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How I Really Dressed for My Days this Week

January 13, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s time for another weekly roundup of my daily outfits. I didn’t do anything really exciting this week, but I do try to get dressed in a complete outfit every day. It just helps my own sanity, but I also feel like it’s respectful to my husband who works with me from home. So let’s see how I really dressed for my days this week.

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I really try to focus on why I wore what I wore and how I put it together in these posts. But I may occasionally elaborate on a particular piece of clothing or accessory. Otherwise, you can assume that everything I’m wearing runs true to size unless I tell you otherwise. And I’m providing shopping links if the item is still available, but I generally don’t spend the time to hunt for substitutes on these days. These are items straight from my closet that I wore in real life.

What I Wore Friday to My Hair Appointment & Shopping

Last Friday I got out in the rain for a hair appointment (the photo is taken prior to the appointment) and just a little bit of shopping afterwards. I wanted to keep it simple, feel comfortable and dress appropriately for messy weather. I opted for the cheerful pink sweatshirt that I featured in this week’s YouTube video.

What I Wore Friday
pink sweatshirt // similar jeans (in curvy fit / plus sizes / plus sizes curvy) // similar Sorel Lenox boots // similar coin necklace // classic hoops (similar)

It actually took courage for me even to try this sweatshirt on. The puff sleeves looked quite overwhelming, even on the hanger. But once I had it on I actually loved it. I do think it takes a little time for our eyes to adjust to seeing new trends and then even longer sometimes for them to adjust to seeing ourselves in those trends. I’m not necessarily one to jump on every trend (I’m quite late to the party on this one!), but the femininity of these puffed sleeves appealed to me so I wanted to give it a try.

To keep the contrast in intensity minimal for me, I paired the sweatshirt with my dark wash straight leg jeans (similar jeans) and my Sorel Lenox boots (mine are a couple years old). I added a simple necklace duo (similar coin necklace) and some classic hoops (similar) and called it a day.

Saturday we shot videos, so I wore about twenty outfits instead of one. Ha! Let’s move on to Sunday.

How I Dressed for Sunday Church and Lunch

Sunday was pretty cold but I wanted to wear something besides boots for once. So I chose to wear my Spanx Perfect Pants (slim fit) and a camel v-neck sweater (similar). I completed the look with my cap toe Rothy’s (no longer available in cap toe).

What I Wore sunday
Spanx Perfect Pants // camel v-neck sweater (similar) // Rothy’s // earrings // 2 necklace set // Elisa pendant necklace // similar black wool blend coat or similar coat in camel // scarf

This is one of those outfit uniforms that I reach for when I don’t feel especially creative, but I want to look sharp. It works every time.

What I Wore Monday

Monday I worked in my office, but I also had an appointment out, so I dressed up a little. I wore my grey bi-stretch pants with an ecru colored shell and my new plaid blazer from Madewell. It was a fairly temperate day, so this combination worked nicely.

What I Wore Monday
bi-stretch pants // shell // blazer // pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) // necklace // earrings

I added my Ally suede ivory pumps. I could have worn black or even my grey snakeskin pumps, but I really wanted a block heel for this day. And these soft ivory pumps read like a flesh tone for me, so they worked nicely. but since I was adding shoes in a different intensity I did decide to tuck the shell. The bi-stretch pants have a side zipper and button, so the flat front worked nicely here. And this way the proportions look so much better than if the shell had been left out.

How I Dressed for My Day Tuesday

Tuesday I worked from home most of the day, but I had the blahs and struggled to work. So James suggested we take a break and go see a movie. We saw the new Whitney Houston movie, I Wanna Dance With Somebody. I really enjoyed it. You can tell I look a little down in the photo below. I think that was before the movie. Ha!

How I Dressed for My Day Tuesday
sweater // straight leg jeans // boots // belt // necklace // earrings // coat

But I dressed in something fun to try to cheer up a little. I think it worked. I began feeling better the minute I started getting dressed to go out. I wore my Sundance hummingbird sweater with my favorite straight leg jeans. I complete the outfit with black boots and a black belt. I wore simple gold jewelry, but I thought these black and gold earrings were a fun touch. And I opted for my red puffer coat. It’s on sale with additional savings in Talbots’ Red Door Sale.

How I Dressed for a Little Shopping

Actually I wasn’t so much shopping as I was just trying on for the blog. But Wednesday I did head out in the rain for a try-on session at Talbots (that I shared in this blog post). I wanted to wear something pretty and sharp, but I needed to be able to get in and out of it easily enough also. I opted for a beautiful lightweight popover blouse I’d gotten recently from Evereve and hadn’t had the chance to wear. I think it looks great with the grey bi-stretch pants shown above, too.

What I Wore Wednesday
popover blouse // jeans (similar more in stock – also in curvy fit / plus sizes) // similar booties // coatigan // multi strand necklace

I paired the popover blouse with my light wash Talbots straight leg jeans (similar more in stock – also in curvy fit / plus sizes) since the blouse has a somewhat light intensity. I rarely leave my shirts untucked, but this one has such a pretty drape, feminine hemline and nice silhouette, so I opted to do just that. I completed the light to medium intensity look with my sand colored booties and topped it all with a taupe colored coatigan from Ann Taylor. It wasn’t that cold, so this option worked really nicely for me.

How I Dressed for My Day Thursday

And yesterday I met James in our basement studio to snap photos for Monday’s blog post. I’ll be sharing five ways to wear these natural colored straight leg jeans for winter. Well guess what. Here’s one of them!

How I Dressed for My Day Thursday
jeans // similar belt // sweater // similar booties // necklace // earrings

I’d say this may be my favorite of the five outfits I put together, but I’ll probably change my mind as I start writing that post. That’s usually how it goes. Anyhow I did wear these jeans with this pretty taupe cashmere sweater while I worked yesterday. I tied the look together with a light colored leather belt (similar belt) and my sand colored booties (similar booties). And I seemed to reach for this necklace a lot this week. It’s just a good length for sweaters really.

That’s a wrap! You can shop these looks through the links above. But you’ll find these and more outfits and style boards on my LTK page on the LTK app, too.

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3 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Days this Week

  1. Really liked the beautiful cashmere sweater you wore Thursday. Unfortunately it is sold out in both colors. Discouraging somehow, but have to remember that God is always with us, like you pointed out in the BFMD. Bless you.

  2. I agree, Kay. You look stunning in the last outfit with the taupe sweater and light jeans. I’ve noticed in other postings that, in my opinion, you really shine in the white, cream and taupe colors up top. But let’s face it, you look good in any of the colors also. Love the Talbot’s red coat but they don’t have my size.

    1. Black with beige or taupe has always been a favorite of mine and you look stunning in them. I also particularly like the hot pink sweatshirt. I am a winter but with white/grey hair and still love bright colors, it was spot on for your outfit also!
      So comforting to know you also have blah days, thank you for sharing and how you manage!