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The 6 Best Valentine’s Day Outfits

February 9, 2019

Hi gals! Happy Saturday! I thought we’d give Valentine’s Day a moment today. I’m all over the red-letter day really. I always enjoyed coming up with creative ways to celebrate when my kids were growing up. We did the heart pancakes, heart shaped cakes and even heart cut-out pb&j sandwiches. And James and I generally exchange humorous cards and manage to spend some extra quality time together on this sweet day.

But this year I’ll be in Florida visiting my parents, so Valentine’s Day will be a little different for me. I’m sure we’ll celebrate, but I don’t expect flowers or candy. However, I definitely will be wearing something a little more Valentiney that day. I’m all over pink and red anyhow, so that’s a given for me. But in my book, the best Valentine’s Day outfits always begin with my favorite jeans…and chocolate chip cookies! Ha!

Best Valentines Day Outfits

Today I’m sharing 6 different outfits I put together with my favorite jeans. And I’ve “anchored” the look with a plate of my wonderful chocolate chip cookies. Yum! Want the recipe? I’m adding it to my Freebies for Subscribers page, so be sure to take your pass code and check it out. You can download and print. (Not a subscriber? Oh my! We need to fix that! Get all the info and take the leap right here.)

valentines day outfit

Get the jeans here and the cookies here!

Let’s check out these darling Valentine’s Day outfits.

Cashmere & Cat

valentines day outfit

For several of these I just shopped my closet. That’s the case here. These cashmere sweaters come back year after year, but I bought this one several seasons ago. It’s bright pink. I just added a pretty silk square scarf (similar), my gold flats and my leopard print clutch. I topped the outfit off with pretty gold jewelry. Oh, and don’t forget those cookies! Meow!

Denim Jacket in the Pink

valentines day outfit 04

Here’s a super casual look that’s still feminine and sweet. Just top off the jeans with this chambray top and a pretty pink denim jacket. Both run true to size. Add some pretty silver jewelry (great finds at James Avery!) and step into your white sneakers.

Cuddly & Cute

valentines day outfit

This outfit consists of items I’ve had for years. So I’m not linking to anything, but I bet you can shop your closet for similar pieces. I just pulled out a warm and cozy red plaid flannel shirt and put it under my red puffer jacket. I added my Ugg boots for warmth. Accessories? Keep it simple with silver favorites and a leather clutch.

Lunch with Your Gal-entines!

valentines day outfit

On Valentine’s Day we can celebrate the beauty of friendship, too. If you’re heading to lunch with the gals or your daughters you might want to wear something like this. I paired my jeans with a simple navy and white tee and finished the outfit off with navy and white flats. Then I threw on this beautiful pink trench coat to weather the cold temps…and to add some lovely color! Make it a gold letter day with gold jewelry and a sweet gold wristlet. And take the cookies to share with the gals!

From Work to Celebration

valentines day outfit

If you’re meeting up with your honey or your friends after work, just take your jeans with you. You can wear the rest of this smart outfit with black pants (see the office look here) and slip into those comfy jeans before leaving the office. I’ve got my pretty pink print wrap top paired with my tweed block heels. Then I just added black stone jewelry and a black satchel. Here’s a pretty wrap top to try.

Put a Bow on It

I treated myself to this scarf a while back and I’ll be styling it often this spring. I’m in love. This beauty looks like a silk flower garden. So vibrant and pure lovely. I’m using it to tie up a simple pairing of jeans and a soft pink v-neck sweater. I added gold accessories and my truffle colored satchel (similar here). Now that I think about it, this bag or any of these scarves would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Swoon.

Shop the Looks

As has been the norm lately, I shopped my closet for a lot of what you see in these outfits. But some of the items that were in my closet are still available. I’ve linked to them above and in the shopping widget below. Also, I’ve shown you some of the new items from Talbots here. Unfortunately they are no longer marked down, but you can always “favorite” them in the widget so you’ll receive email notification when they do go on sale again. I’ve used affiliate links here, so when you purchase something through them I do earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you at all. Thank you so much.

Don’t forget the cookies!

If you’re a subscriber, help yourself to the cookie recipe here. It really is a little different from the usual chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mine creates a crisp exterior and a gooey inside, just like I like ’em! If you’re not a subscriber to my emails, let take care of that. You can choose to receive emails daily or weekly, but you’ll also be registered for the chance to win my monthly $50 gift card to a favorite retailer. Yay! Oh, and you’ll get the code to enter the page where I keep all my freebies for subscribers. Yippee!

Thanks so much for visiting Dressed for My Day today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Blessed for My Day

It’s hard to love the unlovely, isn’t it? Shoot! It’s hard to like’m! But like them or not, we are called to show respect, kindness, patience and gentleness toward all other people. How can we do that in practical terms? Well, one of the most respectful, kind, patient and gentle things we can do for anyone is listen. Truly leaning in and listening is such a gift of love. It requires all of the above plus time, concentration and sacrifice. Let’s see if we can be women who lean in and listen…even to those who rub us wrong.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” ~ Matthew 5:43-45


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    1. Thanks so much for letting me know, Teri. I fixed it. Sometimes the tech stuff eats my lunch!! Have a great Saturday! 🙂

  1. I needed the BFMD today! Thanks. Have fun on vacation. I hope you will have good weather! We leave ft Lauderdale tomorrow headed for the keys. Then back home to north fl next week.

    1. Yes, I’m hoping for good weather. Last time I did this a few years ago it rained and was cold most of the week. But in the end it doesn’t really matter. I just enjoy being with my parents, being on the beach and getting away for a while ?.

  2. Enjoyed today’s post. The outfits are really cute…I’m a flannel gal so I really liked that one…pass the cookies & milk please! ❤️