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What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding

March 24, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day! It’s a video Wednesday, so I do have a new video up. But this is one of those rare days that I’m also supplementing the video here at the blog. Mainly I just wanted to be able to provide you plenty of shopping options if you’re seriously looking for a wedding guest dress for this spring or summer.

Spring or Summer Wedding Guest

But first I invite you to watch today’s video, What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding, if you haven’t already. You can watch it HERE.

As I promised in the video, I have shopping widgets full of options for wedding guest dresses. I’ve also created a shopping widget with undergarments and accessories. But first, let me give you the links to the dresses and outfits I shared in the video.

Dress #1 – Less Formal/Outdoor Wedding

For more information about each dress and outfit, please refer to the video. I think I’ve said everything there is to say! So I’m just going to share a photo (pulled from the video) and shoppable links. These are affiliate links, so if you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the work I do here by shopping my links. I appreciate you.

If you have questions I didn’t answer in the video, just ask in the comments below. I’m also sharing dresses and accessories in other price points in the shopping widgets in each section.

Wedding Guest Dress for a Less Formal Wedding
Button Front Midi Dress (runs large; wearing a 6) // Wedge Heel Sandals // similar blush pink wrap // Dune Straw Bag // similar pearl drop necklace (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off)// gold pearl hoop earrings (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off) // pearl bracelet // optional pumps shown in video (Use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair) in bossy beige // optional bag shown in video or at Nordstrom // straw hat

Neither the pumps (shown as an option in the video) nor the pearl jewelry from Rachelyn are included in the shopping widget below. The pumps are an amazing fit. Ally Shoes is an online boutique committed to finding your perfect fit. Each pair of their heels and flats is handcrafted with premium lambskin leather and then delivered via free shipping nationwide. Their patent-pending design is the epitome of chic yet wearable footwear – scientifically engineered to alleviate pain. They’ll help you find your best fit; you can even try on two pair in your home and return the ones you don’t keep. Be sure to use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels or code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats.

Rachelyn jewelry doesn’t have my pearl necklace in stock right now. But the earrings are available, and they have so many other beautiful, feminine pieces to choose from. They also do custom designs for brides. How cool is that? Use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order. NOTE: This discount code is only good through my link at the website, not at her Etsy shop.

Additional Option in a Variety of Price Points

Dress #2 – Church or More Formal Venue Wedding

Wedding Guest Dress for a Church or More Formal Afternoon Wedding
Eliza J Faux Wrap Floral Dress // similar ankle strap sandals // Spanx high waist mid thigh shorts // earrings // necklace // shoulder bag // ivory evening wrap

The ivory evening wrap is not in the shopping widget below. The shoes I’m wearing are no longer available, but I’ve included several similar options. Finally and unfortunately, the Eliza J Faux Wrap Floral Dress is almost sold out and only available in very limited sizes. Woohoo! A dear reader found the Eliza J Floral dress at Dillard’s in sizes 0 to 18. I’ve included other Eliza J floral dresses in the shopping widget. Also, the Eliza J Floral dress at Dillard’s is not included in the shopping widget.

Additional Options at a Variety of Price Points

Dress #3 – Cocktail Dress for More Formal Wedding

Cocktail Dress for a Spring or Summer Wedding
JS Collection Soutache Embroidery Sheath Cocktail Dress (Runs TTS) // Spanx high waist mid thigh shorts // similar metallic sandals // satin border silk chiffon scarf // similar clutch // similar bracelet // comparable earrings

Again, this dress is almost sold out. Sorry about that. But I’ve included a few other similar dresses in the shopping widget.

Additional Options at a Variety of Price Points

Dress #4 – Classic Sheath Dress with Ruching

Classic Sheath Dress for Spring or Summer Wedding
Similar Sheath Dress // Faux Fur Capelet // pumps (Use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair) in bossy beige // similar clutch // earrings // panty hose in light nude

Again, the pumps are not in the shopping widget below. Use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair. I’m wearing the classic pumps in bossy beige.

Additional Options at a Variety of Price Points

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25 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding

  1. This is a wonderful posting, with great ideas for special occasion summer outfits/dresses. I loved every one of the outfits and will copy and wear them, if I have something to go to. Actually I have very similar dresses in each category, that I keep in my closet for the “what if “. Have a great week!

  2. Thank you, Kay. As always, you look beautiful in anything you wear. This post is so timely. I’m attending a wedding first of May that is at a formal venue. I appreciate your advice and selections. I have been losing weight intentionally over the last year and am about 20 pounds from my goal weight. I am most comfortable wearing dark colors, solids. How could I do this and yet have some spring about the outfit?
    Lori Allgood

    1. Hi Lori. Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s tremendous. I’d look for a sheath dress or wrap/faux wrap dress in either a solid dark spring color (green, pink, blue) or navy. I think navy is the neutral that looks like spring! ? I’d go with flesh colored or metallic shoes to keep things light. And then carry a pretty wrap. I think that will help make the outfit look more seasonal appropriate too.

  3. Kay, all great suggestions put together so that there is no guesswork for your readers. All the dresses are so pretty, but dress # 2 looks like it was custom made for you! I am looking for a dress for a family wedding so this post and video are very timely!

  4. I need help!! My granddaughter is getting married July 17 in Texas outside ! It will be HOT!!!! Dress,pants,bathing suit? Any idea on what to wear? I’m 68 and don’t even own a dress. Please Help!

    1. Hi Lynn. I’d definitely wear a dress instead of pants (and info the bathing suit!?). Find something in a natural fabric. Right now I’m not seeing lots of linen dresses yet, but we will soon. I think that would be the perfect choice. Don’t worry about the wrinkles; they’re part of the charm. Seriously. But a pretty linen dress will look so on point in July. Check JJill and Chico’s as we get closer to summer. They both always have lovely linen dresses. Or if you don’t want to wear a dress, you could also wear white slacks and a pretty linen top or you could wear linen pants (full leg and easy breezy) with a more fitted top. I’d definitely wear linen. ?

  5. Kay, you looked gorgeous in all four of the dresses! I think the navy floral would be especially appropriate for a wedding reception in which there was dancing. I’m sure you will look stunning at your nephew’s wedding.

  6. Loved al the dresses, but the first 2 would probably be too long on my 5’3″ frames and the other one that I really liked, the embroidery sheath cocktail dress is only has sized 2,4, and 16 left. Disappointing. The 4th dress is only in the green.
    They sold out quickly. Will have to go through your widgets and look. Loved your BFMD as usual.

    1. Thank you Sherry. Indeed, unfortunately pretty dresses sell out fast. But I do have lots of other pretty ones in the shopping widgets, some I like even better. ?

  7. We usually have small weddings in our family but we did have one huge Victorian wedding and a few not so elaborate but large church weddings. We got married by a justice of the peace. We were pagans then. The cans they tied on the car fell off in front of the police station as we drove around the square. Went home, changed into jeans and went fishing. That was 50 years ago. ?

    I love the pretty light pink dress. Is it better to wear nude or whites shoes if the dress has a white background?

    1. Eve, I know white shoes are in style right now, but I personally think you can’t go wrong with a nude that matches your skin tone, or in the case of a floral pattern on white you could go with a color that coordinates with the print.

  8. I absolutely adore that navy floral dress, and recently ordered cute pants from Walmart’s Time & Tru brand with a very similar navy floral pattern (which I wore to a shower and received multiple compliments). Because my job has switched to working from home, I donated of most of my dressier clothing items. Now I’ve found myself without something appropriate for a spring/summer special event! So I’m considering a floral pencil skirt and dressy blouse as an alternative to a dress, since I would probably get more mileage out of the individual items than a dress. And with thoughtful selection, I could style them across multiple seasons. I also found wonderful Clark’s Linvale Emmy slingback pumps in nude pink with a patent toe that are *perfectly comfy*, yet stable on the foot and so chic! And I found slip-on silicone heel tips on Amazon that will prevent your slender heels from sinking into the grass & dirt at outdoor venues. The ones I ordered are clear and shaped like flower petals, with many rave reviews. Hope that “tip” helps someone!

  9. I love the Eliza dress and immediately ordered a similar fabric and pattern to make myself a copy. Inspiration, copying, and sewing great items gives me joy!

  10. What a God wink this morning Kay! I was talking with friends yesterday about what to wear to wedding this Spring and Summer and the struggle since we’ll be outside and in the Spring it can be cooler. I love the faux fur capelet! Thank you for this and the many other inspirations!