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My #NSale 2022 Favorites After Shopping In Store

July 7, 2022

Hello! And welcome to Dressed for My Day. I love providing style and beauty inspiration for you here, but right now I am taking a couple of days to share some highlights from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Why? Because I believe this sale is such a great opportunity to purchase a few pieces for the upcoming fall that can truly make a difference in your wardrobe. This pre-fall sale is also a great time to see the trends – colors, denim styles, accessories, etc. – for fall and winter so you can begin planning your personal style for the season. So yesterday I spent most of the day in Nordstrom and today I’m sharing a few of my #NSale 2022 favorites after shopping in store.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Everyone who shops the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale annually, like I do, has different strategies and priorities. My strategy is to

  • stock up on the things I use consistently that are featured in the sale, such as beauty products and Bomba socks,
  • purchase a few high quality, signature pieces that will make a significant impact in my fall and winter wardrobe
  • and buy a few Christmas and birthday presents.

I no longer buy a little of this and that. I focus most of my shopping budget on higher ticket items that I wouldn’t purchase if they weren’t on sale. Because I’m purchasing them before the season begins, I know that cost per wear will go down, too.

My Shopping Priorities this Year

Wednesday morning at just past midnight I was able to start shopping online. Today those with Ambassador status in the Nordy Club can shop. Woohoo! And everyone else with a Nordstrom Card can begin shopping this Saturday, July 9th. Non-cardholders can start shopping the sale July 15th. It’s smart to have your priorities in a set aside wish list so that you can immediately move all those items to your shopping cart. These are the items I purchased first. And I purchased expedited shipping to make sure I got them.

NSale Priority Order
belted wool blend coat // L’Agence double breasted boucle blazer // Veronica Beard high waist straight leg jeans // Ralph Lauren faux leather trim wool blend coat // Eileen Fisher corduroy jacket // Eileen Fisher raglan sleeve sweater // Eileen fisher corduroy pants // Vacay 22″ spinner carry-on // Reiss asymmetric neck top // Kut from the Kloth faux suede moto jacket

belted wool blend coat // I have been wearing the same black wool blend coat for more than 20 years. It’s beginning to look a little wilted, so I decided to try this Sam Edelman coat. I think it will look classy and be quite versatile.

L’Agence double breasted boucle blazer // This beautiful blazer sold out. But it could return as people who have purchased multiple sizes return them. I knew to size down, so I went with my usual size 8 instead of the 10 I sometimes need for my shoulders. Fingers crossed!

Veronica Beard high waist straight leg jeans // I have high hopes for these designer denim jeans. I love the simplicity of the silhouette.

Ralph Lauren faux leather trim wool blend coat // Brown is really trending this year, but it’s a neutral that never really goes out of vogue. So I am hoping to add this beautiful brown button front coat to my wardrobe. It does come black, too.

Eileen Fisher corduroy jacket // I think this jacket will be versatile. I’m hoping it’s not too boxy. I don’t mind a little boxy. I did size down to a small.

Eileen Fisher raglan sleeve sweater // This pretty blue is one of my signature colors. I love the cropped length of this sweater. And it comes in other colors, too.

Eileen fisher corduroy pants // So classic! These are still well stocked and I think they will be quite versatile.

Vacay 22″ spinner carry-on // I saw this suitcase in black in the store yesterday. It is very lightweight, so I’m not sure if it’s what I want or not. But Nordstrom has free and easy returns (you can also return to a local Nordstrom Rack), so I’m giving it a spin!

Reiss asymmetric neck top // I’m hoping the neckline on this top works with a regular bra. We’ll see! Interesting cut outs are really trending this year, and I think this will be a nice effort in the right direction.

Kut from the Kloth faux suede moto jacket // I purchased this jacket in the chocolate brown and can’t wait to try it out!

Favorites I Tried in the Sale

This next graphic is a “look” filled with things I tried in the store and really liked. I came home with a few of them, but I didn’t budget for all of them. Oh, and I slipped that L’Agence blazer in there, which is sold out. But you could use another jacket from your closet or one of the others from the sale in this look.

NSale Favorites I Tried
L’Agence double breasted boucle blazer // cashmere crewneck sweater // Kendra Scott long pendant necklace // Coach shoulder bag // Paige Cindy high waist straight leg jeans // Sam Edelman pointed toe mule

cashmere crewneck sweater // It’s a little lightweight, but perfect for layering under a jacket. It comes in other colors, too.

Kendra Scott long pendant necklace // The pendant on this necklace is smaller than the one they featured last year. And this particular inset is a very dark, golden brown.

Coach shoulder bag // I purchased this bag in black, but I absolutely love this neutral shade, too. It was a hard decision! Great everyday bag!

Paige Cindy high waist straight leg jeans // I predict these to be some of the top selling jeans in the sale. Great hemline, good fit, lots of stretch, beautiful silhouette.

Sam Edelman pointed toe mule // GREAT shoe for early fall (or into the winter in warmer climates). These feel great and stay on your feet. I got this sand suede, but I’ve also ordered the black plaid. So fun! They fit true to size.

NSale Surprising Favorites

Next I’m sharing a few surprising favorites. A few of these were in my top picks list, but I didn’t realize how great they were until I tried them. Others I hadn’t even seen online, but they turned out to be real impact makers.

NSale Surprising Favorites
Rails Chelsea Plaid Blazer // Argento Vivo herringbone chain necklace // NSYNC graphic boyfriend tee // Madewell leather belt // Caslon jeans // Open Edit mules

Rails Chelsea Plaid Blazer // Lightweight and loose fitting. Perfect for the casual wardrobe. I love this blazer. SIZE DOWN. I got a small.

Argento Vivo herringbone chain necklace // For the price, this little necklace is a great value. It will look elegant and classy.

NSYNC graphic boyfriend tee // How fun is this? I love a good band tee, but I can’t get behind some of them. But NSYNC works for me. This tee is oversized, but you can size down for a closer fit if you’d like. Not a huge discount, but not a spendy tee either.

Madewell leather belt // I liked this belt when I thought it was this golden color, but couldn’t figure out how I’d wear it. Then it turned out the belt is really more of a beautiful tan beige. It is going to be so essential in my fall wardrobe. Works perfectly with sandy colored shoes.

Caslon jeans // This is the first year Caslon, a Nordstrom house brand, has had jeans in the sale. And these did not disappoint. They’re a more budget friendly jean, so the quality is not the same as the designer jeans by any means. But I’m very impressed with the fit and styling. They fit true to size.

Open Edit mules // I think these are my favorite surprise find. This blue mineral color is amazing and will work beautifully with denim and brown. But these elevated mules do come in other colors. I saw someone trying on the tan mocha and they were lovely. They do “flip flop” a little as you walk, so don’t get these to walk a lot in. But at the price ($49.99 now/$69.95 later), these are a great find.

Favorite Lounge and Sleepwear

In all the years I’ve shopped the NSale I haven’t purchased myself a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. But this year I bought two! And I bought (and am wearing right now!) these great pajamas.

NSale Loungewear
Nordstrom moonlight crop pajamas // Barefoot Dreams two-pack ankle socks // Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan // Barefoot Dreams long cardigan // Barefoot Dreams throw blanket // Nordstrom heathered knit throw blanket

Nordstrom moonlight crop pajamas // So soft, stretchy and comfy. I purchased my mom some (Shh!) in light blue. But I love my chic black ones. True to size.

Barefoot Dreams two-pack ankle socks // to keep your feet cozy and warm in the cooler months. So soft! and split the pair for gifts.

Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan // Nice gift. Available in several nice colors. True to size.

Barefoot Dreams long cardigan // I love this longer silhouette. And the soft camel color shown above is so pretty. Comes in other colors, too.

Barefoot Dreams throw blanket // I purchased this blanket last year and have loved it. I put it over me every morning during the winter as I have my quiet time.

Nordstrom heathered knit throw blanket // But I’ve heard great things about this blanket, too. Not quite as yummy soft, this throw is still very luxe and beautiful for the sofa. I purchased this one this year.

Beauty Buys

I think they’re are some great beauty buys in this year’s sale. I purchased a few of the ones below.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair //Jo Malone Cologne Collection // Estee Lauder Advanced Night Eye Repair // Riki Loves Riki skinny lighted mirror // T3 Tourmaline flat iron // Necessaire Body Wash & Body Lotion set // Paula’s Choice Jumba BHA set // newBROW brow serum set // Lancome Definicils Mascara Set

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair // I get great results with this nighttime serum. You get three travel size bonuses with this set.

Jo Malone Cologne Collection // I’ve been wanting to purchase one of these trending colognes, but couldn’t decide which. I smelled all of these in the store, and I’m going to love all of them.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Eye Repair // I’ve used this eye serum off and on for years. I’m back to a steady nightly dose of this rich serum and it’s giving me great results.

Riki Loves Riki skinny lighted mirror // I purchased this mirror last year and really like it. Still works beautifully, and I use it a lot. Great lighting and functionality.

T3 Tourmaline flat iron // I finished off my budget before I could get this straight iron, but it’s on my list for the future. I hear great things!

Necessaire Body Wash & Body Lotion set // I shared extensively about this set in this recent video. I use it daily.

Paula’s Choice Jumba BHA set // You can count on clean products from Paula’s Choice. This chemical exfoliant makes way for new cell growth and keeps skin looking more youthful.

newBROW brow serum set (gifted) // I used this a couple of years ago with great success and then just stopped. But I’m back to using it twice daily now.

Lancome Definicils Mascara Set // Even when I use other mascaras, I apply this primer and at least one coat of this mascara first. I just love the product so much. It goes on silky, not clumpy.

Well, that’s a wrap for today. This afternoon we’re taking photos with some of my Nordstrom anniversary Sale purchases and orders (which just came in!), so I’ll have outfit inspiration for you tomorrow. Yay! Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “My #NSale 2022 Favorites After Shopping In Store

  1. HI Kay! Great list. I’m wondering: did you see the Kendra Scott Gold Golden Obsidian earrings? Are they black or brown? I purchased the black and gold necklace last year and hoped these would be matching earrings. But since you mentioned the necklace you got was actually brown….I’m not sure whether to purchase or not. Thanks! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy, Yes, I got the earrings. They are a dark, dark brown with gold flecks. but they could read as black. I got the black necklace last year, too. but these are definitely a little different.

  2. I miss seeing “What I wore” posts. It was almost weekly when I first subscribed, and now has been over a month.

    1. Hi ruth, I’m so glad you enjoy those posts. they’re some of my favorites, too. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to squeeze them in weekly. And honestly, like most people I imagine, I’ve been wearing a lot of the same ole same ole. I will try to get in a How I Really Dressed for My Day post in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I have sponsored posts scheduled or just other things I need to cover. But it’s on the list!