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5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans

May 16, 2022

When I make a new purchase I always like to make sure I can wear that item with at least three things in my current wardrobe. But the more the better! So that’s why I like sharing these “5 ways to wear” posts. And since natural colored jeans are really trending this year, I thought we definitely needed to consider 5 ways to wear them.

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Keep It Neutral

In all of these photos I’m wearing the natural modern ankle jeans from Talbots. With amazingly perfect timing, these true to size jeans happen to be 40% off today with free shipping, no minimum purchase required. Wowsa! But I’ll provide a few other options for these trending jeans in the shopping widget at the bottom of the post. You’ll see these in all shades of natural or beige, ranging from almost white to buttery popcorn to cashew beige.

While white jeans will always be great for summer especially, this year the natural tones are much more on trend. And while we might assume they’d be easier to wear than white jeans, I actually find them a little trickier. Or maybe it’s just taking me a while to get used to pairing them with the things in my closet.

As seen in this video // sandals // ivory crossbody // similar black top // earrings // necklace // red bag no longer available

This first look is one I showed in a video earlier this spring. I really like the idea of keeping things neutral with your natural colored jeans. Whether you pair them with black, as I’ve done, or you opt for a rich chocolate, navy or grey, you might consider bookending the jeans with a top and shoes in the same neutral.

You could swap in any top and sandals for the ones I’ve shared above. In fact, throughout this post I’m really focusing on style tips rather than products. But I will give you links when possible. Also, keep in mind that styling for an outfit does change with the lengths and silhouettes of your jeans. So mainly I’m providing color combinations more than exact pairings. Make sense?

Add Soft Hues

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans
light blue summer sweater // sandals // plaid tote // necklace // earrings // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // linen shirt

Because the natural colored jeans read like a softer version of white, I think they look great paired with soft hues. Think pastels or dusty versions of deeper colors.

I really like how this light blue summer sweater plays against the natural jeans. I decided this soft combination definitely called for flesh toned shoes.

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans

If you’d like to add a second layer, consider adding a lightweight linen shirt in the same color, but a different shade or iteration. You could duplicate this formula with any color tops you love: pink, green, orange, peach, red, you name it.

Create a Tonal Look

I shared this look already in this blog post, Interchangeable Spring & Summer Separates. Again wearing a summer sweater, I kept the whole look neutral but added just the lightest hints of color around the neck. In order for this formula to really work, I do think it’s important to wear shoes in a similar natural or beige color. These sandals work really nicely, but I’m seeing lots of other options in this color, too. Even sneakers would work!

Tonal Outfit
sandals // earrings //sweater // jacket // watch

And if you’d like a belt to wear with your natural colored jeans, I can highly recommend this one. Not that you have to match your belt to your jeans, but I do have that one and know it works nicely.

Tonal Outfit

If you want to add a jacket or cardigan over this tonal look, then it becomes a column of color. Or a column of neutral, as it is. I like how these muted colors intermingled with a heavy dose of beige work with these natural colored jeans.

Tonal Look with Blazer
sandals // earrings //sweater // jacket // watch

Layer on Blue Denim

One of the beauties of wearing white or beige denim is that you can easily top it with your blue jean jacket. Or you could even top these natural colored jeans with a black denim jacket, too.

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans
tee // denim jacket // sandals // straw bag (more economical option) // belt

Sandwiched between all that denim wear a color that makes you shine. With this natural and blue denim combination I could easily see a tee in pink, peach, orange, light green, baby blue, or even olive green. But I’ve chosen to wear my “pressed dahlia” tee that I wore in a similar outfit in this previous post. And that particular tee does come in some other great colors that would work wonderfully here.

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans
tee // denim jacket // sandals // straw bag (more economical option) // belt

I also chose to wear leather sandals, straw bag, and a belt in a similar cognac. I liked the way they contrasted with the natural color denim here. I think that’s because the blue denim jacket balances everything out. I’m not sure I’d create that high contrast in intensity here otherwise.

Top with a Bright Color

Bright colors are really trending this year. We’re seeing everything from neons to deeply pigmented pastels to bright primary colors. And, while you absolutely can wear them with white, I think they look even more interesting paired with natural colored denim.

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans

I shared about this no-fail style formula in this blog post, A Versatile Spring Style Formula. Bottom line? Wear the same color in your top and jacket over a contrasting color bottom. Easy peasy! And so very chic. One of the keys to making this formula work, however, is to wear shoes in the same color as your pants. Otherwise nude colored shoes work, too. But those same color shoes just make this outfit so cohesive.

5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans
blazer (sold out in that color) // tee in retro blue // plaid tote // necklace // earrings // bracelet // espadrilles (more economical) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

While my blue jacket is sold out, you could create a similar look by wearing this blazer in pink gardenia with this tee in tea rose. Or you could combine this cotton blazer in golden poppy with this tee in mimosa. And you could also swap in this denim jacket in cantaloupe with this puff sleeve tee in the same color.

So those are my five ways to wear natural colored jeans. I hope that gave you a little style inspiration. I’m sure there are countless other options, so be creative and work your magic!

Shop Natural Colored Jeans

I’ve filled a shopping widget with natural colored jeans in a full range of price points and styles. These and the other links in the post are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links and supporting my work here. You are a blessing to me!

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  1. Kay, I can only imagine what a wonderful time you had at Abigail & Andrew’s wedding. So glad it all came together beautifully! Brought back memories of our daughter’s wedding 18 years ago. I so enjoy your daily posts & devotionals.

  2. So glad the wedding went smoothly and every one had a fabulous time! So happy for Abagail and Andrew. Can hardly wait to see the pictures when you have
    them. I bet every one looked great!
    Love the ecru jeans with the pink and blue, There are so many choices in styles and will have to make a decision on which ones would look best on me.
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  3. I’m so glad all went well for the wedding. I prayed that you would have a good day. And I know that you will always be glad that you were fully engaged and without cell phones or camera. Modern parents miss so much when they think they have to video everything or take constant pictures. We have no video of our daughter but many memories of the events she participated in. God bless their marriage always!

  4. All of your looks are great, Kay! Thank you for always providing such inspiration and encouraging us to put more effort into the outfits we create.

  5. Thank you – love your blog. Today, though, “your blessed for my day” was genius! Your analogy was perfect – easy to see how we can share the Lord with others by sharing His blessings in our lives. So grateful.