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My Results from Using Collagen for Her

January 14, 2023
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I know so many of my readers either use collagen supplements on a regular basis or have been interested in adding collagen to their routine. So I was thrilled when Collagen For Her reached out to me about five months ago to see if I’d liked to try their products. I shared about that in this previous post. But today, after using their supplements for a little over three months, I’m sharing my honest results from using Collagen For Her.

Collagen For Her

This is No Snake Oil!

Of course I do want you to know that I always offer you my honest assessments here at Dressed for My Day, whether that be about fashion or makeup or lifestyle aids such as collagen. Or just my life in general. I’m an open book. And your trust is important to me. That’s why I wanted to circle back around after using the products to share with you my results.

Collagen for Her

But I’m also pleased to share that a desire for transparency is one of the factors that drove Collagen For Her co-founder Kaitlyn to start this business to begin with. She noticed that much of the talk on social media about dietary supplements centered around meal replacement shakes and diet pills, offering false or speculative claims and quick fixes. Kaitlyn decided, “there was way too much snake oil out there,” and she wanted to be part of the solution. Plus, collagen played a big role in her own health and she was passionate about sharing the benefits with others.

Collagen For Her
Collagen For Her Marine Collagen Beauty Blend, Unflavored Collagen Peptide Powder and Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies

So Collagen For Her was birthed by women with the goal of providing transparent, helpful information about collagen for women, as well as a collection of sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paleo, and keto collagen products that meet the needs of unique women.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is a crucial building block for bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. But collagen is also found in many other body parts, including blood vessels, corneas, and teeth. As we get older our bodies produce less and less collagen with each passing year, resulting in visible and not-so-noticeable signs of aging, such as wrinkles and less elastic skin; brittle hair, teeth and nails; a sluggish metabolism and joint pain and discomfort. (source: Collagen For Her) Taking collagen supplements has been shown to help with those things.

Collagen For Her

The Collagen for Her Products I’ve Been Using

I’ve been using the Unflavored Collagen Peptide Powder almost daily either in my coffee or in my oatmeal. It works beautifully in those two things for me, but you can also add this supplement to tea, smoothies and baked goods. Occasionally I’ve swapped in the Marine Collagen Beauty Blend, but for the most part I prefer using the Collagen Peptide Powder and knowing that I’m getting collagen with high quality bovine.

Collagen For Her

But because I sometimes forgot to add the Unflavored Collagen Peptide Powder to anything during the day, I recently began using the Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies, too. I take two orange flavored, easy-to-chew gummies each day without fail. And you can even use the gummies along with your other favorite Collagen For Her supplement. The pescatarian-friendly gummies contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Zinc, and Marine Collagen to help keep your hair, skin, and nails in tip top shape.

Collagen For Her
Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies

My Honest Results from Using Collagen for Her

Let me just cut to the chase. I could sing the praises of Collagen For Her for sure. But I think what will resonate with you more is what other “experts” have told me.

My hair dresser, who will be styling hair in the New York City fashion week shows next month, told me just last week, without being asked, that my “hair is amazingly healthy.”

My nail tech recently told me my nails grow faster than most of her younger clients. And she volunteered that they look healthy and strong, too. I haven’t had a broken or torn nail in three months. And I’m about to start having to schedule my nail appointments more frequently because they’re growing so fast.

Collagen For Her
Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies

I don’t have an “expert” collaboration on this one, but the joint pains I’ve experienced for years in my hands, elbows and hips have almost disappeared. I have had some pain just this past week in one hip, but I think that has had a lot to do with the weather and some exercises I did recently. But the pain I’d experienced in my hands and elbows is just no longer an issue, and I think I have better mobility in those joints, too.

Should You Take Collagen?

My goal for today’s post was not to convince you to take a collagen supplement, but just to share my honest results from using collagen. However, it does turn out that Collagen For Her is having a great savings event on their New Year Collagen Bundles right now. You can save up to 30% off your purchase depending on which bundle you choose. All three of the products I use are included in the sale. And you’ll receive a free bottle of their Healthy Gut Probiotics with any bundle order while supplies last. Most of their products are also available on Amazon here.

Collagen For Her

So I’ll let you head over to Collagen For Her to figure out which of their products is best suited to your needs. They have all the information on the website to help you determine which ones would fit in best with your diet and personal needs. But I can assure you that my experience with Collagen For Her has been beneficial and very positive. And I’m definitely continuing to use their products.

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8 thoughts on “My Results from Using Collagen for Her

  1. What a beautiful BFMD! Some people do not realize how much God loves us. Like how you explained God’s love for people. Gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    Have pondered taking collagen. Will have to look into the product.

  2. Thanks Kay, this is just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been wanting to try collagen but was unsure of it or what brand to use. I can’t wait to give this a try!

  3. Would be interested in trying a collagen supplement, but being vegetarian, there doesn’t appear to be a vegetarian option. Will keep looking 🙂

  4. I’ve just finished my first month. So far so good, ordered more hoping for continued benefits!
    ❤ BFMD so true

  5. There are so many different vitamins, supplements, etc. on the market that it is difficult to decide what to add to prescribed medications. Should collagen or any other supplement be taken without consulting our own physicians?

    1. It never hurts to ask your pharmacist or medical caregiver. But collagen is really just a form of protein, so I don’t think it should interfere with anything. But generally you should be able to check that out for sure with one phone call to your pharmacist.