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Spring Outfit Inspiration for Women Over 50

March 14, 2024

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. My humble goal at this website is always simply to inspire and encourage women over 50 to get dressed for our unique days…so we feel confident, comfortable and a little stylish. I want us to show up big and do a little good. And we’re much more prone to do that if we’re dressed for our day. Today I’m sharing a few more style boards for spring outfit inspiration, but more importantly I’m rolling out the entire 41-outfit downloadable PDF of ALL of the Spring Style Inspiration Boards in the Printable Library. Yay!

Style Inspiration Boards
Download the 41-outfit Spring 2024 Outfit Inspiration Guide through the Printable Library. You must be a current email subscriber to access it; remember the password is at the bottom of your most recent email.

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I shared the first few style boards in Tuesday’s blog post, Springtime Everyday Style Inspiration. And today I’m sharing a few outfits for getting out and about for special occasions. If you’d like to be able to access the additional 30 style boards (they’re all shoppable!), just subscribe to my daily or weekly email newsletter HERE. After you subscribe you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with the password to the printable library. We all use the same password and it’s always found at the bottom of your most current email (it does change occasionally).

ATTN: I’ve shared a few insights about how to download the guide at the bottom of this blog post.

Casual Date Night Style Inspiration Board

When you get to be our ages, sometimes it’s tempting to just “phone it in” on date night. But ladies, I think our men really appreciate it when we change into something a little fun for the evening, even if we’re going to our standard favorite diner.

Date Night Casual
denim jacket // top // linen pants // earrings // bracelet // shoulder bag // sandals

Of course these style boards are meant to provide inspiration. And often you can duplicate these looks with items in your own closet. But if you do see something you like, you can shop today’s style boards through the links in the captions under the boards. The downloadable style boards in the Printable Library can be shopped by clicking on the images.

Sightseeing Style Inspiration Board

Here’s a fun idea for what to wear when you do a little sightseeing. Whether you’re on a little vacation or just visiting a town in your own state, this sweet dress, sneakers and jacket combo will be comfortable, casual and easy on the eyes.

Denim Shirt Jacket // Dress // Sneakers // Purse // Necklace // Earrings

I saw so many women in England wearing sneakers with their dresses. In fact, I rarely saw women wearing anything else with their dresses during the daytime.

Gardening Style Inspiration Board

I took reader requests for these style boards. You’ll have to see if yours made the cut! I had several requests for what to wear while doing a little yard care, so my assistant Lucy put together this little bit of style inspiration.

Shirt // Pants // Hat // Boots

She kept is simple and you should, too. No need to wear anything fancy when gardening. More importantly, dress for comfort and functionality. And definitely wear a hat to keep the sun at bay.

Bible Study Class Style Inspiration Board

I taught Bible studies to women’s groups for over 25 years, so I know that women enjoy dressing up just a bit to attend these weekly gatherings. Here’s a suggestion below.

Short Sleeve Lady Jacket // White Jeans // Shoes // Tote // Earrings //Bracelet

If you steer clear of white, just swap in light wash denim jeans. The lighter tones are so fresh and pretty!

Traditional Church Wedding Guest Style Inspiration Board 1

We actually have several wedding guest style inspiration boards in the downloadable set. But this is such a classic look, perfect for an afternoon traditional church wedding.

dress // earrings // short pendant necklace // station necklace // handbag // shoes

I think it’s always smart to wear wedge or block heel shoes to a wedding since many have you outside for a cocktail hour or reception these days. Silver is really trending, but if you’d prefer to swap in gold accessories, those would look just as lovely.

Power Walk with Friends Style Inspiration Board

I have frequently been asked for style inspiration for the more casual moments in life, such as a power walk with friends. These are the times you don’t necessarily want to dress up, of course, but you do like to look pulled together, coordinated.

crop flare pants // performance tee // Everyday SunSmartĀ® Woven Shirt // socks // sneakers // sun hat // Fitbit // sunglasses

Having some basic, comfortable clothes for exercise and athleisure that will mix and match nicely will help you to be ready to get out the door when invited to join a friend for a walk or hike.

Women’s Conference Style Inspiration Board

Spring is a popular time for women’s retreats and conferences. I’m going to a women’s conference the first week in April myself. Below I’ve shared a style inspiration board with mix and match pieces for a two or three day casual conference.

demi midi pencil skirt // wide leg crop jeans // belt // ribbed racerback tank // heritage jersey longsleeve tee // canvas belt bag // canvas utility jacket // bracelet combo // scarf // sneakers // earrings // sandals

I suggest a small canvas belt bag because conferences frequently have tote bags that they give participants. There’s no point in carrying around a tote bag and a large purse, too. By the way, in our 41-outfit Spring 2024 Outfit Inspiration Guide we also have a style board for a women’s retreat. AND you’ll also find boards for pickle ball, a garden wedding, a baby shower, a rock concert, an outdoor concert, a backyard cookout, a graduation ceremony and party, a shopping day and much, much more. I can’t wait for you to check it out!

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10 thoughts on “Spring Outfit Inspiration for Women Over 50

  1. Thank you and your helpers for making the guides. I know they will be very useful!

    I am rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord today, a lesion on my liver has disappeared. I have a high chance of metastasis so it was a scary three months of waiting to see if it would grow. I did Chris Ward’s program and it was gone! It may not have been cancer, but it was still quite a relief. Just wanted to share my good news and the mercy of God!

  2. Cute ideas, my favorite is the date night board. I LOVE cowl neck tops. They’re just so soft and feminine looking. I also love that you mentioned looking coordinated even when working out/exercising. I never used to care, but then I started taking some time to look put together in athletic wear and oddly enough I found that made me more motivated.

    Karin, we don’t know each other, but praise the Lord, that’s wonderful news! Rejoicing with you!

  3. Karin, we rejoice with you.
    Kay, just a nitpick — if one really gardens then a nice shirt and pants aren’t the best choice. And, even if you are just pruning the roses, you need garden gloves. There’s a wide range to choose from, to say the least, but even inexpensive cloth ones are better than no gloves at all. You just can’t garden w/o gloves … and sunblock!

    1. Yes, I definitely recommend gardening gloves. But the pants and shirt are outdoor clothes and perfectly suitable for gardening in my estimation.

  4. Thanks so much for all the time you spent on the inspiration boards. I immediately realized I could take inspiration for something to wear to the Passover Seder at church tonight from the Evening Rock Concert boardā€”all from my closet. Just substituted a soft lavender silk blouse. Posted in our DFMD FB group. And I know there are many more takeaways from the boards as I spend some time looking them over.

  5. Hi Kay,

    Love this post as well as your capsule wardrobe post–it’s so nice to see a capsule wardrobe that includes color!

    On another subject, our church has a meal ministry for our neighbors in need. We’ve recently added a clothing ministry as well. While I was working on food prep last Saturday, our wonderful volunteer in charge of clothing staggered through the door laden with two HUGE bags of brand new Bombas socks! What a great company–thank you for bringing it to my attention.