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These Are the Keys to Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Smart

#NSale 2024
July 3, 2024

It’s very easy to get sucked into the hype around the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Trust me; I fell victim to that hoopla years ago when I first started shopping this pre-fall sale. But since then I’ve learned to use this mega sale to strategically start my fall wardrobe. I only invest in the smartest purchases that will truly add value to my fall outfits. And in recent years I’ve honestly not had any shopper’s remorse, but I’ve worn and enjoyed the select pieces I accumulated in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for multiple seasons. Shop with me and I’ll help you make sure that you don’t fall victim to the hype. Instead, you’ll be a smart shopper who starts a beautiful, enjoyable fall wardrobe with these KEY Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finds.

Build Your Fall Wardrobe with these Nordstrom Anniversary Finds

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

If you want to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale smart, I suggest you check out these key areas FIRST. Purchases in these areas will make the biggest impact in your wardrobe and thus your outfits. And that’s where the rubber meets the road. We’re not just into shopping; we want to build a wardrobe that makes it easy and fun to get dressed for our days.

So be smart, and focus on these eight strategic areas of the sale FIRST. If, after considering these eight groups and planning the purchases that will get you the most bang for your buck, then, if you have budget left over, you might want to consider other offerings in the sale. You may discover that you have made purchases in some of these areas last year, so you don’t need anything new. But most of us could benefit from a few new, on trend, modern additions to our wardrobe to keep us looking current and smart. Let’s go!

Wide Leg Jeans

If you’re only going to do one thing to update your wardrobe this year, purchase a pair or two of modern jeans. Right now the most on trend denim are wide leg, flare and straight leg jeans. But the most current and fashion-forward of all? Clearly the wide leg jean.

I think most of my readers have gotten on board with the wider leg silhouettes in jeans at this point. And the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a great selection from which to choose a new pair or two that will make you feel modern and stylish this fall and winter.

Wide Leg Jeans
Anessa // Teresa // high waist superwide leg jeans

In the graphic above note that the inseam on all three pairs of these full-length wide leg jeans is 31 inches, but, first, they don’t look that long on the models and, secondly, they all look a little different. That’s why it’s imperative to know your personal preferred inseam and to always check that information in the sale listing. (The models are generally tall, so you can’t tell the length by looking at the jeans on them.) Also check the composition of the fabric so you’ll know if the jeans will stretch a little, a lot or none at all. And finally, make sure you know what rise (the measurement from the crotch to the top of the waistband) works best for your body.

If you can wear a high rise jean, I definitely recommend them. They don’t work for all body types or proportions. But if they work for you, they’ll give you the longest leg visually and will slenderize your torso. This is definitely the year to update your wardrobe with a pair of wide leg jeans. And there are plenty in a full range of price points in the sale to choose from.

Wide Leg Jeans
Anessa // Saige // Andi

If you live in a climate where you will be wearing ankle jeans this fall and potentially into the winter, you’ll also find a nice variety of ankle length wide leg jeans to choose from. Again, check those measurements.

My personal picks are the Paige Anessa wide leg jeans, the Paige Anessa ankle length wide leg jeans and the Sasha straight leg jeans. The Sashas are not shown above and they’re not counted as a wide leg, but they are a black jeans with a wider than usual straight leg. I’ve gathered in the shopping widget below the jeans I can highly recommend because I have personal experience with these brands and many of the styles.

Remember, you can’t shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet, but you can add items to your wish list. Check the calendar at the bottom of the blog post to see when you can start shopping.

Collared Sweaters

Sure, you will want to look for other sweaters, too. But if you can only purchase one that will truly update your wardrobe, it’s the collared sweater. Double points for a collared sweater with stripes! What kind of collars? Both Johnny collars (no buttons) and polos (buttons) are trending right now. And I find them to be very easy to style. Stripes continue to trend in 2024, too.

Collared Sweaters
Caslon sweater // Nordstrom sweater // Madewell sweater // Vince sweater

The sweaters shown above exemplify the full range of price points in which you’ll find these trending sweaters in the sale. The Caslon sweater is just $45.99 in the sale, down from $65.99. And the beautiful Vince Baja crochet sweater, which is also available in coastal blue, tops our selection at $245.99, down from $365.00. I’ve collected others in the shopping widget below.

Elevated Flats

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely a great place to grab a pair of booties or even full length boots. But this year if you really want to update your wardrobe, make sure you have some elevated flats. By elevated we simply mean they look a little snazzy. Maybe they’re bright red – so on trend! – or point toed or super chic or leopard print or metallic. Bottom line, they look polished and sophisticated.

Elevated Flats
Linea Paolo // Nordstrom // Vince // Paul Green // Veronica Beard // Stuart Weitzman

Red is so on trend this year, so maybe have one pair of these in your closet. But don’t forget add a pair of neutrals to your wardrobe that you can wear with versatility and ease. And yes, leopard print has come back around! Most of the flats in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale come in two or more colors, so click through the images below to see additional options.

Timeless Jewelry

You’ll never go wrong by adding good quality timeless jewelry to your accessory wardrobe. Generally, I’ve forsaken costume jewelry at this point in favor of high quality fashion jewelry. And in recent years I’ve begun building a small collection of fine jewelry. You’ll find both in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Timeless Jewelry
Jenny Bird earrings // Jenny Bird pendant necklace // Jenny Bird bracelet // Bony Levy rectangle pendant // Bony Levy circle pendant // Jenny Bird hoops // AllSaints toggle necklace // Monica Vinader pearl necklace // Monica Vinader silver disc necklace

This year the trend continues to be back to elevated separates and quiet luxury. So adding timeless jewelry to an outfit will immediately elevate the most basic separates. I’ve budgeted a little extra this year so that I can purchase one piece of fine jewelry. I’ve seen the two Bony Levy necklaces above in person and I can tell you the pictures don’t come close. They are stunning. But the other pieces I’ve collected above are all worthy investments, too.

A Standout Jacket

Standout jackets are the key to a modern, stylish wardrobe for women. If you have a few really great jackets, you can create instant outfits from a variety of basics, such as jeans, dress pants, skirts and dresses. Skimp on the tops, pay what you need to for well-fitting jeans, but make sure you have at least three powerful completer pieces in your closet for fall. With those three jackets, you’ll create dozens of outfits.

A Standout Jacket
Nic+Zoe corduroy blazer // AllSaints leather jacket // L’Agence denim jacket // Kut from the Kloth corduroy jacket // Nordstrom blazer

You won’t go wrong with a great blazer, and there are several in the sale. Veronica Beard has an amazing number and they’re gorgeous. But this year I’m purchasing a more relaxed Nordstrom blazer for my more casual lifestyle. And I’ll considering another standout jacket or two, as well. I have the L’Agence denim jacket shown above in a different wash, and I can tell you it’s a winner. It has some stretch so it fits close to the body beautifully. I also have the AllSaints leather jacket above in two different colors. I wear a size 10 and it fits perfectly.

Current trends in jackets include long and relaxed fits, but also fitted and shorter. We’re also seeing a lot of corduroy, tweeds, and leather. And blues, reds, browns and greys are big.

The Classic Coat

Remember, the last thing you put on your body makes the first impression. So it’s smart to have a beautiful coat or two in your closet. This year in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale you’ll find a lovely selection to choose from, including trench coats, a few faux furs, some puffer jackets, a few vests and lots of wool or wool blend options.

The Classic Coat
Nordstrom // Reiss camel coat // Lauren Ralph Lauren // Theory // Reiss red coat // Sam Edelman

I suggest having a neutral colored coat that plays well with most of your wardrobe. And then I recommend purchasing a coat in a plaid or pretty color that you can wear with neutral colored outfits. Coats go fast in the sale, so it’s definitely time to add the ones you love to your wish list. They won’t be held for you, but you’ll be able to shop fast that way when it’s time for your to shop.

A Neutral Handbag

This year it’s popular to match your handbag to your shoes or boots. It’s not absolutely necessary, of course, but it looks so smart. So you’ll want to make sure you have a handbag that works well with the shoes and boots in your closet. Black is always a good choice, but cognac and brown are very on trend this year, too. And we’re still seeing a lot of ivory shoes and handbags that are totally appropriate for the cooler months.

Kate Spade tote // Coach shoulder bag on chain // Rebecca Minkoff tote // AllSaints half moon // AllSaints shoulder bag // AllSaints tote // Coach shoulder bag // Mali+Lili hobo sling

I’m familiar with and highly recommend all of the brands represented above except Mali+Lili. I really know nothing about that brand. But that style of bag is very on trend currently. You’ll never go wrong, however, with a classic tote or satchel. Most all of the bags come in multiple colors, as I’ve demonstrated with a few above.

Wear-Worthy Sneakers

Finally, whether you live a mostly casual lifestyle or you just like create outfits with an interesting and on trend casual/elevated mix, you’re going to want some wear-worthy sneakers. As the culture goes, so goes fashion. And with our desire for comfort and easy mobility, it’s become very fashion forward to wear smart sneakers with most anything and everything.

Wear-Worthy Sneakers
top row: Paul Green // Ecco // 27 Edit Naturalizer // Keds bottom row: New Balance // Adidas // Cole Haan // P448

There are the sneakers you wear to workout and there are the sneakers you wear to complete a stylish outfit. Both should look nice, of course. But your “street sneakers,” as some call them, should also be on trend, a little interesting and suited to your personality. You’ll find so many great options in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I think the New Balance sneakers above are my favorites at a reasonable price point. But I absolutely love wearing Paul Green for true, wear-all-day comfort. P448s continue to trend, but the Ecco in the top row is a nice substitute at a more reasonable price. And field sneakers like the Adidas shoe are even more current.

Of course you’ll find great sweaters, activewear, beauty exclusives and more in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too. And the dress selection this year is pretty amazing. I’ll share more of my favorites soon. But if you want to know where to start to shop the sale smart…start with the eight keys above.

For more tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a boss, check out my post, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – How to Prepare for It. And be sure to follow me in the LTK Shopping App so you can see all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale style boards for a little inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “These Are the Keys to Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Smart

  1. Happy 4th Kay! I am so excited about the Nordstrom sale like always! Will definitely buy smart, thank you for keeping me grounded. 😃 Hope you have a lovely trip this weekend and enjoy your family coming in on Sunday! Great times! Enjoy

  2. Such good coaching! Even though I am not in the USA where I would readily participate in the Nordstrom fall sale, I am able to utilize these shopping tips in my own way. I spent may hours with Kay’s blogs, videos and emails after discovering them last fall. This led me to a full remake of my closet (giving away so many older, dated and poor fitting things) and using what I learned about styling and wardrobe planning; I am so much happier with my closet choices. I developed a summary one page spreadsheet (forgive me, I’m addicted to spreadsheets) that gives me the full year at a glance of what I have and what my gaps are, And it paid off today. I come from the business world and loved the office attire but after retiring, I gave away all my beloved blazers and came to regret that move. I fell in love with Kay’s Veronica Beard blazer collection and while it was not within my budget, I went as far as trying one on while in the USA. Oh, my goodness! The fit, the quality, the feel – I was smitten, but still could not justify the cost for my current life. I did though keep my eyes open for a suitable option and today found a beautiful new (in the package) navy blazer at a consignment store for $25.00. Thank you Kay for encouraging us to keep a focus on our wardrobe, it’s gaps and our style priorities.

  3. Hi Kay- Your comments and attention to detail are so helpful. I’ve put several of your suggestions in my wish list. The wish list idea was so helpful to me last year. Hopefully more of my choices will be available this year! Living in Southern California we don’t have much in the way of fall or winter but I try!