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Princess Blue Maxi Dress for Date Night

March 29, 2019

Well happy Friday! Do you have plans for the weekend? We’re going hiking, but other than that, the weekend will be pretty chill. Maybe I’ll convince James to take me out to dinner so I can wear today’s featured dress. Well, honestly I already wore this beautiful princess blue maxi dress when he and I went out for a little celebration dinner Wednesday night. But,hey, I’m ready to wear it again! See what you think.

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

I’ve been so tempted to call this The Blogger Dress because I’ve seen it on so many bloggers. Ha! Well, like you, I follow style bloggers, too. And after seeing this dress several times I decided to take the plunge and order one. But I hadn’t seen anyone wear this gorgeous princess blue version. Oh my! Why not??

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

Truthfully, after seeing this dress on so many beautiful women, I was a little afraid that it wouldn’t work for me. But, y’all. This dress is extremely forgiving and flattering…with little effort. I have my share of lumps and bumps. He he! But with just my usual Spanx Power Short, I feel pretty confident in this maxi.

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

The fabric is 96% rayon, 4% spandex and has a luxurious heft. It’s silky soft on the skin and wears like a dream.

Beware that the maxi dress does run slightly large. I’m wearing the small, and it’s plenty roomy with lots of give. Also, keep in mind that I’m 5’8″ and the dress hits me just at the ankle. But I’ve seen in the reviews that some women just roll the dress up a bit at the waist with no problem. And if you are shorter but wear heels, you’re definitely covered.

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

I’m calling this dress princess blue because that is one of the Pantone colors for this spring. But the listing actually calls this dress blue mazarine.

The maxi is also available in red jalapeno, black (looks like it’s down to only x-large) and heather grey and black stripe or navy and white stripe. The listing says it comes in petite sizes, but I don’t see any petite sizes listed, so I think that’s a mistake.

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

This dress is also available in plus sizes. So everybody gets one! You get one, you get one and you get one!

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

I’ve never chosen to wear gold metallic shoes and carry a gold handbag at the same time, but that combination just seemed right with this dress. Because I’m swathed in blue, shoulders to ankles, I think it looks beautiful to just wear all gold accessories.

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

But as stunning as this princess blue dress is with all gold, you could absolutely dress it down with nude or brown wedge sandals and a brown tote. Then it would be beautifully appropriate for brunch or lunch with the gals. And wouldn’t this dress be great to pack for dinner out on your vacation? (It was barely wrinkled at all when it arrived at my house, and I didn’t even have to steam it.)

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

Unfortunately none of my gold accessories, except for my gold bangle, are available. But I do have these gold sandals in pale pink (of course I do!), so I can vouch for them. Otherwise, I’ve included some nice options in the shopping widget below. Oh, and metallic sandals are definitely in again this spring and summer!

Princess blue maxi dress for date night

Yep. I’m definitely going to have to get James to take me out again. This dress was just too fun to wear!

What about you? Do you have a maxi dress? This is my first one! But I’m loving it. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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But it’s not only our nation’s leaders who need prayer. Anyone who is in a place of authority needs more prayer and less criticism. It’s not easy to lead, especially with any kind of integrity and consistency. So today let’s all take a moment to pray for the men and women in authority over us – our government leaders, our supervisors or managers at work, our pastors, our husbands. And when we catch ourselves muttering under our breath about their leadership, let’s pause and pray instead.

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. ~ 1 Timothy 2:1-2

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22 thoughts on “Princess Blue Maxi Dress for Date Night

  1. Kay you look stunning in this dress! I do not have any maxi dresses because I am a bit on the shorter size and everything I’ve tried on is always so long, even with heels. I’ll keep trying though.

  2. You look amazing in this dress! The color looks so good on you! I have this dress in black. I like it so much I’ve ordered it in blue and white stripe.

  3. That is a very pretty color on you, Kay! I don’t have a maxi dress, but would like to have one in my closet, and have been considering that one for a bit. Yes, James should take you out for dinner! Please keep my husband and me in your prayers. Our 13 yr old Labradoodle, Java, that we have had since he was 8 weeks old, will be going to heaven late this afternoon. He has shown us in many ways that he doesn’t feel good and is not enjoying life, so we know that it’s time for him to be healed. But, as you know, it still hurts! Thank you!

    1. Hi Ginger. I’m so sorry to hear that you must face what we faced just last weekend with our dog. It’s a tough call and a hard thing to do. But we knew it was right and obviously you do, too. I’m saying a prayer for you both right now. I know you will miss him terribly. Blessings, dear gal.

  4. Love the easy look and color of this dress, you wear it well! It should be a great weekend as I’ll be celebrating my 56th b’day. Going out for the afternoon with my hubby on Saturday then dinner w/our kids. Not sure what Sunday will bring, but the celebration will continue ?

    1. Happy Birthday, Teri! I do hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebrating. How nice that you get to share it with your kids, too! Blessings galore!

  5. There is nothing as comfortable as a maxi and you wear it so well! With your height I think it is an especially good look on you. I’d like to see more of them in your posts. The color …beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much, Cindee. I do like the color even more than I thought I would. But I have a feeling it would look lovely on most every gal! ?

  6. That dress looks stunning on you! Thank you for sharing encouragement from the Word & classy clothing ideas!