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Layer on Some Fun with a Flannel Shirt

January 17, 2022

Happy Monday! I’m feeling all the cozy vibes today with fresh snow on the ground and a fire on the hearth. So I thought it would be a good day to layer on a little fun with a warm, cozy flannel shirt. Yes, we’re going super casual today. But don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of dressier outfits coming soon.

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Layer on Some Fun with a Flannel Shirt

I’m not one to reach for a flannel shirt unless I’m reminded to. And it just so happens that recently several readers and YouTube viewers have requested that I style flannel shirts, similarly to the way I’ve styled pullover sweaters in this video. In fact, I’ll be sharing a similar video with style tips for flannel shirts and sweatshirts soon. But today let’s just break down this one fun outfit.

Flannel Shirt Layered
navy and white striped crewneck tee // flannel shirt // quilted vest (similar and similar) // skinny jeans // water resistant boots // earrings // similar shoulder bag (more economical option)

When I do wear flannel shirts I prefer to keep them a little more interesting by using layers. And I absolutely love to mix things up by combining patterns with those layers. That’s why I think it’s such a good idea to have a striped black and white, navy and white or other classic combination t-shirt in your winter wardrobe. They’re great for adding interest beneath a patterned shirt of any kind, including flannel plaid.

Layering with Mixed Patterns

Would this outfit work with a solid tee underneath? Absolutely! But mixing plaids and stripes is too fun to pass up. I would also wear this fuller flannel shirt with a graphic tee, such as this one or this one, both from Sadie & Jane, my favorite source for Christian graphic tees.

By the way, I went ahead and got my usual size medium in this flannel shirt from Target. It’s a generous fit, but that allows me ample room for layering.

Layering with a Quilted Vest
navy and white striped crewneck tee // flannel shirt // quilted vest (similar and similar) // skinny jeans // water resistant boots // earrings // similar shoulder bag (more economical option)

Of course, I didn’t end my layering there. I also added my classic navy quilted vest. I’ve had this navy vest for several years at least. But Talbots still has a similar version this year. It is just about sold out, but I also found one at Target and at Lands’ End. And, because both of those are running low in some sizes, too, I found this one at Eddie Bauer. I enjoy wearing my vest on car trips in the fall and winter because they’re an easy layer to wear for warmth without all the bulk.

Water Resistant Boots with Faux Fur Lining

You could certainly wear this fun outfit with sneakers or booties. But I grabbed my water resistant boots with faux fur lining to kick up the style quotient a notch. These rich chocolate boots feature a leather upper with faux fur lining throughout the inside, making them super warm and oh so soft and cozy. They come in other colors, too, and, at 33% off, they’re selling out fast.

Of course, I’m wearing my skinny jeans with this combo because they fit best inside of tall boots like these.

Flannel Shirt Layered with Striped Tee and Quilted Vest
navy and white striped crewneck tee // flannel shirt // quilted vest (similar and similar) // skinny jeans // water resistant boots // earrings // similar shoulder bag (more economical option)

I think a lot of jewelry would look out of place with an outfit like this one, so I just wore my simple split hoop earrings and called it a day. And really, with the layered tops and the boots over my jeans, I think there’s plenty going on here. Don’t you?

Flannel Shirt with Quilted Vest
navy and white striped crewneck tee // flannel shirt // quilted vest (similar and similar) // skinny jeans // water resistant boots // earrings // similar shoulder bag (more economical option)

Do you enjoy wearing flannel shirts? One of the things I do love about these traditional casual button up shirts is that they frequently come in beautiful color combinations. I’ve created a shopping widget below with lots of flannel shirt options. For everything else I’ve shown here, you can shop the links in the copy or in the captions under the photos.

Flannel Shirt with Quilted Vest
navy and white striped crewneck tee // flannel shirt // quilted vest (similar and similar) // skinny jeans // water resistant boots // earrings // similar shoulder bag (more economical option)

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a fantastic Monday that sets you up for a productive and pleasant week. But if you are ill, I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care, ladies! You’re on my heart and mind. Blessings.

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Blessed for My Day

My husband has been preaching through the qualities of the fruit of the Spirit for the past couple of months. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. They’re sometimes easier for me to rattle off than live out in real life. But one of the most impactful ways we can identify ourselves as believers to others and share God’s character with His world is to display these characteristics in our behavior and words.

So how can we demonstrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control…when push comes to shove, when others push our buttons and when we’re pushed beyond our natural abilities? We must tap into the deep reservoirs of the Holy Spirit and choose to live obedient to His gentle proddings. Why not pause right now and commit to walking in step with the Holy Spirit today? Then listen for His gentle, quiet voice throughout your day, obey Him and trust Him to do the rest.

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. ~ Galatians 5:16

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38 thoughts on “Layer on Some Fun with a Flannel Shirt

  1. Good morning! I thoroughly enjoyed this casual outfit, it is quite timely given the frigid temps we have been having here in Manitoba -46° Celsius brrr ❄?. It looked toasty and well put together ? and best of all the BFMD, always starts my day off right with a cuppa tea ?Thank you
    Blessings Kay?

    1. Thank you! Flannel shirts are a part of my winter wardrobe. I always use them in a layering situation either over a tee/turtleneck or under a sweater. I purchased all of them a couple of years ago from Land’s End. I haven’t bought any lately because I don’t find the colors and patterns attractive. I guess that’s really for the best as I really don’t NEED anymore!!! I look forward to seeing how you style this winter staple!

  2. I love a flannel shirt!! Takes me back to our high school days on fall afternoons. You just need some overalls…. ?

      1. Being an old farm girl there is nothing cuter than a flannel shirt, with solid t-shirt under and a well fitting pair of overals! Just sayin …..

  3. Such a cute casual look. Thanks for the idea of layering with the striped tee. Thanks for the spiritual inspiration as well. You’re a blessing!! Have a joyful day.

  4. Really pretty elevated casual look. I love the incorporation of the striped tee which is having me pull it back out of my summer wardrobe and hang it back up! I don’t have any flannel shirts as the moment but I like the idea of layering for visual interest. Thank you for the BFMD as well. It gives me something to think about.

  5. I love a flannel shirt, too! I have a good collection of LL Bean tartans. The bright ones are for me! You look great!

  6. I have a couple of flannel shirts that I have not used in layering, but now I will, so Thank You! I actually have one that has a hoodie in my colors that I have not worn yet this winter. With your inspiration, I will wear it once my clothes are back in my closet. We are having carpet installed throughout the house this coming Sat., so we are in the process of moving everything onto the covered side porch and screened in back porch. Enjoy the beauty of the snow!

  7. Flannel is always a cozy go to layer for me! I love them. Your idea for a subscriber gift – the first thing that comes to my mind is a one stop shop for wardrobe essentials, how to choose your wardrobe colors for a more capsulized approach (and great for mixing and matching endless outfits) add in a print version of your how to determine your own body shape and determine your body proportions. Take some of your more popular videos and break them down into cheat sheets. For example, how to transition your wardrobe into your retirement wardrobe. Having all these awesome tools in one places that I can print and slip into a pronged folder would be great. A quick flip thru would give me the info I’m looking for instead of trying to determine which video it was in. Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks so much Kay!

  8. Love this outfit! Being retired, this is the type of outfit I love for everyday. Have already followed the link to Target’s website to get the shirt, and since it was on sale, could not resist adding a couple more colors! It’s cold enough in South Georgia today that I wish I had it now.

  9. This post was just what I was looking for! I’d love to see you include some freebies on how to add style when your type of work doesn’t allow you to dress up. I clean and maintain our family business and this includes yard work. I don’t want to look frumpy all day but … Also casual ways to layer and style when you are suffering through menopause and hot flashes ! Love all your posts!

  10. Love the outfit as my style is more classic casual. Re the new subscriber freebie, I look forward equally to your style advice and your BFMD. An ebook collection of your BFMD musings would be a lovely gift.

  11. Love this look and ordered the stripe layering t! I’d like to see info on retirement wardrobe, layering prints together, “is it in or out”, handbags. I’d also suggest a video showing how to use s beauty blender to properly layer foundation. How do you blend blush and eyeshadow? (My blending seems to take it off not build a layer). Last, I’d love to wear eyelashes (glue or magnetic) but don’t know how. Oh, are there any Christian pretty tees that aren’t crew necks?

    1. Good question. I keep looking for a v neck or a scoop neck. Flesh hanging over a tight crew neck is not pretty at my age but I would love a long sleeve with a deep V so I could layer it over a top too.

  12. As I discovered this morning, I had no warm black tee to layer under my sweater. I thought I had black, navy, gray covered but apparently not. I think a good basic layering wardrobe to build on before we add the fun pieces would be a great freebie. I totally have neglected those layers we wear under things. What goes under?

  13. Regarding subscriber freebies, I would love ideas on closet organizing and editing. Also, ideas on what to ask before buying an item or getting rid of things. I wonder if other women have a closet bursting with clothes but can’t figure out what to wear. LOL

  14. Kaye, Vests are a good choice for being on the go without the bulk of sleeves. You mentioned wearing one in the car and it’s something I do for long drives. I haven’t tried the plaid shirt under one. Usually a thick sweater for me. I have three at this time and they are in good shape. Plaid shirts I will look at!
    BFMD message rings true. Know the words but difficult to live out in real life. I describe myself as “Trying to be a good Christian.” Quoting scripture does not make a person a Christian if they ignore what they memorized.

    Your posts show many pieces of jewelry admired by many. A giveaway suggestion.

  15. Freebie suggestion – a cheat sheet on ‘newer’ fabric types… What is tencel lyocell? What is modal? What is viscose? What’s the story on rayon/nylon/spandex these days? Do they shrink/wrinkle/hold its shape/stretch out over time? Are some of the fabrics a good quality and others expected to only hold up for one season? Clothing used to be cotton, polyester or wool and we all knew how to care for them and what to expect from them. Now, I read labels and sometimes am not familiar with any of the fabric content, which gives me pause in buying an item.

    Thanks for all you do, Kay!

  16. Hi Kay: I’m a newbie to your youtube and blog. But I very much enjoy all of the content and already have gotten so many great ideas from you. So, Thank You!!! I would love to know how you organize it all. Not just what’s currently in your closet but also storing what you’re not using as the seasons change. Thank you for all you do, especially the blessings. I’m sure you hear it a lot, but lately I’ve been needing them. Take care, Lisa

  17. Here I am at the end of the day finally getting to your post. This has put such a smile on my face because just yesterday my daughter announced that when she hosts Thanksgiving this year the “theme” will be flannel or plaid shirts. I’m texting her next to tell her how much I love her idea. Thank you Kay for all that you do.

  18. Wondering if you could do more videos on your day to day routines and on how you set your goals and steps for completing them. Thanks

  19. I like the outfit very much…just not sure about that particular bag with it. I struggle using my “dressier” bags with my casual clothes. I may try it but my “go to” for an outfit like this would be my camel colored small purse/backpack or my black one…sportier type options. I wear those a lot with very casual outfits like this. But, like I said, may try to mix it up because I have some very nice “structured” type bags that I haven’t used since retiring.

    1. Hi Colette. I agree. This probably wasn’t the best bag choice. I just sometimes don’t manage to get everything I need loaded in the van for these photo shoots. Argh! But I’m with you. A backpack would be perfect!

  20. I am a flannel-girl lover! I have several in my wardrobe! I would never have thought to pair with a stripe, but it looks great! Thanks for the suggestion!
    PS…I love flannel so much that I told my family that when I die, I want to be buried in a pretty flannel gown…after all, I am just asleep in body…?

  21. I love Land’s End flannel shirts. Their color stays bright for years and usually you can find color coordinating turtlenecks.
    I suggest one of your books, a cute bookmark we can download, a small book of your devotions, or one of your favorite lipsticks, nail polish…..for free giveaways

  22. Thank you for all you do, Kay. I love all your advice about retirement wardrobe ideas. I am 99% casual these days. I have a lot of flannel shirts (I love plaid!) and decided I looked like a farmer too much of the time so thank you very much for the great styling tips! LL Bean has great ones that are actually THICK and warm unlike the Wal-Mart version. They hold up well too. Organizing our closets would be a great help. I keep revising mine to be more user friendly…

  23. I just bought a pretty mint green plaid flannel shirt today. It isn’t usually my first choice. I really appreciated your blog today; I hadn’t thought about styling a flannel shirt. Also, appreciated your mention of fruits of the spirit!❤️