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Our September 2021 Favorites

September 23, 2021

Welcome, dear friend. I know it just seems like last week that I posted our August 2021 favorites, but September is flying by and I have other things scheduled for next week. So I’m going ahead and sharing your and my September 2021 favorites today. I hope you enjoy this little rundown of the things I’m loving, using and wearing (or at least anticipating wearing!) as well as the list of top sellers among the Dressed for My Day community this month.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

My September 2021 Favorites

Usually my favorites are the items I’m truly using and wearing a lot. But I’ll confess, since we’ve been inching toward fall this month I’ve only worn most of these once, maybe twice. Still, I can say with conviction these are indeed favorites and you’ll be seeing them all a lot in my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts.

Loft Pull On Straight Pants in Plaid Ponte

I knew I was going to love these when I slipped them on at the store. These Pull On Straight Pants in Plaid Ponte are both comfortable and sharp. I’ve already worn them just to work from home, but I envision wearing these out and about a lot, too. They’ll look great with a t-shirt and jean jacket when the weather cools a little.

Loft Pants
Loft Pull On Straight Pants in Plaid Ponte

The photo above doesn’t really show it, but there’s a little bit of a reddish stripe in the plaid print, too. These pants fit great true to size and they’re currently marked down as I write this post on Wednesday. We’ll see what the deal is on Thursday!

Unfortunately the only photo I have of me wearing them is from a day earlier this week when I gave myself a little grace and didn’t wear any makeup. If only I’d known! Ha!

Loft Pull On Straight Pants in Plaid Ponte // casual twist tee (50% off) // sandals

I already enjoyed wearing these pants with just a simple white t-shirt and sandals, but I know I’ll enjoy them with a sweater or long sleeve top, too.

Everlane Dream Pants

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the biggest trends this year is relaxed office apparel. So we’re seeing lots of pants and even dresses that are sharp enough for work, but very, very comfortable. All of this is a result of last year’s work-from-home situation. And as someone who still works from home, I really appreciate and embrace this trend. So I’m loving the Everlane Dream Pants.

sweater vest // scoop neck tee // black Dream Pants // ReNew Sports sandals // gold brushed teardrop earrings

I originally purchased these Dream Pants in both black and slate, but only the black came in at first. Just yesterday the slate pair arrived and I like them just as much. I waffled between the medium and large in these, too. The size chart is such that I fall right between the two sizes, wearing mostly 8s but having gained a few pounds. (Ugh. ) Mediums are for 6-8 and Large is for 10-12. The Large feels wonderful on (yes, dreamy!), but I do think the Mediums, which I’m wearing above, look a little neater on me. So I’m keeping the mediums in both colors.

Let’s Go Outside T-Shirt

All summer I got questions about and requests for links to my Madewell Good Days graphic tee. And all summer I had to tell people it was sold out. So I was delighted when they introduced this very similar Let’s Go Outside T-shirt. It’s really just the same other than the words.

Nic+Zoe tech stretch ankle pants (or HERE for $20 off your order) // Madewell Let’s Go Outside tee // Everlane Renew Sport Sandals // split hoop earrings (40% off)

I’ve already enjoyed wearing it with my black Nic+Zoe tech stretch ankle pants (or HERE for $20 off your order), but I will wear it on cooler days with jeans and a blazer or cardigan. It runs true to size. I’m wearing a medium.

Paul Green Cynthia Mules

I almost didn’t include these Paul Green Cynthia Mules simply because they are so pricey. But if there’s one thing I’ve grown to appreciate spending a little more on, it’s shoes. Comfortable, wearable shoes are so crucial to our well-being. And I’m just done with uncomfortable footwear that harms my feet. So these Paul Green Cynthia Mules definitely fit the bill. They are extremely comfortable, but also very classic and on trend.

Elevated Casual Fall Outfit
 straight leg jeans in shore wash // clip dot blouse // belt // gold Wilder necklace // gold Parker bracelet // Paul Green Cynthia Mules // Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings

The Paul Green Cynthia Mules run true to size. I’m wearing my usual size 9.5. And yes, they absolutely stay on my feet beautifully. If you’re interested in these shoes and they don’t have your size at Nordstrom, you can also purchase them at Paul Green. Use that link and/or the code DRESSED15 to receive 15% off your order. Unfortunately the list price is a little higher there, so the code just gets them down to the same price they are at Nordstrom. But, for some reason, the black pair are listed for less, so the savings would be more substantial. Just enter the name Cynthia in the search engine at Paul Green. And that code and link will give you 15% off everything at Paul Green.

Ryan + Roan Nora V-Neck Pullover

I’ve always loved the style selections at Evereve, but they can be a little pricey. So when they announced (kind of quietly) that you can use code SEPTEMBER for 15% off this month, I decided to order a few tops that would be nice for early fall and into the season. I love the Hattie Henley tee, too, but I’m sharing the Ryan + Roan Nora V-Neck Pullover because it was a surprise favorite.

Ryan + Roan Nora V-Neck Pullover (use code SEPTEMBER for 15% off) // Everyday Relaxed Jeans (size down) // similar sneakers // Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings

I assumed this berry colored Nora V-Neck Pullover would be similar to a sweatshirt. But it’s much lighter, almost thin. But it’s not so thin that you can see through it. So it’s the perfect fall-looking top to wear on those not-quite-cold autumn days. Later I’ll be able to layer on a utility jacket for a fun, sporty vibe. You might remember I also wore this Nora V-Neck Pullover in this week’s video, 6 Essential Accessories for Fall Outfits.

Tarte Babassu Foundcealer Multi-Tasking Foundation

I was just typing this up as one of my readers and an old high school friend texted me asking for a foundation recommendation. I was so excited to be able to share this Babassu Foundcealer Multi-Tasking Foundation with her…and with you. I’m sold!

Babassu Foundcealer Multi-Tasking Foundation

Most of you know I’ve been a devoted Mary Kay foundation wearer for quite a while. Sure, I’ll experiment with other formulas for my work here on the blog. And that’s what I thought I was doing when I purchased this Tarte foundation recently. But now I’m a convert.

Watch this brief video for more information. Just click on the player!

You can click on the YouTube video for more information, but let me just tell you why I like this Tarte foundation. It was easy to choose my shade online with their guide (I wear 16N Fair-Light Neutral), it goes on so smoothly and stays nicely all day. It spreads with full, even coverage onto your face. It doesn’t thin out as it spreads, but it’s not heavy either. Bottom line? This is my new foundation.

By the way, the only photos in the post in which I’m wearing the Tarte foundation are the pretty poor office mirror photos. Trust me, it creates a smooth, flawless finish.

J.Crew Calf Hair Belt in Leopard

I’ve had a couple of great leopard belts, but I decided it was time to purchase a new one. I featured this one in this video, 8 Fall Jeans Outfits. I just really like the size and quality of this J.Crew Calf Hair Belt in Leopard.

Leopard Print Belt
J.Crew Calf Hair Belt in Leopard

It’s frustrating to me when belts don’t fit true to size. Optimally, you should be able to buy the same size belt as you do pants. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out this way. However, this J.Crew Calf Hair Belt in Leopard does indeed fit true to size. I’m wearing a medium, and I’m able to use the middle holes pretty consistently depending on which pants I’m wearing.

jeans (similar jeans in more availability) // pink tee // utility jacket // Sarah Flint Natalies (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase) // J.Crew Calf Hair Belt in Leopard

Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings

I picked up these Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July, but I didn’t really start wearing them frequently until this month. Now I don’t seem to remember to wear anything but these classic earrings.

Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings // clip dot blouse // gold Wilder necklace

I hope they’re not sold out because these Kendra Scott earrings are evidently a Nordstrom exclusive and they’re on sale for 40% off as I type this up. They’re also still available in the silver. And don’t forget, you get triple Nordy points at Nordstrom right now.

Shop My September Favorites

I’ve created a shopping widget with my September Favorites.

Now let’s check out the reader/viewer favorites for September 2021.

Your September 2021 Favorites

From my analytics I can tell how many orders were placed through each link. But the truth is you could have clicked through one item and purchased something completely different. However, by the time you get up into the numbers that some of these items saw, I’m pretty sure they corelate fairly well to true sales. I say all that to say that I can’t know for sure that these were the top sellers in the Dressed for My Day community, but my hunch is these are pretty accurate.

#5 – Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

Well, I’ve sung it’s praises enough; that’s for sure. Ha! I do love my Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick. I just think it’s a great color for moving into fall, but you can absolutely wear this best-selling lip color all year round.

Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick at Nordstrom and at Macy’s // Estee Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Envy Crème Cheek Blush at Macy’s

This neutral undertoned rosy hue was one of my August 2021 favorites, and it quickly became one of yours. Not only have several of you told me you ordered it, but I’ve even seen photos of some of you wearing it in my DFMD Facebook Group.

Elevated Jeans Outfits with Exquisite Comfortable Shoes
Wearing Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick at Nordstrom and at Macy’s

#4 – Tailored Jean Jacket from Talbots

Right as I featured this Tailored Jean Jacket from Talbots in this video, 5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials to Help You Layer on the Style. So I was beyond pleased when Talbots restocked it. I announced it immediately on my Facebook page (follow me!) and then in my subscriber newsletter the next day. In no time at all the Dressed for My Day community had purchased over 50 of these slightly fitted denim jackets with a gentle puffed sleeve.

Back to the Classroom Let's Go Outside
Tailored Jean Jacket from Talbots // Madewell Let’s Go Outside tee // Loft Pull On Straight Pants in Plaid Ponte // Kendra Scott Zorte Split Hoop Earrings

The Tailored Jean Jacket from Talbots runs true to size and has a little stretch in it. It seems to still be available in most sizes, including petites. And right now you’ll get 25% off your full purchase at Talbots.

#3 – Peak Lapel Boyfriend Blazer from Express

I first showed this Peak Lapel Boyfriend Blazer from Express back in the spring or winter, I’m not sure which. And, because I bought it late myself, it sold out quickly. But Express restocked this classic long blazer this fall and then knocked it down 40%. You ladies jumped on it. In fact, the size medium is gone in all four colors. But it is still available in most other sizes.

Great Labor Day Weekend Sales (2)
Peak Lapel Boyfriend Blazer from Express // See the original post for details

I’m so glad some of my readers and viewers snapped up this Boyfriend Blazer. I think it will be very versatile for fall. It runs true to size.

#2 – Corduroy Shirt from Amazon

After I shared this post about wearing a shacket or shirt jacket, a lot of readers and viewers opted into this fall trend with the Corduroy Shirt from Amazon.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a Colored top
See the original post for details.

I shared 8 ways to wear this Corduroy Shirt from Amazon, but the above outfit is probably my favorite.

#1 – Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse

I’ve shared my dark green Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse in two posts. First I shared it in an Elevated Casual Fall Outfit with jeans and then with my black suit separates. I have no idea which colors you ladies purchased your Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouses in, but I hope you like them as much as I do.

Green Clip Dot Blouse
See the original post for details.

By the way, that Italian luxe knit black suit blazer and pants were close runners up to the top five best sellers for September. The Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse fits true to size. I’m wearing a medium. It comes in several other pretty colors, including black and white.

Well that’s a wrap! Of course, I realize September isn’t over yet. But these top five sellers were pretty well set apart from other items in the list, so I think it’s safe to say that these were your September 2021 favorites.

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19 thoughts on “Our September 2021 Favorites

  1. Loved this post and all of your commentary ! Thank you for sharing your lovely photo with no makeup…I appreciate your courage and honesty. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Kay,
    I recently found your YouTube channel (and now your blog) and I am hooked. I love all the options you show and most importantly how to style them – which is the area I mostly struggle with. However, since I am tall (5’9″) many of the fashion pants don’t come in tall lengths. I can find Jeans but not the plaid pants you show (which I would love to buy). Anyway, thanks to your styling tips I swap out some pieces with items I can find in my length so I greatly appreciate all the choices you present. Thank you!

    1. Hi Claudia. And welcome. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and YouTube channel. I completely empathize. While I’m an inch shorter than you, I do struggle to find some pants in the right length too. To frustrate matters more, at 5’8” it seems im right on the bubble between regular length and tall. Have a great day!

      1. Claudia, I’m in the same boat! Love many Talbots, J Crew, and Loft pants…and very few come in Tall or Long length. Try JJill—they even carry Tall tops for those of us with long arms:-). For a budget-minded option, consider the SimplyVera line by Vera Wang at Kohl’s—they come in Skinny and Bootcut!

  3. Kay, could you recommend an alternative to the JCrew leopard belt? I do love it, but afraid I would need an XL to accomodate a 31″ waist (size 12)? And there is no size bigger than a Large currently available on the J Crew site.

  4. Love the plaid ponte pants. Have been meaning to buy them. Today might be the day. I But the Nic and Zoe black stretch pants last for Fall and they are so comfortable.
    Love the BFTD. I know how hard it is to encourage some one In your life That you love that it’s going through a difficult time. I had to encourage my oldest brother again yesterday as he has been battling prostate cancer and had it removed six months ago. He found out a couple days ago that it he has a spot on his bladder and has to have it removed in November. He was so disappointed and discouraged. We have a Prayer group from church praying for his complete healing. Know God will take care of him
    and heal his cancer. Just need to pray and have faith. Thanks for the verse today.

  5. I came close to coveting that pretty rose colored sweater. It was only in XS when I got there. I just absolutely love it. I like the pink sweater with the brown corduroy jacket outfit too. Several of these outfits I just love. When you have beautiful clear skin and beautiful bright eyes, you don’t need make up. (Send my check to 77 sunset stripe LOL

  6. Kay, as my momma always said, beauty is as beauty does, so you are absolutely beautiful without makeup! I’m so glad that I went ahead and purchased the Let’s Go Outside tee because I’m afraid it will sell out, meaning I’d miss out on it. I opted to go with my larger size since I knew that the fabric is on the thin side, and I’m glad that I did. Yesterday afternoon I was able to turn off the AC and open the windows, and the fresh air and cool fall breeze is so awesome. We are enjoying some days without the awful humidity, which is a very nice break. I hope that you are having a fabulous day!

  7. I just ordered the Everlane pants in Slate, I can’t wait, I hope they are as cute and comfy as they look:) love your posts and thank you for all the work you put into them!! ❤️

  8. I ordered the Talbot’s Everyday Relaxed jeans. I will really enjoy them! I had been looking for jeans that weren’t so skinny. I bought some straight leg Talbot’s and they were still pretty tight. My legs are sort of thin and I like the looser fit in jeans. Thanks!