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What to Wear for Easter at Home

April 10, 2020

Greetings on this Good Friday. For Christ followers this is the day we commemorate the sacrifice Jesus made for us through His death by crucifixion, so it’s really a solemn day for many. But, while I definitely will spend a little extra time reflecting on that gracious gift today, the anticipation of Easter fuels me with joy and hope as we begin the weekend. I’ve got a festive menu planned for my husband, daughter and me, and I’ve got fresh flowers in vases. So now it’s time to think about what to wear for Easter at home.

What to Wear for Easter at Home

Honestly, I really haven’t decided what I’ll be wearing this Sunday when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. But I have been giving it some thought. I definitely want to put on something pretty and festive. While we can’t attend a worship service or gather with friends afterwards for a buffet dinner or Easter brunch, I still want the day to feel special. And I know that part of making any event feel like a celebration is wearing clothes that reflect the joy of the occasion.

So I thought I’d just gather photos of my recent spring fashion posts to share here today. Maybe these will spark our imaginations and give us some ideas about what to pull from our closets for Sunday.

And while I share these outfits (along with all the shopping information just in case!), I thought I’d share some ideas for making this holy day a happy one for you and your family (or whoever you’re social distancing with!). We may be stuck in our homes and prohibited from gathering with friends, but we can still celebrate the joy of the resurrection so that this Easter doesn’t slip by unnoticed.

At Home Easter Outfits & Celebration Tips

Under each outfit you’ll see links to either shop the look or read the post. So click through to those if you’d like styling tips or merchandise links.

Pastels & Jeans

If the weather is as cool as it’s forecasted to be, I very well may be wearing this pretty madras print shirt and jeans. I love wearing anything that coordinates with my baby blue Ecco Soft sneakers (now marked down 33%)!

Simple Spring style
Shop this Look // Read the post.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Bring some blooms inside! Yesterday as I put more tulips in a vase along with some Easter lilies, I thought, “Since we’re no longer running the heater, we can pay for flowers! Ha!” Well, I’m not sure my husband agrees, but this gal needs some flowers in her home. Especially if we’re celebrating Easter here.

Black & White with a Splash of Color

Consider wearing your favorite black pants, a black and white blouse and a splash of any color under the rainbow.

Spend the Day with Me
Shop the Look // Read the post.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – For many of us, Easter just isn’t the same without the joyful music that celebrates Christ’s death and resurrection. I found this Easter 2020 playlist on Spotify that could enjoy playing through your computer or mobile device. Perfect!

White Jeans & Pastel Top

I’ve got a couple of celebration-worthy looks with white jeans. The first one is with a simple soft hued polo sweater.

Italian merino wool polo
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Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Hopefully your church is offering an online service this Sunday morning, but if not (or if you’re up to “attending” two!) I’d like to invite you to join my church for our online service at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time. You can join us on our Facebook page or on YouTube.

White Jeans & Polka Dots & Bright Color

There’s just something about polka dots that seems perfectly suited to Easter. Don’t you think? With or without a bright colored cardigan, this look is so right for the day.

Styling Polka Dots for Spring
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Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Egg your friends’ yards! It’s not too late to carry out that little idea I suggested in My Revised Spring Bucket List. Write scriptures or messages of hope, joy and encouragement on slips of paper and fold them according style. Put one (plus other goodies if you’d like) in each plastic Easter egg. (Make sure you use clean hands while packing and distributing eggs. Maybe even wipe each one with a sanitizing wipe.) Then toss an egg or two into the yards of your friends. Don’t forget to sign your name to the slip of paper so they’ll know who it’s from.You may want to text your friends and let them know “the Easter bunny” left a little something in their yard.

Green – the Color of New Life!

I actually wore this outfit yesterday (but with these shorter jeans). There’s just something about green that works beautifully for Easter. Maybe it’s because green is the first color we see sprouting from the ground as Spring begins.

Shop the Look // Read the post.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Gather with the gang on one of the social networking platforms. You can invite your friends and/or family to meet up on Facetime (if everyone has an Apple device), Google Hangouts or Zoom.Click through for more information on any of these services.

White Popover

A crisp over-sized white popover is perfect any day. Add some color in your shoes or accessories if you’d like. Or put your popover over a colorful pair of pants!

White Popover & Jeans
Read the post and shop the look there.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Give an offering. I certainly encourage you to tithe to your local church during this time of social distancing, either by dropping a check in the mail or giving electronically. But Easter is a great day to give an offering above and beyond the tithe, too. Consider giving to an organization like Samaritan’s Purse, which is operating field hospitals in New York City and Italy for Coronavirus patients.

How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans
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Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Set a pretty table and make a scrumptious meal. Whether you make a brunch for two, a buffet for five or a simple feast for one, make it something yummy and special. Since you’re not getting together with friends or all the family, you can have just what you want, too. Because my daughter doesn’t care for ham, we’re having chicken piccata, brussels sprouts, these asparagus, pancetta and puff pastry bundles and carrot cake. Yum!

crop chinos with white poplin shirt
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Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Make empty tomb cookies and talk about the meaning as you go. Here’s the recipe I use for Resurrection cookies. It includes the scriptures and directions for sharing the story with children. But adults can enjoy this activity, too.

Work From Home Outfit #2
Shop the Look // Read the post.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Start at sunrise. Why not set the clock for 0 dark-thirty and begin the day with the rising of the sun? Whether you just greet the new day on your back patio or a nearby favorite spot, you could reflect on the beautiful meaning of resurrection Sunday in the quiet of the morning.

Wear a dress!

Who says you can’t wear an Easter dress??? You absolutely can. And even if you didn’t buy a new dress for the occasion, you can pull a simple one from your closet. There’s nothing more festive than a pretty dress!

Princess blue maxi dress for date night
Shop the Look // Read the post.

The dress above is no longer available, by the way. But I’ve created a Shop the Look page where you can shop for a very similar and equally lovely blue dress. Below you’ll find another dress that’s no longer available. But here is a very similar one from the same brand.

The Perfect Spring Dress

Colored Jeans & Popover

Another great option for spring and Easter is colored jeans, especially pastel colored denim. I’ve put together Shop the Look pages for each of these outfits from last year. They feature very similar items available now. But meanwhile, I hope these looks back at last spring give you some inspiration for what to pull from your closet this Sunday.

Casual Outfit in Cool Spring Colors
Shop the Look // Read the post.

Celebrate Easter at Home Tip – Read the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection in the Gospels. You’ll find all four accounts here, as well as supporting scriptures from other New Testament books. You could select scriptures to share over your Easter meal, use them in your personal devotional time, print out scriptures and put in plastic eggs to be opened throughout the day or send them in cards to friends and family.

How to Style Pastel Jeans for Spring
Shop the Look // Read the post.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and maybe found a little style inspiration for your Easter at home. I’d love to hear from you today. Share with us all how you will be celebrating Easter. The most important thing is that we do something to truly make it a celebration. Don’t you think?

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Blessed for My Day

Some of you may have lived through other national and international times of crisis, such as World War II when life changed for everyone. But this is the most unusual thing I’ve lived through for sure. Yes, the events of 9/11 were earth shattering, but they didn’t send us into our homes like this pandemic has. Life as we’ve known it has definitely been upended, at least temporarily. And that kind of jolt has given me a taste of fear like nothing before.

But with the approach of Easter, I’m reminded that there is no power on earth that is stronger than the victory of Christ. Through Him we have hope. Hope. Hope. That word reverberates in my mind lately. How do people live without hope? Praise God, we don’t have to. Let’s rejoice like never before that we have an unshakable hope because Jesus lives.

When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory. Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ 1 Corinthian 15:54-57

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12 thoughts on “What to Wear for Easter at Home

  1. Kay,
    Thank you so much for your Blessed for my day post. I too have had “a taste of fear like never before”. Thank you for the Easter tips. I am going to use some of those today.

  2. These are some wonderful Ideas on what to wear and how to make Easter special. thank you for sharing. have a wonderful and blessed easter

  3. Wonderful post for this unusual Easter at home! Thank you for some great ideas and for encouraging us!!! May God bless you and your family!?

  4. Beautiful flowers Kay ?!!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas for Easter. Have a GREAT Friday and Happy Easter. ~Lisa~

  5. Another wonderful post, Kay! I like all of the outfits. One of my favorite outfits is the outfit you said that you wore yesterday. Kelly green is such a happy, cheerful color.
    We are celebrating with some of our favorite foods ( macaroni and cheese as a side for one); virtual church; and calls/ FaceTime with our family and friends that we can’t be with due to sheltering. I have decorated the house and think I’ll pick up some flowers from our local grocery store.
    I plan to watch your church service too. Thanks for including it, the lovely music, and the new ideas for celebrating.
    The Lord give you a blessed day and a glorious weekend!

  6. Wonderful tips for how to make this Easter special, with the food we have and the clothes we wear, even though we are all having to stay at home. During my devotional time this morning, I thought about the events of today, so many years ago. Hope will win, not fear!

  7. I “ attend” a daily Mass every morning and the events for Good Friday are very somber, but always there is hope. I, too, am thinking of the events that happened so long ago. Our Easter will be the two of us with ham, sweet potatoes, maybe asparagus, homemade roll, and coconut pie. I would like a nice walk with our dog, but the forecast is for rain. Maybe not! Thank you for an excellent post this morning. Blessings ?

  8. I have that pink Madras shirt, bought it on sale at Talbots! Thank you for the idea, that’s going to be perfect for Easter at home. I’m attending my church’s online Good Friday service at noon today where we will celebrate communion and remember the sacrifice Jesus made as He paid the price for our sins. While Easter will be a different sort of day this year, the message never changes!

  9. I loved this fabulous post today, Kay! Thank you for all of the fun ideas for celebrating Easter at home! I especially enjoyed your Blessed for My Day ❤️ Have a blessed and hope-filled Easter with your husband and daughter ✝️

  10. Some of us have figures and some of us have bodies. LOL Your figure looks amazing in every one of these. I can’t tuck a shirt in but if I could, I would love the green outfit. So fresh and springy looking.
    We have been through a lot in our lives, I’m in my seventies, but this is different because you can’t depend on the hugs and warmth of friends and family. The Internet is great but it doesn’t replace an Easter service at the church. I pray this ends before July Fourth when a lot of family reunions take place.

    1. What a great post! Thank you Kay for inspiring me to make this Easter a special celebration. Even though things are different than usual the message of Easter is still the same – Christ is risen!!!!