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NSale 2022 Best Buys: Women’s Jeans

#NSale 2022
July 2, 2022

I’ve been combing through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview, filling my personal wish list, but also looking for the best buys for you. After shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for just short of ten years and covering it here for five, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to get the best buys in this pre-fall sale. Throughout the NSale Preview Days, I’m posting my NSale 2022 Best Buys in several of my favorite categories. Today I’m sharing my favorite women’s jeans in the NSale 2022.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

NSale Save More Spend Less Womens Jeans

Why Save More and Spend Less Categories?

Not only do we all have different budgets for clothing and accessories, but we also have different priorities in our wardrobes. I’m sure there are some categories you’re willing to spend a little more in. While others you’d prefer to be more frugal. I get it! Me, too.

That’s why I’ve created Save More and Spend Less categories within each of the clothing and accessory styles I’m featuring from the #NSale. I want you to be able to shop the category that fits your needs and your budget, both wisely and with excitement. So I’ve culled the listings and found the very best recommendations in each of those spending categories. For each clothing and accessory category the price ranges will be different for Save More and Spend Less, depending on the item and the average prices I’m seeing.

Distressed Jeans and Booties
My Mother jeans are sold out, but this premium brand has eight new pairs of jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is THE brand I’m hearing the most buzz about these days. And no, they don’t all have distressing or holes. Hahaha! I have several in my Save More category below.

The Save More category will give you the most bang for your buck. These are high quality items with significant savings. When it comes to the Save More category in jeans, these are the ones that absolutely feel the best. You may think your other jeans feel great…until you try these! And if you wear your jeans frequently, it might be a good time to purchase a pair of premium denim that you can wear with confidence and joy.

Straight Leg Ankle Jeans from Wit & Wisdom
Wit & Wisdom’s ‘Ab’Solution Raw Hem Slim Straight Jeans are not in the sale, but they’re a great jean at a good price. I have more Wit & Wisdom jeans in the Spend Less category below.

The Spend Less category is filled with my top picks for the lower budget. There’s no shame in these purchases! I’ve made sure to select only items that I feel like will deliver good quality and fit. Many of these are staples so you can wear them with versatility. And the prices leave you room to make bigger purchases in the areas in which you want to spend more.

Women’s Jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

The denim offering is good this year. And there’s a wide variety of price points and styles to choose from. We’re still seeing skinny jeans, but fewer and fewer of them. And I’m noticing that fewer of the premium brands, which tend to be more fashion forward, are showcasing them. Personally, I think it’s a great time to take the plunge and try some wider silhouettes if you haven’t done so already. They’re quite freeing and fun to wear once you get used to seeing yourself in them.

Straight Leg Jeans with Sport Sandals
My Frame Le Sylvie high waist straight leg cropped jeans are not in the sale. But Frame has a good selection in the NSale and I’m sharing some in the Save More category.

This year we’re seeing even more wide leg, flare leg and bootcut jeans than in the past. I think it’s time for me to get serious about finding an amazing pair of one of these silhouettes. I have a hard time because I want them to be long enough. But I know they’re out there!

What You MUST Look for When Choosing Jeans

Here’s the thing. I’m going to show you lots of great jeans. I know these brands and I know they’re good…or I wouldn’t recommend them. But jeans fit us very uniquely. So you have to do your homework and know what works for you. Then you have to take that information with you to the website pages and investigate the Details & Care section carefully, looking for these key features:

  • inseam – the measurement from bottom of leg to the crotch
  • rise – the measurement from top of waistband to crotch
  • leg opening – the circumference of the bottom of the leg opening
  • fabric content – if it doesn’t contain at least 1% of elastane, spandex or other stretchy fiber, they won’t have any stretch. The presence of polyester, Tencel or lyocell does not guarantee stretch. 100% cotton will not have any stretch.
  • wash – the color or darkness of the jeans
  • distressing
  • whiskering
  • pocket placement
  • placement of fading

Those last three or four are things you can generally eyeball, but you do want to take those into consideration when choosing your jeans. For instance, whiskering, while on trend and included in most jeans, can add visual width. And lighter wash denim is not going to be as slenderizing or elevated as darker washes. But then again light wash is very on trend. These are simply things to take into consideration.

There are no universal rules when it comes to which jeans you should choose. So don’t put those on your sisters. But do know the measurements that work best for you and shop with those at hand. For instance, I know that I look for a 10-11″ rise, 13 1/2″ – 15″ leg opening, and a 27-28″ inseam (for ankle length). I need about a 33″ inseam if I want to be able to wear heels with my full length jeans. I try to stay away from faded rears and thighs, but sometimes that’s hard to do. And I don’t mind a little distressing. Oh, and I LOVE a raw edge. But those are my guidelines. You’ll need to know what works for you.

Let’s check out the jeans! Today we’ll start with the more price accessible offerings.

Spend Less – Jeans

This year for the first time Caslon, one of Nordstrom’s house brands, has jeans in the NSale. I’m very anxious to try this budget friendly brand for denim.

NSale Best Buys Spend Less Women's Jeans
All by Caslon: High Waist Slim Straight // Distressed High Waist Slim Straight // Raw Hem High Waist Straight Leg // High Waist Flare Leg

But I know that many of you enjoy Wit & Wisdom jeans for a more friendly price, too. And Wit & Wisdom always shows up big in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In fact they have a whopping 31 pairs of jeans in the NSale this year. I’ve included a couple in my choices below, but not all. I’ll be honest with you. I’m not including any skinny jeans because I just don’t think they’re a smart buy. You can still wear them in your riding boots, but otherwise they just are not fashion forward at all.

Here are the jeans in the Spend Less category that I feel good about recommending:

Save More – Jeans

I own a mixture of moderate priced and premium denim. But I must admit, the nicer denim does feel and wear better. This summer I’ve really been enjoying my jeans from Frame, DL1961 and Mother the most. I size up to a 30 in the Frame and Mother jeans, but wear my true to size 29 or 8 in the DL1961. I can also highly recommend most of the other jeans below, too, but the Etica brand is new to me, as are Joe’s and Hudson.

If you’re ready to try a flare leg jean, I think the Frame Le High Waist Flare Jeans would be a good one to consider. It has a 35″ inseam, but you could cut them off for a trending raw edge if needed. And the 10 1/2″ front rise is a true high waist. They also have some stretch and that little bit of distressing is on trend without being over the top.

Frame Le High Waist Flare Jeans // Joe’s Jeans the Mia High Waist Raw Hem Flare Jeans // Mother the Tomcat Crop Straight Leg Jeans // Paige Vintage Colette High Waist Raw Hem Crop Flare Jeans

The Mia High Waist Raw Hem Flare Jean by Joe’s Jeans would be a be jump for most of us, but maybe it’s time to try the trending wider leg. It’s still a flare leg, not a true wide leg. But it looks like there is more room in the thighs that the dramatic flares. And it’s such a pretty medium to dark wash. If you’re looking for a good straight crop, the Mother the Tomcat Crop Straight Leg Jeans will certainly be popular. And if you love Paige jeans, the Vintage Colette High Waist Raw Hem Crop Flare Jeans gives you that trending cropped flare.

I found so many other good options even after I cut the ones that are skinny or low rise or just so out there that I didn’t feel my readers would want to see them. Oh, and I cut most of the no-stretch jeans, too. But you can find a full selection of the jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale HERE.

Find all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 coverage HERE or through the top menu above.

If this post has helped you find the jeans you’re looking for, I’d love for you to start your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping with me. Just return to this post and click through HERE to enter the sale when you are ready to check out. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “NSale 2022 Best Buys: Women’s Jeans

  1. Thank you for this excellent and informative post regarding the trend in jeans and what will be available during the NAS! I have more W&W jeans in my closet than any other brand because I need the absolution in the tummy, and I’ve learned what size I need. In the Kut from the Kloth, I’ve learned to size down because they stretch out. My bad ankles do not allow for me to wear a heel and it’s even pushing things when I wear my platform shoes, so I guess I will need to buy a shorter length in the wide legged jeans so that I can wear them. Personally, I’m glad the skinny legged jeans are taking a backseat and that I can move them in the back of my closet, if not to a plastic container.

  2. I love the variety of the jeans – different washes, various levels of distressing, and options on leg width, but I wish you had mentioned a few mid and low rise options. I’m petite and my rise is 7.5” or 8” max. With high rise jeans the waistband comes higher than my natural waist, making it uncomfortable to sit, not to mention the extra fabric bulges at the midsection. This is happening now even with petites. The mid and low rise are so hard to find now. But I do love the jeans you showed, especially the flared and bootcut.