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A Trench Coat for Spring

February 26, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. As we’re inching toward spring…ever so slowly!..I’m anxious to begin sharing more spring fashions. And today I’m showing you one of my favorite fashion finds for the season. I have a beautiful new trench coat for spring.

Teaming Up with Cyndi Spivey

A Trench Coat for Spring

I’m thrilled to team up for today’s post with one of my favorite fashion bloggers (really a blogging icon) Cyndi Spivey. I started following Cyndi’s blog about 10 years ago, and her style resonates with me. But more importantly, I just like Cyndi! I think you will, too.

Cyndi is a self-professed lover of fashion, but she also daily reminds her readers that true beauty begins on the inside. I love that Cyndi shares beautiful clothes and styling tips, but she also shares grace and truth. Be sure to head over to see Cyndi’s trench coat, too.

My Spring Trench Coat

A Trench Coat for Spring

I’ve loved the idea of wearing a sleek, chic trench coat for years. They seem so Audrey Hepburn. A perfect blend of feminine, practical and sophisticated.

A Trench Coat for Spring

And every spring I’ve hunted for one. But the trench coats I tried before felt stiff, cumbersome and more like straight jackets. So I think I let out an audible “ahhhh” when I slipped into this pale pink classic belted trench coat. Honestly, this is one of the most comfortable coats I’ve ever worn. Period.

A Trench Coat for Spring

But besides being extremely comfortable, this trench coat is also sweetly feminine. I think the color is yummy, but the fabric is also soft and high quality. And it has several nice touches, like the tortoise shell buttons, the front storm yoke and the tie belt. Plus it’s fully lined with a lightweight beige and white satiny fabric.

A Trench Coat for Spring

This coat is not heavy, but will definitely keep me warm during the blustery days of spring. Also it’s not water-proof, so if you’re looking for a raincoat, this is not it.

A Trench Coat for Spring

This trench coat is also available in a beautiful golden yellow, in case you’re not hip on the pink. And they also have a similar trench coat in black and white gingham.

A Trench Coat for Spring

In future posts I’ll be showing this trench coat with a dress and then with a dressier pants outfit. But I love the juxtaposition of wearing such a chic coat with my skinny jeans and chambray top. I did add these sweet D’Orsay flats and a floral silk scarf, but you absolutely do not have to dress up an outfit to pair it with this pretty topper.

A Trench Coat for Spring

A Trench Coat for Spring

You can get my dangling gold earrings through Rocksbox, a fun jewelry subscription club. I get compliments every time I wear them. But these tiered triangle earrings have caught my eye recently, too.

I carried my new Michael Kors small bucket bag, which I treated myself to for my birthday. It seems to be sold out, but is still available in the medium size, which I actually like even better. It comes in several beautiful shades.

A Trench Coat for Spring

The best news? This lovely trench coat is currently 25% off.

Shop this Look:



Before you go…

Regular readers, don’t forget to head over to Cyndi’s blog to check out her trench coat, too. You’re going to love this gal!

But if you’re visiting Dressed for My Day from Cyndi’s blog, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by today. I’d love for you to look around a bit.

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Do you enjoy wearing a trench coat? What are your biggest concerns about this item? I’d love to hear from you today. Leave me a comment below and make my day.

Blessed for My Day

When you think of famous (of infamous) coats in the Bible, what comes to mind? I think of Joseph’s coat of many colors, gifted to him by his father. But Joseph’s multi-colored coat was actually a mantle of favoritism from Jacob. And we learn from Joseph’s story (Genesis 37) that favoritism generally leads to destruction.

I’ve had a favorite before, and that relationship almost exploded on me. Playing favorites is a sure fire way to ruin a good thing. At work, favoritism leads to resentment and division. In families, favoritism leads to jealousies and anger. In churches, favoritism leads to power plays and division. And in friendships, favoritism leads to co-dependencies and exclusions.

If you’ve chosen a favorite anywhere, I encourage you to remove that “coat of many colors” before it leads to a pit like Joseph’s. Favoritism doesn’t bode well for you or the object of your devotion. I know. I’ve been there.

So it came about, when Joseph reached his brothers, that they stripped Joseph of his tunic, the varicolored tunic that was on him; and they took him and threw him into the pit. Now the pit was empty, without any water in it. ~ Genesis 37:23-24

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33 thoughts on “A Trench Coat for Spring

  1. Hi Kay, I LOVE this look! It’s a smart, sophisticated look for spring. And as always, your Blessed for My Day is a blessing for me to read. I look forward to reading your blog each day. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Gina. Yes, I just love this trench coat. And I think pairing it with jeans is my favorite way to wear it. Thanks so much for faithfully reading! ?

  2. What a beautiful coat! I’ve also never bought one because they just seem so cumbersome. But this look is lovely and the coat seems to have more movement and grace.

  3. I am so glad trench coats are back! I purchased one about 15 years ago at Banana R. but didn’t get much wear out of it. I’m bringing it to the front of my closet this spring. Your trench looks very light and I love the color. I also love, love those shoes!!! So nice with the blue in your skinny jeans.

    1. Yes, definitely bring your coat to the front of your closet. They’re really timeless, but I think trench coats are having a moment this season too. So versatile!

  4. What a gorgeous color this trench coat is! So feminine and fun! You have paired it well with navy but it would go great with any neutral. That lovely scarf is the icing on the cake of this beautiful outfit!

  5. Cyndi’s blog and IG account are great follows! You might be interested in taking a look at Jo-Lynne Shane’s blog, if you haven’t already. I’ve found great information over the years from her! And she’s friends with Cyndi! Thank you for all of your effort and time spent putting together great content.

    1. Hi Alison. Yes, Jo-Lynne and are friends and have actually collaborated before. She has great style and is such a warm and engaging person. I love working with these amazing, smart women.

  6. Kay, you look so pretty in pink! I really like that color on you. And the Tucson scenery is beautiful. Thanks for sharing some of it with us. BFMD is spot on.

    1. Great! Yes, I’m so excited to show you gals something besides brown in the background. But of course James reminds me that he and I are probably the only ones who really tire of the scenery in our photos. LOL! But we are making a point to go to some new places more.

    1. Right??? I just love the color. And it’s much more versatile than some might think. It pairs so nicely with both navy and black, and of course white! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  7. I love the color of the coat! It so helps to see how you style it! You wear the coat well! It reminds me I have a red trench in the back of my closet I am not wearing! I so should get it out for my visit to Phoenix next week. Right now we have snow on the ground in my area of Oregon.

  8. Over from Cyndi’s blog and am so enjoying yours. What a beautiful trench coat but not water proof? Probably the only minus for me. I love the color choices, buttons, length, how it looks cinched, how it looks open and yay, not being double breasted. I’ll have to check out Talbots more often. Thanks!

    1. Hi Colleen, and welcome! I’m glad you like what you see here. Yes, it’s been surprising to me, as I’ve researched and shopped trench coats, to discover that most of them are not rainproof. I always thought trench coats were synonymous with raincoats, but evidently not. Of course, we don’t get a lot of rain here in Arizona where I live. And this coat will be great for protecting me from the gusty winds we do get. Thanks so much for commenting today!

  9. What a beautiful color! Love the way you styled it with jeans. I’m admiring the Tucson scenery but I love all of Arizona so it’s a pleasure to see it brown or otherwise.

    1. Ah, yes, I have learned to love Arizona, too. And what many people don’t know is that the browns turn to purples and pinks as the sun sets. Just gorgeous. Thanks for reading!

  10. Kay, I love your trench coat! The pink looks so pretty on you. I too have been following Cyndi for quite a while. I love both of your blogs.

  11. Love the coat and your outfit. Just a side note: wondering if you could darken the font on your blogs? Another blogger I follow has done the same and it is a huge help to the eyes and brain! Thanks for considering!