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My Alaska Cruise Daytime Capsule Wardrobe

May 14, 2024

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m actually on vacation as this blog post goes lives, but I’ve scheduled lots of great content for my readers while I’m away. Today we are scheduled to spend the day in Vancouver, Canada, and tomorrow we board a Regent Seven Seas cruise ship to begin our Alaska journey. Below I’m sharing my Alaska cruise daytime capsule wardrobe and outfit ideas.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Wardrobe and Outfit Ideas

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I’ve searched the Internet, watched YouTube videos, polled my followers and had conversations with my parents who did a similar trip, all in an effort to be as prepared as possible for our Alaska cruise and road trip. We’re taking a 7-night cruise from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska, and then we rent a car to enjoy the rest of our Alaska adventure – for 10 more days – on our own. The main things I heard over and over about packing were:

  • Layer, layer, layer.
  • Prepare for rain and wet.
  • Prepare for it to be cold and colder.
  • But prepare for warmer days, too.
  • Mix and match; you don’t need many pants.
  • Dress to be comfortable.

The wardrobe and outfit ideas I’m sharing today are for daytime. I’m also sharing my travel gear and outfits, as well as sleepwear. I shared my eveningwear wardrobe and outfits for the evenings on ship in yesterday’s blog post. Definitely check it out if you missed it. I’m so excited to wear those festive pieces.

Daytime Capsule Wardrobe for Alaska Cruise and Road Trip

Rather than put the links to these items in the caption of the graphic above, here’s a list of everything I’ve taken with me.


Update: After creating this blog post and just before we headed out the door I added a pair of jeans, this pair of casual pants and this shirt to my suitcase. It’s suppose to be a beautiful day in Vancouver Tuesday and my other clothes seemed too heavy for the predicted weather. And these lighter pieces may come in handy later in the month, too.

Don’t worry; there’s more. I’ve got two more graphics below with travel clothes and accessories, as well as sleepwear. My long underwear is in one of those graphics. Never fear! But first, here are a few of the ways I imagine wearing the pieces in my Alaska cruise daytime capsule wardrobe.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

Now these are just outfit inspiration boards. They’re not set in stone. I’ll gauge what I should wear each day based on weather and activities. For instance, the outfit above is one I might wear when I’m spending most of the day either on our private deck or in a viewing area watching the coastline with my binoculars.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

Whereas the outfit above would be more appropriate for one of our hiking excursions. And yes, I can include the long underwear under these pieces if needed. But honestly I’m taking those long Johns more as a preventative measure. Ha! I hope it’s one of those things where if you bring it you won’t need it, but if you didn’t you would. IYKYK.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

Above is another outfit that I think will be appropriate for outdoor exploring. Once I get moving I usually warm up quickly. So I’m taking the backpack so I can shed items as needed. In fact, the backpack above and the belt bag below will be my two carry-alls for trip, especially the cruise.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

Again, the outfit above is one I see myself wearing for a day spent on the ship. I’d just purchased that belt bag when I watched a YouTube video where the women said that they loved carrying or wearing a belt bag around the ship rather than a purse or backpack. Made sense to me!

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

I’m taking a mixture of sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve tops because I want to have options. We do have free laundry service and it’s delivered to your room same day as long as you get your order in by 9 a.m. So we will definitely be taking advantage of that. And we’re prepared to do laundry again while we’re on our road trip.

Alaska Cruise and Road Trip Outfit Ideas

So those are some of the ways I envision wearing my daytime wardrobe. Below I have my travel, lounge and sleepwear wardrobe. I always make sure that I carry or wear something on a trip that I can just really get comfortable in. Undoubtedly there will be at least one night that we’ll just want to stay in our cabin and order room service. And when we’re on our road trip, we’re setting a gentle pace, sometimes spending a couple of nights in one cabin so that we can truly rest.

Travel, Lounge and Sleepwear
Spanx AirEssentials wide leg pants // Spanx AirEssentials half-zip (black and blue) // reversible tank // Nike Waffle Debut Sneaker // Bombas half calf socks // Bombas compression socks // Orthofeet slippers // organic cotton poplin pajama shirt // organic cotton poplin pajama pants // organic cotton jersey robe // organic cotton jersey pajama set

To that end, I’m wearing my Spanx AirEssentials wide leg pants and zip top to travel out and back. I’ll have it laundered the first day on the ship if needed. And I have comfy pajamas and robe for the trip, too. In fact, I’m taking along my big, bulky Orthofeet slippers because they have my custom orthotics in them and I’ll need to wear them while in the cabin so my metatarsalgia doesn’t flare up too much. Since we’re going to be gone 21 days, I can’t sacrifice comfort on this trip.

Travel Accessories and Sundries
clockwise from top left: wool blend beanie // Cuddl Duds lined stretch fabric gloves // Apple AirPods Pro // Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition // binoculars // Hobo crossbody // Thermajane Long Johns thermal underwear // The Away Bigger Carry-On // The Away medium // crossbody belt bag // umbrella // backpack // rolling laptop case

Above I’m sharing my travel gear and extra supplies I’m taking along. We’re checking two bags each for the flights. And I’ll be packing the backpack and crossbody belt bag in my suitcase, stuffing them with things. On the plane, I’ll just have my rolling laptop case and Hobo crossbody. In fact, here’s how I’ll travel below.

Travel Day

And below I have an outfit inspiration board for a day of taking it easy in a cabin somewhere in Alaska. Fun!

Travel Day

Of course, you know, best laid plans and all. I feel like I’ve done my best to take the information and tips I got and create a packing list that will work for me. But in the end, we can always buy what we need and may have forgotten.

Thanks so much for stopping in. I’m on vacation until June 3rd, so I probably won’t be responding to comments until then. However, I’ll have my assistant keep an eye on them, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question. I have posts lined up for the next few weeks, so keep checking in with me. Better yet, subscribe!

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3 thoughts on “My Alaska Cruise Daytime Capsule Wardrobe

  1. It will be interesting to learn if you have new packing thoughts after your trip. No matter how long a trip, I always pack for 1 week max and repeat outfits every few days as I try to avoid checking bags & too many decisions.

  2. So exciting Kay! We are hoping to go to Alaska in the near future, and your planning is quite interesting!

  3. Random question: vacation always provides an opportunity for souvenirs or picking up a clothing item that one just can’t find at home or serves as a memory of the trip. Is there anything on your mind in this category?