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Springtime Everyday Style Inspiration

March 11, 2024

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Since I began this blog six years ago today, my goal has simply been to inspire women over 50 – like you and me – to get dressed for our unique days in a way that feels authentic to who we are but also looks a little stylish and current so that we can keep showing up and contributing to the world around us. Later this week (hopefully!) I plan to roll out 40 style inspiration boards to help us do just that all season long. But today I’m providing just a taste of what’s to come with some springtime everyday style inspiration boards.

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Let me back up just a bit. I’ll be loading the 40+ Spring Style Inspiration Boards (for every imaginable occasion) into my Printable Library. So only email subscribers will have access to all of them. Trust me, I’m going to make it worth it. In fact, I like to think that I treat my email subscribers pretty well all the time, providing them with helpful printables, answers to questions, subscriber exclusives and more. You can choose to receive my emails daily or just weekly on Saturdays. But either way, you receive the password to the Printable Library and I tuck subscriber exclusives into those emails almost weekly. You can subscriber HERE if you haven’t already.

Now, on to those Springtime Everyday Style Inspiration boards!

Springtime At Home Day 1 Style Inspiration Board

It may or may not surprise you to hear that I get requests for casual at home outfits more than anything else. I guess this is where many of us truly live, in the everyday of home life. I’ve got two outfit inspiration boards for these casual days. First up a look with comfy, but elevated joggers and a soft pullover cardigan. You can shop the looks through the captions underneath the style boards. And remember, very often items are available in a variety of colors.

Springtime At Home Day 1 Style Inspiration
Fine Gauge Cable Cardigan Sweater // Active Packable Lightweight Woven Jogger // Canvas Belt Bag // Pima-Stretch Knit Tank // bracelet set // On Repeat Layering necklace Set // FRANKIE4 Billie Sneakers

Well, I guess you actually could wear the cardigan as a pullover or opened over the tank. A few of these pieces are from Lands’ End and others are from J.Jill. You may see the occasional investment piece in these spring style boards, but I’m really making an effort to keep them very affordable and available in a wide range of sizes. I’m also trying to lean into the stores and brands I know my readers loves shopping.

Springtime At Home Day 2 Style Inspiration Board

For a second at home spring look, I created an inspiration board with High Rise Wide Leg Crop Jeans, a silhouette that is very on trend and that I think many of my readers have embraced at this point. These Lands’ End jeans are also available in plus sizes, and they come in several nice washes, including white denim. I simply topped the jeans with an Active Polo, which features moisture-wicking fabric in a Breton stripe.

springtime At Home Day 2
Denim High Rise Wide Leg Crop Jeans // Active Polo // Curved-Hem Denim Jacket in light rosewater // Bella Vita Italy Women’s Tab Leather Criss Cross Slide // Italian Leather Tall Zip Top Tote // Coffee To Cocktails Necklace

If you need to step out to run errands, add this Curved-Hem Denim Jacket in light rosewater. It’s also available in natural and capri blue denim, but I love this soft, soft pink hue.

Coffee Date Style Inspiration Board

For a coffee date, I envisioned a casual but slightly elevated outfit. Afterall, this is your opportunity to get out of the house to do something fun with a friend. Maybe you’ll stop by the nail salon beforehand! Sport some fun white Barely Flare Jeans with a navy and white Wearever Easy A-Line Tank and a sharp navy Wearever Button-Front Jacket, available in regular, petite and tall sizes.

Coffee Date Style Inspiration Board
white Barely Flare Jeans // Wearever Easy A-Line Tank // Wearever Button-Front Jacket // Zorita Satchel Italian Woven (Patricia Nash – Use code KAY10 for 10% off) // Born® Lamara Mules // Signature Caviar Gold Station Caviar Huggie Earrings // White Caviar Ceramic Three Bead Station Caviar Necklace

The Born® Lamara Mules are the perfect spring shoes, especially before you get that summer pedicure. And I love the summery vibes of this Patricia Nash Zorita Satchel Italian Woven. Be sure to use code KAY10 on anything you purchase at to get 10% off your order.

Casual On the Go Style Inspiration Board

For a casual day of running errands, I put together an outfit with this great Soft Denim Midi Column Skirt. Can you believe it’s from Lands’ End? I topped it with the same Fine Gauge Cable Cardigan Sweater shown in the first style board, but this time in a pretty, soft blue.

Casual On the Go Style Inspiration Board
Soft Denim Midi Column Skirt // Fine Gauge Cable Cardigan Sweater // Modern Military Jacket // The Day Mule // large bleecker leather tote // Twisted Links Necklace // Twisted Enamel Hoop Earrings

Cute jackets are one of my favorite things about spring, so this time I topped the casual outfit with a Modern Military Jacket. I completed the look with Everlane’s The Day Mule. I do keep jewelry simple for casual days, but definitely add some. The Twisted Links Necklace and Twisted Enamel Hoop Earrings, both from Talbots, are nice options for everyday.

Rainy Day Out Style Inspiration Board

Getting out on a rainy day? Keep your spirits high by wearing my favorite Talbots Southampton Pants with a Garçon classic chambray shirt in Storm wash. Tops this one-two outfit with a Buckle Belt Trench Coat in navy and wear sporty Tretorn Rawlins 2.0 Sneakers.

Rainy Day Style Inspiration Board
Talbots Southampton Pants // Garçon classic chambray shirt in Storm wash // Buckle Belt Trench Coat in navy // Tretorn Rawlins 2.0 Sneakers // Peacock Umbrella

Don’t forget a pretty rainbow to keep the rain at bay and your spirits high. I love this Peacock Umbrella!

I’m wrapping up a quick trip to Georgia and heading home to Ohio today, so I kept this blog post short and sweet. But I wanted you to get a good feel for the 40+ Spring Style Boards to come. I hope you enjoyed these. My assistant and I are working on the others for the next couple of days, and I’ve already received a number of great requests for style board types. But if you have an event or type of day you’d like for us to consider, let me know in the comments. We’re more prone to use ideas that may be common among our readership, of course. Have a great day!

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25 thoughts on “Springtime Everyday Style Inspiration

  1. Such a fun post and a helpful one, too! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the style boards later this week.

  2. While I find the inspiration boards very helpful, I actually prefer seeing more items modeled on your website. Seeing what the items actually look like on women our age makes me consider making a purchase. You do an excellent job helping us see what these items would look like on women are age as opposed to thin, young, professional models on the websites.

    1. Jean, thank you for saying this because I agree 100%.
      I need to see the items on, not just photos of them.

      1. Ladies, I have every intention of continuing to show modeled clothing. However, those blog posts are very time intensive and I absolutely cannot produce one every day. If you don’t care for the style boards, don’t read these posts.

        1. You’re right Kay. I can see you spend so much time to bring us all the information and items that you do. Not only on your blog, but your you tube videos and instagram. You have to be one of the busiest hardest working ladies around. I have learned so much from your content. Way more than other bloggers.

          Thank you for all the work that you.
          I’m dressing much nicer since I started following you!

  3. Hi Kay. I always enjoy your wardrobe advice and feel like I’m dressing better as a result. I retired a year ago and have been making the necessary changes to the clothing I need now. I too am looking forward to an Alaskan cruise and can’t wait to see your picks and must haves for this cruise!

  4. I really enjoyed the style boards today! I am looking forward to more! Thanks for what you do to keep me from looking frumpy.

  5. I like your style boards, but I too like to see one or two outfits on. Makes a better presentation and I can see what it would look like on I am looking forward to seeing the boards in the library. I can hardly wait for Spring. Liked the BFMD. Just a question you said your son-in-law was to be a deacon of his church. What faith is he? I belong to a non-dominational church and we do not have deacons as part of our church. Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Sherry. I’ll still be sharing plenty of modeled outfit posts. I just can’t do it all. 😉 My kids’ church is Baptist although it’s not part of the name of the church.

  6. Hi Kay so pleased you had a lovely special weekend . I love the StyleBoards they look so good , and I love it when you model the clothes too , it is so good that you offer us so much variation on your website 👌🏻👍🏻It keeps us all guessing ha!❤️Loved your BFMD today really beautiful .

  7. Love the sneak-peek style boards today! Looking forward to more. I’d love some vacation inspiration: We have an upcoming trip to a resort in Mexico. The weather will be quite warm and humid. It’s pretty casual, but I’d still like to look stylish! Would appreciate some ideas for modest outfits that keep my shoulders and knees covered. I’ll be packing my black and natural colored linen drawstring pants, but my challenge is finding tops to wear with them that don’t look frumpy and matronly. Tanks would balance out the flowy bottoms, but I don’t “do” those LOL

    1. Hi Annette. I’ll definitely include a couple of spring travel looks including warm locations. I’ve got some good ideas!

  8. I am excited for spring weather. We get a day or two then it goes away. We even had snow last week for one day! We are having all types of weather, definitely spring here! I appreciated your rainy day look as it was a great reminder to dress cheery to set the tone for my day. That is great. I definitely would enjoy an assortment of occasions/weather type outfits. One area I would like help in is when it’s hot what to wear that is also modest. I don’t feel comfortable in all environments to wear my shorts. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kay,
    I need some help putting together an outfit for a bridal shower for my niece .
    The first part will be held on a working farm winery for some wine tasting in one of the converted barns- very rustic stone walls and beams and then heading back to the house to follow with lunch and gifts.
    Should I dress for the “ wine tasting “ part or the house lunch afterwards? Both will be more on the casual side but I’d still like to dress nicely. Pants preferably.
    Also we do frequent wineries and breweries often. Any suggestions for such outings?
    As always thanks for the wonderful work you do!

  10. What a nice collection of style boards! I think I can re-create all of the outfits from what is in my closet, except the one with the jean skirt, because I don’t own one. Maybe that is a purchase I need to consider. I like that sage green card from LE. Also a potential purchase. That umbrella is way cute too. Thanks for the great ideas!

  11. Looking forward to all the inspiration boards. One suggestion for us southern girls- ideas for lightweight 3rd layer completer piece -(not linen) that will allow us to look pulled together and classic in hot, humid 90+ degree weather and also air conditioning!

  12. How about doing a board for sporty soft feminine? We almost full-time RV so we are museum hopping one day hiking the next. Cruise 2x a year; don’t wear jackets too much since we retired as business owners. Lean into dresses when hot.

  13. You asked for suggestions for style boards. I am retired and spend alot of time in my garden and yard and with my chickens. How about some style in the garden? Also, as a Christian, I do alot of volunteer work that ends up being “dirty or messy” work. Helping someone else clean or stacking food in the church food pantry, etc. I need outfits so I will look cute while I actually get my hands dirty and pitch in to help. I don’t always want to wear my grubbies! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kim. I’ve completed the style boards and they’re available in the printable library. I do have one for gardening and others for casual days at home. I’ll definitely keep your activities in mind as I plan more content. I think that is where many of us live at this stage of life.