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As Simple as a Popover & Jeans – 2 Ways

April 27, 2020

Happy Monday, sweet gals! It’s a great day to slip into your favorite pair of jeans and an easy-breezy top. No need to complicate your style today, no ma’am. Looking pretty and fresh is as simple as a popover and jeans. And today I’ve styled that winning combination two ways.

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles - Cover

White Popover + Jeans + Sneakers

For this first look, I tucked my white popover into my straight leg ankle jeans. This has become my go-to spring look. So easy, but pulled together and classic. Especially when I finish the look off with my sweet baby blue sneakers.

white popover (similar and in more sizes) // straight leg ankle jeans // shoulder bag (no longer in this color) (another option) // scarf // Ecco Soft Sneaker (also in limited sizes at Amazon and Nordstrom) // similar belt // similar earrings // sunglasses (more economical option)

My white Everlane popover is almost sold out, but it’s available in a couple of sizes. I’m wearing an 8. This popover is such high quality and available at a very reasonable price right now. But I also like this white poplin shirt from Chico’s. I purchased the black one in a size 1, but need to exchange it for a size 0.

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans

For both looks I’m wearing my Talbots dark wash modern ankle jeans. You may be aware that I’ve been trying a number of straight leg cropped jeans recently, but I think these have risen to the top of my list. They just seem to wear the best. I’m wearing a size 8.

modern ankle jeans

My baby blue Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers are almost sold out at Nordstrom, where they’ve been marked way down. But you can also find them on for a decent price. But you’ll find the widest selection of sizes at They run true to size and are comfortable right out of the box.

As Simple as a Popover

Blue Popover + Jeans + Red Loafers

For my next easy-breezy look I paired my blue popover with the same jeans. Then I finished the outfit off with my red loafers.

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles
blue popover // straight leg ankle jeans // shoulder bag (no longer in this color) (another option) // scarf // red day loafers (size up one full size) // similar belt // similar earrings // sunglasses (more economical option)

This time I left the blue popover untucked. I know many of my readers would prefer it that way, so I wanted you to see that you absolutely can let this simple poplin popover fall freely. In fact, it’s a great length and cut to wear with high waisted jeans like these.

Poplin Popover

My red loafers are made from luxurious Italian leather and are oh so soft, like butter. They’re pricey, but I know I will wear them for years. These day loafers come in nine different shades. But definitely size up one full size. They run small and a bit narrow.

I’ve been so surprised at how much I’ve worn my trench jacket this spring. And that’s without going much of anywhere! This is definitely my go-to jacket, so versatile.

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles

I know I’ve shown these poplin popovers a good bit this spring. And I think I’ll probably feature them one more post sometime this next month. Then I’ll give it a break. Maybe. But they’re extremely modern, versatile, cool and fun to wear.

As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles

So which camp are you in? Tuck it in or leave it out? I’d love to know. I tend to hear from gals who prefer I’d do the opposite of whatever I’m showing. Ha! I get it. But today since I showed both looks…and I really like both…I’d love to hear which you’re more prone to do. Do you tuck or not???

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As Simple as a Popover & Jeans - 2 Styles - Cover

Blessed for My Day

Are you going through something right now that seems beyond reason? Do you wonder where God is or why He seems to be absent from the situation? Do you feel like He is not hearing your prayers or that He’s ignoring your requests? And are you baffled because He seems to be allowing evil to win and isn’t rewarding faithfulness?

I get it. I’ve been there, too. Probably many of us have. Indeed, there are times we just feel like God has abandoned us. But when Habakkuk felt this way and voiced his frustrations to God, he received an answer that is not unlike the one I’ve felt in my spirit before. I believe God would echo these words from Habakkuk 1:5 to you today. You can rest assured that God is doing something. He is at work. He never abandons you, but He does sometimes do things differently than we would wish. If He were to tell you what He’s doing, it wouldn’t even make any sense to you. But He knows what He’s doing, it’s good and in the end it will accomplish His greater purposes. Trust Him.

“Look among the nations, and see;
    wonder and be astounded.
For I am doing a work in your days
    that you would not believe if told.” ~ Habakkuk 1:5

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xoxo, Kay
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14 thoughts on “As Simple as a Popover & Jeans – 2 Ways

  1. Thank you Kay for all your inspiration since life is definitely not back to what it used to be. It is refreshing to see your smiling face and your encouraging words for DFMD. I really like the red shoes. I bought a red patent leather pair of loafers years ago that are so classy and can rev up any basic look. As far as the shirts tucked in…..I like them tucked in on you considering you have a nice slim shape. I wear some of my shirts with a front tuck. However, it can be irritating at times to adjust especially when I go to the bathroom quite often from drinking water….leaving it out is easier. The front tuck actually helps me hold my stomach in better. The front tuck has a slimming affect for my short stature. Have a great day. ~?Lisa?~

  2. I’m definitely in ‘tuck it’ camp!! Before I lost a lot of weight, I thought wearing all of my tops untucked would cover up my stomach! In truth and looking back at pictures, it made me look BIGGER! UGH! It also made my hips appear wider. So, I rarely leave anything untucked anymore!

  3. I like the tucked in look better here – it’s more polished and slimming. I think I prefer tucked with more tailored shirts and untucked with more casual ones. I like a front tuck but they usually look weird from the side on me. Haha, it’s so tricky to be a girl!

  4. Hi. I love the look of your jeans. Could you tell me the rise? Online it just says high-rise, but I’ve found that can be anything from 9-12”. I am about your height and usually wear a 6 or 8. I have long legs and almost no torso though, so a 12” rise seems to sit right under my bosom, but a 9” doesn’t reach my waist and feels like I’m constantly pulling them up! I have a couple of pairs with a 10” rise and they fit great, but they are “destructed” which is ok for home/weekend wear, but not so much for work. Your jeans should look very polished and classic. I’m still looking for just the right fit in a more classic look. Who knew it could be so hard?

      1. Thanks so much for the quick reply. They look FABULOUS on you, but the 12” sadly looks a bit Steve Urkel on me with a tuck. ? I’ll keep looking for those “perfect” jeans.

  5. Thank you for styling both tucked and untucked today. I really like the look of a tucked shirt, but because I have such a short waist and fuller bust tucking doesn’t look good on me, and an untucked popover would look too blousy on me. Any hints on how I could style a popover top with my figure? Maybe it’s one of those things I’ll just admire on others.

  6. I tend to be an untucked gal. I don’t know why really, I guess it’s a comfort level thing. Having said that, I generally wear blouses and tops that are more fitted and tailored since I’m petite and short-waisted. I like both popovers you’re wearing but is the over-sized look trending right now? Both look a little oversized for your frame but I’m guessing this is the trend. I really like the cut and style of the Chicos popover, so cute, and I’m considering ordering it. Thank you for the verse you shared Kay. It’s certainly a good one during these uncertain times. I look forward to your inspirational messages every single day! Be blessed sweet lady!

  7. Like one of your other readers mentioned, I’m short-waisted and have a full bust, so as much as I love the idea of tucking in tops and appreciate the look on other women, doing so with my own outfits gives me the less-than-desirable shape of a squat little fire hydrant!

  8. Hi!
    Am enjoying your daily fashion tips and inspirational messages. Just a quick question about the popover shirt. How oversized is it compared to what you usually wear? I tend to select shirts with princess seams/darts as much as possible for a neater look. Love the look of the popover shirt but at 5″3 and a bit busty don’t want to look like I’m super heavy. I normally wear a 14-16 m or 16p (Talbots clothing). If I purchase the popover how much should I consider downsizing in your opinion? Thanks so much and have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Pat. Both of my shirts are size 8, which is my usual size. I might could have sized down one size to a six for a slimmer fit and it would still fit I think. And I’d definitely size down in the Chico’s top too. Hope that helps.

  9. What a wonderful BFMD! Well, I like the top both ways. Depending on how I’m feeling, there are times I definitely want lose hanging tops, then there are those days that wearing a top tucked in is a good thing. The outfit with the blue top is more pleasing to my eye only because it’s a better color for me to wear than the white. I am glad that you managed to stay out of your office over the weekend! I hope that you can do that more often. And I subscribed to your YouTube channel. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. Untucked and comfortable Is my Moto. It’s gets hot hot here and anything tucked is just too hot and sweaty. I keep forgetting to buy blue sneakers. They look great. I have navy but that’s not the same look. What I need is a purge of my shoes or get another shoe bag. The woman who has the most shoes wins when she dies. Right? LOL
    I’ll be wearing these looks all summer. I have red shoes. I just never think to wear them. I have a black flats mentality.