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What I Wore Lately

April 15, 2022

Spring finally truly arrived this past week. We had some really pretty days, and it was good for my spirits. In fact, as I looked back over these outfits, it was like hunting for Easter eggs. I see so many pretty colors tucked into otherwise neutral outfits. Let’s see what I wore lately.

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My Daily Outfits Early Spring 2022 (1)

I’m doing things just a little differently today. I may be adding more work for myself. But I do want to help you learn to enjoy some of the new features here on my website. So I’m putting the shopping links for the outfits in my Snapshots. Each of the Snapshots are shoppable and you can always find them through the top menu of the website. But I also have a “shopping widget” at the bottom of this post with all of the items that I’ve shown that are available. I’ll share more as we go, but I think this will also help me focus in this blog post on styling rather than itemizing. Let’s get started!

Natural Colored Jeans and Cashmere Tee

Friday I got out to run some errands. It was a little rainy, but otherwise the weather was nice. I was tired of sweaters and jeans, so I decided to lighten things up a bit. I still wore a cashmere sweater, but it’s short sleeved. So I was able to add a trench jacket when I got out.

What I Wore Friday
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I hadn’t worn my natural colored jeans yet, so I decided to give those a spin. This natural color denim is really trending this spring and summer, and I’m all in. I think it’s a very modern alternative to white jeans. These from Talbots fit a little trim in the hips, but they do create a really nice silhouette. That’s why I didn’t bother tucking in my top. But also, since I didn’t tuck in my top, I felt it was smart to wear shoes in a soft neutral, too. I think that helped elongate my legs. These little details are pretty important when wearing cropped length jeans or pants.

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Column of Color for Sunday

My church congregation generally dresses very casually, so I do, too. But lately I’ve enjoyed dressing up a little. After all, this is often my one and only opportunity to do so during the week. I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear my full length navy pants yet this spring, so I decided to build a column of color with them. This is definitely one of my go-to style formulas.

What I Wore to Church Sunday
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Oops! Looks like it is time to clean that mirror again.

I wasn’t very concerned about the fact that the navy in the pants and navy in the top don’t exactly match. In fact, that’s actually a good thing. When creating a column of color or dressing tonally, it’s smart to use different textures and even shades of the same color to add interest. I bookended the look with my bossy beige pumps and a beige faux leather shacket. I decided to add a little more interest and some light around my face with a small scarf.

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Black and Camel for a Chilly Day

And just like that the cold weather was back. Ha! I had gotten a little cold the day before and I just wanted to be warm. I also wanted to be comfortable but also feel pulled together. I work better and am more productive and creative when I get dressed. So I put on my black travel pants and camel cashmere sweater.


I feel like this outfit definitely looks more wintery than springlike, but it is what it is. And I did indeed feel nice and warm that day. I’m learning that living north means continuing to wear things like this late into the spring. And I’ve decided I feel better about it when I stop fighting it and just do it. Ha!

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Simple White and Black Outfit

The very next day the weather turned nice again. I decided to celebrate by pulling out my white jeans. But I wanted to keep the look very simple and modern. So I just topped the white jeans with a sunfaded black tee. I have to say, these Goodlife tees are a little pricey for t-shirts, but I love the quality. And I especially like the faded look of this black one. That said, I do remember having a similar faded black tee from Target a few years ago.

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I didn’t go anywhere that day, but I decided to wear my black sandals to complete the look. I like wearing shoes as opposed to going barefoot. So, since I’m either going to put on shoes or house slippers, I generally like to put on street shoes during the work day. Again, I just feel more productive when I’m dressed for work.

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Pink Gauze Top and Jeans

Let’s see I think this was Wednesday. I’m pretty sure it rained all day, but it was warm enough for a short sleeve top and ankle jeans. So I decided to add a little color at this point. I thought this gauzy pink top looked nice with my new light wash jeans. The lighter wash is really trending this spring and summer. Yes, we’ll look slimmer and more dressed up in the dark wash. But sometimes it’s fun to go with the trending shade. And I really like these particular jeans from Evereve. They feel great on.

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These Naturalizer sandals are one of my favorite spring purchases. I just have a thing for traditional look cognac sandals. And these are so comfortable. So I took advantage of this day to wear them. Again, I didn’t go anywhere; I just enjoyed wearing them around the house all day.

By the way, I did front tuck this top earlier in the day. But by the time I snapped the photos, I’d untucked it. It’s slightly cropped, so I think it works pretty well with cropped length jeans.

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T-Shirt and Jeans with Cardigan

On Thursday I just wanted to wear the traditional white tee and jeans. I know my t-shirt looks light blue in the photos. I guess I need to work on my lighting again. It keeps changing with seasons. Ha! Anyhow, this is indeed just a white tee and some of my favorite jeans. This is a real feel-good outfit.

Everyday Tee and Cardi Outfit for Spring
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I topped the combo with my green and blue girlfriend sweater. I think this is my favorite way to wear this bright green sweater. I like it over a basic look like this better than wearing it with lots of additional color. I’m learning that I really like very simple looks better than complicated ones.

Oh, and I have to mention that these slip on sandals are my other favorites. They’re also Naturalizers and extremely comfortable.

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Even if you’re not especially interested in shopping any of these outfits, I hope you’ll click through on some of them. I’d like for you to see how these Snapshots work. They’ll include outfits, but also collection of things I’m enjoying and recommending. And I’ll be updating them weekly. In fact, let me know if there is something in particular that you’d like for me to create a Snapshot for, such as my favorite jeans, favorite sandals, economical spring handbags, favorite everyday jewelry, you name it.

See ALL SNAPSHOTS here. All available items I’ve shown are also in a shopping widget at the bottom of this post.

Thank you so much for dropping in! Have a great Friday.

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 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. ~John 19:30

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17 thoughts on “What I Wore Lately

  1. Kay, I hate to complain but now with the new website the photos are so large that I can’t see the whole pic at one time – I can scroll and see your top half or your bottom half. If I try to zoom out the font is too tiny (in fact, typing in this comment box the font is super teeny tiny). I am on the Firefox browser.

    1. I can work on having this addressed. Meanwhile, you might want to try reading the website on your phone or tablet, if you have one. You can see full photos and good sized text there. I’ll work with my developers on the other issue. Please be patient. This has been a very difficult week. Change is not easy, but it is necessary and ultimately good. It just takes time to work through the details.

  2. almost same as Julie…text is too small and very light. Very hard for these old eyes to see and when I enlarge/voom on text have to scrool around and fades ot the text even more

  3. I really like the snapshot feature of the site. That you can clink on the outfit and then be able to see all the items that you can shop for in the outfit. NIce.
    Thanks for the BFMD and reminding us what Good Friday means. The finished work of Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.

  4. I love your hair, Kay! Really chic.
    Could you do a snapshot of belts? I am having trouble finding a leather belt in beige or bone, for my summer outfits.
    Thanks, and have a very Happy Easter. He is Risen!

  5. Thanks Kay, these posts are always fun. I didn’t have any trouble with your old website design. Everything was clear and easy to read. If you’re looking for feedback 😬 I don’t like that the items shown aren’t directly linked and we now have to go to “shop the look” to find the links there.

    1. Hi Kim. I won’t be writing most posts in this format, just some, probably the Friday “what I wore” posts. Other posts, like yesterday’s will continue to be in the same format. I didn’t have any trouble with the old website design either. It just needed to be modernized.

    2. I’m afraid I have to agree. I really liked the direct link, but now I have to go to the “shop the look” first and then to the link and that process opens up two tabs. I’m much less likely to do that than if there’s a direct link. If you keep the “old” system on the other posts then I’ll still click through those. I hope this didn’t come across in an unfriendly way. I just thought that if more readers feel the same, then you might lose out on people clicking through and I realize this is also a business for you.

  6. I really like your new website! The snapshots are a great idea. Keep it up! Today we remember that Jesus paid it all. Thanks!

  7. Kay through another blogger I found the way to eliminate the button on jeans poking out on tshirts. Yesterday, I received a set of “invisible no-show women’s belts” from Amazon. Wore one today and it completely smoothed the waistband. The set of four was $13.99. Black, navy, brown and white in a set of four.
    Congratulations on your new website design. Yes, the photos are very large and minimizing the font size doesn’t help.
    Happy Easter to you and James! He is risen!

  8. Congratulations on the re-design! It looks great. In browsing through all your details, it’s difficult to discern the date of some of the postings. Showing the date (or just the season & year) would be helpful. For example, when I search “Tee”, I can see all your postings that focus on tees, but I can’t tell the age the postings. Knowing the date of the post would enable us to focus on the more current postings, if we’re looking for latest trends.
    Or, perhaps the date is there, and you just need to point me in its direction : )
    Anyhoo, you have a lovely website and I enjoy your work.

  9. Happy Easter, Kay! May you and your family have a most Blessed Easter!

    Thankfully, I am not having any issues with the new site on my phone. Good luck with the “tweaks” – it looks great already.

    I just wanted to let you know how you have influenced how I’ve been dressing lately. I was stuck in a black-white-grey-navy rut. I still wear plenty of those but I’ve incorporated more color for Spring. We’re on a getaway Easter weekend and I am wearing my new raw edge dark jeans with a light Kiwi colored sweater and a pink twill jacket. I love the way wearing color makes me feel!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that, Janet. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new spring pieces. Have a lovely time away!

  10. Very nice outfits Kay! It looks as bough you’ve had your hair cut some and something done to the color. Any way, it looks very nice! And I can’t believe that Andrew and Abigail’s wedding day is now less than one month away. So exciting!