashmere sweater // blue jeans // boots // chambray shirt

#9 – Chambray Works Beautifully with Rose Hues

Add this oversized chambray shirt in your wardrobe and you can pair it with so many beautiful colors. But I especially love it over red, pink, rose and mauve. You can read the post about this outfit here.

Christopher and Banks Outfit
5-pocket corduroy slim pants in heirloom mauve (wearing size 8, TTS) // drapey denim tunic // sketched floral print scarf // boots // midnight currant and gold plaid coatigan (wearing a medium for more relaxed fit)

#10 – Chambray Loves a Corduroy Jacket

I apologize for the poor lighting of this photo, but I’m still adjusting to the fact that the sun goes down before I finish working. Ha! You’ll have to check out this beautiful rich burgundy blazer I’ve worn over my chambray shirt!

chambray with corduroy blazer
rich burgundy blazer // chambray shirt // blue jeans // burgundy pumps no longer available

#11 – A Chambray Shirt Holds Its Own with a Plaid Blazer

When we opt into a trend like the plaid blazer we can feel a little stumped about how to wear it. Trust me, your plaid blazer is very versatile! But one of the easiest ways to wear it is with the chambray shirt in your wardrobe and a pair of corduroy pants.

Plaid blazer and cords
denim shirt // corduroy jeggings in harvest wheat// leopard print belt // Seaport penny loafer // bangle (sold out – similar) // plaid blazer // fossil satchel (old – similar)

#12 – A Chambray Shirt can be worn untucked.

With or without the snazzy belt bag, the chambray shirt in your wardrobe and a pair of cords create a complete and chic outfit.

corduroy jeggings
chambray shirt // corduroy jeggings // suede loafers // belt bag (similar lower price option)

#13 – A chambray Shirt Pairs Up Well with Colored Jeans or Pants

Colored jeans don’t seem to be quite as hot as they were in seasons past. But if you still have them in your closet you can definitely wear them! Pair them with your chambray shirt for a fresh, current look. This photo is from the spring, but you can carry out the same vibe with deep burgundy, eggplant or hunter green jeans.

Shades of Blue in a Modern Classic Look
Read the post here.

And that, sweet gal, is why I keep a chambray shirt (or three!) in my closet at all times. Do you have a chambray shirt that you wear on repeat? Here’s the shopping widget again for the chambray shirts I found at a variety of price points. You can shop the other elements in this post through the links in the captions.

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19 thoughts on “13 Reasons You Need a Chambray Shirt in Your Wardrobe

  1. Excellent message in Blessed for My Day! My favorite part of your post I have to say. Not that I don’t love your fashion info, but you are truly a gifted writer who provides some great inspiration for us gals. Now for the fashion comment! I do have a chambray shirt & after seeing all the ways of wearing it, I’ll be reaching for mine more often. I have a button down one & a tunic one, but they’ve been pushed off to the side & forgotten. Thanks for the styling tips & helping me shop my closet!

  2. I agree with the comment above. You are a gifted writer! I enjoy your fashion but love your writing. I bought a chambray shirt a few months ago and have never worn it so hopefully this post will inspire me! ?

    1. Great. Get that shirt out and wear it!! I admit t-shirts and sweaters are generally more comfy options (although the shirt from Talbots is especially lightweight and comfortable) but sometimes it’s nice to wear something with more structure. I hope you enjoy your shirt!

  3. Love these posts showing the many ways to style basic pieces! So helpful! I just turned 60 (yikes!) and want to be stylish without looking like I’m trying too hard for someone my age? Your posts are always inspiring-thank you!

  4. This Proverbs verse is one of my favorites! Great inspirational message. And I agree with the others that you are a gifted writer.
    Fun post about chambray shirts too! Gave me some new ideas!

    1. Great. Yes I think I recently heard my husband say these are his life verses. I didn’t know that. But he definitely lives by them. ?

  5. I agree you are a gifted and blessed writer!!! ?
    I love theses post also. I just donated boxes of clothing I never wear, some were new with their tags.
    Starting with this fall/winter season, I’m trying to start a minimalist/ capsule wardrobe!
    I tired of closets full of clothes that I never wear! Less is more.
    I think a chambray shirt is a must for one! ?

    1. Hi Kimberly. Honestly, I’m trying to create a more minimalist wardrobe too. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that and be a style blogger. Ha! But I really want a less is more closet. We’ll see where I go with that, but that’s the goal.

  6. I need to put my chambray shirt to work! This post has given me some great ideas, so thank you! Cute b&w photo bomber. My Christmas shopping is done, and we don’t have any party’s to attend, so I’m good on holiday outfits.

  7. Thank you do much for the different way and styles to wear this type of shirt, and for the reflective message on making decisions.

  8. I love these posts! They show how versatile a piece can be. Plus I get tons of outfit ideas! Yay!

    For holiday posts how about one on how to look dressy but still be really really comfortable on Thanksgiving (especially if you’re the one cooking). ? And the same goes for a holiday gathering that’s casual but you still want to look dressed up and festive.

    As always your a BFMD is just what I need. ❤️??

  9. Love the daily beauty tips! Our holiday events consist of lots of casual and business casual events with the same people. Would love a post or two with skirts for the holidays.

  10. Hi! I enjoyed your posts very much, but had difficulty seeing all the details on some of the inside photos. It may just be my cataracts! Thank you for the information. I enjoy chambray shirts. They are a great staple for your wardrobe.

    1. Hi Trella. No, it’s not your eyes. Mirror selfies are never as good as the outdoor photos my husband takes. Thanks for reading. ?