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My Favorite Elevated Linen Outfit for Summer

May 17, 2022

While we hopefully continue to enjoy some mild temperatures and sunny days for a few more weeks of spring, we’re gearing up for the heat of summer here at Dressed for My Day. I’m sharing one of my favorite summer linen outfits today. I know I wore this style formula at least a half dozen times last summer, but I don’t have any blog photos of it. I wore this outfit Mother’s Day Sunday to church and out for lunch, and it’s my favorite elevated linen outfit for summer.

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Elevated Linen Outfit for Summer
linen demi boot pants // white t-shirt (more economical option) // similar white blazer // strappy beige sandals // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // camera bag (more economical option) // brooch option

I love the combination of flax or ecru with white. It’s so soft and summery. But you could absolutely reproduce this elevated linen outfit formula with different neutrals or colors that reflect your personal wardrobe and style preferences.

The formula is simple: linen pants + simple solid t-shirt + linen blazer. Work with the silhouettes so that they work for you! I chose to work this formula with my demi boot linen pants, but you could wear full length trousers, wide leg crops or wider full length pants. You actually could even opt for shorts or a skirt.

Elevated Linen Outfit for Summer

These demi boot linen pants also come in blue, navy and aqua green. I have the navy ones also. Talbots does have a white linen demi boot pant, too, but I do not recommend it. I tried it on at the store and the nude colored pocket liners are very distracting. In my opinion (and evidently the opinion of several other reviewers on the Talbots’ website) those pockets are a major design flaw. ‘Nough said about that! I love, love, love the flax and navy demi boot linen pants I have. They fit true to size and have a flattering silhouette. Unlike last year’s similar pants, they do not have belt loops, but they do have pockets and a zip and closure fly.

Elevated Linen Outfit for Summer

I topped the demi boot linen pants with my favorite white t-shirt. It has a trimmer fit than many and nice fabrication. But of course any white tee you enjoy wearing would work nicely here. Really the key to the formula is to wear a t-shirt in the same color as your linen jacket. So adjust accordingly.

Linen Pants

And so that, of course, brings us to the linen blazer. My white linen blazer is at least three years old now, and it’s my favorite summer garment. I published a blog post a couple of weeks ago with tips for wearing a white blazer in the spring and summer. Be sure to check out How to Style a White Linen Blazer for more outfit formulas and style ideas. Oh, and Talbots does indeed have a similar white blazer every year. This year’s blazer is a little longer and very modern, while still looking timeless. It comes in a full range of sizes and generally sells out by mid summer.

Linen Jacket and White Tee

For a fun variation on this summer style formula you could trade in this washed linen jacket, pairing it with a t-shirt of the same hue. And if you don’t have a linen blazer, but do have a white or other color blazer, work the formula that way, too.

White Linen Blazer

I’ve talked occasionally about the effortlessly stylish appeal of leaving off a piece of jewelry intentionally. And that’s exactly what I did on this day. I put on my earrings, bracelet, watch, brooch and necklace…and then took the necklace off. It felt a little daring, for lack of a better word. Afterall, this is a wide open v-neck. But with the brooch and earrings, I just felt like the necklace cluttered the look. And I LOVE this style choice.

Strappy Sandals

Shoe choices are endless, but I love the effect of these strappy beige sandals. I think they just really work, keeping the overall appearance light and oh so summery. These sandals are a sweet price, under $50. They come in several nice summer shades, fit true to size and are so much more comfortable than I had anticipated. I really enjoyed wearing them.

You could certainly add a pop of color or shine with your handbag, but I chose to keep the look very monochromatic. I carried my Coach camera bag, and I loved how this look pulled together for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Outfit
linen demi boot pants // white t-shirt (more economical option) // similar white blazer // strappy beige sandals // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // camera bag (more economical option) // brooch option

By the way, my brooch is no longer available. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. But I recently purchased this one for my mom and I think it would work beautifully here.

Because you absolutely can work this favorite elevated linen outfit formula with other silhouettes, I’m including other linen pants, jackets and tees in the shopping widget below. Remember, the keys are to keep the colors cohesive, match your jacket and tee and accessorize wisely. I do think that keeping the contrast in intensity low really helps keep this outfit chic, too. But you could do that with darker or medium intensity pieces, too.

Have a great day!

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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Elevated Linen Outfit for Summer

  1. Yes, the Mother of the Bride definitely deserves to take a few days off, and we most definitely will not go anywhere. Kay, thank you for posting this beautiful outfit! Now, I will recreate this look with my white linen blend boyfriend long sleeve top, white v-neck tee, and my flax wide legged linen blend pants. I would have never thought to wear those two colors together. You look so very nice in this outfit. And what a great BFMD!

  2. So glad you are home safely along with your family. I have prayed throughout the weekend for you and your family as you experienced this milestone event of your daughter’s wedding. I trust that the moments of this past weekend will continue to fill your heart with exceeding joy. Thank you for allowing your readers to share it with you. You are special to us and I can’t wait to see how you dressed for your day. Relax and savor all those precious moments. You are loved indeed.

  3. I also felt a bit “lost” after our daughter’s wedding (that was almost 5 years ago). It is another milestone in our children’s lives, and one we, as parents, adjust to. Now my daughter is a mom to 2 little boys, and seeing her as a mom blows me away. It is all good, just an adjustment for us moms. Rest up!

  4. Rest…..
    It’s emotionally draining, even though it’s joyful!
    This is such a great outfit, a classic!

  5. Kay,
    There is a let down after your daughter gets married. At least I felt one when my only daughter married. So much planning, fun times together and then it’s over.
    Once you rest up a bit and hear how happy she is everything will be ok again.
    So rest up, put things back to normal, have some great coffee and each day will be better.

  6. Kay, congratulations on your daughter’s marriage! What a blessed thing to see our children so happy. I love love love this outfit. You look stunning. Last week I bought the white linen blazer from your blog after reading your post on white blazers, and now I think I need these linen pants. They look cropped on the site. But they look Ankle length on you. I like the way they look on you the best.

  7. Can you believe it’s over? HAHA! Thank you for the sneak peaks of the bride with her father and the groom on Instagram! SO beautiful!!!!!! Good luck with your re-entry into real life!! I do like your all-light neutral outfit today, but I do prefer more color on me, I feel so washed out without any color in my clothing. A colorful scarf would do the trick for me!!

  8. I’m happy to see you recommending garments made of natural fibers. I wonder if you’d ever consider looking into more sustainable clothing vendors for us 50+ ladies. I try my best to shop from my closet and I mostly buy cottons, wools, linen, etc. and avoid synthetics. As I’m sure you know, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. I do love new clothes but try to be more mindful. Knowing about more sustainable places to shop would be helpful. Thank you!

  9. I love this outfit combination and the color combinations too. I like that you gave us a formula to experiment with and apply to our colors.