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What to Wear to a Sacred Celebration

March 14, 2023

Whether you’re looking for something festive and pretty to wear to church on Easter or you have another sacred celebration on your calendar this spring, I’ve got some beautiful dresses for you to choose from at Kohl’s. I love that we can always count on Kohl’s for a wide selection of fashions at affordable prices. And you can also earn Kohl’s cash while you shop and then spend it on next purchases.

What to Wear to a Sacred Celebration this Spring
ruffle faux wrap maxi dress // pumps // satchel bag // bracelet // necklace // earrings

I have three beautiful dresses to share with you, and they’re all priced affordably. This first Lauren Conrad dress is lovely in these soft, muted tones on a background of sage green. But it’s also available in a vibrant navy floral. A wrap dress is almost universally flattering, so this is a good pick for many women. It’s a faux wrap and is partially lined. I’m wearing a medium very comfortably.

Sage Green Dress

With all three dresses I’m wearing my neutral colored Nine West pumps. I’m wearing fishnet stockings in a light, neutral tone, so while you can see them in the close up view above, they are almost unnoticeable in real life. But definitely bare your legs if you are comfortable with that, too.

Lauren Conrad Dress for a Sacred Celebration

I think one of the keys to selecting the right attire for a sacred celebration is to consider the traditions and standards of the church and local congregation. If in doubt, simply ask the person who invited you to the baptism, first communion, ordination, worship service or other ceremony. For instance, it may be that women are requested to have their shoulders or arms covered for the service.

Pink Floral Dress for a Sacred Celebration
Draper James RSVP faux wrap flutter sleeve dress // pumps // satchel bag // bracelet // necklace // earrings

My next selection, this beautiful pink and white faux wrap flutter sleeve dress, is by Draper James RSVP. I have to say, of the three dresses, this one feels the most comfortable. It is silky soft and so feminine. This dress is also available in plus sizes.

Flutter Sleeve Dress

While I wore stiletto style pumps for all three looks, you may want to consider if any of the sacred celebration will be outside when selecting your footwear. If you’ll be attending a meet and greet or refreshment time outside, you might fare better in block heel sandals like these or these.

Pink and White Floral Dress for a Sacred Celebration

For my final selection I chose a solid blue dress that is classy and feminine, but also a definite standout.

Blue tiered ruffled maxi dress
tiered ruffle maxi dress // pumps // satchel bag // bracelet // necklace // earrings

This tiered ruffle maxi dress is by London Times, which is actually a subsidiary of Maggy London. So you know this is a well designed dress. It’s not lined, but I simply wore a slip under all three anyhow.

Skirt of blue Dress

The fabric is lightweight and lovely. Unfortunately the dress is almost sold out in this blue, but it is available in five other colors, including black. And it is available in plus sizes, too. Here’s another beautiful blue London Times dress to consider as well. And this shorter dress is also available in blue.

With all three dresses I simply steamed them and hung them up. And you can wash all three in the machine and then let them air dry.


I kept my jewelry simply but impactful, wearing these gold oval hoop earrings, a graduated simulated pearl necklace and a double strand simulated pearl bracelet.


Don’t forget to carry a handkerchief or tissue, lipstick, reading glasses and a silenced cell phone in your bag. This feminine laser cut top handle bag from Draper James RSVP comes with a long strap to be worn as a crossbody, too. It’s also available in a beautiful light blue.

Blue Dress for a Sacred Celebration
tiered ruffle maxi dress // pumps // satchel bag // bracelet // necklace // earrings

If you have a sacred celebration to attend this spring, you would look lovely and appropriate in any of these three dresses from Kohl’s. Yes, other guests may be wearing more casual attire. But, out of respect and reverence, I think it’s always better to be a little over dressed for religious services and celebrations rather than underdressed. Kohl’s has lots of other beautiful dresses appropriate for these and other occasions, too, and many of them come in plus sizes. I’ve filled a shopping widget below with more options for you to consider.

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But just because Joseph saw God’s hand on his life through the ups and downs, he didn’t have to forgive and restore his brothers. He did that out of love and obedience to God. Now we don’t know for sure that he was extremely close to the ten who had done him dirty. But we do know that he protected and provided for them. That’s pretty amazing. What would you have done next? How do you think Joseph was able to move past such harsh treatment to treat them so kindly?

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7 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Sacred Celebration

  1. These are beautiful and feminine dresses!!! And I love your topic of sacred celebrations. If possible, I’d love for you to tell us what panty hose brand you choose, too, when you mention that you’re wearing them. I wear panty hose with dresses until the weather warms up, but finding a comfortable brand is a big mystery to me, so sometimes I forego a dress for slacks because I just don’t know what panty hose to buy.

  2. I loved your pensive “Blessed for my day” devotional! You left us with the question… How do you think Joseph was able to move past such harsh treatment to treat them so kindly? Wow! When we put ourselves in “his situation” of being treated so very horrific, we definitely think “how?” How WAS he able to have the attitude he did, love like he loved, forgive like he did! And I attribute it to “the degree to which he loved God”!! The more we love God, the more we love like He loves!

    Thank you for always pointing us upward!

  3. Loved the Blog Post today Kay , those three dresses so pretty and they look so wearable . You look good in all three of them , but I definitely think that shade of Blue is your “Pop, Enhance” colour . I noticed last week with a couple of your tops in a similar shade , the colour makes you look so well. Have a great week , and I look forward to seeing the rest of this weeks Styles . Thank you Xx

  4. Love the blue dress on you, Truly lights you up!
    Thank you for all the good information and Godly wisdom. God Bless you.

  5. I love all three dresses on you as well, Kay. They just scream Spring and Summer in such a lovely way. I agree the blue dress with your pretty hair just pops.
    Regarding your BFMD, it’s hard to keep an open heart after you’ve been so terribly wronged but God knows it takes much more energy for us to carry the constant load of hurt and disappointment. Thus, His way of forgiveness frees us, and hopeffully brings the wrongdoers closer to His way.