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Try this Chic, Modern Style Hack this Spring

March 5, 2024

When it comes to having good style, one of the important keys is learning to style our clothes, not just wear them. I’ve discovered that styling my outfit is a lot more simple than I used to think. It all boils down to adding a tasteful dose of accessories and jewelry and using a few style hacks to pull the look together. For the past year or so I’ve been enjoying a certain chic, modern style hack and I’ve adapted it to a new formula for spring. Check it out!

Try this Chic Modern Style Hack

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The style hack I’ve been enjoying frequently is wearing the same color completer piece and top. That one-two color (or neutral) punch just always looks so easy on the eyes and chic. I love doing that with a classic blazer and tee or tank for sure. Check out how I used this style hack with baby blue below.

light blue blazer (more economical option) // tank (more economical option and here to match the suggested blazer) // Southampton pants // heels (more economical option) // earrings // necklace // bracelet // purse

I’ve also used this simple color on color style hack with my trench coat, as in yesterday’s blog post.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Neutral Tote
white jeans (TTS; wearing 8 Misses) // cotton sweater (TTS; wearing Misses M) // trench coat (TTS; wearing medium) // nude slingbacks (TTS) // neutral tote // double necklace // earrings

And I’ve even doubled up the color many times with the same color tee or tank under a button-up shirt, especially linen shirts. See a recent example below.

long sleeve linen button-up shirt (sized down to a small) // pink cotton tee (sized down to a small) // jeans no longer available // slingbacks (TTS) // bracelet // earrings

But just recently I’ve discovered a new way to use this same style hack, and this works especially nicely for spring and even summer. Check it out below.

Try this Chic Modern Style Hack

Did you see what I did? How fun is that? I’m wearing the exact same wisteria purple in my short button-up shirt and patch pocket pullover sweater. I love this trending color layered on with these two pieces.

Chic, Modern Style Hack
short shirt (TTS) // pullover sweater (TTS) // tote // jeans (TTS) // sandals (similar, more economical) (TTS) // earrings

Honestly, I never would have thought to do this just a couple of years ago. You know, being stylish is not something you’re born with. Some of us were definitely born with more of a curiosity about and interest in fashion than others. But we all have to learn how to create fashionable, attractive looks. That really hit me when I was listening to this podcast by Jen at Everyday Style. She asserts that good style doesn’t begin in our closets, but in our minds. She goes on to share some of the beliefs that truly stylish women have and some of the ideas that may keep women from being stylish, too. One of those beliefs held my stylish women is that “I absolutely can learn to be stylish.” Do you believe that?

Chic, Modern Style Hack
short shirt (TTS) // pullover sweater (TTS) // tote // jeans (TTS) // sandals (similar, more economical) (TTS) // earrings

I absolutely do believe that, while the learning curve may be a little higher for some than others, all of us women absolutely can learn to dress stylishly…if we really want to. That “education” includes learning your body type and proportions, defining your personal style, determining which colors look best on you and discovering how to accessorize beautifully. But I agree with Jennifer that with the want to you absolutely can learn how to.

chic, modern style hack

That’s why I try to make my blog posts and videos more than just shopping hauls, try-on sessions and “here’s a pretty outfit.” In the past six years, I’ve been learning so much about how to put together great looking outfits, and I want to pass that on to you.

So yes, that doubling up of one color or neutral is such a smart style hack. And I think it works wonderfully with a button-up shirt and pullover sweater. And remember, this style hack is the reason I always suggest buying at least one top – tank, t-shirt, button-up shirt, sweater, etc. – in the same color as every completer piece in your closet. And no, they don’t have to be exactly the same, just close enough.

white jeans and sandals

Now here’s another fun style hack that helps to create what the Italians call sprezzatura or “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.” (Baldassare Castiglione in The Book of the Courtier) Put in even plainer English, sprezzatura is that effortless vibe. And that’s a valuable trick for us older ladies who can sometimes look like we’re trying too hard if we’re not careful. The style hack? Simply tucking only one front portion of your button-up shirt. I’m seeing it everywhere! (Like here and here and here.)

Jeans and Sandals
tote // jeans // sandals (similar, more economical)

And another important style hack is to wear a nude color shoe (YOUR color of nude!) with most all pants and jeans. It’s the no-fail shoe color.

Chic, Modern Style Hack
short shirt (TTS) // pullover sweater (TTS) // tote // jeans (TTS) // sandals (similar, more economical) (TTS) // earrings

Of course style hacks are just as individual as everything else about fashion is. Take and use the ones that resonate with your personal style and help you achieve the results you desire. But remember, having good style is largely about mindset. And one of the beliefs we need to cultivate in order to become more and more stylish is, “I absolutely can be a stylish woman.”

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Blessed for My Day

“God bless you!” I frequently say this to someone who has just sneezed. But I distinctly remember the first time someone said this simple but powerful phrase to me when I hadn’t sneezed. I had just met this new friend for the first time. We’d had a nice lunch in a restaurant and had walked out to the parking lot together. As we parted ways, instead of saying goodbye, she looked me in the eyes and said so kindly, “God bless you.” Those words lingered with me all the way home and I still feel their impact today, over 30 years later.

When we speak a blessing over someone it encourages them, inspires them and even motivates them to likewise bless others. But if we speak God’s blessing over them and truly mean it, we are doing even more. We are invoking the goodness of God – the One whose presence and power can change the trajectory of a life – and asking Him to do good in their lives. I encourage you to read slowly and thoughtfully the blessing of Numbers 6:24-26 below. Consider the weight of the gifts mentioned there. And then pray that blessing over someone in your life. Better yet, memorize this familiar blessing and speak it to someone – your spouse, a good friend, your child, etc. – sometime this week.

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to Aaron and to his sons, saying, ‘In this way you shall bless the sons of Israel. You are to say to them:

The Lord bless you, and keep you;

The Lord cause His face to shine on you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His face to you,
And give you peace.’

So they shall invoke My name on the sons of Israel, and then I will bless them.” ~ Numbers 6:22-27

xoxo, Kay
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19 thoughts on “Try this Chic, Modern Style Hack this Spring

  1. I loved your Devotional today and “God Bless you Kay” for all your Inspirational posts . Yes I absolutely love that style hack you first showed us about your top and completer piece matching or being close enough in colour , it just looks so effortless and makes it even easier to dress for my day . Love that Wisteria shirt and sweater Beautiful 💜. Loved Jens podcast 👌🏻. And yes I love that ‘Sprezzatura’ the Italians have just so effortless and the French too . And you Kay too , I love how humble you are when you tell us you are no expert , well to us you most definitely are ❤️

  2. A fresh take on twin sets! I love it. Thanks for highlighting this style hack. I hadn’t thought about ensuring my wardrobe includes a first-layer piece in the same color as each jacket, blazer or other major completer piece I own. A terrific tip! So appreciate you, Kay. Blessings!

    1. Katy, Twin sets – that was my first thought. But I like this idea better. It is a fresh take on that old school look. It’s more modern.

      Wisteria looks great on you, Kay.

      The half tuck, another commenter said it makes her feel like she forgot to tuck her shirt in all the way. In a way, I can relate. I never tuck. A half tuck to me would be like part of my shirt getting stuck in my waistband in an unwanted way.

  3. Kay, I love this look on you. The sweater over the shoulders adds interest but also a little bit of warmth which is often needed in the spring. When the mornings are particularly chilly, would that work under a coat? Or does the sweater get bunched up? Often mornings are so cold that I need an extra layer beyond the shirt with sweater on the shoulders, but I don’t want to carry the sweater separately for draping over my shoulders once I arrive at my destination. Thanks!

    1. I see stylists putting the sweater over the outerwear. And I personally think that looks great. If you don’t like that look, you could put the sweater on, put it over your shoulders and then add coat (if it fits that way) or tuck it into a tote and carry it along.

  4. I have tried the style hack of tucking only one half of a button up shirt in and just can’t do it. But when I see this example today, your shirt is shorter than most shirts come. Now I’m a seamstress and can alter mine to this length but I’m still not sure I will be comfortable wearing it. But it might be worth trying!

  5. Thank you so much for the value your blog offers – you provide actual style help and tips – not just a blog where you’re constantly trying to sell clothing. I like the look of top and completer piece being close in color and I also like the column of color outfits you’ve shown previously. Those 2 are definitely “effortlessly stylish” in my opinion. Not sure my blouses are right for the half tuck – they may be too long – but I’m going to give it a try!

  6. I love the tone on tone look. I have pink and lilac blouses from last year and will be pulling them out. I think some women have natural style, but I also think some can learn how to be stylish. Will read the blog on Everyday Style. Love the BFMD. Real like the Numbers 6:22-27 verses.

  7. I love the devotional as always. I appreciate all the fashion advice. I love your blog isn’t just buy, buy like a lot of blogs. I’m going to try the hack of same color jacket and top.

  8. I so liked the looks today. Will keep working to find very similar tones under my completer pieces. You made me mindful of that and then realized that the hack was already part of my favorite looks. I just hadn’t put it into a conscious thought I guess. I would do the wisteria look, but not sure it will be looked upon as effortless by most. We’ll see. God bless your day😀

  9. This was a really great post. I do love the wisteria top with the wisteria sweater. I would so love to get that but here we are in March in Texas and it’s gonna be 90° today!
    And you’re blessed for my day was perfect timing. I was struggling with what to write in a card for a friend who has stage four cancer and a very poor prognosis. That blessing from Numbers is beautiful. Thank you, Kay.

  10. Kay, this post is just what I needed today. The style hack was simple and easy to do, but your words of encouragement on becoming stylish and your effort to go above and beyond a pretty outfit were generous and kind. And then your blessing at the end – such a gift! Yes, I will share this blessing with others. Repeatedly. What better gift?!

  11. Thank you so much for passing on the styling tips you have learned – yes, much better than just another “clothing haul!” Not sure I could pull off the half-tuck, though – every time I try it just looks like I forgot to tuck my shirt in all the way, LOL! God bless you!

  12. Kay, Thank you for this post. It was just lovely to read. I think being teachable will lead you to be more confident and knowledgeable in almost anything. I love your take on this facet to style. I’ve found it to be true. Bless you!

  13. Love this look! You look lovely in lavender, I don’t-but I will do it with other colors.

    IDEA! You are often asking us for ideas. The other day I was wondering what I was going to wear and I looked at Instagram and saw you in an outfit. I have been following you for years and you are very close to my style so I have a lot of similar clothes. I saw your outfit and decided to just copy it. It gave me an idea of how fun it would be to have you do a “Idea of the day” post or “What will I wear today” post. I know this is basically what you do-give us ideas, but it would be fun to see a formula each day. I don’t do Instagram everyday, but if I knew you would have a quick idea of what to wear, I might. Just an idea. You do a lot so I understand if this doesn’t appeal. Perhaps it will spark another idea for you:)

  14. I absolutely LOVE the wisteria color and it really pops with the white pants. It’s like a fresh take on the sweater sets we all wore 20+ years ago.

    Personally, I can’t get on board with the half front tuck. It reminds me of a skirt accidentally getting tucked into the back of pantyhose. I have seen it on several people/models and it never looks intentional, even tho I know it is. My eye just can’t adjust to it.

  15. The wisteria is lovely. I would really like to see what the sweater looks like from the back. It’s hard to tell how you have styled it. From the front, it looks as if the sleeves are short, but I know they aren’t, so does that mean there’s a lot hanging in back? Or maybe it’s just an optical illusion? Anyway, a view from the back would be helpful. A sweater over a coat is, to me, a weird look. Why not just put on a great looking scarf or shawl? I find that following a color palette not only makes me look more put together. It takes having a tank, shell, shirt in a lot of colors unnecessary. BTW, have you noticed the variety of florals that Talbots in showing now in a variety of color combos?