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Modern Winter Outfits – Wearing Shackets and Coatigans

January 10, 2023

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I know that many of my readers are ready to move on to spring 🙋‍♀️and warm weather fashions. But I’m going to press into winter styles for the month of January. This is where most of us are living, and I really try to provide content that meets you where you are. And at this time in a season I really like to focus on helping you wear those things you have in your closet…in multiple ways. So today I’m sharing a modern winter outfit with a trending shacket and coatigan. First up the coatigan!

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How to Wear a Coatigan this Winter
Cheers sweater // coatigan (similar vibrant clover green one) // grey jeans (wearing Tall) // grey booties // earrings // necklace set

As you might have guessed, I actually wore this modern coatigan outfit to church on New Year’s Day. The “Cheers!” sweater from Talbots was just begging to be worn. But it turns out the red coatigan has sold out and is now only available in black in one size. Never mind! Ann Taylor has other sweater jackets and coatigans, including this vibrant clover green one, which I also have and actually like more than this red one.

A coatigan is simply a garment that is easily recognizable as a cross between a cardigan sweater and a coat or jacket. It’s usually more substantial than a cardigan, but softer and more sweater-like than a coat.


Actually this post is not so much about this particular coatigan, but tips for wearing the one you own or another one. Coatigans are rather bulky by nature, so I do think it’s smart to keep the top you’re wearing underneath on the leaner side. You’ll want to wear a top or sweater that is close to the body and thin enough not to add a lot of extra bulk.

Grey Jeans

You can certainly wear a coatigan with slim fit ponte knit pants, cords or other favorites, but jeans are always a great pairing. However, in order to keep the proportions right, I think it’s smart to wear jeans with a slim fit as well. Any time you have a lot of bulk or fullness up top, you want to balance that with a slimmer fit below…and vice versa. These grey high rise slim fit jeans are new favorites of mine. They’re super soft and nicely stretchy without losing their shape. I’m wearing them in tall, but they come in regular and petite fits, too. They’ll be great for spring and summer, too.

Creating an Outfit with a Coatigan

You certainly could create a great look with your coatigan by wearing it over a column of black or other neutral. But I decided to do something a little different on this day. So I wore the red coatigan with grey jeans and boots and a black sweater top. I’d say that especially if you’re concerned about the coatigan “overwhelming” your smaller frame, you might want to create a column effect with one color neck to toe.

Here’s a selection of other coatigans to consider if you’d like to add one to your wardrobe. They’re an especially nice option for women who live in milder climates and don’t need to wear a full coat most days.

Next up, the shacket. I’ve shared shackets here at Dressed for My Day before, but I think I especially like this black and white plaid long length shacket. It’s quite substantial and warm. A shacket is simply a cross between a shirt and a jacket. So it has the substance of a jacket, but it’s shaped somewhat like a shirt. You’ll find them in a variety of lengths.

Shacket // Cheers sweater // grey jeans (wearing Tall) // grey booties // earrings // necklace set

Just to keep all other factors equal, I’m actually styling the the shacket with all the same components I wore in the previous outfit. But you’ll see me where it a little differently in tomorrow’s YouTube video, and my assistant Holly has created several style boards for you to see other ways to style this black and white plaid shacket, too.


I had initially thought I’d wear this shacket with a scoop neck tee or top. But I discovered that it looks best with something more substantial underneath. Otherwise, the shacket kind of “takes over” and, once again, proportions get out of whack. That said, I do wear it with a v-neck top in tomorrow’s video.

How to Wear a Shacket

Really, it’s all about proportions when you’re styling a large, “bossy” piece like a shacket or coatigan. That’s why I do suggest wearing full length jeans or pants rather than cropped length. And while you can wear flats or sneakers here, a bit of a heel is going to serve you well in keeping the legs looking proportionate to the long shacket. Another option would be to give the top a front tuck to raise the waistline a bit.

How to Wear a Shacket

We’ve got a few more shacket outfit options for you below. Here’s a fun, casual look you could wear into spring.

Shop HERE.

Here’s that column of black under the black and white plaid shacket. Finish with sneakers for a cool, casual vibe.

Shop HERE.

And for another fun option, put the black and white plaid shacket over your casual blue yoga pants and a white turtleneck. Head out to run errands in your trainers and messy bun.

Shop HERE.

You can shop the above style boards HERE.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and got a little style inspiration. Are there pieces in your winter wardrobe you’d like to see styled? Let me know in the comments below. Just click on JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “Modern Winter Outfits – Wearing Shackets and Coatigans

  1. I haven’t tried these two trends. I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t my style or I just didn’t know how to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I really appreciate you posting multiple ways to wear one thing that helps me see it’s versatility. I really like the outfit boards too.

  2. Fun post. I tend to forget about my coatigan and shackets. Good prompt to pull them out and style them this week. Love this shacket you’re wearing and the outfits you’ve styled to go with it. And I’m so glad you are still styling for winter! Christmas throws us off because it’s only one month into winter and for many retailers (like Talbots) the focus in their Jan-Feb catalogs becomes spring. Or at least lighter weight clothing for vacation travel to warmer locations. Thank you for styling for the season we still have two more months to live in.

  3. I am always afraid that I will look sloppy wearing a shacket but you really look great in all of these. I really love the black and white one. Thanks for all of your fashion inspiration both for dressy days and casual!

  4. Excellent topic today in Blessed for My Day. I will definitely be reviewing how I am spending my time (screen time and social media time; as well as time with God), energy, skills, thoughts, ministering to others, etc.
    Shackets and coatigans aren’t my “style”, but they seem so warm and cozy.
    Thanks for helping us grow and be better women.

  5. Love the coatigan in red as it is my favorite color. Too bad they are out of stock on this item. Will take a look at the green one. Do not care for shackets, not my style.

  6. Not a big fan of Shackets or Coatigans…Not sure what they add to my wardrobe or an outfit. Most of us are wearing puffer jackets now or maybe a warm sweater topped with a puffer vest. For dressier occasions I wear a nice coat and otherwise I have casual jackets of various degrees of warmth in my closet. Can’t really justify spending money of these items which seem a bit frumpy to me. I guess they’re just not my style.

  7. Great post! I’m delighted to see this trend enjoying some popularity. And -even better – I haven’t had to spend a penny to rock this item. I have a beautiful oversized “shacket” from the early 2000’s in a brown, rust, and olive plaid that fits the bill. Over many years of closet edits I just couldn’t part with this gem and wear it every fall and winter here in SC where the weather is generally milder. Lesson learned: if you love a particular piece of clothing, keep it; it will come back around! I recently picked up a dark green pair of hikers with a chunky lug sole (on sale!) to update the look. With regard to prioritizing where best to invest time, energy, and money, I can’t be reminded of this message too often. Thanks!

  8. Hi,
    I am Cheryl from Charlton, Massachusetts.

    “. . . may he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen”
    Hebrews 13:21 NLT