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My Recent Transition to Fall Outfits

September 23, 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! My goal here with each and every post is to inspire and help women over 50 to get dressed for our days in ways that feel authentic, stylish and beautiful so we can show up confident and engaged with the world around us. But to be honest, it’s a challenge for me to fulfill that goal in my own life many days. That’s why I like to keep myself accountable here by sharing my daily outfits somewhat regularly. Today I’m sharing my recent transition to fall outfits.

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My Recent Transition to Fall Outfits

Remember, let’s assume everything runs true to size unless I tell you otherwise. Of course, if you want to double check with me before ordering, I’ll gladly respond to your comment or email.

I really didn’t take outfit photos while I was on vacation in Florida. I meant to. And I did put together nice mix and match things. Of course they were mostly summery. It was blazing hot on the Gulf coast of Florida. But I guess I was just enjoying being unplugged. I know you understand.

So I do think this one outfit was from the week before we left for Florida. In fact, I wore these white pants and black polo shirt on a day when James and I spent a couple of hours in a nearby bookstore on a rainy day.

Black Polo and White Linen Casual Pants
polo shirt // white linen casual pants // sandals // earrings // necklace // shoulder bag // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I purchased this black polo shirt for the travel capsule that I put together for a YouTube video this summer, but it has really turned into a favorite. It’s really soft, slightly cropped and doesn’t fit especially close to the body, more flowy. It’s been a good top for transitioning into fall.

Next up is a combo I know I have worn multiple times during these weeks of transitioning from summer to fall. I’m just crazy about light grey and beige. This pairing feels so simple, uncomplicated and chic to me.

Grey Jeans and Ecru Top
jeans (more economical option) // top no longer available // similar sandals // earrings // necklace // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

In fact, I think those grey jeans are the only ones I took to Florida with me. The Mother jeans feel and fit just so great. But the Wit & Wisdom jeans I linked you to are a really nice more economical option.

The photo above is pre-vacation. In fact, I think that’s the day we left for vacation. Yeah, now that I think about it, that’s what I wore to Bible study that morning before we headed out. I’m pretty sure I changed into something more comfortable for the actual ride down.

But the next photo I’m wearing those Mother jeans again, so I just wanted you to know this is over a week later. It’s the day I went to get my hair cut right after we returned from vacation. The photos were taken post-haircut. I can tell because my earrings are missing. Ha!

more economical option
Mother jeans // tank on left // tee on right // blazer (more economical option) // slides // shoulder bag // necklace

I actually wore the outfit above with the tee on the right to my hair appointment and lunch. When I got home and saw my tank on my clothes rack I thought I should have worn that instead. I like how the tank creates a little neater look. Anyhow, this is another surefire favorite combination. In fact, this outfit was the spring board for this recent popular blog post.

Somehow I missed taking a photo of what I wore to church Sunday. It’s okay. I think it was just another rendition of the outfit above. Ha! I wore the outfit below to go to my fitting for the Dress for Success Cincinnati fashion show on Monday evening.

What I Wore Monday
print shirt // Mother jeans // blazer (more economical option) // slides // shoulder bag // necklace // earrings not available // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

This navy print shirt is so soft and fits really nicely, softly draping the body. It’s slightly cropped, just enough to work nicely untucked. And I love how this navy and navy combo works under the camel jacket. It really creates a column of navy under the jacket even though the top is a print.

The next morning I left early for the fashion show. I was supposed to arrive with my face and hair clean and unstyled. I felt like a man because I just had to take a shower and throw on clothes and go. Ha!

Black Pants and White Shirt
J.McLaughlin Rylie pants (more economical option) // Frank & Eileen button up shirt (more economical option) // slides // shoulder bag

The photos above, however, were taken after I got home. I didn’t really care for the way the girl did my makeup at all. But I didn’t care too much. I just had such a fun time taking on this personal challenge. In case you’re not familiar, I was a volunteer in a fashion show fundraiser on Tuesday. It was a fast-paced walk down a long runway and back…three times…with very fast, no modesty allowed quick changes right off stage. I LOVED it. But it definitely stretched me. I was glad I had worn my black J.McLaughlin Rylie pants (more economical option) and my Frank & Eileen button up shirt (more economical option). I felt cool and comfortable and relaxed, but still polished. Of course, I couldn’t wear any jewelry either.

Me and Daniel Wingate
Me and designer Daniel Wingate behind stage

I got to model three ensembles by couture designer Daniel Wingate. He was a lovely person, and I absolutely love his designs. I kept hoping he’d just say, “Oh, take that home with you dahling! You look fabulous in it!” But he didn’t. Oh well.

Me with Miss Ohio USA and Kate the Fashion Director at Dress for Success Cincinnati
Me with Miss Ohio USA, Sir’Quora Carroll, who was also in the fashion show, and Kate Black, the Styling Services Manager at Dress for Success Cincinnati

One of the volunteers was blind and walked the runway with her assist dog. I stood backstage in my 3 inch, size-too-small pumps, listening to the music vibrate and the audience applauding, and I thought if Jennifer (the blind volunteer) can do this, I can, too. More importantly, I thought, I can do hard things. I can do this. And I did. It was scary, electrifying and extremely gratifying. I’m so glad I did this hard thing.

Anyhoo! On to the next outfit! Wednesday I had a nail appointment and then ran a few errands. I was in a fall frame of mind, but the temperatures were in the 90s. So I paired my Frame ankle jeans with this elbow sleeve deep brown cardigan, also by Frame. I purchased the sweater in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

What I Wore Wednesday
Frame ankle jeans // cardigan (40% off) // mules // shoulder bag // bracelet (Buy One Get One Free for a limited time – see MORE HERE) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

It’s a simple outfit, but I think that’s what works best at this time of year. And I think one of the biggest keys to this outfit is keeping the contrast in intensity minimal. That works best for me.

I also wanted to point out my bracelet. It’s part of my friend and fellow blogger Jo-Lynne Shane’s new collection with Victoria Emerson. She had the opportunity to help design each piece and she curated a lovely 11-piece jewelry collection which includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And my favorite part? They all feature mixed metals. The key to wearing silver jewelry, gold jewelry and even rose gold jewelry pieces together in one outfit is to have at least one piece that includes the different metal colors. So adding a piece (or more!) of this great collection to your wardrobe is so smart. Plus, Victoria Emerson jewelry makes great birthday and Christmas gifts. Right now all of Jo-Lynne’s collection is Buy One Get One Free. Amazing! And you’ll get free shipping on orders over $75.

What I Wore Friday
Mother jeans // paisley floral v-neck top // utility jacket // mules // shoulder bag // necklace // earrings not available // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

And then Thursday I went to Bible study and wore this little combo. It was the first day of fall, of course, and we had a cool front blow in. Perfect timing! It was a glorious day, and I felt like this paisley floral v-neck top looked so appropriate. I didn’t wear it without the utility jacket at Bible study, but I did shed the jacket once I was home. Ooh! And I’m wearing that beautiful Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose lipstick I love. Isn’t it amazing??? It’s 25% off today at Nordstrom.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Don’t forget to check out Jo-Lynne’s jewelry collection at Victoria Emerson. I’m so excited for her, and it’s a great collection.

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In my Bible study group we’re studying about the life and ministry of Elijah. In our first week’s lesson we were reminded that God is at work producing and doing good things in our lives, even through the hardest things we go through. In fact, it’s through enduring and growing in the hard things that we become more like Christ and our character is shaped with holiness. This Christlike character makes us useful in God’s kingdom for His divine purposes.

No one enjoys suffering hardship. But when we put our hard days in perspective and realize that there is treasure to be found in these difficult journeys, we can persevere, not just with gritted teeth and determination. But with joy and hope. Press on, dear friend. God is doing good things in you and around you. And your hardship will ultimately bring Him glory and you great reward if you submit to His work.

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope… ~ Romans 5:3-4

xoxo, Kay
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7 thoughts on “My Recent Transition to Fall Outfits

  1. You look absolutely stunning in this post! In every shot. Love the fashion show outfit on you. What fun that must have been. Thank you for all your exceptional work on your blog.

  2. Hello Kay, I enjoyed your post today. I REALLY like your hair up off your face, very pretty. The jewelry is very pretty too. Very different and unusual. Thanks. Relax and take it easy.

  3. Hi Kay! Congrats on your new modeling career! Sounds like a fun opportunity! As for your outfits, I especially loved the sleeveless, paisley top from Evereve. I assume you are wearing the medium since you didn’t mention the size. I would normally order a medium as well, but the website says to size down. I am afraid the armholes may be a little big in my normal size (I am NOT big busted). Is the material stretchy at all? Could you have sized down? I love the gathering at the bottom hem. I am 5’7″ and 162 pounds and normally wear a 10. If you recommend the medium, I will probably order that size!! Thanks!!!

  4. I, too, liked your hair “up”!! Not sure how you did that in the back, but it was super savvy and sophisticated from the front! Also…… I agree — you do your own make-up way better than the fashion show folks did it! But then who knows YOUR face better than you! They should look at your pictures…… then they’d be asking YOU for make-up tips!

  5. Kay, today’s BFMD hit home with me! I’ve had a couple of major challenges over the past few years that are still hanging out there continuing to challenge me in big, big ways. I’ve taken these challenges to the Lord, but have I rejoiced in them? Nooooooo. Looking back in light of today’s verse, however, I see some changes in myself with regard to these issues Certainly endurance has developed and changes in my view of people, not only in my family and circle, but people in general that I would have overlooked or pushed out to the margins now have become people that I pray for. God IS so, so good. HE is my strength and my song. He is the source of hope. He will complete the good work! May I become more like Christ and draw closer to Him as I make my way through my own hardships and I pray the same for those that God has placed in my path through these temporary struggles. So, I am once again reminded to “rejoice in the Lord always.” My friends, read that again slowly, and place emphasis on the different parts. REJOICE in the Lord always, Rejoice IN THE LORD always. Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Yes, God IS good and so, so worthy of our praise. I’ll stop preaching now!! Y’all have a great weekend!