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The Quintessential Summer Dress

June 19, 2020

Happy Friday, sweet gal! My husband and I are heading out for another Ohio adventure today. We’re hitting the hiking trails! So I definitely won’t be wearing the pretty linen dress I’m sharing with you today. But when I get home and shower up and sit on the back deck while James grills dinner…well that’s another story. Then I just may be wearing this quintessential summer dress.

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Quintessential Summer Dress
Striped-Hem Linen Dress // similar gold sandals // straw clutch // white enamel bangle // sea life bib necklace // hoop earrings

Really, you just can’t beat linen for staying cool in the heat of the summer. A simple linen garment like this Striped-Hem Linen Dress actually keeps me cooler than shorts and a t-shirt.

Quintessential Summer Dress

I’m wearing my true-to-size Chico’s 1 or misses 8 in this Striped-Hem Linen Dress for an easy fit.

This Striped-Hem Linen Dress from Chico’s is 40% off with code 29238. In fact, you’ll get 40% off any purchase (with a few exceptions) at Chico’s with that code. But hurry, this dress is already sold out in some sizes and inventory is shrinking. I’ve included other pretty linen dresses in the shopping widget below, too.

Quintessential Summer Dress

Of course, part of the beauty of wearing a quintessential summer dress on a hot steamy day is that you don’t have to add a lot of fuss to your outfit. This pretty ocean blue midi-length Striped-Hem Linen Dress carries the day effortlessly.

Striped-Hem Linen Dress

You could certainly keep your jewelry pared down with this Striped-Hem Linen Dress. But I chose to add a bold but natural Sea Life Bib Necklace as a nod to all things beachy. I’ve included some other pretty jewelry choices in the shopping widget below.

I added my favorite Kendra Scott hoop earrings because…well, because they’re just so pretty! And so perfect for summer outfits. They’re also available in rose gold and silver finishes.

Quintessential Summer Dress

To me, if the quintessential summer dress is a linen frock, then the archetypal shoes of summer are metallic sandals. So naturally I finished off this chic but casual seasonal look with my gold sandals. I’ve had these for a few years now, but these Capri Twist Mini Wedge Sandals are similar…and marked down more than 50%.

straw clutch

Doesn’t my straw clutch, also from Chico’s, look so smart with this easy breezy dress?

quintessential summer dress

Of course this quintessential summer dress is perfect for church, a baby or wedding shower or even an outdoor wedding. But I know most of us are not attending as many of those special events as we had anticipated right now. That’s actually why I chose this pared down, easy shift dress though. It’s perfect to slip on for a casual date night, too, whether you’re going out or simply eating on your own veranda.

quintessential summer dress
Striped-Hem Linen Dress // similar gold sandals // straw clutch // white enamel bangle // sea life bib necklace // hoop earrings

Dressed for My Day Challenge

Whether you purchase this dress or another one or already have something similar in your closet, let me offer you a little challenge. Why not opt for a pretty dress sometime this weekend instead of your usual shorts and tee? This outfit may look fancy and festive, but really it’s very simple, casual and cool. And your spouse and/or family would love to see you in something pretty and feminine. Even if you don’t see another soul, slipping into a pretty dress could lift your mood and make you feel oh so lovely.

If you do put on a dress for dinner or brunch or a picnic or whatever, I’d love for you to share a picture with our Private Dressed for My Day Facebook Group this weekend. Sunday is a good day to share that picture. Not in the group? You can join right here! Just tag the photo #summerdress.

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Blessed for My Day

Speaking of putting on a dress, did you remember that this Sunday is Father’s Day? That would be a lovely time to put on a dress in honor of your man, whether he’s a father or not. Dressing up a little is such an overlooked but easy way to show the people around us a little respect and consideration.

But let’s make sure we also speak the affirming, encouraging and loving words our husbands, dads and sons need to hear from us, too. I’ll be calling my daddy on Sunday to tell him how much I love him and appreciate him. He’s been such an anchor and a trusted gentle soul for our family through the years. I’ll also be especially kind and gracious to my husband this Sunday. I’m grateful that he’s been a good dad to our kids. There have been many times when I would have done things one way with our children, but instead I (sometimes grudgingly) let him go a different direction instead. And without fail, my husband chose the better path.

Finally, maybe you have a son or son-in-law who is the father of your grandchildren. Don’t you know he needs to hear your words of affirmation, too? In fact, your kind words could give him the courage to be the father he wants to be.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. ~ Ephesians 6:4

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xoxo, Kay
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18 thoughts on “The Quintessential Summer Dress

  1. Such a lovely summer dress! Thanks for the encouragement to make a little more effort to wear a dress or something a little bit special for Father’s Day. I think I needed to hear that…we’ve been doing our church services on-line these past few months. I’m going to put on a casual dress this weekend for “church “ and may quite possibly shock my husband and sons!!! (I usually dress up for church when we meet as a congregation, but not since we’ve been home.) I’ve only been following your blog for a few weeks so far, but I LOVE it! Christ’s love just shine through your gentle and sweet spirit! Thank you?!

    1. Hi Gina. No I’m not wearing a slip. I don’t think it’s especially sheer except in the photos where the sun is directly behind me. It would be difficult to wear a slip with the two side slits.

  2. Such a beautiful dress! You look wonderful in it. Linen is perfect for the summer, so cool and so crisp looking.
    My husband is a great dad and a wonderful grandfather! He is wise, generous, and self-sacrificing. Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Granddads!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    The Lord bless you and your family,

  3. Kay, you look so pretty in that shade of blue! Blue must be one of your signature colors. And the dress is so pretty. I hope that you and James enjoyed your day exploring more of OH! Happy Father’s Day to James and your dad! I am going to wear one of my extra comfy maxi dresses on Sunday, just for Larry, so thank you for that suggestion!

  4. Do you wear slips under your summer dresses/skirts? I feel linen would be too sheer without one (even though I love linen). Needing a slip would defeat being cooler in a dress with the extra layer. Your ideas for wearing a dress sound great in theory, but my husband would think I was crazy if I showed up on our patio wearing a dress. ?

    1. Hahaha! Well we don’t want to give him a heart attack or anything. ?? I don’t really think this dress is especially sheer unless the sun is shining straight through it like it is in a couple of the photos. The sun was setting, so it’s shining straight through the dress. But it would be hard to wear a slip with it since it has pretty deep skits on both sides.

  5. It’s a pretty style and beautiful color but I’m not a fan of linen or sheer dresses without a slip. You have to feel comfortable in what you wear. The necklace just makes this look and I love the purse. If this was in a nice lightweight cotton, I would love it.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Eve. You do indeed have to be comfortable in what you wear to look your best. I can totally appreciate that. I feel the same way about bare shoulder shirts. Ha!

  6. I love the dress, the necklace, the earrings, the gold sandals and the clutch!!!??❤️
    You looked gorgeous!!!?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. A nice fresh look. But so see through! I haven’t bought anything linen before but would imagine wearing a slip under it negates the purpose of the cool fabric.