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4 Summer Outfit Completers to Keep You Cool & Stylish

May 24, 2021

Happy Monday! As we fast approach June, I thought it might be a good time to assess our wardrobes and make sure we have everything we need for a chic summer. In fact, I purged my closet yesterday. I know many of you have asked me to do a post on closet purging, but that will need to wait until I’m through moving (that takes place all week this week!). Meanwhile, let’s discuss four things I absolutely made sure to keep in my closet. I’m sharing 4 summer outfit completers that I’ll be wearing on repeat through the summer months.

Summer Outfit Completers

It’s so easy and fun to put together layered outfits during the fall and winter. Even during the spring, as cool days linger with us, it’s fun to top simple separates with jackets and cardigans. But during the summer creating those layered looks gets a little trickier as the temperatures rise and the humidity compounds the effect.

But the older I get the more I like to have some layering options, even during the summer. There are days and occasions I just want to cover my arms a little more. Plus, I still like the look of layering on some interest and texture. So I’ve discovered four summer outfit completers that help me layer on the style without heating me up. Depending on your lifestyle, climate and style preferences, you might want to consider having one to four of these in your wardrobe this summer, too.

Summer Jacket or Blazer

I love me a blazer. But even if you prefer more relaxed style options, you might want to think about having a linen or other summer weight jacket in your closet for the summer. I’m sticking with my white linen blazer. I love the versatility it offers.

I can dress it up…

white blazer with white slacks and fun shirt
Photo from two years ago

or I can dress it down.

White Cinched Front Tee with Modern Jeans & White Blazer
Loft Cinched V-Neck Tee // Madewell jeans (TTS) // linen blazer // necklace // earrings // demi bracelet // pearl bracelet // sunglasses // slide sandals – See the original post

Obviously I wear my linen blazer dressed down more often than I wear it dressed up. I had to search back a couple of years to find a photo of me wearing it with dress pants and heels, other than my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts. I wear it with blue jeans, shorts, white jeans, dress slacks and dresses.

But while you may have seen me style it a lot this spring, I wanted you to know that I really do wear it in the heat of the summer, too. The photo below was taken in southern Arizona in July. Granted, I’m wearing white shorts and a sleeveless shell with this summer outfit completer. But I absolutely do wear this linen blazer through the hottest months.

How to Style Summer Chic

But you don’t have to opt for a white linen blazer. I just like having a lightweight but dressy jacket in my summer wardrobe that I can wear with a lot of things. So you could just as easily choose a linen flight jacket or a polished field jacket as one of your summer outfit completers.

Shopping Keys:

Look for…

  • a jacket that will be versatile in your wardrobe
  • a lightweight jacket – cotton, linen or a cotton/linen blend are ideal
  • a classic choice that you can enjoy for several years
  • a color that works for your style and color palette

Shop the Completer Piece

I’ve created shopping widgets for each of the four summer outfit completers I’m sharing. All links in this post are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links and supporting the work I do here at Dressed for My Day. I’m grateful.

Be advised that many of the jackets shared below come in other colors, so click through if you are interested. Also, while I’m sharing the prices, these are not always accurate, especially if the store is having a special offer. So click through for more accurate pricing.

Button Up Shirt

The second of the summer outfit completers I’m keeping in my summer wardrobe is a lightweight button up shirt to use as a jacket. In fact, I actually have two of these now and may purchase a third one. I started with this white linen easy shirt from J.Jill last year.

J.Jill Shorts
linen easy shirt // reversible tank // similar shorts // similar scarf – See the original post

I absolutely love wearing this white linen easy shirt over a simple tee or tank, whether I’m wearing shorts, jeans or cropped pants. It looks casual, but crisp, summery and elevated. While I usually size down in tops and dresses at J.Jill, I went with my TTS medium for a roomier fit.

This year I also purchased the sand and ivory striped linen shirt from Chico’s. The Chico’s shirt is made with their no-iron linen and is also available in haute pink stripe or a few solids. I’m wearing my TTS 1 or medium.

Striped Linen Shirt
As to be seen in an upcoming video on my YoutTube channelsand and ivory striped linen shirt // drawcord waist crop pants (TTS) // sandals // smocked tank // earrings

If you choose to go with a button up linen shirt, I can highly recommend the linen at both J.Jill and Chico’s. And I think a button up linen shirt is such a smart addition to a summer wardrobe because it is so versatile, cool and classic.

But you could also have a cotton or gauze button up shirt that would work just as beautifully.

Shopping Keys:

Look for…

  • a lightweight, natural fiber fabric that is breathable and cool
  • a sleeve fit that allows you to roll up the sleeves if you wish
  • a generous fit so that you can wear it over a tank or tee
  • a color and/or pattern that will work well with your color palette and style aesthetic
  • a length that works for your proportions and frame

While I’m all for looking for a good price, I will say that linen starts flying off the shelves about now and can become a little scarce as the summer progresses. So if you want a linen shirt to wear for your August vacation, you should start seriously looking now. I have a wide selection of linen, cotton and gauze shirts in the shopping widget below at a full range of prices.

Shop the Completer Piece

Duster Length Button Up Shirt

This year the duster length or long shirt is trending as a summer outfit completer, and I’m on board. At 5’8″, I enjoy longer styles like this. But trust me, I see plenty of more petite influencers and models rocking these long button up shirts. I really think the key to wear them is simply…confidence. Yep, just wear it like you mean it.

Duster Length Button Up Shirt
white jeans // cinched front tee // white eyelet long tunic // sandals // necklace – As seen in this video on my YouTube Channel

And they’re actually available in a variety of lengths. I also have the Chico’s gauze roll-tab tunic in alabaster. And it’s a good bit shorter, so a great length for more petite gals who want to try this trend.

Duster Length Button Up Shirt (1)
On the left: Chico’s gauze roll-tab tunic // side tie shift dress // sandals // earrings On the right: long eyelet tunic // tank not available // white Kut from the Kloth jeans // sandals (more economical option) // blue/green bracelets // gold bracelet // earrings – As to be seen in an upcoming video on my YouTube Channel

I’m seeing these longer button up shirts in a variety of fabrics, including eyelet, gauze, linen and cotton. And they’re also available in colors and patterns. Another option is to wear a button up shirtdress as a topper. I think this J.Jill shirtdress would definitely work both as a dress or a topper. And this short sleeved J.Jill shirtdress would work, too. I’ll include several options in the shopping widget below.

Shopping Keys:

Look for…

  • lightweight, breathable fabric
  • sleeves in the length that best suits you – your climate and body needs
  • a color that works well in your wardrobe
  • a length that suits your frame
  • a shirt that is versatile enough to work with a variety of pieces in your wardrobe

Shop the Completer Piece

Kimono, Ruana or Topper

Finally, I’m still enjoying wearing kimonos, ruanas and/or toppers. I like these multifunctional pieces year round, but especially during the summer. They’re so lightweight, easy-breezy and feminine. Surely you knew this would be one of my summer outfit completers.

Tropical Kimono and Peach Crop Pants
From three years ago

You’ve seen me share my Johnny Was kimono here lately for spring, but I thought I’d reach into the vault and pull out photos of me actually wearing a kimono in the summer. After all, that’s what we’re talking about here – summer completer pieces.

Ruana from Nordstrom
From three years ago

While these toppers are extremely versatile, I’m not sure you can beat the blue denim, white t-shirt and ruana or kimono combination. Swap in blue jean shorts if you prefer; that works just as well.

last summer

This year I added this Sahara wrap to my summer wardrobe because I love the versatility of these muted neutrals.

Kimonos and Ruanas
On the left: Sahara wrap // t-shirt // black linen lantern pants no longer available in black (wearing small) // leopard print sandals // On the right: linen pants (more economical option) (wearing small) // tank not available // silk ruana (more than 70% off) // convertible multi strand necklace (more than 50% off) // gold sandals // earrings // blue/green bracelets // gold bracelet // rose bracelet not available – As to be seen in an upcoming video

I also picked up this lovely botanical print silk ruana from Chico’s recently when it was over 70% off. And it still is! I imagined wearing it with blue or white denim, but was delighted to discover that it worked so well with this pretty soft pink Eileen Fisher linen pants (more economical option) I’d bought on a rare sale a month ago.

Shopping Keys:

Look for…

  • a kimono, wrap or ruana that makes you happy
  • look for a length that will work well with your frame, but don’t be afraid to go longer
  • versatile colors and patterns with your wardrobe
  • a lightweight fabric that you can best enjoy
  • the features that work for your style aesthetic, such as tassels, patterns, colors, prints, glitter, metallics, etc.

Finally, if you feel like you look funny in a kimono or ruana…welcome to the club! Everyone thinks so when they first put one on. But wear it around the house a while and take a moment here and there to appreciate your new style in the mirror. It’s a silhouette that takes some getting use to. Then wear it out and wait for the compliments to start rolling in. Don’t be surprised if other women tell you that you look great in that wrap, but they feel awkward in them. Laugh graciously and say, “Me, too! Until I just went for it and practiced wearing it. Ha!”

Shop the Completer Piece

While I definitely keep my denim jacket in my closet year round, these are the four summer outfit completers I’ll be reaching for during the hottest months to elevate my looks. With the exception of the jacket, they’re all loose fitting and easy breezy. And all of them are made in breathable, natural fiber fabrics that will keep me cool while I wear them.

Thanks so much for dropping in for a little style inspiration. I hope you have a lovely day!

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Gray hair is a crown of glory;
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20 thoughts on “4 Summer Outfit Completers to Keep You Cool & Stylish

  1. Blessings on your move, and thank you for this post. I would not mind if you took a break to move, or posted reruns! Don’t wear yourself out! I have moved many times, and it is exhausting. Please know that it will be deeply appreciated if you choose to model good self-care!

    1. Thank you Karey. I’m definitely trying to work ahead today and get it all done for the week. There may not be a How I Really Dressed for My Day post because…well…you know. I probably won’t even be wearing any makeup some days!

  2. I think it’s amazing that you can even think of your blog this week lol! Thank you for thinking of us. Holding you and James in prayer for the easiest move possible. God bless you both and your new home <3

    1. Thank you Mary Ellen. I’m about to start editing this week’s video and writing the posts for the rest of the week so I’m open for moving every other day. So this may be the last comment I answer for a while. Hahaha! Nose to the grind from here on! ?

  3. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for your post today on summer toppings. I have several linen shirts in the back of my closet, which I have never worn. Think I’ll “break them out” after your encouraging words. Hope your move goes well and you’ll be very happy in your new home! Please take care,of yourself; moving is a journey!

  4. We would have understood if you skipped this week. Wishing you blessings in your new home. Thinking of You!

  5. Thanks for the ideas on the summer cover-ups. I have a white linen jacket, ruana or kimono , and this spring I added the linen shirt button up from J Jil. Love them all. I too would not mind if you took some time off this week to move. We that follow you, do it because we love you and know how tiring a move can be. I am so happy for you and James.

  6. I think these are all beautiful looks and especially the pink wrap with jeans and tee. I wear shirts as a third layer when one is needed. I like to wear little sleeveless linen tanks so I keep a shirt handy for those. Pink striped Seersucker, blue check, 3/4 length soft cotton and a plaid in mixed blues in madras fabric are my favorites so far this year. I think the pink wrap is coming home to MAMa. LOL
    BFMD reminds me to maybe work a little harder at living a righteous life and don’t get too involved with worldly things. In the world but not a part of, Paul said.

  7. I’m sending lots of positive vibes to you and James as you really buckle down with getting things moved to your new home. While I will miss your posts, I will totally understand if you need to take a few days off from the blog. Great ideas in today’s post! I am still learning how to style my two kimonos (ruanas) that I purchased last year, so you are spot on in saying that it takes time feeling comfortable wearing them.

  8. Thanks! You reminded me of a linen button down I have in the back of my closet. I hand washed it and it still looks nice. Also a pair of linen pants I have forgotten. Shopped my own closet! An earlier post did the same.
    Take a slow but steady pace with your packing. It works for me when I feel like I have too many things going on.
    You look great and I wish you the best with your moving.

  9. What great looks! I love all the white. I finally found a pair of white linen pants that fix this year (x-small). Thanks for the great ideas! May God bless your move and I pray it will go smoothly! Take some time off! We will survive! Ha!

  10. Thank you Kay for your link to Anthropologie and your suggestions of lightweight kimonos and ruanas. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to find one for a petite frame. Today I found two on that site! I will be thrilled if even one works for me. Good luck on your move, pace yourselves, and enjoy your new home!

  11. Hi Kay
    having just move myself very recently I send you all my sympathies (and love!) as you negotiate the challenges involved in settling into your new home.
    I sincerely hope everything goes smoothly for you and James and the new place very quickly feels like the ‘right place’.
    You’re amazing to keep blogging. Respect. I was a wreck for days (no weeks!) please let me know how you manage to stay so cool, compose and together through one of life’s most stressful events.
    Love your posts – you are one very special lady!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much Janet. It is a stressful time for sure. It definitely helped that we weren’t moving kids this time ( nor when we moved to Cincinnati two years ago). I have to admit, my husband really takes the lead in our moves and I’m so glad. I plan our vacations and family celebrations and plenty of other things. But he has always done the bulk of the work when it comes to moving. I feel like we fell into this pattern because two of our biggest cross country moves occurred when I was 8 months pregnant. Ha! Don’t get me wrong. I definitely worked hard in this move and it was exhausting. But knowing that James had each day’s tasks planned out and ordered made it where I could just show up, throw my back into the work and not stress about it. But you know part of why moving is so stressful is because every move is so unique. Each comes with its own set of stressors. I pray you are settling in and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Take care. ?