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Meet a Favorite Fashion Brand: ME+EM

March 8, 2024

Today’s blog post is sponsored by ME+EM.

As I’ve tried to build a more thoughtful, sustainable wardrobe, I’ve been discovering new brands that resonate with my personal style aesthetic as well as the ethics and philosophies of slow fashion. That pursuit led me to a new-to-me favorite brand: ME+EM. Known for their “intelligent style” (more on that in a bit), this UK brand has been distinguishing themselves in the marketplace for their style and their business model since 2009. Meet a favorite fashion brand: ME+EM.

Meet Me+Em

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At ME+EM you’ll find classic clothes that appeal to your more traditional style preferences, but created with distinctly modern detailing and silhouettes. As you browse the ME+EM website (and I definitely suggest you do!), you’ll note both extremely feminine and subtly masculine vibes in their clothes and accessories. Personally, I love that combination.

Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse (wearing US 10) // Extreme Seam Casual Pants (wearing US 10; very roomy & relaxed fit) // Retro Trainers in white (wearing US 9 – sized down)

But when I placed my first order with ME+EM several months ago, the first thing I noticed upon receipt was the stellar quality of their garments. Oh. My. Goodness. Each garment is made so thoughtfully – not just expertly, but intelligently.


In fact, according to founder Clare Hornby, that’s the goal of ME+EM with every creation: intelligent style.

We call this ‘Intelligent style’ because of the great deal of thought that goes into each and every piece to ensure it is flattering and functional, with wear-forever appeal. We refer to this as ‘The Three F’s’ and they are the pillars of ME+EM. If a piece doesn’t tick off all three, we don’t make it.

Clare Hornby, Founder of ME+EM
Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse (wearing US 10) // Extreme Seam Casual Pants (wearing US 10; very roomy & relaxed fit) // Retro Trainers in white (wearing US 9 – sized down)

Sure enough, every single item I’ve received from ME+EM has embodied intelligent style. You may have seen me wear these Elongated Tapered Italian Wool-Blend Pants. They are undeniably the finest trousers I have ever put on my body. I don’t mean to exaggerate, but they are just designed exquisitely. For instance, the pockets are flatteringly positioned in front of the side seams without adding excess bulk. And, like all of their pants, they are designed so the pants leg drapes nicely from the fullest part of your back side without hugging your bum. Isn’t that lovely?


Unlike those more traditionally inspired Elongated Tapered Italian Wool-Blend Pants, the Extreme Seam Casual Pants I’m wearing here have a decidedly modern, trendy vibe. But the quality is just as high and the attention to detail just as notable. I’m wearing a size US 10 very comfortably. These pants are supposed to be full in the legs and have an overall relaxed fit. Again, the large pockets are positioned in front of the side seams for a flattering, functional finish. The pants also come in a more traditional navy.

Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse (wearing US 10) // Extreme Seam Casual Pants (wearing US 10; very roomy & relaxed fit) // Retro Trainers in white (wearing US 9 – sized down)

Stick around to see me style these tobacco Extreme Seam Casual Pants other ways (like in an upcoming video!), but here I created a little juxtaposition with an ultra-feminine Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse in soft white. The lightweight and breathable blend of silk and cotton has a slight sheen and semi-sheer finish, and I love that the lace trim isn’t restricted to the front panel, but expertly trims the collar and sleeves as well. I’m wearing a size US 10 in the Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse for a very generous fit.


I’ve completed both of my outfits today with the ME+EM Retro Trainer sneakers in white. ME+EM show these soft white leather and taupe suede trainers with a wide variety of styles, so I decided they were perfect for both of my looks. I wear a size 9.5M in US sizes, and I’m wearing a US size 9 in these just beautifully. SOOO comfortable!

Silk Cotton Lace Trim Blouse (wearing US 10) // Extreme Seam Casual Pants (wearing US 10; very roomy & relaxed fit) // Retro Trainers in white (wearing US 9 – sized down)

You could certainly leave these Extreme Seam Casual Pants uncuffed. Or you could double up the cuff. You do you. I decided to cuff mine to expose a little of the ankle. I also tucked my blouse and added a belt. I look forward to styling all these pieces other ways, too.

By the way, if you like the idea of a cargo pant, but these Extreme Seam Casual Pants are too, well, extreme, may I suggest you take a look at the Regular Length Cotton Flare Cargo Pants. I have those and love them. I wear an 8 in them as well.

Next up, ME+EM have a nice selection of beautiful dresses, from very sophisticated to fun and sporty to ultra feminine and sweet. My Chambray Relaxed Ruffle Midi Dress definitely falls into that final category.

chambray relaxed ruffle midi dress
Chambray Relaxed Ruffle Midi Dress // Retro Trainers in white

This lightweight chambray is super soft on the skin and the relaxed fit makes the dress easy-breezy. I’m wearing a size 8 for a nicely oversized fit. Going with your true size allows the bodice of the dress to fit perfectly while the skirt is soft and flowy.

chambray relaxed ruffle midi dress

When I was in London last August I saw so many women wearing similar dresses. They looked so comfortable and yet effortlessly stylish and beautiful. And 95% of those fashionable women were wearing sneakers with their dresses. And I’d say the most common style of sneaker I saw were these field trainers. Truly, this exact outfit combination popped up everywhere I turned.

chambray relaxed ruffle midi dress
Chambray Relaxed Ruffle Midi Dress // Retro Trainers in white

The next time I’m in London I will definitely drop in at ME+EM. This London-based retailer has captured my style-heart! But you don’t have to go to the UK to shop ME+EM. They’re website is beautiful and easy to navigate. And yes, they take care of all duties and taxes. Shipping starts at just $15 and my packages have all arrived speedily and beautifully wrapped up. Customer service is stellar; I actually emailed them a question when I placed my first order and got a speedy reply. And I’ve also returned things with no hassle or added cost. AND ME+EM has recently opened its first US-based boutique on Madison Avenue in New York.

chambray relaxed ruffle midi dress
Chambray Relaxed Ruffle Midi Dress // Retro Trainers in white

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting ME+EM. Be sure to check out their website and take some time to peruse their new arrivals. I think you’ll love what you see.

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“Examine me carefully and let me know if you find any fault with me,” said no one ever. Ha! Who among us enjoys having our faults highlighted? Not me, that’s for certain. But that’s exactly the position the Psalmist invites us to take in Psalm 139 when he paves the way by asking God to search him. That’s because the safest place we can be, this side of judgment day, is under the scrutiny of our Savior. He is gracious and good, and we can trust His soul-searching.

I’ve discovered, in times of allowing God to examine me, that indeed my “anxious thoughts” are what lead me down the “offensive way.” Just this week I have grown anxious several times…over the littlest things (like getting locked out of my Instagram account…ha!)…and my anxieties have caused me to grumble and complain, snap at my husband and develop a critical spirit. That’s not the character I want to have. Is it time to ask God to search and know your heart? You can trust Him to shine the light, but also to guide you gently back onto the way everlasting.

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16 thoughts on “Meet a Favorite Fashion Brand: ME+EM

  1. I am on the fence about this brand. Have to give it some thought. The white ruffled blouse is cute, but seems more feminine, than classic? The dress is not my style really. Too long for a 5′ 3″, would make me look shorter and dumpy. Looks good on a tall person.

  2. Having a difficult time with the blouse. It looks big in the shoulders and much too ruffled for a mature woman. The sleeve length in both the blouse and in the dress hit in an unflattering place. I’m pretty style forward, but not today. The dress did nothing except look comfortable. I think the pants would be cute with a tee. Sorry to be a downer today, but I,myself, appreciate an honest opinion so I can maybe take a second look. BFMD was so “right on” today.

  3. Beautiful BFMD , during these politically divisive days and even religiously divisive days and I find my spirit growing critical. This was a really good reminder. Just because someone doesn’t have the same view on an issue doesn’t mean they’re evil!

    Kay, I’d be interested to know if you can track if your audience is buying these more expensive pieces. I think you probably can. I’d just be interested to know what percentage of your audience will pay $700 for a Veronica, Beard blazer (they’re gorgeous!) or 250 -$300 for a pair of Pants. I could do it but I won’t. So im wondering if these higher price items resonate with your audience. Not a criticism , just a question

    1. Hello Susie. I’m glad the blessed for my day resonated with you. Yes, I can track the brands and price points my readers and viewers are shopping.

  4. What a cute and feminine outfit! Takes some getting use to a different silhouette. I bought two pairs of similar style pants and now need blouses to go with the pants. But I love them! Where did you buy your white camera bag?

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. I love barrel pants personally, but I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. My bag is a Coach bag, but I don’t think it’s available anymore.

  5. Love the devotional. I’ll be honest. On you because you’re tall the pants and shirt look good. I don’t like the dress at all. It reminds me of the dresses women wear to hide their bodies. I have a friend who wore dresses like that the entire time I worked with her (years). I like clothes with more shape. Sorry Kay.

  6. Love seeing new options and merchandise different from what is typical
    Thank you
    Also wanted to say how much I like your hair in the pic with the dress!

    1. Thank you. I do enjoy wearing it that way occasionally. But I generally forget to pull it back. I’ll have to try to do that more often. I probably need to get some prettier clips if I’m going to do that. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  7. Hi Kay I think your two outfits are Feminine, Gentle and Lovely . I think they will look really good particularly in Summer . And yes your hairstyle with the Blue Dress looks really lovely . Loved the BFMD too .

  8. Hi Kay! I’m so happy to see Me+Em here on your blog. I have made a couple purchases from them, a very classic little black dress and tuxedo pants and jacket, both stunning. Yes, they’re expensive, but so well made with a classic style which I will wear for years and years.

  9. What a wonderful “Blessed for My Day” selection. I truly appreciate it and it helps me to be able to combat my negative ways which rise from my anxious thoughts. Your pointing to the verse helped me to understand how these seemingly innocuos tendencies lead me to more harmful conditions. Thank you for this wonderful piece of insight into my nature.

  10. The chambray dress is a beautiful color on you and I love the idea of it, but I think it looks like it may be too big for you, or perhaps it’s just the cut.