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Real Life Winter-Into-Spring Outfits Inspiration

March 10, 2023

Happy Friday! Now that we’re heading into spring, I’m starting to share my real life outfits again on Fridays. This is how I really Dressed for My Day this past week. And since the weather has been all over the place, I think you’ll get a little style inspiration for winter-into-spring outfits.

Winter Into Spring Outfits for Women Over 50

How This Works

Because we’re always onboarding new DFMD community and it’s been a while since I shared the how I really dressed for my day posts, I think it may be a good idea to quickly review how these posts work. These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Because it’s the beginning of a season, many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

I try to focus on how I styled things and why I wore what I wore rather than product details here. But if you need to know more about a piece, just ask in the comments.

My Vitals: I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 160 these days. I’m wearing some 8s and some 10s in most everything right now. My proportions are even and I’m an hourglass shape. So keep those things in mind as you review these outfits and consider how they might work for you or how you’d need to style them differently for your body.

What I Wore to Church Sunday

My husband pastors a small church and we are a very casual bunch. But I do like to dress up a little because it’s one of my rare opportunities to do so. This Sunday we celebrated two birthdays afterwards with a fun lunch, so I wanted to be comfortable and festive. I wore my black Bristol pants that I shared in this week’s video and Monday blog post with a simple blue ribbed t-shirt (sized up).

Black and Blue for Church
black Bristol pants (TTS, wearing an 8) // ribbed t-shirt (sized up to a large for roomier fit) // grey tweed cap toe flat (gifted) // scarf // necklace // belt // earrings no longer available

I’m loving the combination of this deeply pigmented blue and black for this transitional time. The color combo looks a little like winter and a little like spring to me. And it’s just a smart way to mix the pieces from those two wardrobes.

The Bristol pants are an elevated chino with a single pleat on each side of the front, just enough to look modern, but not so much as to add visual fullness to the tummy. I enjoy tucking my tee and belting my pants for a really smart, pulled together look. But you could leave the tee untucked, too.

My new grey tweed cap toe flats from Ally are a limited edition shoe. Like all of Ally’s shoes they are extremely comfortable and come in narrow, medium, wide and extra fits in a full range of sizes from 4 to 12. Use code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of Ally flats. Use Ally’s fit guide to determine your best size.

Gingham Topper for Winter Into Spring
gingham topper // shoulder bag and at Nordstrom // black Bristol pants (TTS, wearing an 8) // ribbed t-shirt (sized up to a large for roomier fit) // grey tweed cap toe flat (gifted) // scarf // necklace // belt // earrings no longer available

A spring weight coat had been on my wardrobe wish list for a couple of years now, so I was thrilled when Talbots introduced this gingham topper. By the way, Talbots gifted me three pieces for this week’s blog post and YouTube video. But I purchased the rest on my own, and this gingham topper is definitely one of my favorite purchases from their spring collection. It’s the perfect weight to transition into spring, lined and so versatile. The outside fabric is a cotton and linen blend, so it’s really perfect for this time of year.

What I Wore on a Springlike Monday

Monday dawned bright and beautiful and warm. Since my Talbots sponsored blog post was publishing that day and I wanted to hop on Instagram stories and share more about the black Bristol pants, I wore them again. Plus, I just love the way these pants feel and move and look. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them a lot this spring and summer!

Springlike Day
black Bristol pants // striped ballet neck tee // necklace // belt // earrings // grey tweed cap toe flat (gifted) // bright pink shoulder bag

I created a very French chic look by topping the black Bristol pants with my simple black and white striped ballet neck tee. This silky, stretchy 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex tee also comes in other color combinations. Again, to maintain my balanced proportions, I tucked the tee and belted the pants. I didn’t really go anywhere that day, but if I did I definitely would have carried my bright pink shoulder bag. Ooh, and I probably would have added my scarf, to.

What I Wore Out and About Tuesday

As is par for the course this time of year, the weather began to turn cooler again on Monday. I had to get out for an overdue nail appointment, so I decided to do a little shopping for an upcoming video concept, too. I felt very comfortable and pretty in my black pants and blue cotton sweater on this mild weather day. We reached the mid 50s I believe.

Out and About Tuesday
black pants (wearing size 10, also in other neutrals) // blue cotton sweater TTS (also in other colors) // similar loafers // trench jacket (TTS) // scarf // necklace (also in silver) // earrings // same handbag in different colors // bracelet

These are the J.Crew Kate straight leg black pants, by the way. They are in a nice four-season stretch fabric and available in navy, camel and grey, too. They are an ankle length pant and very slenderizing. They have a flat waistband with no belt loops.

I love wearing the same color top and jacket. It’s such a great way to pull an outfit together. The key is to wear a neutral of your choice on the bottom.

How I Dressed for Wednesday Working at Home and Going to the Dentist

It’s an exciting life I lead. Ha! I just worked from home on Wednesday, but I did get out for a dentist appointment. I also stopped by CVS to have a photo made for my passport renewal. Did I mention that I’m going to London in August??? I’m going with Shelly and Walkabout Tours.

Anyhow, it was decidedly cooler on Wednesday so I wore a cashmere sweater (more economical option) over my jeans. And I actually even wore a camisole underneath. But at this time of year, as I’m transitioning my wardrobe and outfits from winter to spring, I like to lean towards softer colored sweaters like this oatmeal fisherman sweater. In fact, I’ll undoubtedly keep it handy through the spring for those just-in-case days.

Neutrals for Transitioning to Spring
cashmere sweater (more economical option) // jeans TTS // necklace (also in silver) // earrings no longer available // lug sole booties // exact jacket no longer available – option & more economical // satchel

With a nice warm sweater and camisole underneath, I was able to bear the cold weather with simply my trench jacket (similar) instead of pulling out a winter coat. And my ivory colored Chelsea boots kept the outfit feeling fresh and springlike. You know, it wouldn’t seem so necessary to start looking like spring a little except our daffodils have bloomed and the woods behind our house are turning green. I just like to be in step with nature a little when it comes to getting dressed for my day!

By the way, check out that pretty tri-color satchel. That’s my new bag for spring. I’m so excited about this elevated handbag. I love a good, structured satchel because you absolutely can carry it with a casual outfit like this one, but it also works beautifully with dressier looks.

What I Wore After Shooting Videos

Thursday was all about the video shoot. I tell you, that is an exhausting day, especially when we shoot multiple videos or lots of outfits and makeup demonstrations. So I was absolutely beat afterwards. Thus today’s late blog post!

I put on this comfy Johnny collar top and my new favorite lounge pants. I say they’re my favorite today, but I actually have these pants in the cherry red, too, and I love them just as much. They’re a super soft and lightweight fleecy fabric and so perfect for a day or evening around the house. I wouldn’t wear them out, personally. But I love them for home. I also have this tank (maybe size down) that works nicely with both pair, and I can wear it alone or under a sweatshirt…just at home.

Work from Home Outfit
Johnny collar top // lounge pants (TTS) // sneakers (size down) // kerchief in hair // earrings

And that’s a wrap. I’m trying to get in the practice of taking these daily outfit photos, but I forgot to do so last Friday and Saturday. But I’m back on it today! Thanks so much for stopping in, and let me know if you have questions about anything I showed. A lot of what is available is also discounted today, by the way. Remember Talbots still has everything 25% off. And J.Crew has some good offers today, too. Oh! And that polo I loved from last year at J.Crew is back and it is the same. I received my blue and green polos yesterday and they worked beautifully. I expect them to go fast and they’re 34% off right now.

And! I ordered this linen dress, these linen trousers and coordinating linen vest from Banana Republic in their Friends & Family event this week and they are lovely. They fit me true to size and are just a beautiful linen fabric. I also ordered the linen Bermuda shorts, but I’m not crazy about them and I’m returning them. They’re just too full and overwhelm even my 5’8″ frame. I got the dress in black and the trousers and vest in natural. Just beautiful! I’ll try to put them on and create a try-on post for tomorrow. We’ll see! But everything is 40% off (full price items).

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You’re having lunch or just a phone call with a friend. She asks how that “thing” turned out for you, the one that you had talked about before and she knew how much it concerned and weighed on you. You’re glad to report that “it” all turned out fine. You feel a wave of relief even sharing the good news with her now. But what happens next?

Do you go on to tell her about how you prayed to God for courage, wisdom, discernment, patience or whatever? Do you tell her about the Scripture passage He gave you that calmed your heart and gave you much needed perspective? Do you tell her that God was faithful to answer those prayers, but He also walked with you through each day and you felt His sweet presence then and now? Do you give God the glory, glory? Or do you just go on as though nothing miraculous happened? Do you miss the opportunity to build her faith or introduce her to yours? Oh, let’s be women who always shine the light where it belongs, on our good, good God.

…but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, but with gentleness and respect. ~ 1 Peter 3:15

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30 thoughts on “Real Life Winter-Into-Spring Outfits Inspiration

  1. Will you share what you are packing for your London trip in August? I’m going in August too and don’t know what to pack. I’m trying to get ready now just in case I need to purchase some items to take.

    Thank you!

    1. Ooh, you know I will! Crazy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to planning my wardrobe for the trip as much as I am the trip itself. Ha! And I KNOW I’ll be wearing/taking my Talbots travel pants and the black and white striped tee I wore in todays blog post. 😉

  2. I love all of your “what you really wore” outfits this week! Such a perfect mix for this time of year where the weather changes from day to day. I have a hot pink MK satchel from several years ago – I need to pull it out and start carrying it! Thank you for the BFMD – it really spoke to me! So often I share the “it” thing and then don’t verbally acknowledge God’s work after the “it” has passed. I’m going to work on being more vocal to give praise and glory to God.

  3. Hello Kay,

    Love your new hair style! Very up to the minute! Can you tell me the shade of lipstick you are wearing with the vibrant blue T from J Crew? Thanks so much!

  4. Your fashion week was once again in high gear, Kay! Love those black and white options especially.
    By all means share the greatness of our Lord! I need to remind myself to do that more often.
    Thanks again for a fun week of fashion. Snow here again today so anything related to Spring is comforting, ha!

  5. Beautiful outfits and BFMD spoke directly to me. I need to remember to be more vocal to give God the glory in all things!! Thanks, Kay, fr the reminder.

  6. I always look forward to your Blessed for My Day! Today, God must have really wanted me to take notice of the verse at the end, because when I went to BibleGateway to copy the verse and save it in my list of verses I’m keeping for future use for the DFMD memory project, I didn’t even have to search for it — it was the verse of the day. Thank you for the reminder to give God the glory in these situations!

  7. All of these outfits are very nice, stylish, and project a very energetic and classic look. Like them all!

  8. I absolutely love your Blessed for my Day devotionals and today was a fabulous lesson. Teaching us to take that next step to glorify God in telling of the outcome of a situation.

    Thank you.

    1. I have mediums. I think I tried the large last year and they just looked baggy. The fit is close to the body, but very stretchy and not tight.

    1. Hi Julie. I have not. I expect they may need to be ironed. I did iron them for the blog post in fact. But since then I’ve thrown them on the bed in a wad and then hung them up later and there were no wrinkles. So they keep their shape nicely. I will wash in the machine as suggested but I will use cold water (as I always do) and lay flat to dry (as I do with almost ALL of my clothes…even my undies!).

  9. Thank you Kay for your blog today and especially walking us through the many thoughts that come to us about sharing our Christian journey with others.
    Yesterday I was having a medical aspiration (7 actually) of a thyroid node that was slightly enlarged. I had no local numbing except an ice pack, so I was feeling the small but noticeable stick each time. Of course I was praying and trying to relax very much during that time, and the Lord did help me through it without very much pain. So, afterward, when the nurse (aptly named “Angel”) was finishing up with me she remarked how very well I did with the procedure. Well, it was an open door to say that I had been praying through it all and God helped me so much! She welcomed those words and understood me. What a joy it was to share that with her–it “made my day” !

    1. What a wonderful testimony of how you gave God the glory in that situation. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness. Truly, thank you for sharing. It is in those little acts of obedience that I believe God does powerful things, sometimes much bigger than we ever know while on this earth. Bless you.

  10. I learned about Shelley and her tours from you blog. I VERY much want to join one of her tours but this year I have a friend living in Switzerland that I will visit. Hoping next year. The London trip sounds amazing and I would have probably picked that one this year as she said it is one of her original trips. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    1. I love that sweater, too. In fact, I just ordered and received (and wore!) the cotton equivalent here: I have a LARGE in both sweaters and they fit beautifully. That’s the size that was suggested according to their size guide. I think a Large is a size 10 at Jenny Kayne. I love that oatmeal colors, too. That’s also what I got in the cotton sweater.

  11. Hi Kay , I am New to your blog . I just wanted to let You know I Love everything you show to us . Keep us looking like Beautiful and strong women !