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5 Ways I’m Moving More to Stay Fit

February 16, 2021

As someone who works from home and is through with the busy years of raising my family, it’s sometimes a challenge to move as much as I should in an average day. And simply moving more can have tremendous benefits for our body wellness and state of mind. Moving burns calories, keeps joints healthier, helps build muscle, increases the production of endorphins that regulate our moods and feed our brains and promotes better sleep. So today I’m sharing 5 ways that I’m moving more these days.

Moving More
leggings // top // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

#1 – I’m getting outside for walks most every day.

While I’m all for a brisk walk on the treadmill if you have one, I find that the added benefits of fresh air, sunshine and a change of location keep me more motivated. That’s why I get outside for a walk most every day, even if the weather is harsh. Some days this walk is literally just a walk down my street and back…maybe even several of those. But getting outside has become a must for me.

Tips for Staying Fit Through the Holidays
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The keys to getting outside for a brisk walk – even in bad weather – are having the right shoes and layering apparel. If there’s snow on the ground, I wear these boots (40% off) or these boots (38% off). And my Bernardo EcoPlume hooded coat (40% off) keeps me quite warm, especially if I also layer one of these tees under my sweater and wear one of these vests under my coat.

Walking outside
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#2 – I’m using a Fitbit to remind me to move every hour.

James surprised me with a Fitbit for Christmas. We have set them to remind us to get in at least 250 steps every hour for at least 9 hours of each day. That little buzz helps me get out of my office chair and walk around the house or down the street periodically throughout my day.

jacket // Fitbit

It’s important to move throughout our days and not just for one long spell during a workout. This “day long” movement helps keep our metabolism higher and helps us to sleep better at night. It’s also important for joint health.

#3 – I’m using my Fitbit to compel me to get in 10,000 steps each day.

Of course, the Fitbit also keeps track of your steps throughout the day. So I aim for 10,000 steps each day. Honestly, some days that just doesn’t happen. But when I didn’t have my Fitibit it happened even less frequently!

Fitbit motivates me
leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

#4 – We plan outings that involve a lot of walking.

James and I get out to explore Ohio and the surrounding area at least once a month. And when we do, we always include walking. We may combine a late lunch, a walk through a state park, a visit to a fun coffee shop and a stroll through a quaint downtown.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
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Moving is just easier and more fun when you go with someone you enjoy. And somehow walking in a new place makes it more enjoyable, too.

#5 – I dress for movement on normal workdays, too.

Finally, because I work from home, I can dress for movement on my usual workdays. Whether that means I wear leggings and a tunic, fleece lined pants and a sweater or joggers and a sweatshirt, I get dressed for my day in a way that I can still dash outside for a little fresh air whenever I can.

Tuesday a
See the original post HERE. soft pink hoodie // black leggings from L.L.Bean // Sorel Lennox Lace-Up Boots // earrings

Especially on Tuesdays, when I spend a long day at my desk editing a video, I dress so that I’m more prone to get up and move.

Moving More
leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings
Move More
leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

I’ve had my Talbots tech stretch high waist leggings since the fall, and I wear them often for work outs or walks around the neighborhood. I like that they have a high waist, stay put without drooping, and feel great on. They also come in black.

leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

But I recently purchased this panache pink jersey tee to brighten up my workout clothing a bit. This lightweight 57% Cotton, 38% Modal, 5% Spandex tee feels so soft on the skin. And it moves with me easily. I’m wearing my TTS medium and it also comes in a pretty blue.

leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

What about you? Do you have a plan for moving more? I’ve found that if I don’t have a plan in place and a few incentives – like move-worthy clothes, my Fitbit and warm gear for acclimate weather conditions – I’m less likely to move as much as I need to. But I’ve got my plan in place and I’m glad to report that it’s working this year. Hooray for little victories!

Moving More
leggings // top // jacket // sneakers (more economical alternative) // Fitbit // earrings

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you have a lovely day.

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31 thoughts on “5 Ways I’m Moving More to Stay Fit

  1. Good morning Kay from freezing cold PA! I have to tell you that after reading your original post about James getting you a Fitbit for Christmas, it influenced me to get one for myself. It has been a month and I am happy to report I love it and have hit 10,000 steps everyday. I love your blog and your sweet gentle way of life. Thank you for the daily inspo and I know I look forward to warmer days as I’m sure you do too! God Bless you❤️

  2. Kay, you are so thoughtful and inspiring! I really enjoy all your blogs and videos! Today, it is cold and icy in NYS, but we are acclimated to winter weather! I hope you and James find another house to your liking soon and are the successful bidders!

  3. Yes! I completely agree that when I’m dressed “to move” I’m more apt to get out there. I live in Portugal so I can’t complain too much about cold weather, but the right gear makes all the difference. If I put on jeans and high heeled boots, a long walk probably won’t happen. But, I don’t like living in active wear, either. I find a happy medium in jeans and more casual but comfy shoes.
    Sorry about the house, but God has something even better for you! Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Kay, I have the opposite problem living under the hot Australian sun. It’s Summer here and it is often 28 degrees Celsius early in the morning. If I want a walk outdoors I need to get up early enough (6am) to try to beat the heat and check that the UV levels are below 3, later in the morning/afternoon is out of the question for daily walks. Needing to wear a hat means your hair is always a sweaty mess so fitting in time to wash and dry your hair means a real early start to your day! Haha, roll on Autumn. I have a Fitbit, you have given me inspiration to start wearing it again. I like your workout clothes, the pink top suits you.

  5. Kay, I love to discuss organization! How do you organize your clothes and accessories? What system, if any, do you use? Thank you.

  6. We have been iced in.Oklahoma. Gym
    has closed. Church closed. Miss our friends.
    Your loving and gracious ways has been. Such a blessing to us. Value your blog.

    1. Hi Kay. I’m so sorry about your bid not being accepted on the house. I know that’s a big disappointment! I trust God has another great house in store for you in His perfect timing. Keep trusting! Also, I’d love to hear about how/when you met your husband James for your Q and A this weekend.( No need to share if that’s too personal. My husband and I do premarital counseling for couples engaged to be married at our church and we always enjoy hearing their stories of how they were brought together ?.)

  7. Great post!!! We use fitbits to track 10,000 steps daily. Sometimes if I need to finish up after dog walks I march in place indoors. Movement is movement! Agree that fitness has to be incorporated through the day or its just too easy to work at the desk for hours at a stretch.

  8. Oh Kay, I am so sorry that you didn’t get that house. I understand your disappointment. My husband & I went though that very same process about a year ago and all I can say is that it was a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions! We put offers on many houses only to find out that other offers were cash, they could close immediately, or waived the inspection (who does that?!). We found “the perfect “ house but found out that our offer was second, so we continued to look. We found another house similar to the one we loved and they accepted our offer. The deal fell through on that original house we loved and they offered it to us, but we were already committed to the next house. We probably could have gotten out of our commitment to this house and gone with the one we originally thought we loved so much, but after comparing the two houses, the second one was really better for us. God is good!

  9. You have inspired be to purchase a fitbit. I recently injured my knees, but I was walking several times a day.. I’d like to know who inspires you. Where did you get your fashion and beauty taste from? Where did your decorating style come from and what is it? Is it modern, contemporary or traditional? Thank you for your posted prayers at the end of every email.

  10. I also have my Fitbit set to remind me to do 250 steps each hour. That doesn’t always work when I have a 90 minute class, but I do try other times. I aim for 10,000 steps a day, but I have really fallen off on that. The weather and life have not been helpful. I also have been doing yoga (fell off this past week due to life) since April. I aim for 4-5 days a week. I know when we move to North Carolina, it will be easier to get out and walk. Icy, windy, cold New England weather hinders walking. I will take your suggestion of just getting out for a short walk, just around the driveway would be beneficial for my “head” health.
    Since I am on zoom for teaching and meetings, I wear my yoga/workout pants on the bottom. Then it is easier for me to do something physical. Not having to change my complete outfit makes it easier to get moving.

  11. Kay, I’ve been so blessed by Dressed for My Day. It’s been a long hard winter. I look forward to watching this site every day. I have become excited about your fashion ideas, and in the process it has lifted my spirits. Thanks so much for your good work! Gloria

  12. Kay , if you really find the house you want , offer $5000 over the highest offer, you can even put an upper limit…by stating “not to exceed this amount”. in the area I live in multiple offers seem to be the norm , and that is the only way to get the house. One other tactic is no property inspection, or property inspection for information only.
    Love your athlesuire stylings. Sara

  13. My goal this year is to get moving more. It is so bitter cold and icy in Minnesota
    right now, it is scary to get outside. I fell last fall and twisted my ankle and was
    laid up for over a week. A little scary to get out there again. I have to move more
    here at home, but sometimes don’t do it. I just prayed to God to help me in this.
    We always have to give it to Him, so I really enjoyed your Bless for the Day. I needed it.

    1. Hi Sherry. I’m not replying to everyone today because it YouTube editing day ? but I wanted to hop in here real quick and affirm your decision NOT to get outside and walk when it is dangerous. I hope readers know I would never encourage anyone to put their safety or health at risk. That would defeat the purpose. ? So thank you for mentioning that. And take care! ?

  14. Hi Kay! I have thought about getting a Fitbit to remind me to get in more steps each day, but the cost of them has kept me from taking the plunge. Maybe I can find one that will remind me to walk, that won’t break the bank. As I mentioned on Instagram, God has the perfect home for you and James, in the perfect neighborhood. I am glad that both of you trust Him and will turn your disappointment over to Him. Great BFMD!

  15. Question for Saturday!! What are some secrets in your time management skills? You seem to get a major amount of things accomplished each day/week/month!

  16. I will definitely support your recommendation of a Fitbit … I got mine several years ago and it has definitely kept me walking outside regularly, My goal is 10,000 steps a day AVERAGE for the entire week … and my average for last week coming back from Covid was 11,174. Just discovered you and so glad I did … not so worried about style (at 78) but find you very entertaining and I do share tips.

  17. Don’t despair about the house—for a couple of reasons. First, God is in control. If He wants you in that house, you will be. Second–things change rapidly in real estate. Being 2nd choice is great news!! If something falls through with 1st choice (can’t get mortgage, their sell that enables them to move falls through, they just plain change their minds…) then the seller will cycle immediately back to you. Won’t hurt to check in with your realtor every couple of days to find out if there are changes in the deal.
    My very best to you!

    1. Hahaha! I never really paid attention. ? But I was grateful for it. I think you can see it in Douglas. In Sierra Vista I think you can see it from the Coronado National Monument. And I think I remember seeing it from the drive into Bisbee from Sierra Vista.

  18. I’m sorry you didn’t get the house. I know you will find the perfect one for you at the right time! My question for this weekend is something that I seemed to have missed: why are you moving? Change of location, down sizing, upsizing???

  19. It’s a good thing I have dogs. They like to go out a lot during the day. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be doing anything. I just take them in our yard, but I have to go up and down the deck steps when I do. Plus, I’m cooking more. I ordered from a food service. And I don’t usually do anything so elaborate for dinner. It’s taking me longer and I always seem to forget something from the pantry. So I’m moving more from that. But I don’t get out and walk on our land when it’s cold and icy. We live on the side of a hill, and I don’t want to break my neck. It’s been cold and rainy here in Georgia. Which I do not like. I’m ready for some 90 degree days already. I feel for everyone else in the US with their weather. It hasn’t been good for anyone. I still have power and heat. So I guess I can’t complain.

  20. Like another comment above, I’m downunder and it is a challenge to walk during the day when it’s so warm right now. I have to set the alarm for early in the morning to get out before the rays get too intense. The pictures of you in the snow are unimaginable; I’d have no idea how to cope in that cold!
    I loved your outfit so much that I went immediately to purchase similar items from Talbots, however, they have a note saying they do not ship to Australia right now. Very disappointed as we are fairly limited in choices down here. I hope they change that policy very soon!

  21. I got a dog in September 2019. Nothing before or since has got my weight down and firmed up those wobbly bits! Rain or shine, she has to have two daily walks. Tweak the eating habits and viola, what a difference. Those leggings from Talbots look so comfy. I will try to find the equivalent here in England. Would you recommend Fabletics or have you tried them? Have a great day!

    1. Hi Alison. Well that’s an adorable exercise regimen! ? I’ve tried on some Fabletics but never bought any. I did like them when I tried them on however.

  22. Hi Kay,

    I am trying to incorporate exercise into my day, Pilates first thing in the morning , a walk lunch time and an exercise class from YouTube , I just need to address my diet now, any tips Kay! xx

    1. Great strides! I try to eat lots of protein. As we get older we lose so much muscle mass. And to build muscle we need more protein. Plus protein is more filling than carbs.

  23. I love Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away The Pounds” 1 and 2 mile mile video workouts. They are great for fair weather people like me. Unfortunately my strength building routine, as of late, has been through a physical therapist. I think I am keeping him in business. ? Thank goodness for PTs.

  24. Hi Kay. This is an inspiring post. I struggle being active most days. I do work in a manufacturing plant so I take advantage of walking around the facility whenever I can. When I’m home on the weekends I also use YouTube and look for videos from the Boss Family workout. The American Heart Association sponsored them to get us all moving since the pandemic. If you like dancing, you might enjoy these. I also was pleasantly surprised when I lost a couple pounds just by reducing my added sugar to <25 grams per day. I read labels for sugar and salt content. I also grab tuna or salmon (lemon pepper seasoned) with spinach and cherry tomatoes for lunch sometimes. Its a bunch of protein and really fills me up. I found you videos and blog since the pandemic started and I really enjoy them.