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So Many Ways to Style a Poplin Popover

April 30, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! This year I’m focusing on shifting toward slow fashion by building a sustainable wardrobe. The goal is to replenish my wardrobe less often, but to be able to construct beautiful, stylish outfits from the pieces I have in my closet. That’s why you will see me style certain pieces in my wardrobe over and over. Today I’m sharing multiple ways to style a poplin popover, which is playing a key role in my closet these days.

SO MANY Ways to Style

I’m sharing so many ways to style this poplin popover. Granted, some of them are just subtle differences. Also, I’m wearing four different popovers in these looks. I’m wearing the:

I’m also a fan of the short sleeve poplin shirt from Chico’s, which is available in white and black. Unfortunately, the black one I ordered was too large and I haven’t received the replacement yet to show you.

If you’re interested in any of the clothing or accessories I’m showing in the looks below, just click through the link in the caption of that photo. It will either take you to the blog post featuring that look or a Shop the Look page for that style.

Let’s get started on a little style inspiration! We’ll begin with the blue popover.

Untucked With Jeans

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles
See the original post for more styling and shopping information.

For the first look I’m sharing the blue popover left untucked with jeans. This look is so comfortable, but still looks pulled together and fresh. I think the red loafers keep the look interesting and fun.

Style Tip: When leaving your poplin popover untucked, make sure proportions are still optimal. I think the proportions would have been even better on the above look with full length jeans.

Blue Popover with Camel

Next I styled this same blue popover with camel stretch chinos. I love this color combination! By the way, I’m wearing my true-to-size 8 in this popover. For a slimmer fit you could probably size down one.

Styling Camel and Blue for Spring
Check out the original post for styling tips and shopping information.

I think the denim jacket, scarf and caramel brown accessories really pull this look together. But here’s another look at this style without the denim jacket.

Style Tip: A denim jacket or trench coat or other “full sleeve” topper work best with a poplin shirt. Cardigans tend to cause the shirt to rumple up in the sleeves.

short-sleeve popover
Check out the original post for styling tips and shopping information.

With Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

The looks below could absolutely work with any of the poplin popovers I’m featuring here. But this time I wore a short sleeve white popover with my wide leg cropped jeans.

How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans
Check out the original post for styling tips and shopping information.

Style Tip: In order to achieve the best silhouette with cropped wide leg jeans, I think it’s best to tuck in the poplin popover.

With Cropped Straight Leg Chinos

Here’s another look that is best achieved by tucking in the poplin popover. Here I’m wearing it with lightweight straight leg crop chinos.

Work From Home Outfit #2
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Front Tucked with Straight Leg Ankle Jeans

Here’s another look with the straight leg ankle jeans. But this time I gave the poplin popover a full front tuck, allowing the split hem back to hang out over the rear.

See the original post for more styling and shopping information.

Style Tip: The footwear you can wear with a poplin popover is endless. I’ve worn everything from pumps to mules to sneakers to sandals with my poplin shirts.

With Leggings

Now here’s a fun and oh-so-relaxed pairing! I topped my tech stretch leggings with my long-sleeve poplin popover for a casual work-from-home look.

white shirt and leggings
See the original post for style tips and shopping information.

Style Tip: You can easily wear this longer poplin popover with leggings. Leave the top out all the way around or tuck it in blousy in the front. You can also top this look with a long cardigan or denim jacket.

With Interesting Footwear

While you absolutely can wear a solid poplin popover with most any footwear, I think interesting footwear can really make this shirt work for you. Since the top presents a fairly blank canvas, adding animal print or colored shoes really makes this wardrobe essential work for you.

Casual Jeans Outfit Without a Tee
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Style Tip: Really, most anytime you would normally wear a solid tee, you could opt for this cotton poplin popover instead. It will instantly elevate your look while keeping it as casual as you’d like.

With a Front Fold Instead of a Tuck

In my recent YouTube Video I shared how to fold under the front of my longsleeve poplin popover for a more tailored silhouette while maintaining comfort and a casual vibe.

Check out my video 1 White Shirt 4 Ways to Wear for more information.

Style Tip: Check out my video 1 White Shirt 4 Ways to Wear for more style hacks.

With Black Pants

Here’s another look from my 1 White Shirt 4 Ways to Wear video. Here I’m wearing the Hampshire Ankle Pants from Talbots. These are wonderful pants with a slightly tapered leg, but still so very comfortable. I’m wearing a true-to-size 8.

Check out my video 1 White Shirt 4 Ways to Wear for more information.

Here’s another look with black pants. This time I’m wearing my relaxed fit chinos.

Elevated Casual Look
Check out the original post for style tips and shopping information.

With Colored Cropped Chinos

While these white (or even blue) poplin popovers look great with black pants, they also work well with other colored pants. Remember the blue ones above? But I especially like them this season with goldenrod or camel.

This next look features the short sleeve popover from Madewell. By the way, all of these popovers I’m showing are great shirts, well made and beautiful.

Patch Pocket Crop Chinos
See the original post for style tips and shopping information.

Again, here’s the above look with the addition of my denim jacket.

Style Tip: Because the solid poplin popovers are rather plain, use them as a blank canvas to tell your story. Add an interesting necklace or neck scarf to add color and vibrance.

With a Black Trench Coat

Here’s another look with the camel cropped chinos I showed above. But this time I wore the long sleeve poplin popover and added a black trench coat. The black topper really makes this look more refined.

Crop Chinos to Wear Soon

So there you have it! So many ways to style a poplin popover!

Of course the larger point of today’s post is that wardrobe essentials like this can indeed be worn many ways. What piece do you have in your closet that could take on a new role or two?

Here’s a shopping widget with the poplin shirts I showed here. For shopping links to the other items you’ve seen here, please click through to the original posts. These are affiliate links, so if you shop through them and purchase anything, I potentially earn a commission. Thank you so much for shopping my links!

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SO MANY Ways to Style a Poplin Popover - Kay Harms of Dressed for My Day shares multiple ways to wear a classic shirt
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12 thoughts on “So Many Ways to Style a Poplin Popover

  1. It’s amazing how much interest that little scarf adds. I love these looks but I have so many solid white and blue tops. I would love one of these popovers with tropical flowers in bold citrus colors. I think it’s being shut in that makes me crave bold and exciting. I have electronic overload. Fresh air, bright colors and open spaces are calling me.

  2. KAY, you did a great job on your UTUBE Debut yesterday. What I liked about this the most was the personal feeling I got from watching and hearing you speak as you model the outfits. Thank you for branching out to UTube. Barbara H

  3. I really like you sharing us the many ways to style the poplin tops! It encourages me to start being more creative with some of the pieces in my closet. I can’t pick one outfit that I like the best. I hope that you are having a blessed day!

  4. Thank you Kay for this post! I saved it to my pinterest board. I bought a white popover and also have similar pieces in my wardrobe. Now I’m looking forward to referencing my board to style it many ways! I’m delighted!

  5. Hi Kay! Especially loved this post since I purchased the light blue popover from Everlane, and I also have a great denim one from GAP. I love the “blousy” look of a popover, with no gaping in the front!! Thanks for all the wearable ideas.

  6. Thank you for this post, Kay. I can hardly wait to receive the white popover I ordered yesterday from Talbot’s.

    On to another topic, my state is requiring masks beginning tomorrow. Do you have a source you recommend for fashion masks?

    1. At the Madewell website, I learned how to make masks using a bandana and hair ties, so I am set now. Thank you!

      1. Great. I’ve been using the bandana method too. I got an email from Gap about theirs this morning and they already sold out! They plan to restock and will probably be cheaper.