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My Top 13 Talbots Summer Red Hanger Bargains

July 11, 2018

Just as we begin to settle into a rotation of our new favorite warm weather styles, stores begin to mark down their summer merchandise drastically. Honestly, most of us have already purchased and begun to wear our limit of new duds. So while I receive ads from many of my favorite stores touting their new low prices, I’m not all that enthusiastic. I’m enjoying wearing my summer finds, but I’m tired of buying them. You, too?

My Top 13 Red Hanger Sale Bargains

But I do think it’s smart to scour those markdowns looking for true end-of-season bargains…even though it’s hardly the end of the season. Face it, Hobby Lobby is already stocking their shelves with pumpkins, autumn leaves and scarecrows. Likewise, clothing stores are greatly discounting their summer merchandise to make room for the impending arrival of corduroy, flannel and cashmere. These markdowns will not be around long.

What I’m trying to say is if we’re going to do any end of season shopping for warm weather clothes, now is the time to do it.

For me, that usually means spending too much time tediously scrolling through pages and pages of clothing I’m tired of seeing in an effort to find those one or two bargains that make sense to me. And that’s what I did recently on the Talbots website. So, I thought I’d share my finds from the Red Hanger sale with you. Maybe this will save you some time…and eyestrain…as you check out my tips and top picks.

Tips for shopping end of season sales

When I’m shopping end of season sales I do it a little differently than I shop a sneak peek sale. Talbots Friends & Family sales are sneak peek sales. That’s the time to grab trendy favorites at up to 50% off. But their Red Hanger sale is an end of season sale. Theoretically won’t get nearly as much wear out of those items, but the prices are slashed even more.

Here are some tips for shopping at the end of the season:

  • Do consider end of season events for which you want a little something special. Think end of summer weddings, birthdays, vacations or anniversary celebrations.
  • Don’t purchase extremely trendy items, especially if the trend has had a 3-year run or more.
  • Do look for items you can wear into at least the middle of the next season. Depending on your climate, you may be able to wear some summer clothes well into the fall (like I can here in Arizona) or you may be able to wear winter pants and shirts deep into spring.
  • Don’t forget that some sale items are “final purchase” meaning they cannot be returned under any circumstances. Better be sure you really want it.
  • Do look for classic year-round pieces like jeans, white t-shirts, jackets, cardigans, accessories and sneakers, to name a few.
  • Don’t forget that cruise or tropical vacation you’ve planned for the winter. Now is a great time to buy the swimsuit, cover-up, shorts or dress for that trip.
  • Do lean toward classic colors or at least shades that consistently look good on you. For instance, unless you’re just especially drawn to yellow, I wouldn’t purchase a yellow dress right now. It’s been trending this year, but it may be obsolete next year.
  • Do consider staples in your spring/summer wardrobe that are seeing their last season. If your swimsuit is hanging on by a thread, now is the time to buy next year’s model. The same goes for sandals, sneakers, denim shorts, white shorts, a straw purse or a swimsuit cover-up.

My top 13 Talbots Red Hanger Sale bargains

Top 13 Talbots Red Hanger Bargains

Taking the previous tips into consideration, I’ve chosen these 13 items from Talbots’ Red Hanger Sale to share with you.

  1. This casual cotton safari jacket will still be stylish this fall, and will serve well when there’s just a chill in the air.
  2. This slub terry hooded cardigan will be perfect for your early morning dash to the gym this fall or for an early fall picnic. There are several colors to choose from, but I would stick with the navy unless you need a white one for next summer.
  3. I’ve seen similar maxi dresses at Talbots every year recently, so I bet there will be another one next year. Might as well buy this one and tuck it away. It’ll be better than new next June! I especially like that this one has a drawstring waist instead of just a removable tie. And pink and navy is a classic combination.
  4. Ok, I just like this t-shirt. It’s not especially trendy, just pretty. And it will actually look great through the fall under a denim jacket.
  5. The zip-around wallet is considerably marked down. It would make a great gift. But you can also remove the goofy little ball and use it as a small clutch. Especially if you go with the gold one, which is what I’d choose.
  6. This oatmeal linen camp shirt is a classic. So it will still be fashionable and chic next spring and summer.
  7. Talbots’ classic pebble leather belt has been marked down considerably. And it’s available right now in 8 shades. Unless  you need one of the colors for something specific, however, I’d probably stick with brown, white, navy or black.
  8. This embroidered eyelet shift dress will probably look just as stylish and pretty next year. And if you can still get plenty of wear out of it this summer, all the better. Unless you often wear the bright pink and get compliments on it, I’d probably stick with the white.
  9. The aqua and navy pique shift dress is simple enough to still be fashionable next summer. So if you still haven’t bought a favorite casual dress this summer, this sweet number could be it. It’s more than 50% off.
  10. Talbots’ Chatham ankle pant has been around for at least several years now. They may be about to restyle it or even do away with it. But it’s a classic cut, and ankle pants will still be in this next year. This would be a great purchase if you need a pair of classic navy or black pants. Or you could buy the gypsum for next spring/summer. I’d probably steer clear of the other shades just because they’re pretty trendy and summery. These pants are available in curvy fit, too.
  11. These classic linen crop pants are available in white and a bright yellow. I’d stay away from the yellow. But you’ll certainly be able to wear these linen favorites next year.
  12. Girlfriend jeans will definitely still be around for a while, so my bet is that Talbots is introducing new shades. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dark camden wash. Snag these if you don’t already have girlfriend jeans for the fall. These are half price.
  13. Finally, these wide leg linen pants aren’t going anywhere. You’ll definitely be seeing them again next summer. And all three colors – sandy beach, India ink and summer sage are classic and beautiful.

Right now, during the Red Hanger Clearance Sale, Talbots credit card holders also get an extra 5% off their purchase,including sale items. I personally have the Talbots credit card, and it is well worth it for me. You accumulate points* pretty rapidly because they often offer double and triple point* days. You also get to shop at a deep discount one full day during your birthday month. I just keep mine paid off, so it operates like a debit card for me really. You earn a $25 reward for every 500 points you accumulate at 1 pt./$1.

So there you have it. I did see a few other pieces in the many pages of Red Hanger Sale markdowns that I would consider purchasing end of season, but I thought 13 was more than enough to share. Let me know if you find other items you choose. I’d love to hear about your selections. And let me know if this post was helpful. If so, I’ll consider doing more of these “shop the clearance rack” posts. You can find more deals at Talbots here. And all of the selections above are in the shopping widget below, too.

There are a ton of affiliate links in this post, of course. That’s what it’s all about…helping you to shop smart at the Red Hanger Sale. When you click through the links I earn a little bit of money. And when you buy something…I make a little more. Of course, none of my income goes on your bill! It’s all on Talbots today! Thanks so much for supporting Dressed for My Day by spending some time here, reading, sharing, shopping and commenting. It means a lot to me. You’re the bomb!

Blessed for My Day

May the Lord bless you with financial discernment today. May you be wise in how you make money, save it and spend it. And may you not forget to give some of it to your church and other ministries as God so leads. Truly, the Lord loves a generous giver. So may He help you to hold all that you have in open hands, willing to allow Him complete control. Finally, may God bless you with all that you need in order to be a blessing to others.

She is not afraid of snow for her household,
    for all her household are clothed in scarlet.
She makes bed coverings for herself;
    her clothing is fine linen and purple.

~ Proverbs 31:21-22

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4 thoughts on “My Top 13 Talbots Summer Red Hanger Bargains

  1. I have been shopping at Talbots more so this article is very helpful! I like finding items I can wear next year and even into fall.

  2. Great reminder that we must be good stewards with our money. Sometimes that’s hard to do when I’m looking at all the cute clothes that are featured!