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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top 10 1st Glance

July 12, 2018

Nordstrom First Glance favorites (1)

Well good morning! I’ve been up since the wee hours this morning shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access. (Actually I may be in bed as you read this!!) I feel like I’ve been fully indoctrinated into the life of a style blogger now. Ha! Really, nothing has made me feel more like a newbie than this sale! But I’m doing the thing, y’all! And I really am anxious to share with you all my top 10 22 first glance favorites. Yep. That’s right. I thought I was going to share my top ten. That number quickly grew.

In fact, I placed three separate orders this morning. (I was warned not to let items sit in my “cart” too long or they’d disappear, but instead to order in batches. So that’s what I did!) And I got everything I want. I did order a few things in two sizes because I’m not sure what size will fit, and Nordstrom’s shipping and return shipping is free. So why not? In fact, I plan from the get-go to return more than half of my order. But I don’t have a brick and mortar Nordstrom around, so I wanted to get everything I needed to shop this sale well. I encourage you to do the same.

So here are my top picks from looking over as much of the sale as I could in a few hours. I’ll designate the items I bought, but remember, I haven’t tried anything on, so I intentionally over ordered. I’m providing affiliate links so you can shop the items. Oh, but remember. Only Nordstrom cardholders can shop July 12-19. Then the rest of the public can begin shopping the sale prices July 20th. The sale ends August 5th. If you are shopping the early access for cardholders, you’ll want to grab what you like while it’s there. The biggest shopping days historically are the first day of early access, the first day of public access and the second day of early access.

Here we go!

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite shoes

Starting with the boot and going clockwise: Nova Waterproof bootie by Blondo ($99.90; $149.95 after sale), Violet Mule by Halogen ($64.90; $99.95 after sale), Addie pump by Charles David ($64.90; $99.95 after sale), I ordered the Leopard Calf Hair flat by Sam Edelman ($89.90; $139.95 after sale); Cap toe Ballet Flat by Ed Ellen Degeneres ($58.90; $88.95 after sale), I ordered the the Devon Mule by Madewell ($98.90; $148.00 after sale).

I may still go back and order the pumps above. I really need some new pumps, but I just hate buying them. But these are a nice price and a pretty shoe. We’ll see. I noticed that a lot of the jeans in the adds were paired with the Devon Mule by Madewell and they caught my eye. They’re an investment, but this is a good reduction in price and I think I could get a lot of wear out of these if they fit nicely. I’m looking forward to trying them on.

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite Jeans

Left to right: I ordered the cranberry Ankle Skinny Jeans by JEN7 ($98.90; $149.00 after sale), I ordered the Billie Demi Boot Crop Jeans by J.Crew ($82.90; 125.00 after sale), I ordered the Praise High Waist Flared Crop Jeans by Treasure & Bond ($52.90; $79.00 after sale), the Madison Straight Leg Crop Jeans by BLANKNYC ($58.90; $88.00 after sale).

I know it looks like I ordered a lot of jeans. And I did. But I have never tried any of these before and have no idea how they’ll fit. I really just hope to get one or two pairs out of them. I love the cranberry color, so we’ll see how those do.

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite tops

Left to right: I ordered the Madewell Central Cactus Floral Shirt ($47.90; $72.00 after sale), Plunging Knot Front Top Wayf ($45.90; $69.00 after sale), Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt ($104.90; $158.00 after sale)

I had seen the cactus floral shirt peaking from a cardigan in the preview catalog, so I hunted for it immediately upon getting on the early access sale. I’m hoping to like it, and I was relieved that it was a reasonable (not low, but reasonable) price if I do.

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite coats

Left to right: Boxy Crop Denim Jacket by Topshop ($56.90; $85.00 after sale), LaMarque Asymmetrical Zip Leather Biker Jacket ($365.90; $550.00 after sale), J.Crew Olga Boiled Wool Top Coat ($184.90; $278 after sale).

I love my denim jacket and don’t need another, but if you don’t have one…well, I just think you need one. I think this one looks like a nice option. And while I’d love a leather jacket (and this is the one I’d choose if I bought one), I’m not really in the market for one right now. Yes, this one’s pricey, but I love the clean lines and the shade of leather. A leather jacket like this is an investment piece, of course. And the boiled wool coat comes in several other beautiful colors, but I do think this is a nice yellow. And wouldn’t it be bright and cheerful in the dead of winter?

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite cardigans

Left to right: I ordered the Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater ($45.90; $69.00 after sale), I ordered the Nubby Cardigan Dreamers by Debut ($35.90; $55.00 after sale), Leith Dolman Sleeve Cardigan ($42.90; $65.00 after sale).

Every year I’ve watched other style bloggers post beautiful cardigans from the Nordstrom sale only to find them sold out by the time I could order. This year I was determined to land one. So I ordered two with the hopes that one will work well. In fact, I think I may have ordered both a small and medium in each. But I’ll be returning three of them hopefully and keeping a winner! I really wanted the third sweater, too, but had to draw the line somewhere.

Nordstrom Sale 1st Glance Favorite accessories

Clockwise: Powerbead Adjustable Bracelet by Gorjana ($37.90; $58.00 after sale), Kate Spade Jodie Reading glasses ($44.90; $68.00 after sale), Ava Foldover Crossbody Bag by Nordstrom ($85.90; $129.00 after sale).

Honestly, I didn’t have much time to go through all the accessories. There are definitely some beautiful handbags. But most of them are high end. And while I’m all for having a beautiful quality bag as an investment purchase, I didn’t really see one that I just love so much that I’d pay the price for it. I’m craving a Frye bag, and one of these days I’ll get one. But the ones they have on sale are not the ones I have my eyes on. So I’m waiting it out. Meanwhile, I do think this foldover crossbody bag would make a beautiful staple in a wardrobe, and would go with so many clothing choices. It comes in several colors, but this is the richest to me.

Well ladies, this gal needs some sleep. If you’re shopping the early access, I wish you well. Remember, don’t try to hold items in your cart too long. This sale will go fast today. Many items will sell out and will not be restocked. So if you think you might want it or at least might like to try it on, order it. The return policy is generous and returns are free. So it’s worth over shopping, as long as your card can responsibly handle it. I’m definitely not encouraging over spending or busting budgets! Let’s be wise out there.

Of course I’ve used affiliate links in this post. When you shop through them I earn a little money to keep this blog site going, but at no cost whatsoever to you. Thank you for reading, commenting, shopping, sharing and subscribing. If you aren’t a subscriber we can take care of that here.

Let me know if you have questions. I’ll be posting an update when I receive my items and try them on. But unfortunately I will be out of town when they arrive (I’ve had them delivered to a friend’s house), and will not be able to try them on until we’re well into the general public sale. Meanwhile, let me know if you order anything. I’d love to hear about your picks, too!

Blessed for My Day

May the Lord bless you with gentleness of spirit today. Try as we may to be thoughtful, easygoing and gracious in our ways, we can plow right over someone else without meaning to, huh? But the fruit of the Spirit is…gentleness. To be gentle means to keep our power and abilities under the authority and control of God. It means we don’t demand or insist or forge forward aggressively, but instead we trust and lean back and hold our tongue and let go. Ahh, to go gently into our day. Wouldn’t that truly be a blessing to others? Today may the Holy Spirit reign in you and bring forth winsome gentleness. Amen.

May my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, like gentle rain upon the tender grass, and like showers upon the herb. ~ Deuteronomy 32:2

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5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top 10 1st Glance

    1. Yes, I was determined to get a cardigan this time. I’ve ordered a ton, but plan to keep just one. 😉 Thanks for sharing what you got Dianna!

  1. I like the shoes and booties that you chose, the cranberry-coloured jeans, and the J. Crew coat. The BFMD has wonderful sentiments. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Yes, we’ll see about those cranberry jeans. I have high hopes! Thanks so much for reading today, Bev! Blessings!

  2. I am bummed I don’t have the credit card. I keep telling myself the items may be there on the 20th and if not, I will find them somewhere else or I don’t need them! Thanks for the picks!!