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How I Really Dressed for My Day 02/19/21 – 03/04/21

March 5, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s time for another run down of my recent daily outfits. Because I skipped last week, I’m sharing a few extras this week. These are the outfits I’m really wearing, so you can know these are pieces I truly love and feel like myself in. I’ve been playing around a lot recently with the new roomier, more relaxed fit jeans. And I’m starting to like them. They’re quite comfortable, they feel modern and my eyes are adjusting to seeing them in the mirror. Let’s see how I really dressed the past couple of weeks!

How I Really Dressed for My Day 02-19-21 - 03-04-21

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

Let’s get started!

How I Really Dressed for House-Hunting on Friday

Well at least that day when we set out we thought we were just house-hunting. We ended up making a bid that evening that was accepted before we climbed into bed. So I guess this is really what I wore the first time I walked into my new home. Ha! We don’t close on it until mid April, by the way. But we’re excited to finally be moving on after renting for about 18 months.

It was still quite cold that day, but I was determined to start wearing more cheerful colors. As much as I love neutrals like grey and black, my soul had begun to crave the pretty colors of spring. So I combined this heathered indigo Italian Merino ribbed turtleneck sweater with the soft periwinkle blue cropped Alpaca cardigan. Notice I even added some colorful and dazzling earrings (similar) to brighten up this contemporary and cozy look even more.

House Hunting Friday

I wore my Madewell balloon jeans (size 29) that I shared in this week’s YouTube video and finished off the look with my captain lace-up boots from Thursday. I carried my new oversized carryall from Everlane so I could have all the things with me. I was able to wear socks here because they really didn’t show. I’m pretty sure I wore dark brown ones, so they’d blend in with my boots if they did show at all.

You’ll notice in these photos that I’ve been keeping my jewelry a little more minimal but impactful lately. Necklaces are feeling a little fussy to me. That may just be a passing phase, but I’m enjoying wearing earrings with a punch instead.

The links in the shopping widgets and in the copy of this post are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work by shopping my links. I appreciate you.

How I Really Dressed for Saturday at Home & Running Errands

Saturday was pretty low key, but I was loving the new blues and greens I’d picked up from Everlane, so I styled more of them. On this day I wore that same periwinkle cropped Alpaca cardigan, but this time with a super-soft mockneck tee in laurel green.

My signature colors are blue, green, red and pink. But right now my spring wardrobe is shaping up to be mostly blue and green. I’m just loving the combination of these two colors. Do you have a color pairing that you’re craving these days?


I’ve acquired several new pairs of these relaxed fit, high rise jeans recently, but I think these Way-High jeans from Everlane are probably my favorites. I especially like the ironed in and worn in crease in the front of the “distressed” wash, which is what I have. They are a true high rise jean in 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane, but I find them to be very comfortable, especially the more you wear them. I wear a size 30 in these.

Since I didn’t go anywhere that day, I wore my modern loafers from Everlane and just my Veronica hoop earrings.

How I Almost Dressed for Church

Sunday morning I got ready for church and put on those same Way-High jeans to wear to our more contemporary service. And I again put on the Italian Merino Ribbed Turtleneck (size medium), too. I played around with my jewelry the longest time, first putting on this silver long necklace, but then removing it. When I decided I’d wear my leather moto jacket (with all that hardware), I opted out of a necklace and instead just left on some silver and gold earrings (no longer available).


I really liked the way the outfit came together with my brown suede boots from Talbots. Really it’s a column of color, which is always slenderizing and so sharp in my estimation. Unfortunately I got sick right after I took these photos and never made it to church that morning. (It was just a quick passing little bug, but enough to keep me home that morning.)

How I Really Dressed for My Day Working from Home

Monday I decided to put on a pretty blouse. I’d ordered this floral print long sleeve blouse and it seemed like a good choice for a Monday. I like the dark grey background with the pretty blue flowers. And I thought it would work nicely with blue jeans, especially if I topped it with a black cardigan (no longer available, but options in the shopping widget) and then added a black belt and my black loafers.

Monday Work from Home

My particular Paul Green black loafers seem to be gone, but I’ve linked to others in the shopping widget. Remember, Paul Green has the corner on the comfort market in my opinion. Wearing Paul Green shoes is like wearing clouds on your feet. Ha! And I’ve got a few options below that are marked down. They’re expensive, but so worth it if you need very soft shoes.

The jeans I’m wearing here are Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Raw Hem jeans, and I really like them, too. I’m wearing a size 29 very comfortably in these. I ordered a couple of dozen pairs of jeans to try and these and the Madewell balloon jeans are the only ones I ended up keeping from Nordstrom. I think they’re a nice mid-price option if you’re looking to try the new silhouette.

BUT, I also tried the Universal Threads vintage straight cropped jeans in the medium wash and I actually like them a lot. You’ll be seeing them on the blog next week. I did size up to a 10 in them because they have very little stretch in them. And of course they’re a lot less expensive.

Work From Home and Lunch With Friends

It looks like the next day I have an outfit photo for is that Thursday when I went to lunch with my friends. Still determined to be warm but also add some cheerful elements to my outfits, I wore my pretty orchid petal pink Shaker stitch sweater. And you’ll laugh, but since we were eating Mexican food I chose to wear my skinny jeans because they have plenty of stretch in them. Ha!


You absolutely can wear boots or booties with these more summery sweaters. I just think these taupe suede booties are perfect with this outfit. Of course, they’re from last year, but I’ll find some similar ones to include in the shopping widget.

Oh, and right now you can get 40% off one full price item and 25% off the rest of your purchase at Talbots. You can check out all my Talbots favorites here.

Evidently, from looking at the photos on my phone, on Friday of that week I went back and wore the outfit above that I had attempted to wear to church on Sunday. I won’t show it again, of course. Let’s move on!

Saturday at Home

We had beautiful weather last Saturday, so I know I got out for a long walk. But after I returned home and showered I put on, yep, those Everlane Way-High jeans and my leopard print long sleeve tee. I topped the look with my red open front cardigan (no longer available in red) and finished off the outfit with my brown suede boots.

Transition to Spring

Pretty sweet outfit, huh? Yeah, I’m loving these jeans.

How I Really Dressed for Church on Sunday

Sunday it was raining and I needed to wear shoes that aren’t suede. Turns out I have a lot of suede shoes. Ha! When the weather is bad I tend to start an outfit by picking out my shoes first. Do you do that, too? So I decided to wear my grey snakeskin pumps. They’re probably twelve years old and from Banana Republic, but I’ll link to similar ones if I can find some.

I wore my favorite black pants (you know the ones!!!). And yippee! They’re 55% off right now. I find them to be true to size and they have them in regular and petite sizes. I topped my black pants with a mock neck tank from Banana Republic, something like this one, and my black Veronica Beard scuba jacket. I’ll have an alternative to the VB jacket below.

Sunday church

I loved the way this mostly black and grey outfit came together with final touches of silver jewelry. This time I did wear the Tegan Y necklace. And my earrings are from Brighton, similar to these. I get asked about what masks I wear, but I usually forget to include them in a photo. And of course, most of the time I don’t go anywhere to need one. But the one I wore Sunday is from Vera Bradley.

Monday Working from Home & Running Errands

Monday I worked on blog posts and did get out to the post office, grocery store and a few other similar stops. It was so sunny and bright, but still cold. So I topped these modern straight chinos from J.Crew with a cotton striped sweater from the same place. Use code GOSPRING to save 50% on the sweater and other spring picks. Remember, the same sweater also comes in white, red or navy. I shared it in the last How I Really Dressed for My Day post.

Monday Work Day

Loafers would have worked great here, too. But I liked how my white sneakers with navy trim bookended the look. I have less expensive sneakers that I also love in the shopping widget. I kept my jewelry simple for a clean cut everyday look.

How I Really Dressed for Editing Video

On Tuesdays I edit my YouTube videos, and it’s a long day at my desk. So I like to dress in something that’s comfortable but also functional to get out for a few quick walks. I set my Fitbit to remind me to get up and get in 250 steps every hour, but I also try to step outside for a few longer walks throughout the day. It was sunny, but still chilly. So I put on my navy Talbots fleece lined pants with this fun button collar rugby shirt from L.L.Bean.


When I stepped out for a walk, I put on my quilted vest (similar) and my puffer coat. I actually managed to get in several long walks this way. And – yay! – I even finished work that day before 5 p.m.

Teaching on Zoom & Running Errands

Wednesdays I teach a couple of Bible study classes on Zoom, so I try to wear something that looks pulled together – at least up top! I knew I also needed to head out the door to Target and a few other unavoidable stops that afternoon before shooting photos for next week. So I wore my blue super-soft mockneck ribbed top and the Everlane Way-High jeans in flax.


I had picked up this light mineral green modern barn jacket at J.Jill for my birthday and I thought it worked nicely with this combo. I’m wearing a small in the jacket and it’s still an oversized fit. But I think it’s going to be so fun for spring and even into summer and fall. You’ll be seeing it again next week.

By the way, those are not the shoes I wore with this outfit. Ha! I wore my Everlane modern loafers. But I’d forgotten to take a photo during the day, so that evening I redressed to snap one. When I did I absentmindedly put on the wrong loafers. And when I realized what I’d done it was too late. Well, I didn’t feel like taking the photo over again. Hahaha! I was tired!

Work from Home & Out to Lunch

And here are those blue distressed Way-High jeans again. Ha! Again I’m wearing the super-soft mockneck ribbed top in laurel green. And this time I’ve topped the look with the blue and white stripe big shirt from Gap. This is one of the shirts form this week’s YouTube video. Here I just wore it loose as a jacket.


I finished this look with my modern loafers and jewelry from Kohl’s. I’m wearing these silver disc drop earrings and this long hammered double ring pendant necklace. I felt like this outfit looked springy without looking ridiculously ahead of its time. The sun was shining, but we needed jackets.

Well, there ya go! Obviously I’ve got a lot of green and blue going on here. And you haven’t even seen all of it. I’ll be sharing some fun spring outfits on the blog next week. So stay tuned!

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Blessed for My Day

I need a little courage today. I have to have a yucky little procedure done at the doctor’s office and I’m not looking forward to it one bit. Fact is, I’m quite nervous about it. I don’t like pain. And I don’t feel very brave at all. I feel like cancelling. But I won’t. Don’t worry. That would just delay the inevitable.

But I can’t muster courage up from within. The only way I can face daunting situations is knowing that God is with me. God with me. Emmanuel. That alone will bring me peace and courage and comfort today. If you need a little of any of those, I invite you, too, to remember that God has promised to walk with you wherever you go.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~ Joshua 1:9

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34 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 02/19/21 – 03/04/21

  1. Love the causal looks…that fits my lifestyle!
    I do have a question. You mentioned “signature colors”, are these colors your personally like or personally look good in due to your overall coloring?
    You look amazing by the way. I never looked that slim when I weighed 140 or 145 lbs and I am 5’7”……
    Do you ever do yoga or barre routines?

    Thank you,

  2. Thank you for always sharing beautiful everyday styles!! I look forward to seeing how put together you look! Effortlessly beautiful!!
    Praying for our sweet comforting Father to be with you during your procedure this morning!
    Praying all goes well!

  3. Hi Kay, lots of great looks in this post but I have two favourites! The first look (worn for house-hunting) looks amazing on you and really brings out the colour of your eyes. My other favourite look is the one you almost wore to church. That is totally my style. I’m liking the new jeans silhouette that you are showing but the rise in the jeans that you are wearing is just too uncomfortable. I don’t like anything over 10 inches. It occurred to me that it was the boots that you wore with the two outfits that really made the outfit work. Well done! I hope the day goes better for you than you anticipate.

    1. Thanks Bev. I agree that the high rise is definitely different when it comes to comfort. And at first when I started trying these higher rise jeans over a year ago I couldn’t tolerate them. But I’ve gotten use to them now and actually feel good in them. I think the newer silhouettes are a real paradigm shift and will probably take some time before we’re all onboard…if we ever all are! ? But I remember when I first started wearing the lower rise jeans in the 90s I struggled too. ?

  4. Hi Kay! I appreciate all that you do and have been enjoying your posts. I do, however, have a question about your clothing size. Yo say that you are a size 8. I am 5’ 4” and about 145 and I wear a size 12. That makes me 4 inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter than you… I love all of the clothes you wear, but could never afford any of the prices you pay, I usually shop at Walmart, etc. Could it be that expensive clothes are given smaller sizes? Just curious…

    1. Hi Lisa. I do think that there is some vanity sizing involved. But right now the largest I’m wearing anywhere is a 10, such as in the Target jeans. Remember every body is very different. It may not look like it but I am quite muscular. And those 4 inches of height make a huge difference too. I’ve heard it said that an inch of height can account for about 10 pounds. So that would give me 40 pounds (give or take a little, depending on body mass) that I could carry and still wear about the same size as someone 4 inches shorter. So I really give very little credence to how much I weigh and I work to stay fit, healthy and in my clothes instead. I can tell you that I was wearing a 12 before I lost 20 pounds a few years ago. But at the same time I lost the 20 pounds, I also gained a lot of muscle. I’m not sure if I answered your question or just muddied the water. ? I’m just thinking it through as I’m typing! Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  5. Praying for you today…that you have peace and comfort and that it’s all over quickly. Never fun but glad you are getting it taken care of! You look lovely in all of the outfits. I’m having a harder time getting used to the larger legged pants. Hopefully, this spring will spur me on to try some out. Thank you for all of your hard work helping keep us looking our best!

    1. Thanks so much Merri Lynn. I’m just putting one foot in front of the other today until I get through the afternoon. Ha!

  6. I pray that you felt His presence during the procedure today! I had dry needling therapy done on my left ankle and calf yesterday at the end of my PT session, and believe me, I definitely needed Him to get me through it. I really like your color combinations on you! My brain just hasn’t gotten comfortable with trying various color combinations, yet! Oh, I am loving my Fitbit! It’s amazing how much effort it takes to get in 10,000 steps each day, which I’m not doing. However, last Friday I got in over 13,000 with the manual labor I did. Great BFMD! God bless you!

  7. Sweet Kay, allow yourself to feel wrapped up snugly… Wrapped in the comfort of the Holy Spirit and wrapped in the prayers of the community you have built here at DFMD. Close your eyes, breathe, and the procedure will be over soon. Picture outfits and flowers, Easter candy and handbags! ????? Good luck!

  8. I loved the blue alpaca cardigan with the indigo mock neck and the green mock neck. Nice combos. Also the pink sweater and blue stripped button up you wore as a cover up. Another great way to wear the blouse. I just bought
    it the other day and waiting on it and the pink sweater I have all ready received and worn. Also love what you almost wore to church. I have that jacket in the soft pink color and plan on wearing it soon. These were my favorites because they were new combos and so springy.
    Know your procedure will go fine with God beside you.

  9. I still love the skinny jeans and high waisted jeans in these outfits. I still do not care for the loose or balloon jeans. I never did get use to the low-waisted jeans. They never stayed up on me without a belt. Glad they are out.

  10. Praying for your medical procedure to go well today. Your website and youtube videos have been such a blessing to me since I found them. It is so encouraging to me to get a Christian woman’s perspective on this topic. It is relevant to all women but you share scripture and encouragement for those that the Lord is having you minister to! Thank you for ministering to me in this way! I really like your cardigan looks in today’s blog. Thanks!

  11. If I need to have something done, I do it as fast as I can get it done. I-want it’s over with because I’m a worrier. Yes I know worry is a sin but I can’t help it. ?? For you.

    I love blue and green and as I’m typing this, I have on a green button up shirt with my blue jean jacket which is more like a shirt with zipper. Love the pop of the pink and a navy/white stripe sweater just always looks great in Spring. I never think to wear mine with anything other than navy or white pants.

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers Eve. Unfortunately I’m more of a procrastinator when it comes to health issues. I’m not sure why, except that I’m a weenie! ?

  12. Kay, I have been praying for you this morning. This last year I had several invasive procedures for my lower back and one epideral shot to my lower back. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Then I was started on a new medication a week ago Saturday. I can function now! I hadn’t been able to stand for more than 5 minutes! Praise the LORD! Then I received a letter from my insurance telling me I can’t have this medication. Now what do I do?! I called the insurance yesterday and told them everything. The lady had me talk to someone else. She ask me how this medication had changed my life. I told her and she then said we are going to apply for a waver for this medication. She said I would receive a call within 72 hours if I’m denied or approved. I received a call that I was approved yesterday!! Praise the LORD!!! Thank you for all your daily blessing! May the LORD bless you! He is always with us!!

  13. Thanks for the post! All of the outfits look great on you. My favorite is the high wasted jeans, green mock neck top, and striped big shirt.
    You are in my prayers, Kay. John 16:33
    Have a great weekend,

  14. I really like your style. I trust your procedure went well. I embraced the high waist and wide leg when they came out. I lost about 50 lbs and finally had a waist that I felt comfortable enough to tuck in or give a bit of front or side tuck to my tops. As a bonus of my weight loss my diabetes is under control too! Praise the Lord. Love the scripture always.

    1. Yes, praise the Lord for good health! Thanks so much for sharing Norah. My appointment is still to come. But you ladies are giving me courage. ?