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My January 2021 Favorites

January 19, 2021

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Last year I suspended posting my monthly favorites, but I’ve decided to add this roundup of fashion, beauty and fitness faves back into the lineup this year. So today I’m sharing my January 2021 favorites. These are all products I’ve purchased in the last month or two that I’m really enjoying this month. Let’s get started!

My January 2021 Favorites

There won’t always be a theme to these posts, but I remember from years past that they often build around a core idea. And I guess this month that theme would be staying warm. You’ll see several items that I’m wearing on repeat simply because I’m freezing! Ha! This Georgia peach is still adjusting to the cold temperatures here in Ohio. Thus, my first favorite is…

Long Sleeve Layering Tees

Indeed, I have these Long Sleeve Layering Tees in all three colors: white, black and grey.

Favorites layering tees
Long Sleeve Layering Tees

While I still wear and enjoy my ribbed long sleeve tees from Banana Republic, I like that these Long Sleeve Layering Tees are thin and fit close to the body without being tight. That way they really keep me warm without adding bulk to whatever I’m wearing over them. If you want to know the difference between the ribbed long sleeve tees from Banana Republic and these Long Sleeve Layering Tees, I’d say the Banana Republic tees are definitely more appropriate for wearing alone, while I prefer to keep these Long Sleeve Layering Tees beneath an outer layer.

L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Robe & Camp P.J. Set

Next up, two more items that I don’t wear out for everyone to see. But James could attest to the fact that I wear this L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Robe every morning and every night. In fact, it occurs to me that, since he leaves for work most mornings while I’m still wearing it and then returns home only a couple of hours before I put it back on, this plush blue and ivory robe is what he sees me in most of the time.

Favorites Pjs
Wicked Plush Robe || Camp P.J. Set

The Wicked Plush Robe also comes in seven other nice color combinations and is available in plus and petite sizes, too. I love wearing it over my Camp P.J. Set, but it’s also nice in warm and luxurious right out of the bath. I have a size regular medium and it’s quite roomy.

And while I have plenty of other pajama sets, I find myself running my L.L. Bean Camp P.J. Set through the laundry more often simply so I can wear them again. I wear a medium for a roomy fit, and they are so very soft. And while I sometimes can over heat at night, I’ve not had that problem with these 100% jersey-knit cotton and 100% flannel cotton pjs. The L.L. Bean Camp P.J. Sets are available in six colors and patterns and regular and petite sizes. I’m thinking about ordering the shell pink set, too.

L.L.Bean Signature Denim Boyfriend Jeans

While we’re talking L.L.Bean, let me tell you why the L.L.Bean Signature Denim Boyfriend Jeans made my January 2021 Favorites list. These jeans start off feeling like you’ve been wearing them for years. I came across them when I was looking for straight leg full length jeans. They’re called a boyfriend fit, but on me that don’t have much bagginess to them at all.

Favorite Jeans
L.L.Bean Signature Denim Boyfriend Jeans

Here’s a photo of me wearing them. Granted my legs are little on the chunky side, so if yours are more slender they would fit you differently. But these have a nice amount of stretch while feeling like authentic denim jeans.

L.L.Bean Signature Denim Boyfriend Jeans || See the original post.

They fit low on the waist, but not below the waist. Make sense? I really forget I’m wearing these jeans. And for me that’s perhaps the highest mark a pair of jeans can get – that I forget about them. The L.L.Bean Signature Denim Boyfriend Jeans come in regular sizes 0-16 and three washes/colors.

Talbots High Waist Donegal Pants & Athleta Chelsea Lined Pants

I haven’t been holding out on you. I just haven’t had a chance yet to show you these High Waist Donegal Pants from Talbots. I received them Friday and wore them immediately when we went out that night. I love the high waist, the rugged wool-blend Donegal tweed and the wide legs. Oh, and while they’re lined the lining is soft and never bothers me.

Favorites pants
High Waist Donegal Pants || Athleta Chelsea Lined Pants

I wore these High Waist Donegal Pants on Sunday, too. I’ll go ahead and give you a sneak peek of how I really dressed for my day on Sunday, so you can see the pants on.

Shop the Look.

I never know quite how to stand in these photos, by the way. If I just stand straight, the legs just kind of blend together. But standing like this it looks like the pants crease at the crotch. They don’t. The size 8 in the regular misses fits perfectly TTS. They do come in curvy fit, too, but there’s only one size left. Anyhow, if you’re interested in a pair of pretty wool blend, wide leg pants, these are a beaut.

Have you seen Masterpiece Theatre’s All Creature Great and Small? These remind me of pants that the character Helen Alderson would wear. So classic and British.

The other pair of pants I can’t stop wearing are my Athleta Chelsea Lined Pants. Like the fleece-lined pants from Talbots, these Chelsea Lined Pants keep me warm but also feeling pulled together and polished.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Working from Home
Chelsea Lined Pants || See the original post.

The Chelsea Lined Pants are not on sale, and they’re a little pricey. But I’m definitely getting my cost per wear out of them. I love pairing them with a sharp sweater in a classic neutral for a work-from-home look that’s elevated enough to allow me to step out at a moment’s notice. (‘Cause in my dreams that’s what I’m doing, ha!) I did size up to a 10 in these. They come in three shades, but I love this coffee house brown.

Textured Funnel Neck Sweater

I originally ordered this Textured Funnel Neck Sweater in green and loved it. But I realized I already had a similar green sweater in my wardrobe. So I returned it for the blue version. Both are equally beautiful. I especially love the slightly cropped and tapered fit.

Favorites sweaters
Textured Funnel Neck Sweater

The Textured Funnel Neck Sweater does have a little wool in it. So if you are sensitive to wool, this one’s not for you. I wear it with a camisole underneath and it doesn’t bother me.

Ankle Jeans Cropped Blue Sweater No Tuck Brown Suede Boots
Textured Funnel Neck Sweater || See the original post.

I’m wearing a size medium and it fits nicely if a little roomy.

Graphic Traveler Tee

Favorites traveler tee
Graphic Traveler Tee

I’m enjoying this Graphic Traveler Tee right now with joggers and a cardigan or hoodie. But I know this spring I’ll like wearing it with my black or red blazer. It would also be fun under a leather jacket.

HIRDFMD 01142021
Graphic Traveler Tee || See the original post.

I’m always on the lookout for nice graphic tees that check all the boxes. I want them to have a feminine silhouette, be soft and comfortable and thin enough to wear under a jacket or cardi. I also want the graphic art to be nicely visible peeking out from under the top layer. And finally I want a graphic that is classy, not too cutesy and somewhat timeless. I think this Graphic Traveler Tee meets all the criteria. Oh, and I also like that this sweet tee has just a little bit of sequins and color.

Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Loafers & Dazzle Loafer

I purchased these Paul Green Dazzle Loafers just recently and have been enjoying them this month. I was just going to list them on my January 2021 Favorites, but I noticed they are almost sold out. So I decided to add my Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Loafers, too, because, while I purchased them in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’ve settled into wearing them more recently. If I could, I would wear one or the other pair of these Paul Green loafers every single day.

Favorites Paul Green Loafers
Paul Green Black Dazzle Loafer || Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Loafers

Both of these Paul Green loafers are so extremely comfortable. But they’re also just very soft on the feet. Maybe that’s why I’m wearing them a lot. I tend to wear house slippers at home, but I like being able to wear these instead. And yet they feel like house slippers.

Ankle Jeans Black Turtleneck Tucked Belted Black Loafer
Paul Green Black Dazzle Loafer || See the original post.

Both shoes fit true to size. And I’m able to wear them with or without socks. Yes, I do wear the Black Dazzle Loafer with socks. I’ll be showing you how in an upcoming post. I think you may be surprised!

Ponte Pants Outfit
Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Loafers || See the original post.

The Paul Green Diana Kiltie Fringe Loafers are now discounted 44% and available at Nordstrom Rack in all three colors/patterns, including a patent leather similar to my black loafers. The Black Dazzle Loafer is 30% off at Bloomingdale’s. They have limited sizes at Nordstrom for 55% off.

Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Boots

Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Boots

If you’re around here much, you have to know how much I’m wearing and enjoying my Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Boots. Not only am I appreciating the waterproof nature of these booties (because it’s snowing as I type), but they’re so very comfortable, too.

Waterproof Boots
Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Boots || See the original post.

The Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Boots run true to size and they’re marked down 42% at Nordstrom, where they seem to have most sizes in stock in the black.

Webbed Strap Crossbody Bag in Full-Grain Nappa Leather

This Red Nappa Leather Crossbody Bag has been such a surprise. I really only purchased it for a Talbots collaboration when my other bag didn’t arrive on time, so I fully intended to return it. Then I discovered that the striped webbed strap is not removable and has to simply be tucked into the bag when you use the detachable leather strap, so I definitely planned to return it.

avorites crossbody bag
Red Nappa Leather Crossbody Bag

But the more I used it for the photo shoot, the more I liked it. And in the end I decided to keep it. Well, the strap tucked into the purse does not bother me at all now, and I absolutely love using this pretty red bag to add a pop of color to my outfits.

similar red cashmere sweater
Red Nappa Leather Crossbody Bag || Shop the Look.

The Nappa Leather Crossbody Bag also comes in navy and black. I use my Red Crossbody Bag a lot right now, but I anticipate using it even more this spring and summer. Actually, I see it being a steady part of my wardrobe all year.

Tima Medallion Stud Earrings

I think because I’m not going much of anywhere and I’m just working from home, I reach for these Tima Medallion Stud Earrings more days than not. Plus, I like the way these oversized stud earrings work with turtlenecks and other winter necklines.

Favorites earrings
Tima Medallion Stud Earrings

The Tima Medallion Stud Earrings also come in silver. I like that they’re big enough to be noticeable without dangling. And I also definitely appreciate that they are very lightweight. I’m wearing them in the next photo, but you can hardly see them. But that leads to my last January favorite…

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

James bought us the his and hers Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Trackers for Christmas and I’m loving mine. He’s loving his, too. Every day they motivate us to get in our steps throughout the day, but also to move around for at least 250 steps every hour for eight hours.

Fitbits are motivating us to move
Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker || See the original post.

I had resisted having a Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker before because I didn’t want to have to wear a sporty watch all the time. But James purchased me these compatible replacement bands in gold, silver and black, so I can switch out the look of my Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with each outfit if I want to. But honestly I wear the black mesh band almost always. James and I both have gotten very serious about being more physical throughout our days this year, and I think the Fitbit Charge 4 is going to help us do that. We’re loving them.

That’s a Wrap!

Well, that’s a wrap. Let me know if you have any questions about the things I’ve shared today. I’m giving you a shopping widget with everything in it, too. The links here and in the copy are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on your purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links and helping to support the work I do here. I appreciate you.

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Blessed for My Day

Over the years I have discovered the truth of Psalm 9:10. Those who know God’s name – or His character – are the ones who wholly put their trust in Him. The more we know God, the more we trust Him. Have you found this to be true?

What do I know about God that compels me to trust Him? I have learned that He is indeed faithful to keep His promises. He is trustworthy. I have also discovered over and over that He knows best. God is wisdom. And I’ve also learned with time and experience that God is always at work, doing much more behind than scenes than I could imagine or comprehend. I may not see evidence of His handiwork until later, but I can know that He never slumbers or sleeps and is always working all things together for good.

The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed,
    a stronghold in times of trouble.
And those who know your name put their trust in you,
    for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. ~ Psalm 9:9-10

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xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “My January 2021 Favorites

  1. Good morning Kay. I have lived in New York all my life and I still cannot get accustomed to the cold. It is freezing here today and I hate it! I used to always buy the LLBean pajamas for me and the kids. Back then they were called cabin pants. So comfy and cozy on a cold night. I’m going to check out the Chico’s traveler tee . It’s so cute and looks stunning with the red cardigan. It also reminds me of my former life, pre-COVID that is! Have a great day and stay warm?

  2. I love several of the items in this post, and I am checking them out! But the most important thing, was to make it to the end for that precious precious verse! Please keep that aspect of your amazing posts active and coming, it is quickly becoming an anchor for me!

  3. I was saved in 1980 and the anchor still holds in spite of the storms.??
    This was a post that has me believing in plaid again. I usually just buy small stripes or a small check and save plaid for my flannel shirts but this jacket has changed my mind. I can just see one in brown, red orange and cream. Crazy about this graphic sweater too.

  4. Hello, Kay:
    I have to admit not buying shoes online after sending back numerous pairs that did not fit well. Thought I would give it one more try with the Blondo boots. I love them! Then I tried the Paul Green loafers. A great fit and I have trouble wearing such shoes. I have also bought several other items you recommended. I love those things also. Your recommendations are “dangerous” for me but glad I can depend on them Thanks for your posts!

    1. That is so good to hear. Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure not everything I recommend works for everyone, but I’m so happy to hear good reports when they do. Thanks for following my blog! ?

  5. Good afternoon Kay! Fantastic BFMD. I am seriously considering the pajamas and jeans from LLBean that you shared. Like you, I like cozy pj’s that will also keep me warm. The Kim Rogers brand at Belk has some nice sweaters for Valentines and a couple of them are in different colors. And right now they are down to $15 from their original price of $48, so a nice savings to boot. I hope that you have had a great day are are staying warm.

  6. Hi Kay,
    Love the blog! Another LLBean product you might want to try is the Silk Pointelle pants. They are silk long underwear. I live in an old drafty house and these help keep me warm but not get overheated. They breathe. When you first try them on you will think they are not form fitting enough and will show under your clothes but trust me, they don’t. I have even worn them under exercise tights and no one could tell. Just a suggestion