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My February 2021 Favorites

February 22, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day. It’s a Monday morning and I don’t really have photos of an outfit or a style guide that I’m passionate about sharing. So I’m punting and simply sharing my February 2021 favorites. These are all products I’ve purchased in the last month or two that I’m really enjoying this month. Let’s get started!

February 2021 Favorites a

I think I’m sharing a few things you’ve perhaps already seen here at Dressed for My Day, as well as a few that I haven’t yet posted. In fact, I just acquired a few of them this weekend. But they’re already becoming fast favorites. If this month’s favorites had a theme I think it would be “moving on.” I’ll explain as we go.

Top row, left to right: neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum // Fisherman Crewneck Sweater // Essential Camisole Middle row, left to right: Sorel Leather lace-up boots // L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer // L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in Soft Mauve // OPI Hollywood Infinite Shine Collection in Suzi Calls the Paparazzi and I’m an Extra // Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack Bottom row, left to right: Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans // the Way-High Jean in distressed // Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants in melange grey

Favorite Beauty Products for February 2021

OPI Hollywood Infinite Shine polishes

Let’s start with something fun. Well, I think all my selections are fun. But I especially love buying pretty new nail colors. And these OPI Hollywood Infinite Shine polishes are all a part of OPI’s newest spring collection. Of course, there are a few other colors I didn’t share here, but you can see them all here. I really even like some of the more modern, nontraditional shades, such as Bee-Hind the Scenes, a nice yellow. But I’ll probably be sticking with pinks and reds.

OPI Hollywood Collection
OPI Hollywood Infinite Shine polishes

I purchased the Suzi Calls the Paparazzi persimmon pink and I’m an Extra warm pink. I would love to wear the Movie Buff pale pink, but I think it would look better on women with darker skin. Oh, and I did get the Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar red, too. I’m always looking for pretty reds.

OPI Infinite Shine polish is my absolute favorite, especially for home manicures. This easy system (be sure to get the base and top coat duo, too) keeps your nails looking shiny and smooth for approximately 10-14 days if you take care. I usually try to apply another top coat a couple of times during that span. These pretty Hollywood shades are fun colors to wear as we “move on” into spring.

I shared how to use the Infinite Shine Manicure set for a home manicure in this very old post.

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in Soft Mauve

I purchased a large portion of the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect cosmetic line for this post, in which I shared these products formulated for older skin. I rated the entire line pretty high. I could easily wear these cosmetics everyday. But I’m pretty loyal to many of my Mary Kay products. But I’m definitely keeping the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in Soft Mauve handy. I think I’m wearing it most every day that I can. This lipstick goes on satiny smooth and lasts beautifully. While I’m not a big advocate of most mauves, this one reads more like a dusty pink to me. But if it’s not your shade, check out the other colors available here.

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in Soft Mauve // L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer // neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer

I’m also continuing to use the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer. I have other primers, several of which are much more pricey. But this one applies silky smooth and it creates such a nice canvas for my foundation. I will never go back to applying foundation without a primer, that’s for sure. But the more primers I’ve tried, the pickier I’ve gotten, too. I want one that applies very soft and silky. And then it needs to actually help my foundation go on more smoothly. Finally, it needs to help my foundation stay put and stay pretty, without creasing or fading. This L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer checks all the boxes. “Moving on,” I’ll be using this primer with whatever foundation I use.

neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum

Now here’s something I haven’t mentioned before. I’ve been applying this neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum for just about two weeks and I can already see a significant difference in the texture and fullness of my brows. Y’all! I have never had very full brows and they’ve always been so blonde, too. It’s been a real struggle. But this serum, in just two weeks of use, is already making it so much easier to shade in and shape my brows. It’s actually giving me some brows!

I purchased this neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum when Nordstrom had a 2 for $100 deal. Unfortunately that deal is gone. So you only get one vial of the serum for the price I paid for two. Would I pay the $100 for the one vial? Yeah, if I can’t get two for one next time around I will go ahead and pay the full price. It’s that good.

A Top & A Tank

Essential Camisole

I wear either a long sleeve layering tee (featured in January’s Favorites) or a camisole or tank almost every day under my sweaters or tops. Not only do they keep me warmer (it’s been a cold winter!), but they also provide a nice layer between wool sweaters and bothersome seams and tags.

Essential Camisole in 3 of 11 shades and a full range of sizes

As I “move on” into spring I imagine I’ll be wearing this camisole almost exclusively under my tops. I love that they come in eleven skin tones and a full range of sizes. They’re soft and have adjustable straps.

Fisherman crewneck sweater in cotton-cashmere

I mentioned recently in my video about transitioning into spring that it’s a good idea to add a couple of cotton sweaters to your wardrobe as you move on into the new season. Even when I lived in sunny Arizona I liked to have at least one of these in my drawers for beach or mountain vacations. Made with natural fibers, they are breathable and not overly warm. But layered with a t-shirt or tank, they keep off the wind and chill.

Cotton Sweaters
Fisherman crewneck sweater in cotton-cashmere in red, navy or white // Fisherman crewneck sweater in cotton-cashmere in navy and white stripe

I’ve already been enjoying my red Fisherman crewneck sweater, but I ordered the navy and white stripe one, too. The sweaters are 30% off the full price today with code SALETIME. I think both of these will look great with jeans, chinos or white jeans.

Boots & a Bag

Next up, two essentials I’ve needed when I’ve been moving on lately. My leather snow-worthy boots and a new travel bag.

Sorel Lennox Leather lace-up boots

These Sorel Lennox Leather lace-up boots are a little heavier than my Blondo waterproof boots (which I still love!), but the weightiness actually feels a little comforting when you’re trudging through snow and ice. But I also just love the style of these blackened brown leather boots with genuine shearling fronts. You can see me wearing them with outfits in my recent How I Really Dressed for My Day posts here and here. In fact, in the photo below I’m wearing three of my February favorites: the Sorel Lennox Leather lace-up boots, the Fisherman crewneck sweater and the Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans I’ll share further down.

How I Really Dressed Saturday for Houseviewing and Staying Home
Sorel Lennox Leather lace-up boots, the Fisherman crewneck sweater and the Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans

These boots run true to size. And they’re still 40% off and available in a good number of sizes. But if you’re looking for good all weather boots and don’t want to pay that price, you might check out my Blondo boots.

Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack

I purchased the Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack because I wanted a fun, sturdy and travel-worthy backpack for daytrips and weekend outings. I wanted something to let me be hands-free, but I also wanted it to still look chic and sophisticated. I’d heard about the quality of the Tumi brand, too. So I bit the bullet and decided to give this one a try. It’s a pricey bag. But I honestly believe it’s one I’ll enjoy for years.

Tumi Patricia Voyageur Bag
Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack

The Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack has several hidden pockets, but the enclosure I like the most is the outside phone pocket at the top of the bag. It has a magnetic closure for safety and my large phone fits in it perfectly and discreetly. See the photo above. The phone is sticking out in the photo so you can see where the pocket is, but the device slips all the way in and stays safely inside. You can also slip the back of this bag over the pull handle of your rolling luggage.

Switch to Sneakers
Tumi Voyageur Patricia Backpack // See the original post.

Pants & Jeans

Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants

Admittedly, I really don’t remember when I got these Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants. It may have been last year for all I know. When you do what I do for a living, purchases sort of run together. But I don’t remember wearing them before this year, so surely I got them recently. Anyhow I have absolutely fallen in love with my Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants in melange grey.

Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants
Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants in melange grey

These Luxe Wool Straight Leg Pants are a lightweight wool blend. In fact, they are so lightweight I think I’ll be wearing them year round (other than maybe the hottest, steamiest months). They are lined, but the lining feels so soft and light, too. I have them in the curvy fit, but they’re also available in the regular fit.

Friday a

I think they are such a nice modern silhouette. And even though the tag reads “Dry Clean,” (not Dry Clean Only) I washed them on delicate in the machine and then laid them flat on a drying rack to dry. And they did splendidly. I did need to iron them, but they ironed up very quickly with minimal work. I love these pants!

the Way-High Jean in distressed

I think it was last Thursday when I got in my order from Everlane. It was one of those times when I placed a huge order and thought I’d probably only keep a small portion of it, but then I ended up liking every single thing I ordered. Hmm. Yeah, these distressed Way-High Jeans (shown on the left below) are definite winners. They are a very modern full leg but slim silhouette, if that makes sense. They’re not a wide leg jean, just full. They’re comfortable and I think very flattering.

Way-High Jean in distressed // Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans

I wore them in videos I shot on Saturday and then wore them in “real life” on Sunday. And I loved how they fit and felt. I’ve been looking for a jean with a modern silhouette that feels right for me, and I think these Way-High Jeans fit the bill. I’m wearing them in the higher of the two jeans sizes I normally wear, a 30. And below I wore them with this Italian Merino ribbed turtleneck, also from Everlane.

Way-High Jean in distressed with the Italian Merino ribbed turlteneck

By the way, while I like the way the Way-High Jeans look in the photos above, I still don’t think the pictures do them justice. You can’t really see the way they move, of course, in still photos. The jeans are 98% Organic Cotton and 2% Elastane and they feature a raw hem. The Way-High Jeans are priced very fairly for the quality and well under $100.

Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans

But I’d also been looking for a pair of skinny jeans I could heartily recommend because I know so many of my readers prefer to stick with them. I’m still on the lookout for the more economical skinnies I can really get behind, but these Vineyard Vines Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans are definite winners. They were on sale when I purchased them a few weeks ago and are not now.

Winter Classics Outfit for Casual Friday
Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans // See the original post

I purchased the Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans in both the medium and dark rinse (shown above). The dark rinse definitely have a dressier vibe and are quite versatile. But I find myself reaching for the medium rinse Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans (shown below) more often.

Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans // See the original post.

I’m also wearing the Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans in a size 30, but they are quite roomy on me. I probably should have returned them for the 29s, but, as someone who is really rather over the snug fit of skinny jeans, I sort of like the comfier fit of the 30s.

Okay. I think that’s a wrap. As the name of the post implies, these are all fashion and beauty finds that I’m truly enjoying this month. So if you have any questions, ask away! Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope your Monday is a good one.

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I’ve found that the key to waiting well is to value this season rather than disdain it. Use your waiting time productively. How can you wait well? Pray more, praise God continuously and persistently choose to trust Him. You can also use this time to search God’s Word for promises and instructions that resonate with your particular situation so that you can plumb the depths of them. And during this time of waiting do the things you know you are supposed to be doing – the hard things like staying out of the way, keeping appropriately silent and going on about the work you have to do.

Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord! ~ Psalm 27:14

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22 thoughts on “My February 2021 Favorites

  1. Happy Monday Kay….
    I love doing my own nails! I have been doing my own nails for over 30 years, yes for maybe a couple of the years I had gel nails but not for long…..didn’t want to pay the money anymore and started doing them again myself. This way I can change my polish color every week if I need to?.

    I am thrilled you found another house!


    1. Hello Kay! I enjoyed the post and the clothes.. but most of all the scripture and your words of encouragement! I am in Manitoba, Canada. I look forward to your posts, thank you.

  2. Hi Kay. I am a new friend and have found being a part of your following is a real blessing to me, and even more so during this strange, stay-at-home time. I moved to NC in 2016, when I retired, and have wanted a girlfriend to talk fashion and more, but have not found that girlfriend until I ran across your postings. Thanks for your kindness, sense of fun, and style. As I remember that I downsized greatly for my 2016 move, I can remind you that moving, in mid-t0- later life, is much like cleaning out the “drawers” of your life and while it is hard, and even emotional draining, you learn what all you own and what no longer serves you in the time and place you are now at.
    I filled out my information to you with my legal name, Teresa D. Shelton, and thus receive you messages to Teresa. Since I now consider you a friend, I request that you change Teresa to Tere (Terri), my nickname that all my friends and family call me. Thanks for being the person you are, for being a friend to me and a part of my daily life.

  3. Congratulations on the purchase of your
    new home! I am a realtor in Texas so I certainly understand your frustrations in this market! I think it is pretty much the same nationwide! Hopefully, all goes well with the transaction and you are able to close!
    Thanks for all the good information today! There are so many great tips and I really appreciate them.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! I am thrilled beyond words that our weather has warmed up and we are seeing the beautiful sunshine!

  4. Congratulations on your new home purchase, Kay! I did comment last week, that the house you lost out on, was not fated for you and your husband. This one is.

    I think it is wonderful that “ you grow where you’re planted.” It can’t be easy to move from a warm climate where you have spent so many years, to a place which has a definite four seasons. I live in such a climate- only much colder than yours in winter and I enjoy it. But you are thriving with the change so congratulations.

    1. Thanks Maureen. Yes, we feel very good about this house. And I think living in various places is just something I gave to the Lord years ago when I accepted a call into ministry. And I’ve never regretted it…even when we have lived in some less than desirable places. Because even there God was good. ?

      1. Hi Kay, Do you prefer the L’Oréal face primer over the Benefits POREfessional foundation primer? I’ve never used a primer and would like to try one.

        1. Maybe. For one thing the price is better. But I also just like the way it spreads over my face a little better. The Benefits primer is good, though. In fact, now that I think about it, they feel similar. I guess I like those two better than the oilier products I’ve used.

  5. Congratulations on your new home, Kay! It is beautiful!
    Thanks for the info on all your favorite finds. BFMD is a blessing as always.
    Have a lovely afternoon,

  6. I really need to do my nails so this post is very timely. I reread the 2019 manicure post and I’m wondering if the Infinite Shine polish removes with regular polish remover, as opposed to gel polish and it’s removal. (I’ve not used gel polish but I think I’ve read it removes differently.) I will check out the cuticle product as what I use is pretty harsh. And…in that manicure post I saw that tomorrow is your birthday! Happy early birthday, Kay! Thank you for all your content. You are appreciated.

  7. Love to hear more about your Everlane purchases. Like their quality and price but sometimes the styles are for a younger gal. I did get a great trench last year that I love!

  8. Kay, I have been looking at the J Crew red sweater as well. I noticed the reviews say it sheds. Does it? From the picture it’s hard to tell if it’s a warm or cool red.

    1. Hi Anne. I don’t have access to that. Only you do. I think you must have checked a box for responses when you left a comment. But there should not be many more comments on this post since it is older now. ?