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4 Different Outfits for 4th of July

June 19, 2018

4 Outfits for the 4th of July for Women

Happy 4th of July! Well, not quite yet. But our nation’s birthday will be here before you know it. Like most birthday celebrations, Independence Day has a way of sneaking up on us. And if I haven’t been paying attention to the calendar, I always regret it a little if I haven’t put any thought into what I’ll wear on that national holiday.

In the past I’ve decked my whole family out in matching red, white and blue t-shirts or at least bought something patriotic to wear to the neighborhood parade or fireworks show. So this year I wanted to share several 4th of July outfits for women to at least get you thinking in that direction. I’m sharing two dressy ensembles with patriotic flare and two more casual options.

Red, White and Blue Kimono for 4th of July

4th of July Outfit for women

This red, white and blue kimono by Chelsea & Theodore, doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online. I got this one at our Dillard’s, and I really hope that if you like it you can find it there, too. It is really dreamy on. It feels soft and fluid, and, thanks to true arm holes, it stays on and in place better than many kimonos.

4th of July outfits for women

I did find a pretty kimono at Target you may like in red and I do love this one from Anthropologie as well as this one and this one. What I love about the kimono I’m wearing as well as each of the ones I’ve linked to is that they aren’t strictly patriotic pieces. In fact, that’s what you’ll notice about all four of the outfits I’m showing you. These are versatile, all season outfits that just happen to have patriotic appeal when the day calls for it.

4th of July outfits for women

I’m wearing my kimono over a simple navy tank top from Talbots. and my necklace is from my latest Rocksbox box. I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it or not, but I do need a gold statement necklace, so maybe. It’s by Wilde. If you’re interested in giving Rocksbox a try, be sure to use my code for a free month: KAYHBFF4.


4th of July outfits for women

I also like that this kimono has an optional tie in the front. Since it was windy on this day, I think that tie kept it from blowing away! I’m wearing my white skinny jeans from Ann Taylor, some old slingback navy flats from Talbots and carrying a navy shoulder bag from Liz Claiborne (similar one here)…years old.

Sleeveless Dress with Muted Red, White & Blue for 4th of July

4th of July Outfit for women

This fun sundress from Gianni Bini is a sweet, feminine nod to the patriotic holiday, perfect for a dressier affair. Or maybe you just want to wear a dress to your backyard cookout. That’s perfectly okay, too, right?

4th of July Outfit for women

I grabbed my red cardigan from Talbots (here’s a similar one) because the evenings get very chilly here in Arizona. You could also wear a baby blue, navy or white sweater. But a denim jacket would look great with this dress, too.

4th of July Outfit for women

4th of July outfit for women

I had worn this dress for quite a while before I realized it had pockets. I love a dress with pockets.

4th of July Outfit for women

I wore my strappy nude sandals from Talbots (years ago) and carried a nude snakeskin clutch. I kept my jewelry simple because I think the dress is really the statement piece here. Just my butterfly bangle and some heart earrings from James Avery. Here are some similar earrings. And here’s a sweet coordinating bracelet.

4th of July Outfit for women

I’ve provided links to some more fun dresses with hints of the patriotic holiday.

Khaki Wide-leg Crop Pants & a T-Shirt for 4th of July

July 4th Outfit for women

We actually have a wonderful fireworks show here in our little military town on the border. And James and I just have to walk less than a mile down the road to take our seat in the grass of one of the ball fields to watch it. So that’s usually what we do after grilling out in our backyard. That is, if it’s not raining. You see, July 4th is actually the first week of monsoon rains around here, and often the first rain comes in full and strong on that very day. So we’ll see.

July 4th Outfit for women

At any rate, if we do get to walk down to the fireworks festivities, this is likely something that I might be wearing. I’m sharing another Life is Good fitted t-shirt paired with my tie front wide-leg crop pants. I can’t find the exact shirt to provide a link. Once again, I got it at my local Dillard’s. Y’all, my Dillards must carry clothes that just do not exist anywhere else! Ha! I know most Dillard’s don’t carry Life is Good shirts, so I’m giving you links to some other equally cute ones. Here’s a navy scoop neck with a flag and here’s a navy scoop neck with a white daisy. And I personally like this navy v-neck retro inspired shirt.

July 4th Outfit for Women

I’m wearing my Izzy Denim Espadrilles because….soooo comfortable. And blue. So there ya go.

July 4th Outfit for women

I’m keeping my jewelry simple with my James Avery sterling silver heart earrings and my loaded James Avery silver charm bracelet. For some reason things like holidays and picnics and family events compel me to wear my charm bracelet. It just seems like the right thing to do. And I’m a little quirky like that!

July 4th Outfit for women

Yep, this outfit is pretty much my bag. ♥

Life is Good Tee & Denim Shorts for 4th of July

July 4th Outfit for Women

It’s true. I’m a Coca-Cola girl, born and raised in metro Atlanta, home of the real Coke. And this is the kind of 4th of July outfit best suited to just sitting back and enjoying a cold one with friends and family. In fact, I think I’ll make sure to chill James and me a few before we head down to the park that night.

July 4th Outfit for Women

Now here I’m just showing off. Showing off our “purple mountains majesty” that is.  Those are the Huachuca Mountains behind me. Yes, that’s the view from my back yard. I am blessed.

I paired my favorite denim shorts with yet another Life is Good t-shirt, and this one actually says, “purple mountains majesty” on it. Ha! I just now realized that! Yes, this one is a little more decidedly patriotic, but it’s still suitable for wearing any ole day.

July 4th Outfit for Women

I grabbed a favorite little bracelet that I’ve had for a while from Charming Charlie. It’s just an elasticized band, but I love how the blue in the bracelet matches the blue in my tee. I think costume jewelry like this is the perfect addition to a simple tee and denim shorts. Oh, and there’s my James Avery Adorned Hearts ring. I’m never without it.

I’m wearing my Izzy Denim Espadrilles again because, well, you know. Y’all. These are just the best shoes.

July 4th Outfit for Women

So those are my 4 outfits for the 4th of July. Honestly, I’d love to wear any of those and I’m likely to wear one of them this Independence Day. What do you normally do for Independence Day? And do you like to wear something a little patriotic? Which outfit are you most likely to gravitate toward that day? And which one would you prefer if you could do anything in the world that day? Ha! I’m full of nosy questions.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little inspiration from it. If you do, maybe you could pin it to your Pinterest board and/or share it on Facebook. I’d love you even more if you did! Thanks so much for spending some time here. And if you haven’t already subscribed to my email list, why not do that now? I treat my subscribers like princesses! Well, like sweet friends anyhow. ♥

Blessed for My Day

Truly, may God bless America. Not because we deserve it; because we don’t. But because we desperately need His blessing. In fact, God has blessed America. Within our borders live many who call themselves children of God. We are meant to be a blessing to the nations. Today may we – you and I – bless our nation by living in it responsibly, praying for it passionately, shining the light of Christ brightly and loving graciously. May we be a blessing in America.

And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. ~ Genesis 12:2


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11 thoughts on “4 Different Outfits for 4th of July

  1. Cute ideas for all occasions Kay! I would probably gravitate toward the shorts and tee. Especially if we are hanging at the house and having cookout! Lol!

  2. Very cute styles! I love the kimono and will be checking out my closest Dillard’s soon!! Though I tend towards shorts and t too! Casual and comfortable !! ??❤️??

  3. I loved all your outfits! I’m hoping I can find some that look as good on me as they do on you. Thanks so much for sharing . I love how I can click on to your other ideas without having to search on my own too. Great job Kay!

  4. That dress is beautiful on you and I love the shot of your ponytail from behind – I wish my ponytails turned out so cute!