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Simple But Impactful Jewelry for Summer

Building a Wardrobe
June 6, 2023

I love accessorizing my outfits with some pretty jewelry. But during the summer especially I like to keep the pieces a little more minimal. A lot of jewelry can feel and even look just as hot as adding a third piece of clothing. So today I’m sharing some simple but impactful jewelry for summer.

Simple But Impactful Jewelry for Summer

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Another Reason I’m Minimizing My Jewelry

A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to start investing (slowly!) in a few more substantial and classic pieces of jewelry that I can wear for years. I’ve definitely developed more of a slow fashion mindset over the past few years of blogging. As someone who gets in a lot of clothing and accessories for her job, I abhor waste. And I really don’t want to have an ever revolving closet full of clothes or accessories that eventually end up in a landfill.

I do have to buy new things and I receive a lot of gifted products to share here on the blog and on my YouTube channel and social media platforms. But I work harder than you might imagine to keep my inventory low and select.

With piles of baubles accumulating on the surfaces in my office and bedroom, I became determined to curate my jewelry collection more intentionally. So yes, you’ll continue to see costume jewelry here occasionally, especially when it’s gifted by a brand for a collaboration, such as here. But I think you’ll notice that otherwise I am wearing the same select pieces below, as well as others I may add over time, over and over again.

Julie Vos Jewelry

The first brand I decided to look into was Julie Vos. I like that her jewelry is substantial looking. I’m 5’8″ and generally like for my jewelry to take up a little real estate on my body. So I love the chunkiness of this brand’s jewelry.

relaxed crops with a textured sweater
Julie Vos stud earrings // Julie Vos demi link necklace //Julie Vos hinge bangle ; Nordgreen Native 32mm watch (use code KAYHRMS at Nordgreen for 15% off)

Of course, the more substantial the jewelry, the more it weighs. So yes, the demi link necklace and hinge bangle shown above are not lightweight, but they’re not especially heavy either. I wear them with ease.

Julie Vos stud earrings // Julie Vos demi link necklace //Julie Vos hinge bangle – See the original post for clothing details.

I would call the color of the Julie Vos jewelry an Aztec gold. It’s definitely brighter and more yellow than other gold pieces I have. But I think that makes it especially lovely for summer. And it really shows up so nicely against everything I wear it with.

Tank and Shirt
Julie Vos stud earrings // Julie Vos fern necklace // Julie Vos link bracelet // Nordgreen Native 32mm watch (use code KAYHRMS at Nordgreen for 15% off)

So that I would have mix and match pieces that would work well for a variety of outfits and necklines, I started my Julie Vos collection with six interchangeable pieces:

Notice my selections are from different Julie Vos collections. I did that intentionally so that they don’t look matchy-matchy when worn together. But they all go together beautifully.

Julie Vos stud earrings // Julie Vos demi link necklace // Nordgreen Megara black agate necklace (use code KAYHRMS at Nordgreen for 15% off)

You’ll also find more colorful pieces of Julie Vos jewelry, featuring beautiful bright gemstones. I’ll potentially add some of those later, but for now I’m very happy with my all gold collection. And I love the way these pieces mix with other jewelry I have, such as my Megara black agate necklace from Nordgreen (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off).

Julie Vos Jewelry
Julie Vos fern wrap around ring // Julie Vos stud earrings // Julie Vos demi link necklace //Julie Vos hinge bangle // linen sweater

All Julie Vos jewelry is hand set in 24k gold plate over nickel-free brass, and it’s sealed to prevent tarnish. But they do suggest you keep your jewelry in the individual microfiber suede pouches each piece comes in.

Julie Vos jewelry is not inexpensive, but I received notification in the mail that they are beginning their Sample Sale with up to 60% off TODAY. I’ve never shopped this sale before, so I don’t really know how it works or how long inventory lasts. But it’s definitely worth checking out.

I’ve collected some of my favorite Julie Vos jewelry in the shopping widget below.

Gorjana Jewelry

I’ve actually had several lovely pieces of delicate Gorjana jewelry in my collection for years. But recently they reached out to gift me a few pieces, too. Gorjana is known for their dainty necklaces and bracelets that can be easily layered and stacked for a very modern vibe.

Column of White with a Linen Shirt
Gorjana Tatum necklace (gifted) // Gorjana Parker necklace (gifted) // Gorjana Compass coin necklace (gifted) – see the original post for clothing details.

Most Gorjana jewelry is available in silver and gold, and they do have a collection of fine jewelry, too. I’m considering purchasing a dainty piece of fine jewelry like this one, maybe for my birthday in February. I’ve selected some of my favorite fashion jewelry and fine jewelry from Gorjana below.

Lagos Jewelry

I had also been looking at and considering Lagos jewelry when they reached out to me recently. They generously sent me three pieces that I selected, and I then purchased a fourth.

Lagos Jewelry
gifted from Lagos: Caviar Color onyx pendant necklace // Signature Caviar gold station earrings // Derby two-tone caviar buckle bracelet

“Founded by master jeweler Steven Lagos, the brand’s signature Caviar collections offer bold, feminine styles that encourage personal expression.” (source) I love that so much of their jewelry combines silver and gold so beautifully, enabling you to mix it with the other pieces in your jewelry collection easily.

gifted from Lagos: Derby two-tone caviar buckle bracelethandbag // dress

One of the tricks to easily combining your silver and gold jewelry, in fact, is to wear at least one mixed metal piece that acts as a bridge between the two. These Lagos pieces work beautifully for that.

white Caviar ceramic collar necklace (purchased by me); gifted from Lagos: Caviar Color onyx pendant necklace // Signature Caviar gold station earrings // Derby two-tone caviar buckle bracelet

I intentionally selected pieces from Lagos that would mix and match well with other things in my personal jewelry collection. I selected the Caviar Color onyx pendant necklace because I wear a lot of black and thought this dainty but substantial pendant necklace would be a nice nod to that neutral in my wardrobe. But then I decided to purchase the white Caviar ceramic collar necklace to tie in nicely with my lighter summer outfits.

Green Linen Dress for Summer

Above I’ve combined the Lagos white Caviar ceramic collar necklace with other pieces in my jewelry collection for a very summery look. And I’m wearing it below, tool

Jewelry at Home

Really, this Lagos jewelry just goes with everything, from simple t-shirt and jeans to more elevated outfits.

Lagos Jewelry
gifted from Lagos: Caviar Color onyx pendant necklace // Signature Caviar gold station earrings

I think this is a very nice little collection of Lagos jewelry for now. But I imagine I will add to it over time. Now I have a good jewelry brand to send my husband to when he wants to give me something nice for an anniversary or birthday.

There are so many beautiful pieces to be found on the Lagos website, but I’ve selected some of my favorites below. You can also shop Lagos at Nordstrom and other retailers with fine jewelry.

Kendra Scott jewelry

But of course I continue to enjoy my Kendra Scott jewelry, too. I do think brands like Lagos and Julie Vos resonate with my personal style a little more. And they definitely lend a more elevated vibe to my outfits. But wearing some Kendra Scott jewelry is a good way to add a little youthfulness and joy to an outfit.

Evidently I haven’t taken close-up photos of it yet, but I recently purchased this multi strand necklace in teal abalone. Here’s a photo taken from an upcoming YouTube video. I also purchased this Jovie gold strand beaded necklace in variegated dark teal magnesite (not shown) to wear with it when I’m wearing more casual outfits.

Kendra Scott Jewelry
multi strand necklace in teal abalone // Addie gold drop earrings

Kendra Scott frequently runs decent sales and I love giving their jewelry as gifts. I’m sharing some of my favorites below, including some of their classics and their newer collection.

So those are some of the pieces I’m wearing currently and hope to enjoy for years. Thanks so much for dropping in today. I’m still on vacation, so I may not be able to respond to your comments or questions right away. But I always love to hear from you.

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James and I pray over this business/ministry daily. We try to operate it wisely and honorably, especially in this present age. But that’s not easy, as you might well imagine. In recent months I’ve become evermore aware that the enemy is on heightened alert to what we are doing here, the impact we are having on women. And he is coming at us from multiple angles to discourage and derail us. While I respect that you may have strong opinions about how we should conduct this business, I simply ask that you would pray for us. That would mean more to me than you can imagine. And ultimately that is the greatest thing you can do for us.

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xoxo, Kay
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14 thoughts on “Simple But Impactful Jewelry for Summer

  1. I’m adding you to my prayer list. The devil is certainly active and growing bolder every day.

    I’ve found that I have inherited jewelry that is so important to me, it’s all I want to wear anymore. So I need to go through what I have and make some decisions.

    I’m so glad you encourage us to mix metals. 22 years ago we designed my wedding ring with white and yellow gold and I did it on purpose to mix metals. I don’t care for silver most of the time, but I do have some pieces that I really like. I have several items in white gold and I love that I made that decision about my wedding ring. I have my grandmother’s diamond ring and my grandfather’s wedding band and they are that bright, beautiful, shiny gold that never fails to make me smile.

  2. You are a very special person, Kay, and I hope and pray that you can continue your business so that it supports your family and honors women. We are all on this road together, navigating the perils of a modern world as sisters, regardless of where we live or our where we are in our respective journey.

    The jewelry you feature is lovely! I wear silver and gold. In the winter, I like to “warm up” my outfits and darker colors by wearing gold and warmer toned metals. In the summer I prefer silver or a silver and gold mix to visually cool off my ensemble. For some reason I like more ornate silver or pewter on my plain knits in the winter so the details show, whereas the simpler, shinier metals feel like ice cubes on a hot day!

  3. I will add you specifically to my prayers. Thank you for making us aware of your challenges. Any time we present something online, we open ourselves to the possibility of criticism, and it hurts. Civility is often absent today, and also misunderstanding. I do have a question for you and our community about unused jewelry. I have a few chest/drawers of jewelry – some now too ‘young’, some out of style perhaps, and some more substantial. Unlike my closet, I have never purged my jewelry. Much of it is unseen, and therefore, unused. Some are “heirlooms” and will be kept, though I doubt my kids will realize this (great read: Swedish Art of Death Cleansing!!). Do you have ideas about how to move these items on to possible reuse, particularly pierced earrings and necklaces (costume jewelry). Clean and mount them on cardstock and donate to thrift? Or not waste the time and effort? Will anyone want them? I’ll definitely offer them to kids/grandkids, but realistically don’t expect a lot to go that way! I hope you two find blessings on your vacation – “re”-creation!

    1. I think most of us at this age/stage realize our children are not interested in our stuff. I have a fair amount of costume jewelry that is not being used that should be donated. My city has a resale shop that donates proceeds to a women’s shelter. My friend says when a relative passes the inherited belongings become sacred. Getting rid of it causes guilt. I agree.

    2. You could definitely donate them to Charity/Thrift , Im not too sure about for pierced ears( you could clean the earring posts with surgical spirit and explain to the store and let them make the decision) . Or if you know someone who is a clever craftsperson who would like to disassemble some of your pieces to make new . But please don’t waste them , you loved them once Xx

  4. I’m thankful for your business and your ministry. The BFMD encourages and challenges me so often in my spiritual life. And your fashion and clothing advice is a tremendous help! I’ll be praying for you and James.

  5. Your BFMD is so on point!! Praying for you and James! Enjoy Maine and eat some lobster and see some lighthouses!! It is a beautiful state.

  6. Kay I agree with all the other lovely ladies who have offered their prayers to you and James. So sorry to hear of the challenges you are facing at this time, there are some horrible cruel people out there who feast on making others unhappy. You are a Beautiful lady inside and out , you provide us with a wealth of ideas on how we can present ourselves to the world on a daily basis , with your very good advice and fun tips . You send us a beautiful daily Scripture and with an in depth description of why it means so much to you . You have started up a Bi monthly Scripture platform for us to share our Scriptures and open our hearts to our other ‘Sisters’ if we wish . You make us all very happy. Your new jewellery selection you have made is beautiful and stylish . I have quite a large jewellery collection with most of my pieces gifted by my lovely husband , and some pieces gifted by my lovely younger Late brother , so these all mean a lot to me when I wear them , as does the pendant I have that contains some of my dads ashes , the company is ‘Ashes into Glass’ its beautiful and I have a special message engraved on the back , it means I can take my dad everywhere . My metal of choice is ‘Silver’ as I seem to suit that more than gold , which I do have a few select pieces of , I don’t wear those as much but could never part with them as they were a wedding gift from my husband . I do love your idea Kay of mixing the metals , I haven’t tried it yet but will. You take care Lovely Lady and enjoy the rest of your holiday with James , laugh love and live with him on this holiday together . ❤️Xx

  7. I enjoy you and your expertise in fashion. Thank you! You are a blessing and refreshing in a world that is disturbing. I look forward to your emails. Sometimes I go straight to the scripture then back to your tips. Lovely!

  8. I really enjoyed this post! I like learning about different jewelry retailers. It seems the other bloggers I follow feature Gorjana and Kendra Scott almost exclusively, so this was refreshing to see Lagos and Julie Voss (who I’ve never heard of before). My biggest challenge is remembering to ‘put on’ my pieces and finish my outfit. I’m still in the mindset of ‘saving’ jewelry for Sunday or date night instead of daily use. Hope you are having a lovely day!

  9. Kay, you are in my prayers! Please know that you are appreciated and respected for your great content and beautiful personality. Thank you for boldly sharing the love of Christ!