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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Fall Preview

July 9, 2018

all 2018 Preview & Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m all for a good sale. But when the sale is mostly comprised of end-of-season leftovers, I’m about as interested as I am passionate about eating leftovers from my fridge the fourth day out. I’ll shop them, but those sales are not my favorites. That’s why I’m truly excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which begins this week. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is not an end of season clearance. It’s a fall preview sale. That means all the merchandise on sale is as fresh as a gourmet dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant! Yippee!


My Coverage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Now I’ll admit, I’ve just gotten into the swing of summer. And I’m still enjoying wearing my lightweight, colorful, easy-breezy summer clothes and can’t really even imagine giving them up any time soon. But I’m planning to “shop smart” during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m looking mainly for fall and winter staples, classics and maybe a few trendy pieces.

Also, if you like to plop down a wad of cash this far in advance of the season, I’m not you’re blogger for this sale. I’ll mainly be looking for great fashions at an equally great price. And I’m not raising my fairly modest price point just because of the hoopla surrounding Nordstrom’s annual sale. From me you can expect posts like, “Top Picks Under $100” or even “Favorites under $50.”

[bctt tweet=”If you’re a big spender, I’m probably not your go-to blogger for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I plan to shop smart and look for classics and a few trends at GREAT prices. If you’re looking for the real bargains…I’m your gal!” username=”@mykayharms”]

Nordstrom Sale Starts

I will not be dedicating this blog to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So if you really don’t care a flip about it, you’ll still find plenty of summer posts here over the next few weeks. But I will provide a few posts that highlight some of what I consider to be the best picks from the sale. Remember, my price point is not high, so you’ll find very reasonable purchase points here.

More than anything I see this sale as a sneak peek into the upcoming fall fashions. It’s our opportunity to begin thinking about what we’ll give a try or how we can adapt our classic wardrobes with a modern twist. It gives us an opportunity to see the colors that will prevail and the trends that have gained momentum and are here to stay for a little while longer.

How to prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Ha! That sounds like we’re preparing for something much more important than a fall preview sale. And we’re not. Let’s keep this in perspective ladies. They’re just clothes. And while the deals may be fantastic, I still want to be a good steward of my money. That said and perspective established, let’s talk about what you need to do now if you really want to benefit from this fall preview sale.

  • Sign up for Nordstrom Rewards. With Nordstrom Rewards, you earn 1 point* for every dollar spent in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. You could also open a Nordstrom credit card if you’re interested. I know. That’s a major decision. I’m not suggesting haste. And you can accumulate points at Nordstrom without their credit card. But with a Nordstrom credit card you get 2 points* per dollar when you shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club; PLUS you get to shop during Anniversary Sale Early Access. You can also pick your own Personal Triple Points Day(s) and get reimbursed in Notes for alterations. *For every 2,000 points, you’ll get a $20 Nordstrom Note to spend on anything at Nordstrom.
  • Schedule a Personal Triple Points Day if you are a Nordstrom cardmember. I suggest designating a shopping day early in the sale as products do sell out quickly. Make this your biggest shopping day. And think ahead about Christmas gifts, birthday presents and weddings.
  • Mark your calendar. The following are the dates you’ll want to be aware of.

Norstrom Sale Calendar

  • Subscribe to my blog. I often mention additional sales information in my emails to my subscribers. And if you subscribe you’ll be the first to know when I’ve posted new blog posts about the sale. You can subscribe and learn more about that here.
  • Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I may be posting in the Instagram and Facebook stories about my selections and order.
  • Check your wardrobe for holes and make lists of what you need. I suggest doing this before the sale so that you can shop smart. I’m the kind of gal who can easily be overwhelmed by the online offerings or a full store floor of fashions. Oh my! So I do better if I’ve strategized my purchases.

A Sneak Peek of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog is more of a preview lookbook than a catalog really. There is definitely much more to come. And right now I haven’t found that much in the catalog that I’m just crazy about. And maybe that’s a good thing for this gal on a budget!

More than helping you decide what you’ll purchase, the catalog does offer a peak at what we can expect to see more of this fall. And so far it’s a mixed bag.

Jeans seem to be consistently cropped and straighter. I think I saw only one pair of skinny jeans in the catalog, so maybe they really are off the radar. And I actually like the jeans I saw so far.


Nordstrom Sale Jeans 8
These are some I’m definitely interested in unless I find something better when they actually post the sale. All jeans seem to be higher waisted and most have a raw hem. What do you think about that?


Nordstrom Sale Jeans
These are actually my favorites from the catalog. I’m sure there will be many more to choose from though. Any time a price goes from above $100 to below, I’m excited about that. This is really a pretty good deal on J.Crew.


Nordstrom Sale Jeans 7
There are definitely more expensive jeans featured in the catalog. But remember, I’m on a lower budget! These do have a flare cut at the bottom. And I’m game for giving that a try, too.


Nordstrom Sale Jeans 11
Seriously, everything seems to be straight and cropped. But that’s okay with me.


Nordstrom Sale Pants 3
The dress slacks seem to be mostly cropped also. I wonder if we’ll be wearing these through the winter? But I do love some of the prints that these Halogen pants come in. Once again, these are certainly in my price range.


Nordstrom Sale Pants 3
These are a little interesting. I’m willing to try them on at least. What about you?

I’m really excited to see some changes in shoes. I’ve recently decided to “just say no” to heels with ankle straps. But there haven’t been many alternatives. I like a lower and more flattering vamp. And I’m seeing some in the catalog.

Nordstrom Sale Shoe
These would be beautiful with slacks, jeans or skirts.


Nordstrom Sale Shoe
Slingbacks like these are usually universally flattering. These are a little pricey for my taste. But they would probably work for several, several seasons. So they might make a nice investment, especially for the working woman.


Nordstrom Sale Shoe
There are a number of booties pictured in the catalog. And these are my favorites that I’ve seen so far. I tend to like a bit of a masculine touch to my booties.

Norstrom Sale Cosmetics

There are a number of great sets of cosmetics at good prices in the catalog. It will be interesting to see if there are other good deals in this area.

Norstrom Sale Cosmetics
I wear Lancome mascara, and this is a really good deal if it’s your brand of choice.


Nordstrom Sale Jewelry
Be sure to check out the jewelry when the sale begins, too. I love all three color patterns that these earrings come in. They’re definitely on my radar.


Nordstrom Sale Cardigan
I love to get a new cardigan every year, and this one looks like a winner to me. Cardigans seem to go fast at the Nordstrom Sale though. So look alive if one has your name on it! I also REALLY like the blouse under this sweater, but it’s not actually featured in the catalog. I’m going to be looking for it, though! Great look!


Nordstrom Sale Coat
Coats can be a big and expensive purchase. And it’s hard to think they’re worth it when we’re cranking the air conditioner up to stay cool! But if you’re due a good coat, this is the sale to check out.

Well there is much, much more featured in the catalog. But these are some of the items that piqued my interest. You can check the catalog out, too. Just click the photo below.

Have you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before? Do you have additional tips for us? I’d love to hear from you.

By the way, if you have early access because you’re a cardmember, the sale goes live on line at 3 a.m. Eastern DST, July 12th. I’ll be posting my picks early that morning. Not at 3 a.m., mind you, but soon after. I’ll go ahead and send out my email to my subscribers early, too. So if you’re the kind of gal who loves the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and plans on shopping it early, I invite you to come here early that morning for my picks. Not that my picks will necessarily be “the best,” but it’s sort of like shopping with a friend and having another set of eyes looking for the bargains.

We’ll make this fun, gals, but it won’t be all we do around here. I guarantee it!

In case you’d like to do a little summer shopping at Nordstrom right now, here are some of my current favorites:

Happy shopping!

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4 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Fall Preview

  1. Thank you for all this good information and for keeping budgets in mind. I love high rise jeans but not sure I can wear crops because I did my proportions from your previous post and am shorter on my lower half. But maybe the crops would be ankle length on me?. I am looking forward to your upcoming posts on how to dress a body for our proportions. Will you be covering crops and what body types can wear them? Thank you for all your posts and for your Blessed for My Day.

    1. Good observation, Pam! Way to put what you’ve learned into practice. However, I that if you want to wear the crop pants (because you can break any rule, as long as you do it smart!) you could just make sure you still elongate the leg. So you’d want to wear nude colored booties or heels (sandals right now) with them. That way you wouldn’t look as “chopped up” in the lower leg. At least that’s an option you could keep in mind.

      I’m not really sure what all I’m covering yet. Ha! I’ll be spending all day tomorrow on that post, so we’ll see! But I will certainly try.

  2. I will look at a few items but I am not a big spender and I don’t have the credit card so a lot of items are usually gone by the time they open it up to the public. I would love to get a cardigan and a pair of new jeans. Thanks for helping us navigate this sale!!