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Fall Trend Alert – Tweed and Boucle Accessories

September 19, 2022

I’ve been noticing a historically classic fabric trending in accessories this fall, and I’m loving it. We’re seeing lots of tweed and bouclé handbags, shoes, scarves, belts and even headbands. If you love a classic style aesthetic but also like to dabble in the trends of the season, this is a good one to invest in. Your tweed and boucle accessories will hold their value in your closet, looking classic and on point year after year.

Fall Trend Alert - Tweed & Boucle Accessories

Tweed is a woven fabric usually made of wool, but more and more frequently we’re seeing tweeds comprised of wool blends including cotton, silk and manmade fibers. Generally we associate tweeds with multicolored woven fabric, even if the flecks of different colors are minimal. The weave can produce a plaid, herringbone, or other patterns. And a bouclé is a yarn with a curly or looped ply and the woven fabric produced from this yarn.

So tweed and bouclé are similar, but not quite the same. Still the fact is that both of these textured, colorful fabrics are all over fashion accessories this fall. And since both are fabrics we generally associate with fall and winter, this trend is beautifully appropriate. Add just one accessory in a masculine tweed or its feminine sister bouclé and you can make a transitional outfit look oh so fall-ish and on trend.

I’ve loaded up a couple of shopping widgets full of bouclé and tweed accessories for you to peruse. These are affiliate links, so if you shop through them I do potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no extra cost to you. I love it when you shop my links and appreciate you supporting my work that way. But today I really just wanted you to see the wide variety of tweed and bouclé accessories we’re seeing this season.

The first shopping widget is a look book. Scroll left or right with the arrows on either side of the image.

I think most of those are from Talbots. Of course, many of us at Dressed for My Day look to Talbots for modern classic styles. So it’s not surprising to see so much tweed in Talbots’ accessories this fall. But aren’t the colors pretty?

The next shopping widget will show all of the products without you having to scroll through them. I included a few clothing items and some very high end items, too. I just wanted us to see these for inspiration mainly. I think it’s fun to see how the higher end brands interpret the trends because they tend to be more fashion forward. Enjoy!

So yes, I did include some very pricey tweed and bouclé accessories and fashions, but you probably also noticed some from Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s, among other retailers. It’s fun to see that we can participate in this emerging accessory trend at any price point.

Will you be adding any tweed or bouclé accessories to your fall wardrobe? Which ones are you interested in? How will you wear them? I’d love to hear from you today!

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Last week when we were in Florida, James and I stayed in a lovely home right on the beach. We were glad to be there and enjoyed every minute. But it wasn’t our home. We knew we were only visiting temporarily. So we didn’t move any of the furniture or buy anything new for the place. We also didn’t grow too attached. We knew we would be going to our real home soon.

You and I – if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord – are not home yet. We have a home being prepared for us in heaven. That is where our citizenship really is. We are here on this earth temporarily. Let’s not grow too attached or spend too much of our time, energy or other resources padding our nests here. Instead we would be wise to invest in our eternal home even while we live here. We can do that by sharing the gospel and becoming more Christlike every day.

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8 thoughts on “Fall Trend Alert – Tweed and Boucle Accessories

  1. I love ALL of the tweed accessories! I remember when I worked, I wore tweed a lot. I just cleaned out my closet and found an older tweed handbag. The strap wasn’t good any more and I was prepared to throw it out. But I remember you said tweed was trending. So guess what? I cut the tattered strap off, bought a chain at Home Depot, and my hubby attached it for me. I can’t believe it because I was going to throw this one away! Thanks, Kay for this post and it came at the perfect time. P.S. the strap was not good leather; I look for that now when buying handbags, LOL!

  2. Great BFMD! While I like this trend, I’m not sure how to fit it into my wardrobe and have it work. I guess pattern mixing would be one way, but I’m just not sure.

  3. I communicated with you the day of this post that I was planning on adding the sneakers to my wardrobe. They arrived yesterday and are quite comfortable and soooo cute!
    I love them! Thank you for finding them and sharing them with this community!!

    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad they worked for you. I hadn’t tried them myself, of course. But I always try to only show and recommend items that I’ve either tried or that I’m familiar enough with the brand to trust. Thanks so much for sharing the results!