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Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Like a BOSS!!!

July 29, 2020

Hello, sweet gal, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today we’re talking all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on YouTube. Did you know the first ever online Preview of the sale is live and available now??? While you can’t shop this fall mega-sale yet, you absolutely can start filling your wish list with the items you need and love.

We’re actually also kicking off a new series of videos today. I’ve titled this series, “Like a BOSS!” In these tips-oriented videos, I’ll be sharing ways to do all sorts of things like a B.O.S.S. That’s a Beautiful, Older, Stylish, Savvy woman. And yes, that’s you and me!

So today I’m sharing how to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Like a BOSS. That means I’ll be sharing tips that are especially important to us gals 50+. I think you’ll love this video…if you’re shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

If you’re not a fan of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

Bear with me. This is the only video I’ll be dedicating to coverage of the sale. You can expect a wide variety of other great videos here in the next few weeks. So please come back, even if this sale isn’t your cup of tea.

On with the show!

You can watch the video through this link if the player doesn’t load.

Watch the Video

I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to check out my other Nordstrom Sale posts for more information here. Also, I’ll begin loading additional Nordstrom Sale Top Picks posts in all sorts of categories later today. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter so you get up dates on all of those.

The following shopping widget contains all the items in the Nordstrom Sale Preview that I highlighted today. Be sure to start your Nordstrom Wish List if you’re shopping the sale this year.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I’d love to be your go-to resource for all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If there’s something in particular you’re hoping to find in the sale, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll gladly help you look. I want you to be able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a boss!

Some of you have graciously asked how to make sure that I get commission for your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping. That is so kind of you. Honestly, I’m not really sure how this is going to work with the Wish List capability. But I’m assuming for now that if you enter the Nordstrom site through my website links and then add items from to your Wish List, I will get credit for them. I hope to find out for sure in a conference call I’m in this afternoon.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt if you also returned here to my site on the morning (or whenever) you begin to actually shop the sale. The last links you use to get to the Nordstrom site before you start making purchases (whether that’s my site or that of another blogger you follow) should get the commission credit.

At any rate, don’t worry too much about that. Let me worry about that. You just enjoy shopping and take advantage of the information I try to provide you in the coming weeks.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Have a lovely day!

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God uses conviction as a tool. As He convicts us of the sins we have committed that block our relationship with Him and dishonor Him, He pries open our hardened heart so that the light of Truth can come in and set us free. His intent is always freedom, life, relationship and renewed joy.

But Satan uses guilt as a weapon. He wields the hammer of shame to knock us down and keep us down. He pins demeaning and cruel labels on our chests and dares us to remove them. And He slaps us around with taunting accusations, insisting that we pay penance or restitution and then pay it some more.

Learn to know the difference, sweet sister. This knowledge is life and death. Do not allow anyone to convince you that the guilt they’re laying on you is from the Lord. Instead, you remind them that the blood of Christ covers your sins and you have been released from the bondage of shame.

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. ~ Galatians 1:6-7

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10 thoughts on “Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Like a BOSS!!!

  1. Wonderful video Kay! I love the reminder of the vast contrast between God’s vs Satan’s role in our lives regarding sin. God convicts – Satan condemns. Have a blessed, freedom in Christ day!

  2. I enjoyed the video and I have started my wish list. I, too, have my eyes on the Zella joggers (never worn this brand so I’m not sure about sizing) and also a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I usually add a new color/style to my wardrobe during this sale. I have the sneakers in the snake print and really like them. The moto jacket also caught my eye but I honestly don’t know when I would wear it. Would love to know how you would style this item if you purchase. I probably won’t be shopping this sale to a huge extent because I really don’t need anything.

    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on the sale. I love that. I find the Zella Joggers to run true to size – at least in the past. I wear a medium, as usual. I completely agree with you on the moto jacket. Even since I made the video Saturday I’ve been reevaluating my list, which is a benefit of this preview and wish list feature I think. I’m really assuming we still won’t be doing a lot of socializing or business networking for a while. So I don’t know that I’ll be investing in blazers, moto jackets and such this year, even though I have some in my wish list right now. But I do think the faux shearling is a beautiful piece I could have in my wardrobe for years and wear easily with jeans, a pretty turtleneck and booties. It would also look beautiful – eventually – with a leopard or other print skirt and kneed high boots. So it is very versatile. In fact, I’m thinking for me it would be a nice replacement for the ever elusive leather moto jacket that I’m always looking for and never finding. Thanks for sharing! ?

  3. First off Kay……your hair cut/style looks darling on you!!

    I know you’ll need 1, 2, or even 3 of those coats in Cincy! Coming from AZ not sure how many you needed there, LOL. All of them you chose are so nice. (Stay Warm)


    1. Ahh, thanks so much Holly. I’m enjoying my hair, but I am still working at learning how to style it. I haven’t worn curls in YEARS. I did purchase one great coat last year but I definitely hope to find a new black one and maybe a dress coat too. Thanks so much for watching. ?

  4. Love your hair, Kay! Very informative and helpful video today, thank you! Have a blessed day! ❤️

    1. Hi Kathleen. It opens to non-credit card holders on August 19th. But if you have a Nordstrom Credit card you can shop early, depending on your Nordy status. You can see the dates for shopping here: Let me know if you have further questions.