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How to Look Easy on the Eyes…but Interesting

May 9, 2024

As much as I love putting together really chic, elevated outfits, that’s not how I really live generally. Like most of my readers, I live a very casual lifestyle and have the option to dress “down” most days. So the bigger challenge then becomes for me to put together easy, casual outfits that also look polished and pulled together. Let’s break down the elements of this easy on the eyes outfit so that we can look appropriately casual, but also interesting and stylish.

Easy on the Eyes

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Several years ago when I was trying to get to the bottom of what it really means to look “chic,” I landed on the concept of creating outfits that are “easy on the eyes.” You can’t really look chic if you look like you’re trying too hard. And when you’ve got so much going on in your look from head to toe, the beholder’s eye doesn’t know where to land, and it’s unsettling and bothersome. Conversely, when your outfits looks a little effortless and not fussy, you’ll look mysteriously appealing.

Easy on the Eyes

While many of us love to layer on complex outfits in the fall and spring, I find that I really get back to creating more easy on the eyes looks in the summer. And those outfits are good training because they remind me that there really is something to be said for keeping it simple.

Easy on the Eyes

So while I talk big about layering most of the year here at Dressed for My Day, you can breathe a little easier as summer approaches, knowing that I’ll be creating much more pared back outfits for the hotter months. If you live in the south, you’re probably doing a little happy dance right about now. Ha! I get it. I’ve spent more than half of my life living in hot zones like Georgia, the Gulf Coast of Texas and just miles from the border of Mexico in Arizona. This girl knows how to dress for the heat.

Easy on the Eyes
Madewell Perfect Vintage wide-leg crop jeans (TTS; wearing 30) (Shop on the LTK App for 20% savings coupon) // linen blend shirt (TTS) // Naot sandals (run narrow) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // necklace // bracelet (c/o) // earrings (c/o)

We can create easy on the eyes looks this summer with lightweight fabrics, colors that soothe, relaxed styling, minimal but impactful jewelry and soft, summery accessories. My jeans and button-up shirt outfit might not seem to be a likely choice for a cool summer outfit. But these Madewell summer-weight jeans are extremely comfortable and the wide leg silhouette is breezy on my legs. And the Z Supply linen blend shirt is both cool on the skin and easy on the eyes.

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Easy on the Eyes
Madewell Perfect Vintage wide-leg crop jeans (TTS; wearing 30) // linen blend shirt (TTS) // Naot sandals (run narrow) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // necklace // bracelet (c/o) // earrings (c/o)

Another key to creating easy on the eyes looks is to pay attention to your contrast in intensity. I discuss that concept extensively in the video below. But the bottom line is that you want to determine your own contrast in the intensity levels of your eyes, skin and hair. Then you want to mimic that contrast in intensity in your outfit. Because my hair, skin and eyes are all light, I have low contrast in the intensity of those three features. So I look best in outfits where the intensity is all the same or nearly the same. Whether I’m wearing darker or intense colors or lighter, less intense ones, I try to keep the contrast minimal. Make sense? Try it for yourself and see if it doesn’t help you to create a more easy on the eyes look.

So you don’t have to overthink putting outfits together in order to create a look that is interesting and appealing. You absolutely can wear just a pair of pants or jeans or shorts or skirt…and a top. No need for another layer. Keep it simple.

Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag

Then to add a little interest to your outfit, just add some pretty jewelry and incorporate a noteworthy accessory or two – nothing that grabs too much attention, but that simply adds a little “something, something.” If I’m wearing a busy, print blouse, I carry a solid, more understated bag. But since my outfit here is more subdued, I think my Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag works perfectly.

Easy on the Eyes
Madewell Perfect Vintage wide-leg crop jeans (TTS; wearing 30) // linen blend shirt (TTS) // Naot sandals (run narrow) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // necklace // bracelet (c/o) // earrings (c/o)

Thanks so much for stopping in today. You can shop this look through the links in the captions of some of the photos as well as through the shopping widget below. Have a lovely day!

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11 thoughts on “How to Look Easy on the Eyes…but Interesting

  1. I have a sweater about the color of lilacs. Is that intense or medium intensity. I always get compliments when I wear it. I lean towards dark colors red black purple and blues not pale colors. I don’t feel comfortable in the colors you wd wear. I have gray hair now, my eyes are dark brown.

    1. Hi Beverly. The intensity could be either low or medium depending on how pigmented the color is.

  2. The older I get, the more Easy on the Eyes appeals to me. Love your easy outfits. This is exactly what I love. I hope you have a great day and get everything done that you need too. I also hope you have a Wonderful Alaskan Cruise and Experience. 🪻💜

  3. Hi Kay loving your Easy on The Eye Look , beautifully simple and lovely soft colours . Hope you enjoyed your mani-pedi and got your messages done . Hope you and James have a Blast on your cruise ❤️

  4. Love the devotional. I hope you have a great and safe trip. It’s 90 degrees. I’m waiting for my grandkids to get out of school. I don’t know how easy on the eye I am right now. I’m wearing a white graphic T-shirt and khaki chinos but I think need shorts. Lol.

  5. Casual, understated, but fresh: “easy on the eyes” indeed! (And just to let you know, the email gremlins are at it again: this afternoon I’ve received multiple emails dating back to November and February.

  6. The concept of considering contrast/intensity of your own complexion vs your clothing is really good. You’re right, it does help make an outfit cohesive and suit the wearer better.

    My overall coloring is medium in intensity but without much contrast – and outfits that reflect that look best on me.

    That dusty pink sweater from your video – another fantastic color on you. I’d rank it a close second to the lavender.