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Talbots Try-On Session September 2021

August 23, 2021

Happy Monday morning! Well if you’re one of my many faithful Talbots shoppers you probably know that Talbots is kicking off their September reveal with 25% off your full price purchase. And the September collection is always one of my favorites because it includes the Audrey cashmere sweaters, corduroys, quilted vests and plush cardigans. Today I’m sharing just a little bit of the Talbots fall line in a try-on session that I photographed Sunday afternoon as they were changing over the displays at the store.

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Talbots September 2021 Collection Try-On Session

Now this try-on session is a little different from my last Talbots try-on session, posted HERE just a couple of weeks ago. In that August collection try-on session the store had enough inventory for me to put together outfits, plus I’d taken along a couple of pairs of shoes I had ordered from the collection. But yesterday they had very little of the new collection in the store. Plus I went to Talbots straight from church, so the only shoes I had with me were the heeled sandals I’d worn that morning.

When I realized there wasn’t enough of the collection on the floor for me to create interesting outfits, I decided to pivot in my focus. Instead of showing you how to put pieces together in other ways besides what you can see in their catalog, I decided to try on items that might not be as familiar to you, providing you with sizing and fit information you may need. I hope this is helpful.


I weigh about 155 on a good day and I’m holding steady so far at 5’8″ tall. I have a pear or hourglass figure and balanced proportions. That’s just to give you reference when you’re looking to see how these items fit on me.

I generally wear size 8 in tops, bottoms and dresses. But at Talbots I do wear the curvy fit size 8 if they are available. I generally wear a medium in all of those pieces, too. I wear a size 9.5 shoe almost without fail. So unless I tell you otherwise (and I think there are only a couple of exceptions this time), those are the sizes I’m wearing.

Try-On Session

Straight Leg Jeans – Solstice Wash // Honestly, I’m not positive these are the solstice wash, but I’m pretty sure they are. I think these are the only pants I tried on while wearing my heels. But I wanted you to see that these straight leg jeans are quite long. Remember, I’m 5’8″ and I’m wearing these 3 1/4″ heels with these jeans. I have other Talbots straight leg jeans, and these are consistent with the length of my others. But if you, like me, plan to wear your straight leg jeans with any bit of heel such as booties or loafers, these should work great. To wear them with flats you might need to get them hemmed. They fit nicely true to size. I’m wearing an 8.

Novelty Tee and straight leg jeans
Straight Leg Jeans // Rainy Day Cotton Crewneck Tee

Rainy Day Cotton Crewneck Tee // I try to resist novelty tees like this Rainy Day Cotton Crewneck Tee, but I just always give in. And I think this one is darling. It’s soft, has a slightly tapered fit and fits true to size. I’m wearing a medium.

Novelty Tee and straight leg jeans and jacket
Straight Leg Jeans // Rainy Day Cotton Crewneck Tee // Diamond Quilted Vest in Wild Aster

Diamond Quilted Vest in Wild Aster // I have a couple of these Diamond Quilted Vests from previous seasons and love them. You can see me wearing them in this post and this post. I don’t have them out right now to check the size, but this medium was way too big for me. I later tried on the small as I was leaving the store, and it fit significantly better. But it still looked a little boxy and stiff. I have to think that was probably because they’d just been unpacked and hung up and hadn’t had time to “relax” yet.

Huh. I just checked the navy one I own (by looking at the previous post, duh) and it’s a medium. But those had an elasticized band in the back and this one does not. And my cranberry colored vest from two years ago is a small. So I guess the sizing is all over the place on these things. But this year’s vest definitely runs large, so keep that in mind. It does come in some fun colors.

Stretch Corduroy Slim Ankle Pants in Ivory // I generally take the curvy fit in Talbots’ corduroy pants, and I think that’s what I need here. Otherwise, they fit true to size. I’m wearing an 8, but I’d just like a little more room in the hips and thighs. These corduroy pants do have a nice bit of stretch in them, but, from experience, they won’t stretch out to where they gape; they hold their shape nicely with wear. But if I get these I’ll be purchasing the curvy fit.

cream cords and cashmere sweater
Stretch Corduroy Slim Ankle Pants in Ivory // Audrey Stripe Cashmere Sweater

Audrey Stripe Cashmere Sweater // I love Talbots’ Audrey cashmere sweaters and this year they come in 13 beautiful solids, this fun stripe and a floral. I’m always hesitant to buy a cashmere sweater in a floral that may (or may not??) look dated the next year. But I think I’m getting this fun stripe sweater. I’m sure they have a reason, but I don’t know why Talbots always shows these sweaters pulled so tight on their models. Anyhow, I hope it helps you to see how it really fits on me. I’m wearing a medium. I think these Audrey cashmere sweaters consistently have a beautiful drape and a nice length. I also appreciate the 3/4 length sleeve, especially for fall.

Oh, and let’s talk about those solid Audreys a minute. They didn’t have any of them out yet at my store, but I think the woodland berry, the eggshell blue and the deep olive green are especially promising. What colors intrigue you?

Talbots Cable Knit Sweater Front white tee
Straight Leg Jeans // Cable Knit Cardigan in olive night

Above I’m still wearing the Straight Leg Jeans, this time flat footed. So you can see that they do bunch a little at my feet, but I can easily wear this length with boots or small heels. Again, keep in mind, I’m 5’8″.

I could not even find a solid t-shirt in my size to try on with these two cardigans, so I’m showing this olive night Cable Knit Cardigan with this Banana Republic tee I’d worn to church.

Cable Knit Cardigan in olive night // Cable knit is going to be trending high this fall and winter. I love it when classic prints, styles or textures have a moment, and this is one I can really get on board with. I love cable knit already, so I was immediately drawn to this Cable Knit Cardigan, which comes in this olive night green, chambray heather blue and ivory. But I was also skeptical because, again, Talbots tends to pull their sweaters tight on the website. Alas, I can tell you that I love the texture, softness, heft and drape of this classic Cable Knit Cardigan. It is thick and will probably be quite warm. So keep that in mind. It’s 44% Acrylic, 35% Nylon, 7% Wool, 7% Alpaca, 7% Spandex, so that’s some serious heat.

I’m wearing the medium in these photos. I tried the small, but it didn’t really fit or drape that differently. And since I’ll probably want to wear a long sleeve top under it eventually, I think I’d still go with the medium.

Portland Pants
Portland Pants in Forest Night // Cable Knit Cardigan in olive night // Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee in indigo

Portland Pants in Forest Night // I was curious about these Portland Pants but suspected they would not be a great silhouette for me. Sure enough, they’re a little too slim fitting for my legs. But if you have thinner legs, I do think these Portland Pants are a beautiful alternative to leggings. They would probably feel just as good, but have a dressier vibe. They feature a size zip and hook closure with a flat front. They come in several nice fall and winter neutrals. And because they do indeed look more like a pant than a legging, they’d be great for wearing with this length sweater; you wouldn’t have to wear a tunic over them. I’m wearing my true size 8, but they’re just to snug on my legs.

Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee in indigo // I’m wearing a small here and it fits fine. Talbots Pima Cotton V-Neck Tees have a good bit of stretch in them, so I do suggest sizing down. I really just grabbed this to show the cardigans.

Pima Cotton V-Neck Tee in indigo // Stretch Corduroy Slim Ankle Pants in Smoke Grey // Shaker Stitch Cardigan in Country White

Shaker Stitch Cardigan in Country White // This Shaker Stitch Cardigan also comes in four other colors, including a striking wild aster. But I think this country white would make a nice neutral cardigan for your wardrobe, especially if you just need a nice sweater for a chilly office. It fits true to size for a generous fit or you might could size down for a leaner fit. It does have lots of stretch in it. The Shaker Stitch Cardigan is a nice weight for a fall and winter cardigan.

Stretch Corduroy Slim Ankle Pants in Smoke Grey // Same as the ivory cords above, also available in curvy fit.

Well sadly that’s all I could try on yesterday. There are other things in this latest collection that I’m much more interested in. Be sure to check out my updated Shop My Talbots Favorites Page to see what else I like in this new collection as well as favorites from their ongoing classics and the August line.

Thanks so much for stopping in! You can also shop the shopping widget below for all the items I shared in today’s post.

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10 thoughts on “Talbots Try-On Session September 2021

  1. I like the striped sweater and the shaker cardigan. Don’t know what color I would get it in though if I get one.
    Anxious to see what else Talbots Has coming up for the fall and winter.
    I pray for my pastor but probably not enough. Thanks for reminding me. He truly does consider us his flock and is a very caring man. We have a small congregation, especially after the epidemic but consider our church family
    Have a blessed day.

  2. Hey, I just enjoy your blog and YouTube channel so much. My style is very much like yours. I’m also blessed by your Christian influence.
    I just ordered the striped Rainy day T, and also the blue strip with Bee Kind. Thought they would be great this fall with black jeans.
    I wish you well, and look forward to next post!
    Blessings Denise

  3. Thank you for the insight into a pastor’s side of life. I will remember to thank our minister, especially, when his sermon resonates with me.
    Always love your shopping excursions. When you tell us about an item, how it fits you and how it feels, it makes shopping so much easier. Last week I purchased two pairs of jeans at Talbots in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, based on your recommendations. They were two different washes in the relaxed jeans. As you said, I sized down and they fit me perfectly. Thanks, Kay!

  4. The Portland pants are like a pair I bought this year and I have found the pants fit until the calves start and become tight but not uncomfortably so. It’s too bad because I like them and have to wait for tall boot weather. No show! The cashmere 3/4 sleeve is nice too.
    It is very important to have a pastor/priest that is open and comfortable to listen to on Sunday. It sets the tone for my week ahead nicely!

  5. I bought the striped Audrey sweater today ! Talbot’s runs out of mediums so quickly. I couldn’t resist the unique sleeve (cuff?) stripe and the numerous possibilities with my existing vests,etc. Need to go try it all on… 25% off made it nice, as well !

  6. Hi Kay. We saw the Van Gogh exhibit in Atlanta Thursday evening. Our daughter chose this for one of her birthday gifts. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The first section is a lot of reading about his life and displays of his paintings. The second section is the immersive area. It was awesome. There were benches and blankets to sit on. You can take photos and videos. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Have a great weekend.

    1. Wonderful! I’m so excited. But when I met up with my friends to go I discovered we’re actually going to Indianapolis! Hahaha!