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Trending Fall Colors

August 17, 2021

While it’s hot and humid outside, the calendar pages are indeed flipping rapidly and it will be fall before we know it. So here at Dressed for My Day and at my YouTube channel, we’re getting our wardrobes ready for autumn. Today let’s talking about the trending fall colors that we’ll see in fall fashions and accessories through winter 2022.

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Trending Fall Colors 2021

Remember, the colors of your wardrobe are really a very personal choice. You should wear the colors you enjoy. I like to wear colors that I frequently receive compliments in, but I also choose to wear colors that reflect how I’m feeling on any given day. And I especially enjoy wearing colors that resonate with the season around me. So you do you!

But if you’d like to participate in any of the current color trends, I want to share those with you. And I encourage you to tweak them to fit your personal style aesthetic and personality.

Psst! You might want to refer back to this post, How to Choose the Colors of Your Wardrobe for more tips on incorporating the trending colors into your personal style.

First, here’s a graphic with all of the Pantone colors of the season. Each year the Pantone Color Institute™ releases a fashion forecast of the colors we’ll be seeing dominate the newest styles and accessories. The colors supposedly reflect the societal trends we’re seeing in our culture, and this year Pantone Color Institute™ says the deep and varied colors represent things like hope, creativity, personal expression, personal growth and comfort.

Let’s see how these colors resonate with you.

Pantone Color Institute Trending Colors for Fall 2021
Source: Pantone Color Institute

I’m not going to detail every one of those colors, by the way. But I’m highlighting the ones I’m already seeing a lot of in women’s fashions. In fact, I’ve had a preview of the Talbots October catalogue as well as a few others so, while I can’t share those images with you I can tell you that I am indeed seeing some of the colors above in your favorite brands’ lineups.

So I’m attempting to share a handful of the colors in this fall’s trend report with a shopping widget filled with styles and accessories in those colors. You may not be ready to buy them yet (but you may!). But I just thought it would give us a good way to see how the colors are being implemented into the styles we love.

Oh! And I also have one addition that’s not even in the Pantone chart, but we’re seeing it everywhere. Can you guess what it is? I’ll share it last.

Illuminating Yellow

We saw a lot of this highly pigmented, bright yellow this spring and summer. But It’s going to add a surprising burst of brightness and cheerfulness to fall and winter styles, too.

Illuminating Yellow
Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan & Denim Shirt // Sketched Floral Classic Cotton Shirt & Denim Field Jacket

If you love to wear yellow and it’s one of your signature colors, you’re in luck. I think we’ll be seeing lots of this vibrant color in sweaters, shirts, pants and jackets. But if you want to participate in this color trend while staying in your non-yellow lane, you’re in luck, too. I’m already seeing plenty of yellow shoes, handbags and other accessories that you can wear to accent your other colors.

Pale Rosette or Blush Pink

I feel like I’ve been saying that blush pink has been trending for three years now. Honestly, I think we do indeed find some shade of pink that resonates with us year after year. And while this year both blush pink and vibrant fuchsia are trending, I’m seeing and hearing more about the soft pinks. It will be fun to wear this soft subtle shade in sweaters, tops, dresses and accessories.

Transition Into Fall with a Pretty Sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt // v-neck t-shirt (another option at Talbots) // everyday relaxed jeans (consider sizing down) // black ReNew sport sandals // Tumi backpack (more economical option) // earrings // necklace in black drusy // sunglasses (more economical option) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

I’ve collected some pretty pink styles in the fashions and accessories that are available for inspiration. These are shoppable images, of course. But it’s fun just to see them all fanned out like this, too.

Olive Branch or Dark Green

You probably noticed there are two shades of green included in the Pantone list of trending colors. And I’m sure we’ll see lots of variations on both. But right now I’m mostly seeing a lot of the olive or sage or jungle green. And why not? That’s one of the colors that we typically gravitate to as we head into fall.

No Shadow Watercolor Graphic Tee // Frame Le Sylvie Crop Straight Raw Edge Jeans // Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green (another great blazer option) // ReNew Sport Sandals // similar leather cuff bracelets and other jewelry // watch (15% off with code KAYHRMS) // earrings

Green is one of the most universally flattering colors because most of us have some flecks of green in our eyes. So you can probably find some shade of green that looks great on you, whether it has warmer or cooler undertones. Green is one of my signature colors and I love wearing it because I actually have pale green eyes.

Psst! Want to know what colors look great with your eyes? Check out my blog post What to Wear so Your Eyes Pop.

Deep Blues

You may have noticed that Pantone lists three different shades of blue in their trending palette. But the note they have in common is their depth. Blue has been trending for several years as we reach for calming influences. But this year we’re seeing deep, solemn and even story blues. They’re a bit provocative, but also peaceful and cool.

Tee Sweats Hoodie in Navy Blue and Joggers // Easy Tab Sleeve Blazer

Create really on trend tonal outfits by layering different shades of blue in one look. Be sure to layer in various textures and details, too, but keep the outfit simple and pared back for the most modern look.

Rich Brown

Pantone lists root bear and an adobe, which is a rich brownish orange. We’ll just concede that rich, earthy shades of brown will be trending this year. In fact, I’m already seeing browns in everything from orange toned, rust to deep, rich chocolate to blackened tobacco to dark roasted coffee to warm cognac. These are the rich browns of earth and life.

Rich Browns
cozy button front cardigan in rust leather // stretch cotton pants in mushroom // shirttail button up shirt in coffee bean // slim ankle jeans in tortoise shell

I especially love wearing these rich browns with denim. But you can also wear many of them with black or creamy ivory. Don’t be afraid to throw in a splash of another color in a scarf or print blouse.

While it’s not indicated in Pantone’s playlist and I don’t see a consistent streak of it yet in the first fall arrivals, I suspect we’ll see some beautiful reds this fall and winter, too. I seem to recall some pretty cranberry reds in early catalog mockups I’ve been privy to. Pantone does list Firewall Red, but I can’t tell if they’re predicting a cool or warm red. What do you think?

Shades of Lavender

Finally, one color that’s not listed at all, but I’m seeing a lot of already is variations on lavender. I’ve seen pale and deep iterations of this soft, somewhat old-fashioned color so far.

sweater in purple rose // classic fit poplin shirt in purple rose

These soft shades of lavender and lilac will be beautiful with khaki, camel or brown. Pair it with denim or black, too.

So many beautiful colors! Do you need help narrowing down the colors of your personal wardrobe? You might want to check out or review my post, How to Choose the Colors of Your Wardrobe. I suggest you have no more than 3-5 neutrals and 3-5 signature colors. The smaller your color palette, the more your wardrobe will mix for easy creation of outfits.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Which colors are you looking forward to wearing this fall and winter?

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25 thoughts on “Trending Fall Colors

  1. Kay you are such a Sweetheart and have gone to so much trouble bringing this post to us, highlighting all these gorgeous colours. We’re moving into Spring here in Australia, so maybe we can look forward to these beautiful shades next year. I always appreciate your efforts. x

  2. Fall is my favorite season! Living on the Gulf coast, we have several more weeks of summer like temperatures. Although these beautiful Fall colors are a way I can usher in the season. I love all these colors, but the greens and rusts are my favorites. Thanks, Kay!

    1. I ordered the olive blazer and can’t wait for it to arrive. I think yesterday was our last 100+ day… so fall is in the way. I loved the red pantone color fire whirl… Im going to look for a v neck tee in that color.
      So hoping for a miracle…. we are in very perilous times. Bless you and your family!

  3. I enjoyed your post and found it so helpful. Thank you for sharing this information with everyone! Your content keeps getting better and better! Enjoy your day!

  4. Pretty colors!!! I meant to tell you yesterday that I like your Monday moment idea! And the Throwback Thursday too! Have a lovely day, Karen

  5. Thanks for all you do Kay for your post.
    Some really colors for fall. I especially like the pinks, lavender, rusts, olives And the blues
    You’re blessed for the day is right on with good times right now. We do have to pray for a miracle and have a grace.
    Bless you.

  6. Surprisingly I like the shades of lilac and purple. Look forward to finding something in those shades. I’ve always liked olive green too. Looking for a jacket in olive that’s not too stiff. Not a fan of brown. I’ve worn more navy this summer than ever before.

  7. Kay, thank you so much for all of the time and research that you did for this post! It’s full of helpful information. Including the lavender, I can wear 12 of the colors close to my face. Fall is my favorite season, so I can’t wait for the temps to drop down here. Question: Are blue jeans co side red to be a neutral, that we can pair with any color? If so, I have some adjusting in my thinking, to do. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ginger. Yes, I don’t count blue jeans in my color palette. They kind of stand on their own. So while I do usually have a blue in my color palette, it’s not denim blue. In the past I’ve had light blue or cobalt blue in my palette. This year I’m going with this deep midnight blue, almost a navy but not quite.

  8. Great posts as usual. I too gravitate to olive for transition to fall…I have pants, a skirt, and a jacket, but struggle finding the right top. I would love suggestions. Also, my olives tend to the cargo / utility vibe and wonder about style of top as well as color.

  9. Lovely colors and great variety, Kay! Thank you for researching all this… I like the idea of that lavender with the olive green for a complimentary contrasting outfit. I’m going to have to give that a try! You’ve picked some great representatives of both!

  10. I love the rust leather cardigan. It a great color. I hope they bring boots and bags in that color. I like the sage greens as well. I’m not a fan of lavender or purple colors because the first time someone called me ma’am, I was wearing a lavender cardigan. At 79, you can call me ma’am. LOL. I am going to give it a shot this year. Like you said, it looks great with denim.

  11. Wow, Kay! This is amazing! Thank you so much for all of your posts, you have really outdone yourself and we love and appreciate it!!

  12. That was a really groovy layout, with the items grouped by their color! Really interesting and awesome approach , and I honestly think I will go through it again after I post this! Thank you, as always, for the precious BFMD pauses. My husband and I are developing a “master prayer list” because our concerns and petitions are ever-expanding. Our brothers and sisters around the world is part of day one. I know there is no comparison (yet), but I am sure we have God’s family praying for us American Christians as well, and I pray the concrete of faith around our feet hardens quickly so that we may stand strong and steady in Christ. We are praying for Pastors (and their wives!!!) with fresh and fervent prayers. Much love to you and James!

  13. Autumn is my favorite season! To quote George Eliot, “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” I especially love it when the fall fashions begin to fill the stores and I can revel in the their colors and textures! It’s funny how I can’t remember where I put my keys, but I can still remember my favorite fall back-to-school outfits from way back when, LOL!
    I’m still in closet pare-down mode from transitioning to work-from-home, but I did find a pair of consigned jeans in a muted peachy-pink (similar to the Madewell scarf). Also a navy v-neck sweater, and navy cardigan. Meeting online has impacted the colors in my wardrobe, due to how vibrant they appear on camera, so I’ll take a pass on the fuchsia, bright yellow, and red.

  14. Thank you for gathering things in each of these colors. I found this to be a very helpful post. I don’t know if you have done these in the past and I missed it, but I would love to see this as a seasonal feature.
    Again, thanks.

    1. Hi Deb. I think I’ve done similar post for each season. And I’ll definitely do them again. Thanks for letting me know that you liked it. So helpful. ?

  15. Thanks for the timely post. I’m shopping for a few items to help transition to fall and will be able to pick some on trend colors to add to my wardrobe.

  16. This is an extremely helpful blog entry and I will revisit it often this fall. I love the brown colours, and see how to mix and match them with other signature colours in my wardrobe thanks to many of your past videos and blog entries. Blush pink has been a favourite for two fall seasons so I’m happy to see that it’s still a strong trending colour this fall, both with the grey and brown colours.

  17. Thanks for these fun posts Kay. Personally, I gravitate towards black, brown, grey, or taupe pants (depending on the season). A jean jacket can dress up any outfit. I love deep tones like burgundy, maroon, black,or grass green for tops. Winters in southern Alberta can be very cold, so sweaters are on the top of my list as far as a winter wardrobe goes. My hair is totally grey, so I feel best in darker shades for fall and winter. My biggest weakness is watches – I think I have a colour for every outfit – I’m not a bling queen, but watches are my weakness.
    I look forward to these Sat. am posts. May God bless your ministry as you relate to women as they “dress for the day.”
    To me dressing for the day is not just outward, but also inward.