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Ikat Crops and Tank Top for a Day Out

July 10, 2018

While I’m still perfectly comfortable in shorts most summer days, there are still many occasions when I’d prefer to “cover up” a little more. And I know many of you feel the same way. Plus, I have some readers who steer clear of shorts completely. That’s why I love it that cropped pants and skirts come in so many fun prints and colors these days. Today I’m sharing some fun ikat crops and a simple tank top that are perfect for going out to lunch with a friend or strolling through your favorite outdoor mall.

Ikat Crops and Tank

These sateen finish ikat crops have a front zip and button closure and five pockets, but they still fit close to the body without gaps or pulls. They have a slight stretch that moves with you, but I didn’t notice them stretching out or bagging as the day went on.

Ikat Crops and Tank

They do fit snug to the leg, but they don’t pinch or feel clingy. So as long as you’re happy with the stretch (and there’s plenty) you shouldn’t feel confined or uncomfortable in them. But if you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t really want to feel anything hugging her legs, these may not be the pants for you. But I really enjoyed wearing them.

They come in a couple of other equally stylish prints, too. I really like these tropical cheetah print crops and the black and white palm springs floral is pretty, too.

Ikat Crops and Tank

I generally don’t mind wearing sleeveless tops, especially when the heat is a factor. So I paired these colorful crops with an alabaster cotton slub v-neck tank top. I really wanted to wear the pants with one of the blues in the fabric, but the day I was in the store they didn’t have either in my size. Plus, I kind of think this neutral colored top gives the pairing a touch of chic. What do you think?

While I do think the busyness of the design in the pants calls for a fairly blank canvas on top, I kind of like the idea of wearing this giraffe print tee with them, too. The tee still looks fairly neutral with just a little bling. And if you’d like to pick up one of the other colors in the ikat crops, my tank comes in a wide variety of hues. Or if you’d prefer sleeves you could try this cross-back tee in the blue or red shades.

Ikat Crops and Tank

I wore my gia gold sandals, of course, and really think they’re perfect for these ikat crops. I really would have preferred to wear gold jewelry with the outfit, too, but didn’t have any with me. (This photo was taken while I was out of town on our retreat. Which explains the green grass!) I’m having to work on my gold jewelry collection because I actually sold all of mine several years and went all silver. Now I’ve decided I’d like at least a few gold pieces to wear when I happen to wearing clothing, a belt or shoes that have gold in them.

Again ladies, I’m loving these shoes. You won’t catch me really pushing items here very often. But I’m telling everyone they need a pair of metallic sandals. And these get my vote. Seriously, if you’re considering your end of summer season purchases, think about these. I think metallic sandals are here for a while. However, these may not be available if you wait too long. So keep an eye on them.

Ikat Crops and Tank

My Wilde necklace is no longer available, but I found this one at Rocksbox that would work beautifully with this v-neck, too. You might remember that I wore that one in a few posts, too. And this necklace or this one from Chico’s would bring a little color to your face. My earrings are from Brighton, but I would really like these more colorful ones. And look, you don’t need to worry about whether or not all the exact same colors are in the ikat crops and the jewelry. They don’t have to exactly match. If you wear it with confidence, the colors are close enough to where no one is going to notice, and in fact they’d think you look stunning. You just have to wear it like you mean it!

Ikat Crops and Tank

My bag is my Talbots crochet tote that I won last month. I’m really enjoying using it this summer. It comes in another shade combination, too.

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I’ve linked this post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Linkup. I hope you’ll check out a few of the other style posts there.

Blessings to you all, and have a great day out and about!

Blessed for My Day

Yesterday I posted on about the need for healthy boundaries in our life. I hope you’ll check it out if that speaks to you. I pray that God bless you with the discernment to set good boundaries in your life. As David declared his boundaries in Psalm 101, it is beneficial to us to restrict what we see, hear and experience. David also indicated that it serves us well to limit the time with spend with those who boast, lie, slander or gossip. In fact, it’s best not to surround ourselves with those folks at all. Dear friend, may you have strong fences so you can build healthy bridges.

No one who practices deceit
    shall dwell in my house;
no one who utters lies
    shall continue before my eyes. ~ Psalm 101:7

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    1. Yeah, even though I love print tops, too, I think it’s smart to keep the loud prints on the bottom half if possible. These are a lot of fun!