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Black Blazer + Black Riding Boots

February 7, 2019

We have decidedly had one of the coldest winters I’ve ever experienced in southeastern Arizona. I remember some winters where I barely had opportunity to wear my winter clothes. But this year I’m getting to mix and match ’til my heart’s content!

Today I’m sharing with you one of the outfits I have worn the most this winter. This is “shopping my closet” at its best! In fact, this post could also be filed under “how I really dressed for my day” because I’ve probably worn this combination at least once every 10 days or so since fall.

Black Blazer and Riding Boots 01
black blazer (similar) || cranberry jeans (similar) || grey turtleneck (similar)|| black boots (similar; higher inventory) || black handbag (similar) || necklace (similar)

I purchased these cranberry Jen 7 jeans during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in August, and they sold out fast, never to be restocked. But I found these that are fairly similar. They’re pretty high priced, too. But really any wine, burgundy or berry colored jeans would work for a similar look.

Black Blazer and Riding Boots 02

While the colored jeans may be the star of this outfit, I think the glue that pulls it together is the gray turtleneck top. It’s just a basic turtleneck, but I have enjoyed wearing it frequently for the past few seasons. I wear it a lot with my red a-line wool skirt, burgundy jeans, my black wool skirt and my black dress slacks. So versatile! I’ve linked to a few similar ones in the widget below.

Black Blazer and Riding Boots

Of course my black stretch cotton blazer continues to be a favorite of mine. I wear it with this outfit the most, but I also pair it with blue jeans, black jeans, grey leopard print pants and even my joggers. (Yes ma’am, I do! You’ll see that pairing and many others next week.)

This blazer is sold out in black, but it’s now available in a beautiful coral red that you might want to check out. I mention that because this blazer is very comfortable, well constructed and versatile. I’ve linked to other black options in the shopping widget.

Black Blazer and Riding Boots 04

While I enjoy wearing my riding boots with this combination frequently, I also wear my grey plaid block heel pumps with this outfit.

Black Blazer and Riding Boots 05

black blazer (similar) || cranberry jeans (similar) || grey turtleneck (similar)|| black boots (similar; higher inventory) || black handbag (similar) || necklace (similar)

What do you think? And you have a favorite outfit that you find yourself gravitating to over and over this winter? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks so much for stopping in today. And let me know if you have any questions.

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Blessed for My Day

Getting control over our thoughts takes practice and diligence. As I mentioned in yesterday’s BFMD, our emotions can pick up steam like a locomotive and railroad us. If we want to master our emotions by thinking on the things Paul mentioned in Philippians 4:8, we’ll need to have a plan in place.

Today I encourage you to consistently check yourself throughout the day. Maybe even set timers, alerting you to check your thought life against the instructions in Philippians. If you catch yourself going down a wrong path, just gently detour back onto that which is true, honorable, lovely, commendable and praiseworthy. Be patient with yourself, but persevere.

What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. ~ Philippians 4:9

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One thought on “Black Blazer + Black Riding Boots

  1. You look great Kay! I am volunteering today and I was going to wear a variation of your outfit. Since I don’t like my lower half, I usually wear black leggings and put the focus more on my top with color or a scarf. It’s nice to have a “to go” outfit ready when we need one! ?