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Winter Style Trend: Joy

December 5, 2023

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I shared in this video that joy is one of the fall fashion trends? Well, if you didn’t get the memo then, consider this your second notice that joyful dressing is indeed so in vogue. So today I’m sharing an outfit that gives a serious nod to this winter style trend. Find the elements of joy!

with boots

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Let’s start with my red Hampshire ankle pants. I actually bought these last year. And you can see a really timeless way that I styled them in this post from last December, almost exactly one year ago in fact. I love that outfit! But here I’ve combined them grey instead of camel. The Hampshire ankle pants run true to size; I’m wearing a size 10.

argyle sweater
diamond pattern sweater

My crewneck diamond pattern sweater is 100% cashmere, and it’s from LilySilk. Remember, you can use code KayH15 to get 15% off sitewide at LilySilk. And you can use code KayH20 to get 20% off your order of $500+. I used the sizing guidelines on the LilySilk website and ordered a large. It seems to work nicely for me. I’m sorry that it doesn’t come in a fuller range of sizes. LilySilk gifted this sweater to me. But they do have a large assortment of other items at their website that are indeed available in more sizes.

For a more classic look I styled the sweater (c/o) and red Hampshire ankle pants with my Brighten duo tone earrings (c/o) and long station necklace (c/o). I bookended the look with my grey suede booties (sold out in grey; these are similar) and added my grey coat (from last year) for warmth. It was freezing that day! And I carried my ivory satchel (c/o) with silver trim to coordinate with the grey and ivory sweater.

boots and coat
sweater (c/o; use code KayH15 for 15% off or code KayH20 for 20% off purchases of $200+) // red Hampshire ankle pants // Brighten duo tone earrings (c/o) // long station necklace (c/o) // suede booties (sold out in grey; these are similar) // coat is old // similar scarf // cardinal brooch // satchel (c/o) // similar leather gloves

I thought it would be fun to show you another way to style this simple but joy-filled outfit, maybe for a holiday party. So I swapped my grey boots out for super shiny silver loafers.

red  pants // silver loafers
red pants (also in other colors) // silver loafers

I’ve noticed that the metallics we’re seeing this year are more shiny than in recent seasons. These silver loafers almost have the look of the shiny side of crinkled aluminum foil. They fit true to size. I think they add another element of joy, but they also elevate this outfit to party ready.

Winter Style Trend: Joy
sweater (c/o; use code KayH15 for 15% off or code KayH20 for 20% off purchases of $200+) // red pants (also in other colors) // silver loafers // crystal ball earrings

Of course I also swapped out my everyday jewelry for these dazzling crystal ball earrings, too.

By the way, I just noticed that the closure on my pants looks a little wonky. That’s undoubtedly due to me changing clothes in the car. They do indeed fit and lay nice and flat usually. I just didn’t want you to think they aren’t well-made trousers because they truly are. I think I didn’t even have them fastened all the way. Oh boy!

with silver loafers and coat
sweater (c/o; use code KayH15 for 15% off or code KayH20 for 20% off purchases of $200+) // red pants (also in other colors) // silver loafers // crystal ball earrings // faux fur trimmed leather gloves // coat is old // satchel (c/o)

Other style choices that we continue to see trend into 2024 include the color red, metallics (the shinier the better!), elevated basics, wearability (if it’s not comfortable, don’t bother!) and lots of glitter. I think this cheerful outfit checks so many boxes when it comes to winter style trends.

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Blessed for My Day

I do indeed hope that your holiday season is filled with joy. I think it’s beautiful to dress in a way that reflects that joy. I also try to decorate my home in a way that evokes feelings of joy. You might be surprised to find out that I have a lot more color in my home than I do in my wardrobe. Ha!

While circumstances and events can certainly bring us great joy, true happiness and brightness of spirit come from a personal relationship with God. When we enter into a relationship with God we are immediately bathed in joy as we try to comprehend the love that must have prompted our Savior’s death on the cross…all for us! But as we grow in that relationship over the years, our joy becomes deeper, richer. I think that’s because we begin to fathom the fact that God continues to love and bless us even when we do not live up to the value of that salvation on a day in and day out basis. 

You have put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. ~ Psalm 4:7

xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Winter Style Trend: Joy

  1. Hi Kay! Great post on joyful looks! Have you styled Talbots’ side zip slacks? There is one style that has a little slit at the ankle in back. They look interesting but does the side zip look style differently than standard front center zip slacks?

    1. Talbots side zip pants have the zipper in the side seam on the left side. It’s one straight line. The zipper is hidden in the seam. Hope that answers your question.

    2. You could style them the same. I just can’t wear the Chatham pants. They don’t fit me well. But they are great pants if they work for you.

  2. I like the gray with the red. Good luck at the foot doctor. I fractured my ankle in August and is so much better, bt was in a boot an ankle brace for 3 months. Still have a twinge Was sad in couldn’t wear my pretty sandals and shoes this summer. Nice BFMD.

  3. For me for orthotics they took this mold – you step into this squishy stuff. Make sure your insurance covers them. Were kinda pricey. Hope they help. I found a few pairs of shoes and sandals were the culprit for me. Quit wearing them and it resolved, but boy was it painful.

  4. I loved this post! Dressing with joy this winter season helped me justify all the holiday clothes I love to buy! They make me happy and I will wear them joyfully! Thanks Kay!

  5. Celebrating the true meaning of Christmas brings me joy regardless of circumstances. I have a random question. Should I be buying square toe boots as a classic investment? Are you expecting your Franco Sarto Waxton hazelnut boots to stay current?

    1. Hmm. I really don’t know. I personally think the square toe looks a little classic, but I suppose it could look dated eventually. I imagine I’ll be able to wear them confidently for at least a few years, however.

  6. I forgot to add that I hope your foot gets better. I was having plantar fasciitis on my left heel. I started massaging it with organic castor oil and putting socks on my feet at night. After a week it’s a lot better. I don’t feel that ache when I get up anymore. I learned a lot of people use castor oil for ailments and beauty regimen. I’m using it for both. The castor oil has to be organic and good quality which comes in a glass bottle. Queen of Thrones is a good brand.