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Double Frayed Skinny Ankle Jeans for Girls’ Night Out

May 4, 2018

It’s Friday! Yay! Even though I work from a home office and I’m no longer running ragged with kids during the weekdays, I still celebrate the end of the week and the inauguration of the weekend. Something about Friday just makes you feel like wrapping up the week’s ups and downs and tying a big red bow around them. So in the spirit of celebration, I’m sharing with you the double frayed jeans and fun red shirt I wore for a recent girls’ night out with friends.

Modern Double Frayed Skinny Ankle Jeans from Loft

There are so many funky hemlines available on jeans these days, and I’m not crazy about all of them. But I still want to do what I can to look current, especially with my blue jeans. Let’s face it, as we get older we run high risk of falling into the “mom jean” trap. And we don’t want that, gals! Yes, we want to be comfortable in our jeans. That’s one of the main points of wearing denim, right? But we don’t want to be frumpy!

So when I saw these Modern Double Frayed Skinny Ankle Jeans at Loft, I knew I had to at least try them on. And I was pleasantly surprised. The fit is extremely comfortable, but they also create a slim and flattering silhouette. They have a mid-rise and a lot of stretch. And I’ve worn them without washing them now probably three times, and they still fit close to the body with no gaping or sagging.

By the way, as of Thursday evening everything at Loft was 40% off with the code SUNNY.

Double Frayed Skinny Ankle Jeans

When checking the rear view of your jeans, you want the pocket placement and size to be flattering. I think I’d call these midsize pockets and I like the placement for my body shape. The photo above makes it look like the jeans do have some unflattering wrinkles from wear, but I think that’s just the way I’m standing.

Double Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans

I’m skipping on to the shoe photo because I want you to get a good look at the double frayed hemline. I mean really y’all, it’s adorable. And I’ve steered clear of other hemlines because I thought they were either too funky, too cutesy or just plain wrong! But, like I said, I don’t want to be frumpy either. So I think this relatively clean cut double frayed hem is the perfect solution. Okay. I’ll shut up about the hem now!

I’m wearing my Universal Threads Peep Toe Pumps that I bought at Target earlier in the spring, but they are all gone now. I found these Kassi Peep Toe Pumps at Target now, which are comparable, or you might want to check out these Vince Camutos that I’ve heard such great things about. They’re on sale half price now at Nordstrom Rack.

Double Frayed Hem Skinny ankle Jeans with a splash of red

I also picked up my red Lacey Mixed Media Tee at Loft. It’s on sale now and as of yesterday when I last checked they were offering an additional 40% with the code SUNNY. It’s worth checking. The shade of mine is called Fresh Tomato. (I love tomatoes.) But it’s also available in Whisper White online only. The front panel is a silky 100% polyester and the back is 100% rayon, more like t-shirt fabric. You can see that the back is longer than the front and really falls very pretty. I like it with a messy front tuck, but you could wear it all untucked, too.

Lacey Mixed media tee from loft

You can see the pretty “lacey” detail work in the photo above. I like a tee like this, one that is fairly plain, but has just enough detailing to add interest, but not so much as to look childish or overdone.

Fashion and Compassion jewelry

All of my jewelry (except for my James Avery ring) is from Fashion & Compassion, a Charlotte, North Carolina, based company that helps people in impoverished communities around the world create something beautiful so that they can thrive spiritually, economically and physically. I bought the set several years ago at a She Speaks Conference in Charlotte, and all three pieces feature Genesis 50:20 (see today’s Blessed for My Day). Some of the beads on my bracelet are re-purposed bullets from a war torn country. I think it’s a beautiful reminder that indeed God can work all things together for our good.

Double Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans

Once again, I’m carrying my straw bag. Get used to it! I just love straw for summer. And somehow I feel like this outfit calls for a large bag, too. Mine’s from Straw Studios.

Double Frayed hem Skinny Ankle Jeans

That night we were celebrating a sweet girlfriend’s birthday at a favorite Italian restaurant. I felt comfortable and relaxed in my jeans and simple tee, but also chic and stylish for a Friday night out.

Have you tried any of the new hemlines? I really love these double frayed hem jeans, but there are also slit cuffs, deconstructed cuffs, step hems, lace-up cuffs, tied cuffs, chewed hems, cut cuffs, unpicked, Godet cuffs and a lot more fringe, just to name a few! Let me know what you’ve tried and what you like. I’d love to know!

By the way, some of you busy gals may have missed one or both of my informational posts this week. They’re always my hottest posts. Check out my 10 Fitting Room Tips before you hit the stores this weekend. And if you’re updating a black, gray or brown work wardrobe you’ll want to look over my first Reader Fashion Challenge.

I’m linking up today with Jo-Lynne Shane and all the other fabulous ladies at her Fashion Friday Link-Up. Be sure to check it out!

Blessed for My Day

When hard things happen in our lives it can feel like all is lost. Sometimes things are so devastating that it feels like the wind has been knocked out of our lungs and we wonder if we’ll ever get back on our feet again. I’ve been there a few times, and I bet you have, too. But like Joseph in Genesis 37-50 we can choose to be living testimonies of God’s grace and goodness. Do you have a story of how someone else meant something for evil, but God meant it for good in your life? Praise the Lord. Really. And why not share that story with someone who needs to hear it this weekend?

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. ~ Genesis 50:20

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5 thoughts on “Double Frayed Skinny Ankle Jeans for Girls’ Night Out

  1. Love your outfit! I haven’t tried any of the new jean hemlines yet but I think I will. Thank you for your outfit ideas and tips! I’m really enjoying your blog!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful color on you. I like the sleeve detail and the shoes top it all off. I really needed your “Blessed For My Day”. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~