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Most Wearable Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 50 – 2022

August 11, 2022

Temperatures are cooling here considerably this week, but fall is still a ways off. And as much as I may miss the warm days later on, I’m about ready for those crisp, cool days of autumn. And I’m definitely ready to wear the new fall fashions! Today let’s talk about some of the trends we see on the horizon for the fall, specifically the most wearable fall fashion trends for women over 50.

Most Wearable Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 50

Now remember, when we talk fashion trends the discussion is meant to be fun. Trends should be fun. You absolutely do not have to participate in any fashion trends to be in style. You might say they are truly just the icing on the cake. A wardrobe of garments that fit your body type, work for your proportions, suit your lifestyle and convey your personal style aesthetic is a recipe for true style. Adopting a few fashion trends is simply a fun way to help your outfits look current, of the moment.

See my recent blog post, How to Try the Fall Fashion Trends for more information on how to enjoy the trends with fewer regrets and more success.

See my recent blog post, How to Try the Fall Fashion Trends for more information on how to enjoy the trends with fewer regrets and more success.

So let’s keep the comments upbeat, positive and encouraging for sure. I have the best community here, so I’m not really worried about cruel or ugly comments. But I’d really love for you to share with us what trends you are looking forward to incorporating into your wardrobe this fall so that you’ll look current.

Now, let’s check out the most wearable fall fashion trends for women over 50. At least in my estimation. Ha!

The Color Brown

Well that should be easy enough. And indeed, brown is really trending this fall. I for one am all in! Brown not only looks beautiful on its own, but it blends nicely with other favorite neutrals such as camel, black, navy and ivory. And brown also coordinates beautifully with colors such as orange, red, turquoise, pink, light blue and some shades of green.

Brown from J.Crew
Photo from J.Crew

Brown is generally a nice neutral for women over 50 because it can look a little softer than either black or navy. And you can find browns with cool or warm undertones. I’m swinging to brown for one of my neutrals this fall and winter, so I’ve already added a brown jacket, brown pants, a brown sweater top and brown boots to my wardrobe. But since brown plays so nicely with other colors and neutrals, you could also just add one or two brown garments or accessories to your wardrobe to participate in this easy-on-the-eyes trend.

Sweater Vests

Vests have been trending for about two years now, which means they are peaking in popularity this year. We’ll probably see them again next year before they start to fade off the scene. So if you haven’t yet invested in a button up or pullover sweater vest, I think it could still be smart to purchase one this year.

Sweater Vest from Talbots
Photo from Talbots – sweater vest also available in black and ivory

I’m seeing sweater vests at all of our favorite retailers this year. The sweater vest above also comes in ivory and black at Talbots. From the reviews on their website, it sounds like you actually can wear this sweater vest without a shirt under it, too. In fact, I’m wearing this sweater vest from Evereve today. So this fall trend works nicely for transitioning into the cooler months. Later you can wear your sweater vest with a slim fit turtleneck top, a button up shirt or t-shirt underneath. Choose one that fits your personal style aesthetic and body proportions.

Button Front Shirts

Button front shirts are certainly classics, but they’re “having a moment” this year. We’re especially seeing lots of oversized button up shirts, and they’re available in solids, stripes and prints.

Button Front Shirt from Talbots
Photo from Talbots

I’ve discovered that all button front shirts are not created equal. I love the idea of the button up shirt more than actually wearing one, especially if the shirt is not comfortable and functional. So if, like me, you want to give this trending shirt a whirl, choose one from a brand you trust and know to work for you. I recently ordered the Frank & Eileen Joedy Superfine Cotton Button-Up Shirt because I’d heard such good reviews on it. It’s extremely pricey, but it is indeed a great button-up. I’ve recently ordered the oversized poplin shirt from Talbots shown above because I know their shirts usually work well for me and they have experience dressing the over 50 woman.

Wide Leg Trousers

Did you see my newest YouTube video with my 9 Tips for How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers and Jeans? It’s a must-see if you’d like to dip your toe (or both toes!) into this fun trend.

This is one of those trends that definitely will work better for some body types and sizes than others. But don’t let the statistics keep you from at least trying on a pair if you’d like. I was thrilled to read in the video comments that so many viewers have already purchased a pair or two and are ready to start wearing them.

Wide Leg Plaid Trousers
Photo from Nordstrom – Also available in plus sizes HERE.

In the video I shared tips for selecting the best wide leg trousers and how to wear them. But the most important one I’ll share here is to consider trousers with a flat front, like the ones above (also available in plus sizes), rather than front pleats. Those pleats just accentuate any midlife pooch you might have. And they can create one if you don’t even have one!

You can wear wide leg trousers with pumps or boots for a dressier look, but also consider lug sole loafers or sneakers for a more casual vibe.

Flare Leg Jeans

Let’s talk jeans for a moment. If you’re still holding onto your skinny jeans, now really is the time to let them go. Yes, you’ll still see them offered by your favorite retailers…because they know some women will buy them. And they do still work best with riding boots or other tall boots. BUT skinny jeans are going to look dated and very out of step at this point. It’s just time to let them die a peaceful death.

Flare Leg Jeans from Evereve
Photo from Evereve

Straight leg jeans are almost universally flattering and really quite timeless. They are definitely still popular this year, too. But the most on trend silhouette for 2022 is probably the flare leg jean. You’ll see them in ankle length or demi boot cut, but also, of course, full length. But this year, even full length flare leg jeans are being worn a little higher off the ground than before. In recent years it was considered gauche to show too much of your shoe under flare leg jeans or trousers, but now we’re seeing more shoe. So you don’t have to have them hemmed as long…unless you just want to.

Lug Soles

There are some fun shoe trends, but I’ll just point out a couple of them that I think are very wearable for the over 50 woman. And one of those is the lug sole anything. Yes, lug soles can look a little rough around the edges, a little feisty. But I think they can keep an otherwise classic outfit from looking boring or dated. Add a pair of lug sole loafers to a basic jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo for a very on trend vibe.

Lug Sole Loafers at Madewell
Photo from Madewell – Loafers are HERE.

Expect to see lug sole loafers, boots, clogs and even Mary Janes. And don’t worry. You don’t have to go all monster truck on this trend. Ha! For instance, I’m showing these lug sole loafers in tomorrow’s collaboration with Kohl’s, and they’re quite tame.


I know you wore them before. Maybe, like me, you remember wearing them a couple of times before, once in the 70s and again in the late 90s or early 2000s (those years are a blur since I was raising kids at the time, so I’m not sure exactly when it was I that I wore those Clarks clogs until they literally wore out!). But pay no heed to that old wives tale that if you wore it before you shouldn’t wear it again. That’s bogus.

Paige Clogs from Nordstrom
Photo from Nordstrom – Similar clogs are HERE.

The most on trend clogs right now are the true throwback wooden clogs. I purchased these Paige clogs in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and really like them. They’re a little high, but I think I’ll like wearing them with my wide leg jeans. And, as you can see above, they work well with ankle length jeans and pants, too. If you’d like to stick with a brand that’s more familiar to you, check out these at Talbots or these at J.Crew (I also got those in black).

Western Inspired Footwear

Get ready to see lots of western inspired footwear. And we’re not just talking about cowboy boots. You’ll see flats, mules and boots with western inspiration details.

Western Inspired Footwear
Photo from Nordstrom

I know a lot of women over 50 enjoy wearing western inspired boots and accessories anyhow, so this trend should translate easily for those women. Don’t be afraid to mix in a little western vibe with a more classic outfit.

Relaxed Fit Blazers

Blazers have been trending as a statement piece in a woman’s wardrobe for years now. And I’m not unhappy about it one bit. I love my blazers, and I rue the day they go out of style. Hopefully that will never happen.

Joe's Jeans
Joe’s the Mia high waist raw hem flare jeans // Open Edit fitted cotton poplin button-up shirt // Madewell desert dune leather belt // Paul Green New York lug sole boots // Kendra Scott drop earrings // Argento Vivo Herringbone chain necklace // Coach polished pebble leather shoulder bag // Vince Camuto Glen plaid blazer – ALL FROM NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE

But while you really can wear just about any blazer that’s hanging in your closet and look stylish, the most current silhouette is the relaxed fit. Some of these are boxy, others are slightly tailored, but still a bit oversized and fuller. I do think the more relaxed your blazer is, the more current you will look. And if you have very tailored, fitted blazers in your closet you might just want to situate those in the back of your collection or, better yet, in the guest bedroom closet. Ha! Save them for another time.

Perfect Blazer for Fall
See the original post.

I think this trend is one of the most wearable for women over 50 because many of us already love wearing them. And they look classy and elevated. For optimal style, wear your favorite relaxed fit blazer with straight leg or flared leg jeans and a simple tee.

Retro Sneakers

I’ve been styling retro sneakers for almost two years now, but I was definitely an early adapter on that trend. Since most trends have a four year lifespan, I’d say it’s now or never for purchasing these retro sneaks!

Styling a Plaid Blazer Later
My retro sneakers are still available and also in navy.

You can wear these chunky, exercise-wear style sneakers with anything from joggers to jeans, from trousers to skirts. Of course some of those combinations might seem a little too out there for some of us. But the point of these retro sneakers is to add a little fun to what might otherwise be a somewhat stuffy outfit.

Retro Sneakers
Abigail’s retro sneakers from yesterday’s blog post.

My New Balance retro sneakers really are one of my favorite purchases of this past year. They help relax an outfit, but they’re also just really comfortable and fun to wear.

So those are the ten fall fashion trends that I think are most wearable for women over 50. Again, that doesn’t mean I think all women over 50 need to adopt them. Truthfully, I love all of those trends, but you don’t have to.

Next week I’ll be sharing – with fear and trepidation – a little of what is more out of style this year and what you might consider wearing instead of those fading trending. So let me know if you’re wondering about anything in particular, whether it’s in style or not. I’ll do my research and report to you next week!

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20 thoughts on “Most Wearable Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 50 – 2022

  1. I have a question about the oversized white shirt. If skinny jeans are out, what jean or pant will you wear with it? Slim cut?

    1. Hi Cyndi. Yes I’d wear them with slim cut straight leg jeans or even flare leg jeans, as long as the upper part of the jean fits to the body and the flare is more on the small side.

  2. Hi Kay,
    Nice roundup! I find I already have some of these trends in my closet, like vests and button up shirts, a pair of clogs and flair leg pants. I will probably add a few brown pieces, lug sole shoes, and wide leg pants. I am tall and have long legs so the wide leg should work well for me. Thanks as always!

  3. Good morning Kay,
    I’m wondering about puffer vests being out of style as well as long statement necklaces. The ones you would wear with a turtleneck or top.
    Thank you for all your help!

  4. Do you have a source for those reptile looking lug sole loafers? I tried a pair of a plain leather during the NSale, but they looked ridiculous onn my short frame. The reptile ones appeal to me if you know where they are being sold! Thanks!

  5. Oh, I’m so happy with these fall trends. I’ve slowly been adding wide leg linen pants into my wardrobe. I think they can easily take me into the fall. I also bought a few sweater vests last year when they started popping up. The take me back to my school days. Add in the wide leg jeans and boy oh boy I’m back in my youth of the early 70’s! I’m not crazy about the big lug shoes but did like the ones you referenced from Kohl’s. I have several oversized button down shirts. They are one of my perennial favorites. I feel like I’ve got this one nailed! I even have several brown items to add in. I rarely wear my brown leather car coat. Well, it’s coming out of the back of the closet this year!!! Well done showing us what Fall can look like; bring on the bon fires and hot cocoa.

  6. I incorporated brown in my wardrobe last fall, so I think I am pretty well set except for a sweater vest. Plan on purchasing one.
    Not sure about the clogs, though I do remember wearing them before in the 90’s. I love the idea about the western inspired boots.
    Still not on board with the ripped jeans. To me they still look sloppy and not my style. Loved the BFMD.

  7. You look great in these styles, Kay, and can certainly pull it off looking just lovely. For many of us shorter gals 5’3″ and under with a few extra pounds, these Fall trends are definitely not our friend. I have tried the wide leg pants and back they go. The baggy and longer blazers look equally as ridiculous. Add in the lug shoes and I’m headed for the circus, LOL. I guess I will be dressing like a dated older gal this Fall and Winter, hoping Spring and Summer offer better options for my body type.

  8. Hi, I’d like to add a buttoned v-neck vest in browns. Any ideas? Can you tell us about which prints are in/out, or if solids are a better choice for versatility. And what about small leopard/cheetah print on a sweater, belt, or shoes (not all at once, just naming items). Thanks!

  9. I really enjoyed hearing about the trends. I like the color brown, button front shirts, flare jeans, and western inspired footwear. The rest are probably a no for me but I buy very few fall and winter clothing because we go to Florida in the winter. I do have a question about necklaces. A while back they were very big, then they got small and dainty, and now I see bigger necklaces in the store. Are the bigger statement necklaces coming back, or is it something different that I’m seeing now?

  10. Hi Kay,
    I always find your blogs so upbeat and helpful! I love brown but haven’t worn it in years and don’t really know why. Thank you for reminding me what a great color it is! Already purchased a brown top for fall. May take me a while to get used to wide leg pants but I’ll work on it!

  11. Kay – Socks or no socks with clogs? I usually have worn clogs in the winter so I’ve worn socks with them ~ but is it ok to wear them without socks in the Fall before it gets cooler?

  12. Like you, Kay, I’ve already begun to focus on Fall colors, styles and outfits. This Summer, here in southern Missouri, has been exceptionally hot and dry. Fall is probably aways off yet. That being said, I’m tired of my Summer brights and am ready to embrace my Fall neutrals. I’m adding some brown to my wardrobe this year; a sweater vest, lug sole loafers and a blazer in brown/neutral mix of colors in a pattern similar to the one in this post. I’ll try out a pair of straight leg jeans since I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for many years. I recently tried on some relaxed fit blazers and found that I actually like them! I’m still looking for a pair of wide leg pants that will suite my 5’2″ slender frame. So far, the wide leg pants I’ve tried have way too much width and fabric for my size. I may find a pair yet!

    I’m excited to wear brown, medium navy, camel, ivory/Winter white, soft blues and greens, soft plums and berries. Think of the colors in the JJill catalog. That’s the “look” I’m going for this Fall. Also, I’m much more focused on wearing the colors that I love and not being so overly concerned if all the colors are in my best color palette. I know that when I add accessories or a great color for ME near my face, then the color options are almost limitless.

    Thanks, Kay, for showing some of the Fall trends and colors!

  13. At the age of 65, I have decided to step out of my comfort zone to try more trends. I have purchased a few sweater vests, several pieces in brown, flare legged jeans, and NB retro sneakers for Fall. Since it doesn’t get really cold here, I will be able to wear the sweat vests on into winter, with a topper. I bought a Wild Fable sweater vest at Target this week for $26, that I’m actually going to wear this upcoming week.

  14. While I originally came to your site to follow fashion trends, I now find that I look forward to your sweet meditations found in “Blessed For My Day”. At 73, I certainly need to take a look through my closet and incorporate some of your fashion trend tips to prevent having my wardrobe become so terribly dated. Thank you for all you delightful post. I especially enjoyed seeing your daughter join you this week. What a beautiful young lady she is.

    1. Thank you, Hope. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the website. And thank you for your kind comment about Abigail. She is indeed lovely.