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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

November 6, 2019

Hello dear gal! Today I’m answering a question recently posed by one of my sweet readers. She asked me to share ideas for what to wear to a December wedding. So today I’m sharing style tips and suggestions for what to wear to a winter wedding.

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

As someone who recently celebrated her son’s marriage and enjoyed the company of dear friends and family members for that special day, I know how important it is to choose a beautiful, suitable dress for a wedding. And I can appreciate the fact that you want to look festive and pretty for the occasion without breaking the bank. After all, you’ll probably also be giving the bride and groom a gift and perhaps travelling a long distance to the occasion. Let’s see if I can help you out with this style quest.

my wedding guests
Didn’t our wedding guests look lovely? These are my sweet friends, plus my brother and his wife, James’ sister and her husband and our bride and groom.

All of these looks I’m sharing are shoppable, and I love it when you shop through my affiliate links. But because this blog post is mainly about inspiration and in order to have clean photos to work with, I’m predominantly styling looks with items from Nordstrom. Plus, when you shop for an occasion like a wedding or other special event, it’s nice to be able to order multiple selections and sizes and then return what you don’t need or want. Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns with an extended return window. So it’s a great retailer to shop from for such events. In fact, I got almost my mother of the groom ensemble through Nordstrom and their shopping club, Trunk Club. Oh, and one more thing. You can shop all of Nordstrom’s designated Wedding Guest Looks here. How convenient is that?

A Classic to Keep in Your Closet

First up, I’m sharing a look created with a timeless cocktail dress. This dress features clean, classic lines that will serve you well for years. While this beautiful olive green is definitely trending this winter, the dress will stay fashionable and pretty even after the season has passed.

I’m including coats or wraps with each of these looks, too. You certainly don’t have to buy a new coat for a winter wedding unless you’re already in the market. Ask friends if they have one you can borrow that is suitable for a dressy occasion. But if you are looking to purchase a new dressy winter outer layer, I’ve found some beauties! I especially love this winter white wrap coat.

Winter Wedding 1
cotton tie waist fit and flare dress // wrap coat // suede block heel sandal (also in gold or silver) // crystal mesh bar clutch // bar necklace // iridescent crystal gold hoop earrings // cuff bracelet

I also included accessories that are reasonably priced, but beautiful so that you can use them for special occasions for many years. The shoes are classic nude, but in suede for a nod to winter. You can wear these shoes with so many outfits, whether you’re going to church, the office or a party. Finally, I included a pretty and classic handbag. This is the handbag I used for my son’s wedding. I appreciated that it has a strap, so you can easily carry a drink and still have a hand free to greet people.

Here’s a shopping widget with other equally beautiful and suitable classic dresses. Any of these would be beautiful for a winter wedding or other special occasion. Just look for a dress that best suits your particular event.

By the way, don’t automatically believe it when the shopping widgets say something is sold out. That’s a malfunction with the system. So click through and check if you’re interested in the dress. This is why I often don’t include the prices in my shopping widgets.

Extra Dressy and Glamorous

The following winter wedding look still includes a shorter length dress, but it’s extra dressy and glamorous. That’s the thing about approaching a topic like “what to wear to a winter wedding.” Every winter wedding is different. Right? So only you can decide if you need a more upscaled look or not. If you do, I’ve got the look for you!

Extra Dressy and Glamorous Wedding
jacquard black and gold belted dress // faux fur capelet // ankle strap sandal in black patent leather // gold clutch with optional chain strap // all over pave crystal bangle // sparkle stud earrings in jet

Because there’s so much going on in this dress, I’d definitely keep the jewelry minimal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some bling. Just make it count! I think these sparkle stud earrings in jet will be the perfect way to draw attention up from the dress to your eyes. (They’re in my shopping bag!!) Wear soft eye makeup with this dress and a bold lip in the color of your choice. Add nail polish in a matching shade.

Bring the Flower to the Wedding

You know that dark, wintry florals are in. And you can absolutely wear your lovely floral dress to a winter wedding. In fact, nothing will look more feminine and appropriate, especially for a mid-afternoon wedding.

It’s also perfectly fine to go sleeveless or to wear short sleeves. The wedding venue will probably be toasty warm, so you’ll simply need a good coat or other outerwear to get from the car to inside.

Bring the Flowers to the Wedding
belted wool blend maxi coat in glacier // Rosalind Floral Long Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress // nude patent leather ankle strap sandal // Crystal Minaudière // bright idea stud earrings in berry // pendant necklace

I absolutely adore this floral fit and flare dress. And the knee length is ideal on most every woman. I’d wear more natural makeup with this look, adding just a bit of purple in the creases of your eyelids and blending it in well. You could wear a mauve/nude lip and mauve or even deep navy nail polish (to contrast with the eggplant minaudière).

In the shopping widget you’ll find so many other great dark florals. This is perhaps my favorite category because so many of these dresses would look splendid at a wedding, but would also serve you well at church or other special events.

Understated and So Classy

At my son’s recent wedding, women were dressed in a variety of ways. It was a late afternoon wedding with a cocktail hour followed by a full dinner and dance time. So while more formal attire was certainly appropriate, I’d say most women were dressed in a more understated style. The following look and shopping widget reflect that understated, but oh so classy aesthetic.

Simple but Classy Winter Wedding Attire
pleated fit and flare dress in aubergine // cashmere wrap (more economical option) // leather clutch // nude t-strap pump // gold cuff bracelet // gold link stacking ring // mixed link drop earrings

Here you’re creating a very pared down, elegant look with a deep winter colored dress with classic lines. Accessorize with nude and gold accessories to keep the look clean and sophisticated. I suggest a fairly dramatic, smoky eye with a nude lipstick. I’d also wear a nude polish like OPI’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains.

A wrap is another great option to provide a little warmth for a winter wedding. The one above is a dreamboat in cashmere. It’s an investment for sure! But this shimmery, light one would work well if the weather’s not too cold. You just want something to keep the chill off really.

If You’re the Bride

Every good fashion show ends with a bridal gown, so I thought my winter wedding post should end with one, too. And occasionally I do get requests for bridal dresses for the older woman. If you’re getting married, congratulations! And here are a few dress options for you, lucky gal!

I’ve only chosen short, non-traditional dresses. If you’re going with a full length gown, that’s for another post. Ha! But if you want to create a youthful, modern look for a second time down the aisle (or your first!), I’ve got some great selections for you.

Winter Bride
tweed sheath dress // pointy toe pump in ivory croc // envelop clutch // modern pearl earrings // pearl cuff bracelet // shimmer wrap

If you’re the bride, have your makeup done professionally. But if you do it yourself, create a natural look with soft taupes, pinks and a little shimmer.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Remember, regardless of what you wear to your winter wedding, the most important thing is your presence. When you show up to celebrate the significant moments in your friend or family member’s life, they will think you are just gorgeous!

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8 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

  1. Kay, You did a great job with pulling together outfit suggestions for a winter wedding! While I don’t have a winter wedding to attend, I still enjoyed this post. My only issue would be that I cannot wear any type of heel for any length of time. Because I truly believe in the power of prayer, I would appreciate you keeping Kim Watters and her family in your prayers. Her 21 yr old son, that lived with his dad, was in his car, in front of his dads home Monday night, face timing with a buddy while he vaped, & was playing with a pistol. Well, he ended up shooting himself and it killed him. His friend saw it happen and called 911. That was Kim’s only son. Of course, she is beyond devastated and now is planning his funeral. Thank you!

      1. Thank you! While we are not blood relatives, they are family. Her youngest girls, ages 13 & 9, adopted us as their grandparents.

  2. Kay, I loved your dress selections, especially the black dress and the floral dress. They are both so classy. I really enjoy reading your blog?

  3. I love all the dressy sandals but while wearing sandals which require no hosiery, is that not cold in winter weather? Guess I am old school but I still think hosiery makes our legs look so much nicer than bare legs?.